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Magical Art Nouveau
Sterling silver art nouveau pocket knife.
Sterling silver art nouveau pocket knife. [ Hess Fine Art ]

As merchants, we like to make a profit – but we made a decision 20 years ago to make a little profit on every sale instead of doubling our money on each one. This has always worked for us, and because of that, we try to buy more expensive things in the $2,000 to $100,000 range. The reason is that working on small profits on low-priced items doesn’t work well in 2020 because overhead is staggering.

In today’s case we will double or triple our investment. The reason is the labor-intensive and costly process required to sell such a collection, when each piece costs under $150.

A retiree recently sold us an incredible lifelong collection of art nouveau purses, key rings and knives. Most were made by the big 4 in the world of silver art nouveau – Unger Brothers, Shiebler, Gorham, and Whiting & Davis. There are way too many to show in their entirety, so we have selected highlights for you.

Pictured are the cream of the crop of the collection, which we are selling for $250 to $500 each. Art nouveau remains one of the most exciting periods of design.

Let us bid on your valuable art nouveau silver collectibles. You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.