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Some potential trade partners for Bucs

The Bucs will be on the lookout for opportunities to trade back into the first round tonight after sending their first-round choice to the Jets for Darrelle Revis earlier this week.

But two things have to happen for that to become a reality.

First, a player the Bucs want needs to be falling into a range where they can advance to by packaging what picks they have left.

And, more important, the Bucs need to find a willing partner to make the trade with. This can be the most challenging part. The Bucs likely have already been making calls to other clubs about potential trade opportunities. And they probably have targeted certain teams in particular, just by profiling them.

Here are three teams in the latter half of the first round who might be open for business with the Bucs or other teams.

*Rams (22): They own the 22nd pick, which is the second of two first-rounders they own. St. Louis has one pick in each of the remaining rounds, so it's not as if they already have extra picks to play with. Picking up another second-rounder might be something that interests the club.

*Vikings (25): Minnesota has multiple needs, but it also has two first-round picks. This is the second of the two. If the Vikings can get a much-needed receiver at No. 23, this pick could be in play.

*Patriots (29): There are multiple reasons the Bucs would want to consult with the Patriots tonight. For one, they have a tendency to look for opportunities to trade down. But more than that, the Patriots are thin on picks; they have just five selections this year, with no picks in the fourth, fifth or sixth rounds. The Bucs were the recipient of one of the Patriots' picks – their fourth rounder – when they traded Aqib Talib to New England last season.

Stay tuned through the night as the draft unfolds.