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From Boxing and Biking to Tattooing: Mads Kristensen is Building an Empire

And he wants to use his success to motivate and help other people achieve success.
Mads Kristensen, fighter, tattoo artist, rising entrepreneur.
Mads Kristensen, fighter, tattoo artist, rising entrepreneur. [ Mads Kristensen ]
Published Oct. 22

Mads Kristensen is one of the many successful athletes and entrepreneurs building their business empires. The former MMA pro fighter is the founder and owner of multiple companies spread across various industries, including construction, bars, discos, fight events, and tattoo parlors. Mads’s tattoo brand Tattoo Fashion is the biggest and top tattoo parlor chain globally. It is an internationally acknowledged brand with stores in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Spain.

Mads was born and raised in Viborg, Denmark, where he spent his childhood years. He started his career as a member of the Hell’s Angels in Aarhus, Denmark, living the motorcycle life. However, his father was not a fan of the notorious Hell’s Angels group, and demanded that Mads quit to mend their relationship. This did not happen and Mads left his home to find his way in the world without his parents’ help. Mads chose to start his own business in the biking world, merging it with his love for tattoos.

Today, Mads has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, making his mark in various sectors. He has also had the chance to explore his interests in other sports. Boxing emerged to be his top sport, building his passion for a professional heavyweight career. Mads made his debut as a pro boxer in November 2019 in Denmark. Though he has since retired from the sport, he takes great pride in his boxing achievements.

An all-around perfectionist, Mads considers his straightforward mindset and thoughts as part of his major challenges. He somewhat expects the same from his surroundings and everyone he works with. But, it has also worked to his advantage throughout his career. Mads says that his “correct” nature has significantly helped him get through some challenging life moments.

An ambitious entrepreneur, Mads is working hard on building and expanding his tattoo brand. This is the same goal for all his businesses, but he wants to scale the tattoo business to greater heights. The tattoo industry is gradually breaking into new markets, and he aspires to help thousands of people understand, appreciate, and embrace tattoos as another form of art.

Mads also wants to use his success to motivate and help other people achieve success. He often shares his life story and secrets to success, including his challenges, to help them not make the same mistakes he did. He wants to be a source of inspiration for millions across the world to chase their dreams.

His advice to everyone is to not give up when things get complicated. Life was never meant to be easy, and finding success is never easy; it takes perseverance and diligence and to believe in yourself and your abilities. Mads strongly believes that there is never a problem in life, but rather a solution that you need to find.

Mads also has an excellent heart for charity. He shares firsthand experience of what it is like to be on the other side, and that’s why he does his best to help those in need.