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Jonathan Gerow Lists Five Key Personality Traits That All Successful People Share

Adding that successful individuals are disciplined and have mastery over their various desires.
Jonathan Gerow, widely known scalp micropigmentation specialist.
Jonathan Gerow, widely known scalp micropigmentation specialist. [ Jonathan Gerow ]
Published Oct. 11
Updated Oct. 15

Every individual aims to lead a fulfilling and successful life, a life in which he is comfortable and content. Success can be viewed from varying standpoints, such as having financial muscle, fame, wealth, achieving an objective, or even having peace of mind. However, there are some common characteristics that are possessed by almost all individuals who have been deemed successful. Jonathan Gerow, a renowned scalp micropigmentation artist, shared with us five such attributes that all successful people have in common.

Jonathan Gerow is an influential and widely known scalp micropigmentation specialist, boasting years of experience in the field. He specializes in generating an illusion of the presence of hair on a bald scalp. Gerow believes that the most common characteristic of all successful people is optimism. He argues that they always concentrate on the brighter side of things, even in difficult situations. “It is always darkest before dawn. Successful people tend to see the positive side even amidst adversities,” he notes.

Jonathan Gerow and his business partner Erik Roberto are responsible for having conducted SMP for several public figures such as Jose Reyes, Kenny Smith, Alajaza, Brea Frank, Helpin Restituyo (El Profe), Funk Master Flex, Tyhem Commodore “mr commodore” Deron Williams, Ceky Viciny, Erik Sermon, DJ CLUE and several others.

Resilience is the next trait present in all successful people, as per Jonathan Gerow. He states that they are always willing to go again, even in the face of seemingly never-ending challenges. “Those who succeed know that there will always be challenges, no matter the undertaking. Individuals who are not willing to give another try after a solitary failed attempt can never achieve success.”

Jonathan Gerow is also convinced that all successful people are risk-takers. “They do not shy away from potentially disastrous undertakings,” he says. “They are not afraid to fail as they believe it is part of the process. To dare is to do—this is the mantra they live by. They are always willing to explore the unknown, unafraid of the consequences that may follow.”

According to Gerow, successful people are also highly goal-driven. They have set targets that guide them through their activities. “Successful individuals create mental checklists of their objectives, and they do not just leave it at that. They follow it up to the letter,” he explains. “This makes them more efficient in all their undertakings.”

“Self-control is the final key trait of successful individuals,” notes Jonathan Gerow. He adds that successful individuals are disciplined and have mastery over their various desires. They do not just give in to all that they crave.

Jonathan Gerow believes that success is not a fluke. Individuals who have achieved success have done it with due diligence and determination, and they all harbor the attributes stated above. Gerow further believes that everybody can acquire these attributes with just a little bit of effort and consistency.