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Ruti Gomes Lists 3 Ways to Pivot Growth in the New Normal

Adaptation is the name of the game.
Ruti Gomes shares secrets of staying relevant in a post pandemic world.
Ruti Gomes shares secrets of staying relevant in a post pandemic world. [ Ruti Gomes ]
Published Oct. 6

In a post-COVID world, businesses have two options: pivot or perish. Ruti Gomes realized that several things needed to change in their organization after the global pandemic ravaged lives. Luckily, this ingenuity not only kept their company up and running but also resulted in growth. Here, Ruti Gomes shares how they accomplished this impressive feat.


When shifting to the digital frontier, Ruti Gomes was a step ahead of competitors as their business is almost entirely remote. In-person meetings shifted to Zoom, and while industry events were canceled, colleagues were still able to keep in touch. As the lockdowns gradually started to lift, Ruti Gomes and their team adapted to the new regulations, like mask mandates and distancing at in-person events. Even business lunches have resumed, but they are delivered or catered to avoid unnecessary interaction.

Emphasize customer service.

As Ruti Gomes mainly conducted business online, face-to-face customer interaction was rare. However, whenever in-person interaction was required, they went the extra mile to deliver even better customer service to this handful of clients. For those who aren’t that tech-savvy, old-fashioned phone calls replaced virtual meetings, and social media use went up exponentially. Ruti Gomes utilized social media not only as an invaluable marketing tool but also as a means of communication with both existing and potential clients during the pandemic. The enhanced customer engagement provided them with game-changing feedback that they then used to tweak the business and further grow the customer base.

Don’t change too much.

From watching other businesses attempt to pivot but ultimately fail, Ruti Gomes learned that the biggest mistake one can make is to change too much. “There needs to be added focus on safety, efficiency, communications, and customer retention, but these need to be done while adhering to your company’s original voice and values. There is a big difference between pivoting and rebranding. A business can revamp itself to grow in the new normal, but it should not stray from its mission,” notes Ruti Gomes.

Ruti Gomes calls the secret to success a balancing act. It involves finding a middle ground between pre- and post-pandemic operations without straying too far from what a brand stands for. It is possible to survive and even thrive in this new economic climate, but it takes planning and innovation. Luckily, Ruti Gomes has these skills in abundance, and that has enabled them to swim to the top even amidst a global catastrophe.