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How Perseverance Can Define Your Journey to Success, as per Erik Roberto

In 2019, he received the award for being the best scalp micropigmentation practitioner in the U.S.
Erik Roberto, pioneer of the edge-up hairline.
Erik Roberto, pioneer of the edge-up hairline. [ Erik Roberto ]
Published Oct. 11
Updated Oct. 15

Walter Elliot said, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” This is the mantra that has defined the journey and success of New York-based renowned Master Barber Erik Roberto.

Erik Roberto was born in San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic. He was already a prominent barber in his native place. However, he wanted to achieve more success and live the American dream. With this goal in mind, he left his country nineteen years ago and came to New York. Becoming successful and influential in the land of opportunities is a dream that many harbor, but very few take the risk or have the courage to persevere for their dreams. Erik Roberto did that, and today, he is reaping the rewards.

It was in the year 2007 that Roberto established Erik Barbershop. With time, this has become one of the best barbershops in New York. By leveraging his perseverance and thirst for success, Erik Roberto has also won first place in several prestigious barber competitions, like CT Barber Expo (Connecticut), Hair Battle Tour (Boston), and IBS (New York).

Papito Auto Detailing is a mobile carwash, and another successful business established by Erik Roberto. After more than a year of operating, the company has expanded exponentially, with a team of 10 employees and rising.

Despite his tremendous success and reputation as a Master Barber, Erik Roberto did not simply limit himself to cutting, trimming, or coloring tresses for his clients. He expanded his knowledge and became the first barber globally to make the transition to the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) industry.

SMP is a process with the help of which hair follicles are re-created in areas where hair no longer grows. This is perfect for treating different kinds of baldness, scars, and alopecia. Erik Roberto is the Co-Founder of a world-renowned SMP clinic named Gerow Hair Ink in Manhattan, New York. Today, this clinic has become an industry-leading brand with branches across Pennsylvania, Texas, and California.

Erik Roberto is the pioneer of the edge-up hair line, and in 2019, he received the award for being the best scalp micropigmentation practitioner in the United States. Even after achieving so much success, Erik Roberto continues with his hard work today to inspire and pave the way for countless others with dreams of making it big in the SMP industry.

It is Erik Roberto’s continued hard work, determination, and capacity to persevere that enabled him to overcome countless challenges to reach where he is today. Now, he boasts a star-studded clientele with public figures like Jose Reyes, Kenny Smith, Ala Jaza, Brea Frank, Funkmaster Flex, Tyhem Commodore, Deron Williams, and Ceky Vicini, among many others.

Erik Roberto is a leading example of how perseverance can define your success story. He is truly an inspiration for thousands of young dreamers who want to pursue their passion and make a name for themselves.