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The only predictable thing about hurricanes is that they are coming.

Are you prepared?
Hurricanes cause havoc yearly in our state. The best thing you can do? Be prepared.
Hurricanes cause havoc yearly in our state. The best thing you can do? Be prepared. [ HPA ]
Published Aug. 12
Updated Aug. 12

Hurricanes by their very nature are unpredictable. They can change in size, speed, direction and barometric pressure. The only predictable thing is that they are coming. There are several things you can do to prepare for a hurricane. While the Tampa Bay area has not had a direct hit since Irma in 2017, there have been several close calls. Having a plan in place is by far the best preparation.

One of the first things to consider is where you live. What evacuation zone you live in makes a big difference. If the authorities confirm you need to evacuate, make plans early to stay with family or friends that live further inland. If neither of those is an option, find a hotel or shelter that will accommodate your needs.

If there is not an evacuation order in place, then take the following “Shelter in Place” precautions. Have enough non-perishable food for seven days. Purchase paper plates, cups, and utensils because you could lose access to clean water. It is recommended to have a gallon of water per person per day. If you lose power, a manual can opener can help with opening cans.

Another important consideration is your prescriptions. Check to make sure you have enough to last for seven days. Be sure to call your pharmacy early for there will be a great demand from others doing the same thing. Be sure to remember your pets’ food and medications also. A battery-operated radio or a hand-cranked NOAA weather radio is also a good addition.

If you lose power, having a flashlight with fresh batteries will help you navigate at night. You will also want to fill up your gas tank in case you need to evacuate (or if the power is out over several days at gas stations). You will need to get around for work or emergencies.

A great option is to prepare your home to weather the storm. One of the best ways to do this is by installing impact windows and doors. Having impact windows and doors will relieve the burden of putting up metal shutters or sheets of plywood. Plus, installing shutters or plywood can be dangerous since they are heavy and unwieldy.

Typically, it takes two people in good physical condition to put up heavy metal shields or plywood. If they need to be installed on the second floor using an unsteady ladder, it can be even more dangerous. Many homeowners in Florida do not want the hassle of putting up shutters every time there is a hurricane predicted to hit the state. Having impact windows and doors instead of metal shutters or plywood ensures that you are not living in a cave-like environment with all the light being blocked out. Impact windows allow you to view the outside storm conditions while safely ensconced indoors.

Home Performance Alliance provides hurricane impact windows and doors custom-made for your home. Our installers are trusted members of your community and get 5-star ratings consistently. Even though Florida may be on a storm’s projected path, it is not too late to prepare for the next storm by calling us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Now is the time to call Home Performance Alliance to get the process started. Call 727-605-5307.