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    Oh dear. Resistance is futile. [Getty Images]
  3. Southeastern Guide Dogs is seeking families to help raise puppies that may be used to help veterans.
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  5. Don't wait until your aging AC quits on you during the hottest day of the summer to replace it. [Stock]
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    Sterling silver art nouveau pocket knife. [Hess Fine Art]
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    Glockenspiel in Munich. [HESS FINE ART]
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    Left: A similar ring to the one discussed here. Right: Old Northeast Jewelers owner & appraiser Jeff Hess [Old Northeast Jewelers]
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    An example of the esthetic silver movement's approach to design. [Hess Fine Art]
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    Prominent Tampa Bay area attorneys Paul and Peter Catania. [Photo courtesy of Catania & Catania.]
  11. Patek Philippe watch [Old Northeast Jewelers]
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    The jewel is brilliantly surrounded by 2.5 carats of extremely white diamonds, which enhances the brown center stones. [Old Northeast Jewelers]
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