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Nicola Atzei: Why It’s Critical Not to Follow the Crowd

Atzei says that people should “wake up every day with a goal and know that they have given their best.”
Nicola Atzei, leader in the fitness and bodybuilding community.
Nicola Atzei, leader in the fitness and bodybuilding community. [ Nicola Atzei ]
Published Oct. 11

Some of the most creative and innovative leaders in the world are known for standing out from the crowd and doing things differently. A natural ability to think outside of the box helps many successful business owners stay ahead of the trends, and sometimes even create new ones.

In the field of natural fitness and bodybuilding, Nicola Atzei is a name that’s gaining momentum worldwide and has already become one of Italy’s most prominent names in the industry. A significant reason for this is his tendency to not follow the crowd and his desire to differentiate himself from his competitors in whatever ways he can. Here, he shares some of his insights into why it’s critical for anyone who wants to achieve goals in life and not follow the crowd.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

With 15 years of experience in the natural fitness and bodybuilding field, Atzei has put a lot of hard work and dedication into building a name for himself. He recalls the first day he entered the gym at age 18 as the day his journey began. Weighing just 130 pounds at the time, he had always been made fun of for his thin physical appearance.

By 2016, he was working as an online coach, but he realized that to differentiate himself, he had to open a registered coaching office, so he did so in 2019. Then, in May 2019, he registered his brand, Team Nicola Atzei®, and immediately the clients on Instagram started to get interested in seeing his clients’ results. As of 2021, he has over 250 regular customers during the year who never leave the team.

While it was his bold business move to open his coaching office that truly set him apart from his competition, even his eye-catching branding helps him stand out from the crowd. His label represents King Arthur’s sword, which he has tattooed on his back, and the face of Goku, his hero as a child. He also has one of the few online coaching companies in Italy that can provide customers with an invoice for service, making everything as professional as possible.

Innovation, Humility, and Kindness

One of Atzei’s secrets has always been not to follow the crowd but to differentiate himself in terms of innovative working methods and a certified registered office. Together, his innovation and certification allow him to give 100% to each client every day.

Another factor that sets Atzei apart from the crowd is that he’s strictly a natural trainer, which can be hard to come by in fitness and bodybuilding. He prides himself on demonstrating the full potential of the human body without having to resort to dirty shortcuts. He strives to show how people can overcome their limits with commitment, perseverance, and dedication, and he does this by always showing humility and kindness to his clients.

All About Confidence

Atzei says that when a business gets new customers, it has to give them confidence. “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?” This quote from Kobe Bryant is one of his favorites, which he says represents a winning mentality. Nicola Atzei says that people should “wake up every day with a goal and know that they have given their best.”

Reflecting on his own life and achievements, he says, “Who would have thought that an ordinary guy from Buggerru (a small village in southern Sardinia) would become a reference point for all those kids who want to explore their potential by turning to a person who knows what sacrifice and hard work mean?”