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The New Coronavirus Variant

How N95 Masks Might Help
N95 masks provide dependable protection against inhaling particles of coronavirus and its variants.
N95 masks provide dependable protection against inhaling particles of coronavirus and its variants. [ ]
Published Jan. 7
Updated Jan. 7

Scientists recently identified a new mutation of the coronavirus spreading globally. This new strain poses “a very, very significant problem … and it’s even more of a problem than the new UK variant,” Matt Hancock—Britain’s health minister—told the BBC in an interview. Governments are urging the public to remain calm and not to panic.

Elected officials are turning to N95 masks to protect themselves from these new strains. President-elect Joe Biden chooses to wear an American-made 3M N95 mask to protect himself from the coronavirus and its new variants. Few options remain available for the general public to purchase N95 masks. Traditional online retailers, such as Amazon, no longer sell N95 masks to the general public. Only one retailer, Clinical Supplies USA, offers a wide variety of N95 masks for sale to the public—including American-made N95 masks—on its website.

N95 masks remain undoubtedly effective against the new coronavirus strains. Oxford University’s Regius Professor of Medicine, Sir John Bell, raised questions about whether or not the vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna would prove effective against either of the two new strains from the UK or South Africa. Regardless, experts have expressed confidence in the effectiveness of N95 masks against the new strains of coronavirus. According to Mayo Clinic, N95 masks offer more protection than surgical masks by filtering out more than 95% of particles. The CDC explains “N95 [masks] are capable of filtering out all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses,” such as the coronavirus and its new mutations.

Consumers need to be wary of cheap or ineffective knockoff N95 masks. Medical professionals consistently turn to 3M as the gold-standard for safe and effective N95 masks. The 3M Aura 1870+ mask, in particular, provides an extra ASTM Level 3 fluid barrier protection in addition to N95 particle filtration. That barrier will stop mucus, saliva, blood and other fluids from piercing the mask and keep you safe. Only a few trusted companies, such as Clinical Supplies USA, sell verified and authentic American-made 3M N95 masks. Clinical Supplies USA is BBB-accredited and has worked with well-reputed clients such as GE, Guardant Health, and countless hospital systems across the country. Unlike other PPE wholesalers, Clinical Supplies USA offers its 3M N95 masks to the public as well.

International airports in Tampa and across Florida provide fertile ground for the spread of the new coronavirus strains from abroad. Tampa International Airport (TPA) services many international travelers to the Tampa Bay region, including connecting flights from Johannesburg, South Africa. Over New Year’s holiday, US air travel hit an all-time high since the start of the pandemic. Dr. Fauci of the NIH expressed his concerns over the spread of coronavirus through air travel, explaining, “it’s terrible, it’s unfortunate.”

Florida remains a hotbed for the spread of coronavirus. Hospitalizations have recently surged in Pasco County, where only two percent of ICU beds remained available for patients. In Tampa Bay, state data showed only 20 percent of hospital beds and 15 percent of ICU beds open. In light of the dwindling availability of hospital beds, Floridians should guard against exposure to the coronavirus by wearing the most protective N95 masks. When Florida school systems and hospital systems need N95 masks as soon as possible, they turn to Clinical Supplies USA. Clinical Supplies USA always ships its N95 masks out same-day, and they work with UPS to deliver masks in as soon as one day. If you place an order with Clinical Supplies USA over the phone or through its website, you could have medical-grade 3M N95 masks on your doorstep tomorrow.