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Audibel patient shares feel-good story about military vet

And thanks to Audibel, she has one of her own as well.
From left: Audibel hearing aid specialist Rick Stegbauer, BC-HIS (left), poses with patients Judy Hannafin and Dan Hannafin during a recent visit.
From left: Audibel hearing aid specialist Rick Stegbauer, BC-HIS (left), poses with patients Judy Hannafin and Dan Hannafin during a recent visit. [ Audibel ]
Published Jun. 15
Updated Jun. 15

As a home health aide, Judy Hannafin has made numerous deep connections with clients and their respective families. But there’s one former client in particular – and an incredible shared experience – she’ll never forget.

Bill (or “Uncle Bill,” as Judy affectionately called him) was Judy’s client for just under four years. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Bill fought in both World War II and the Korean War. Many decades after his years of service, however, he felt his time was generally unappreciated and became somewhat embittered with life as an elderly vet.

This all changed when he invited Judy to accompany him on an Honor Flight, a nonprofit program that transports America’s veterans to Washington, DC, to visit the memorials that honor their service and sacrifices. “When we boarded the Honor Flight plane, he was amazed by the amount of vets there with him,” Judy recalled.

Once they arrived in Washington, Bill was in tears when he saw active military personnel lined up and at attention, dressed in full uniform. The impressive welcoming committee included many nonmilitary civilians handing each Honor Flight vet flowers, candy and other tokens of appreciation.

After a full day of seeing all the memorial sites and being thanked for his years of service by nearly every stranger he encountered, Bill’s attitude and overall outlook had softened. “It was heartwarming because it turned him right around,” Judy shared. “It made him feel truly appreciated.”

Much like her former client, Judy knew what it felt like to be misunderstood and isolated, albeit for an entirely different reason: hearing loss.

Before purchasing a brand-new pair of highly advanced Audibel hearing aids earlier this year, Judy simply couldn’t hear people speaking to her at work, at home, or at social gatherings like parties, which she found herself “backing away” from. Though it took some time, she ultimately decided to look into her options at the nearest Audibel Hearing Center.

During her initial consultation and examination at Audibel, an exceptionally friendly hearing aid specialist conducted an audiometric test of Judy’s ears, clearly explaining the results with a detailed audiogram. She was then fitted with a pair of state-of-the-art wireless hearing aids, wearing them during a convenient 45-day trial period with weekly appointments, so she could familiarize herself with the devices.

“Sometimes I actually hear too much,” she laughed. “Now everyone asks me to repeat myself because I don’t speak as loudly anymore. Guess where I’m sending them?”

Like Judy, you can improve your overall quality of life through better hearing. All 27 convenient Audibel Hearing Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area offer a free hearing screening with no obligation, as well as a unique 45-day trial on most hearing aids.

“I’ve noticed an immense improvement in my life,” Judy added with a bright smile.

Your journey to better hearing begins today: Call your nearest Audibel Hearing Aid Center to schedule your complimentary hearing screening. Visit for more information.