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Rejuvenated hearing can open up a ‘totally different world’

Patient feels much more relaxed, knowing that he’s hearing everything clearly.
Audibel hearing aid specialist Rick Stegbauer, BC-HIS (left), poses with patient Eugene Baker during a recent  visit. Find your nearest Audibel at
Audibel hearing aid specialist Rick Stegbauer, BC-HIS (left), poses with patient Eugene Baker during a recent visit. Find your nearest Audibel at [ Audibel ]
Published Jun. 16
Updated Jun. 16

High-frequency hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss, making high-pitch sounds – from birds and doorbells to the voices of children and people on the phone – far more difficult to hear.

Hearing professionals define high-frequency hearing loss as decreased hearing acuity that occurs between 2,000-8,000 Hertz. Individuals with this form of hearing loss often struggle to hear certain consonants (such as h, s or f) when listening to people speak, resulting in muffled speech and a complete lack of clarity.

Though high-frequency hearing loss is usually irreversible, top-quality hearing aids are a highly effective treatment option. Cutting-edge technology processes speech differently than noise and can help reduce listening fatigue.

Before being fitted with a pair of state-of-the-art wireless Audibel hearing aids, local resident Eugene Baker was struggling with his own age-related high-frequency hearing loss.

“I could hardly hear anything,” he recalled. “I was getting agitated, even with my wife, about not being able to hear clearly. I was tired of pretending to hear and understand what people were saying.”

Fortunately, Eugene happened to catch an Audibel TV spot at the perfect moment, which was shortly after Eugene’s previous set of hearing aids from an unnamed company left him less than satisfied. He made the call and scheduled his first appointment.

During his initial consultation and examination at Audibel, a friendly hearing aid specialist conducted an audiometric test of Eugene’s ears, clearly explaining the results with a detailed audiogram – a graph that displays how well you hear at each frequency, or pitch, which is essential for understanding speech.

Eugene was then fitted with his brand-new pair of highly advanced wireless hearing aids, wearing them during a convenient 45-day trial period with weekly appointments, so he could familiarize himself with the devices.

The results have been striking. “It is a totally different world now,” he remarked. “I feel much more relaxed knowing that I’m able to hear everyone now. A lot of the aggravation of not being able to hear has disappeared.”

Like Eugene, you can improve your overall quality of life through better hearing. All 27 convenient Audibel Hearing Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area offer a free hearing screening with no obligation, as well as a unique 45-day trial on most hearing aids. “Everyone at Audibel is very professional – I would certainly recommend them to anyone,” Eugene added.

Your journey to better hearing begins today: Call your nearest Audibel Hearing Aid Center to schedule your complimentary hearing screening. Visit for more information.