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How Jack London Is on a Mission to Shape the Future of the Art and Design Industry

Urban street culture inspires this rising creative.
Jack London, the creative mind behind Shoeuzi.
Jack London, the creative mind behind Shoeuzi. [ Jack London ]
Published Oct. 18

From the time of the caveman to our current times, art and design have been a constant theme in the evolution of our world. And now, as we stand beneath the monumental creations of the great masters of the past and take a look at the world of art today, we are more often than not, met with a sense of wonder as to where this world is heading! It is heading the right way, claims Jack London. And he’s got big plans to shape the future of the art world through his work. Jack London is a graphic designer who creates art inspired by the street.

Under the name Shoeuzi, Jack sells his collectible art series of resin uzi gun art. His creations fall under the theme of urban street culture and he believes that his products are kicking up a cultural storm. As a young entrepreneur, he prefers ‘to go against the grain’. His core philosophy is to be unconventional. Like all modern-day entrepreneurs, Jack lives a life that is in line with the personality of his product – young, hip, and vibrant. He appears in music videos, and maintains a high-flying social life with expensive tastes.

In spite of all the luxuries he enjoys today, Jack never forgets his humble beginnings. Raised by a single parent, he understands the struggles of life and values the importance of humility, discipline, and education. Armed with a degree in fine arts and design, Jack began his career as a designer in a small way. Today, his creations are gaining popularity as collectibles with street-art aficionados. Jack, mostly, creates limited edition products that quickly gain popularity in his community, gaining high resale values.

With Shoeuzi, Jack hopes to let his sense and sensibilities flow onto the world of art. He’s comfortable with the day’s leading softwares and applications and creates whenever the muses shine down brightly on him. Through his art, Jack hopes to re-ignite people’s spirit for adventure and novel experiences.

Jack’s business model is a fantastic case study for all artists who would like to earn a living through their creativity. He is an inspiration to both budding entrepreneurs and artists. As someone marketing his own creations, Jack has to stay balanced between both his analytical and logical thinking patterns and the wild, carefree creativity of his psyche. For now, he seems to be doing a splendid job of it.