Don’t wait for a breakdown to replace an aging air conditioner

Pay attention to the signs, and you’ll know if it’s time to start shopping
Has this been happening too often lately?
Has this been happening too often lately? [ FIZKES | Getty Images/iStockphoto ]
Published Feb. 28, 2020|Updated Aug. 10, 2020

Replacing your air conditioning system is an investment; and homeowners often hold onto their air conditioners longer than they should to delay the expense. The irony is, with a timely replacement, you’ll end up saving in the long run. If you notice any of the signs outlined below, give Air Rescue a call to learn if you are a candidate for repair or replacement of your air conditioner unit.

Has this been happening too often lately?
Has this been happening too often lately? [ FIZKES | Getty Images/iStockphoto ]

Your AC Unit is Getting Old

The average air conditioner lasts up to 10 years. At this point, even well-maintained systems will experience less reliable performance and decreased efficiency. Years of dust and dirt buildup can also lead to poor indoor air quality.

It’s wise to start browsing for replacement options before you have an emergency breakdown. Explore brands, learn about efficiency ratings and keep an eye out for specials that can save you money. Then, the next time your air conditioner acts up, you’ll be ready to upgrade it as a routine home improvement project, not a stressful emergency replacement.

The Air Conditioner Breaks Down Frequently

It’s normal for an air conditioner to need minor repairs every few years, but if breakdowns have been occurring frequently, it’s time to reassess your options. Don’t go another week with unpredictable AC performance — consider replacing your air conditioning unit before it abandons you on the hottest day of the year.

Repair Costs are Going Up

AC breakdowns aren’t just inconvenient — they can be expensive. The money you’re pouring into repairs could go toward a brand-new system.

Your Energy Bills are on the Rise

Older air conditioners are less efficient to begin with, but they lose even more of their ability to cool effectively as they age. Carefully watch your utility bills. Remember, your older air conditioner is probably rated 10 SEER or less, and likely performs below this original efficiency rating. When you upgrade from a standard unit to a more efficient unit with a higher SEER rating, you can expect your cooling bills to drop. Higher efficiency units yield even greater savings.

The Air Conditioner Runs on R-22 Refrigerant

In response to the Clean Air Act of 1990, the EPA is phasing out R-22 refrigerant (Freon), and replacing it with cleaner R-410A, or Puron. Because Freon is no longer in production, the cost of existing supplies has risen substantially in recent years.

Says Dan Howell, Chief Operating Officer of Air Rescue: “If your AC was installed before 2010, it probably uses R-22 refrigerant. Production and import of R-22 — which is an ozone depleter — and illegal in the U.S. after Jan. 1, 2020. That will leave owners of systems that use Freon with a decision to make.”

Do your part for the environment and replace your R-22 AC unit sooner rather than later.

The AC No Longer Keeps Your Home Comfortable

Aging air conditioners struggle to maintain adequate air circulation. This causes some rooms to feel too warm while others are over-cooled. In addition to keeping your home cool, air conditioners also regulate the humidity. Homes with older AC units tend to feel muggy, which is especially problematic in Florida’s humid climate. If you find yourself continually adjusting the thermostat because you feel cool but clammy, this could be a sign your AC is on its last legs.

In Florida, air conditioning is not a luxury — it’s a need. The experts at Air Rescue understand this and can help you select the best brand, size and efficiency rating for your home plus information on eligible rebates and we offer convenient financing. For more HVAC tips, or to schedule AC repair, installation or maintenance in Tampa Bay, please contact Air Rescue at (813) 612-5600.