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Thanks to high-tech hearing aids, the ‘little sounds’ return

For someone who thought he’d lost them forever, it was a revelation.
Audibel hearing aid specialist Christina Stackhouse, HIS (left), examines patient Glen Kinman during a recent visit. Find your nearest Audibel at
Audibel hearing aid specialist Christina Stackhouse, HIS (left), examines patient Glen Kinman during a recent visit. Find your nearest Audibel at [ Audibel ]
Published Jun. 16
Updated Jun. 16

Depending on how long you’ve lived in Florida, the sound of crickets chirping has the ability to spark nostalgia, evoking pleasant memories of relaxing on warm summer evenings with friends and loved ones.

For Glen Kinman, this charming ambient noise seemed to vanish one day, though he didn’t notice at first.

Like nearly 50 million other Americans, Glen was living with hearing loss. Years of working in an environment immersed in the loud booms, clangs, buzzes and blares of heavy equipment and machinery had taken their toll on Glen’s hearing, but he didn’t realize he had any issues until he started to notice something about the way he interacted with co-workers and loved ones at home.

“Most of the time, interaction with people was challenging and led to some misunderstandings,” he recalled. “I think it was more frustrating for others that had to repeat themselves two or three times when speaking with me.”

Glen initially associated hearing aids as devices for “the older generations,” including his WWII veteran uncle. But after he spoke with a good friend who shared how a set of Audibel hearing aids had positively impacted his life, Glen felt compelled to take action.

During his initial hearing consultation and examination, a friendly and compassionate Audibel hearing aid specialist conducted an audiometric test of Glen’s ears, explaining the results to him with a detailed audiogram. He was then fitted with state-of-the-art wireless hearing aids for his specific issues, wearing them during a convenient 45-day trial period, with weekly appointments so he could familiarize himself with the devices.

The results have astounded him. “My communication is better and I can hear all the little sounds again – it’s been a wonderful experience,” he shared. “I probably should’ve had these hearing aids five years ago. They’re comfortable and you get used to them being in your ear very quickly.”

Like Glen, you can gain a better quality of life through better hearing. All 27 convenient Audibel Hearing Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area offer a free hearing screening with no obligation, as well as a unique 45-day trial on most hearing aids.

“When you lose your hearing over time, you don’t realize what you’ve lost, whether it be a small or large percentage,” Glen explained. “I didn’t realize what I had been missing.”

With his hearing improved, something magical happened: as Glen stood outside with his grandson a few weeks ago, the sound of crickets returned.

Your journey to better hearing begins today: Call your nearest Audibel Hearing Aid Center to schedule your complimentary hearing screening. Visit for more information.