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Why Brad Ahn Recommends Going All in on a Single Path Rather Than Having a Plan B

Ahn believes a Plan B takes valuable energy away from pursuing your true goal
Brad Ahn, founder, Ahn Fire Digital.
Brad Ahn, founder, Ahn Fire Digital. [ Brad Ahn ]
Published Oct. 7

Starting a business, casting off all fears, and embarking on a tremendous entrepreneurial adventure is a dream of many people. While some wish to do it because they want to get rich quickly or to escape from the problems they face in their 9 to 5 careers, many often do not realize that starting a business is never easy. While it pays off in the long run, as Brad Ahn explains, building a company from the ground up requires a significant lifestyle change, hard work, determination, and learning. Brad Ahn is a founder of Ahn Fire Digital, one of the fastest-growing digital sports publications focused on providing news, rumors, and exclusive videos to NBA and NFL fans across the globe. As Ahn further points out, Ahn Fire Digital not only provides high quality NBA and NFL news on the internet, but it also offers exclusive content that is not available on any other platform or from any other outlet.

Ahn admits that besides his own perseverance, he had a bit of luck when starting out. “[Ahn Fire Digital] was actually my first business venture, but it succeeded due to my tenacity and a little bit of luck. [Many] believe that to succeed in entrepreneurship, you need two out of three things: luck, hard work, and/or talent. Fortunately, I’ve had all three.”

Although Lady Luck may have smiled upon him, Ahn points out that one of the biggest mistakes he made early on in life was spreading himself too thin. He was confident in his decision to forge his uncharted path to successful business ownership, but he knew that prosperity was not guaranteed. He knew the risks, roadblocks he had to overcome, and psychological challenges were enough to stop him dead in his tracks.

“I wanted to have so many backup plans that I neglected what should’ve been priority number one from the start. I tried to continue my efforts in digital marketing while doing real estate and law school on the side,” says Ahn. Because of his own experience, now he advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs to go all in on a single path, focus and hone in on that one thing, and not waste time making a plan B.

“Plan B will just take your precious time. If you focus on one thing, you will either find out that you made the right decision in sticking with one path, or you’re going to fail fast and find out how you need to pivot,” says Brad Ahn. “Remember, failure is just another step towards success. Fail fast and fail often; it doesn’t matter, just stick to one plan [at a time].”