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Looking for the safest and most reliable solar + battery system?

Don’t wait until the power is out!
Concept of a home energy storage system.
Concept of a home energy storage system. [ PETMAL | Getty Images/iStockphoto ]
Published Sep. 21

It’s here. The future of solar and battery-backup systems is at the front door and the term ‘future’ only means how much it will dominate our power-outage restoring needs. Generators, with their maintenance and fuel costs to run, will fade as an old technology as battery backup becomes more accessible. At May Electric Solar, Roger Davis explains, “We have seen a 450 percent increase in battery add-ons from 12 months ago to our existing systems. Every other consultation for new systems is a solar + battery inquiry.” Why? No fuel cost, no maintenance cost, silent operation and an all-in-one approach, just for starters.

So, what’s the right solar + battery choice for you? If you have decided to consider battery backup for power outages, it can be confusing to know which product is the most reliable option. There’s over a dozen if you do a quick search. Is it the biggest name in the industry? The most financially secure? The newest technology? So many things to consider, not to mention warranty, efficiency, and the safest technology! But it’s none of those! It’s actually the contractor! On all levels, a contractor should be able to tell you all the pros and cons of each battery system available, and why they offer the ones they do.

Here’s an analogy we all can relate to: If you take your car to a shady mechanic, they are likely to fix your car with subpar products, a weak warranty and sketchy methods. This can leave you on the side of the road! Great mechanics will explain the product and its warranty, and will provide guarantees on paper that give you peace of mind as you drive away. It’s the same at May Electric Solar. We’ve been in business over 15 years. We have conducted real-life testing and speak from experience and not just from a manufacturer’s PowerPoint sheet (which is promoting the ‘pros’ of their product and conveniently leaving out the ‘cons’). At our facility, we are constantly testing these products and gathering the best information, so YOU have the best experience during an outage.

You can buy the best equipment and system, but its functionality and safety come down to who is installing it. May Electric Solar designs and installs homeowners’ systems to meet their specific needs during an outage, and we use our own highly trained technicians. William May, a licensed master electrician since 2006, personally oversees the installation of each of his solar + battery backup systems to maintain the highest industry standards. He states, “We’ve NEVER used subcontractors on battery or PV systems; never have, never will. Over 80 percent of the solar industry uses subcontractors on some level.”

Companies using subcontractors should be a red flag. Why? They are minimizing their liability in the project and by doing so, undermining their own integrity. If they claim they have an in-house electrician, check the EC license they provide. It should be listed and check out against their claim. If not, what house are they talking about? It must be the one they can immediately fold up like a tent and leave town with, ultimately leaving the homeowner stranded with liens and a legal battle.

If you have the choice between two viable companies that offer similar products, what would you expect from May Electric Solar? We install your battery system with site-specific engineering and with your involvement, so we can achieve the best-possible outcome. We do not operate as a cookie-cutter installer to make things easier for the subcontractor or for the sales team. May Electric Solar will work with you to achieve your expectations. Solar and battery technology is hard to understand in many ways, and some techniques are much better than others. Please give May Electric Solar a call or stop by for a visit to learn more. Don’t wait until the power is out! Call 727-819-2862, or visit us at 8721 Casper Ave. in Hudson or online at