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Unisen Senior Living is 100% committed

“... keeping everyone safe is where living well begins,” says Executive Director Michael Brown.
The lifestyle at Unisen is as active and varied as you want it to be, and all residents and staff are fully vaccinated (including boosters) against COVID-19.
The lifestyle at Unisen is as active and varied as you want it to be, and all residents and staff are fully vaccinated (including boosters) against COVID-19. [ Unisen ]
Published Oct. 22

Unisen reports a 100% vaccination rate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the global COVID pandemic. Every resident and staff member has been vaccinated.

“Our goal has always been making sure residents remain in command of their lives and find plenty of opportunities for enriched, rewarding daily living,” Executive Director Michael Brown says. “We believe in living well.” When the COVID vaccine was announced, residents and staff lined up to take it. “A lifestyle like ours depends on all of us doing our part to take care of ourselves. And keeping everyone safe is where living well begins,” Brown says.

The Unisen Senior Living vaccination rate contrasts sharply with national averages. In September of this year, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported* that the nationwide vaccination rates were 84.1% for nursing home residents, and 64.4% for staff. With 100% of its residents and staff vaccinated, Unisen distinguishes itself from other retirement communities. This high vaccination rate has been welcome news for families of residents – and would-be residents.

Their choice of Unisen is based on an expectation that the community will deliver a safe and rewarding lifestyle. When they learn that all current residents and staff are vaccinated, families are reassured that the community is a sound, secure residence for their loved ones. Standing out is par for the course at Unisen. The community has cultivated a reputation for safe, secure lifestyles since its early days. For more than 30 years, the independent living community formerly known as University Village has combined a mixture of social, intellectually stimulating, artistic and fitness opportunities to create a gratifying lifestyle.

With exceptionally large villa and apartment floor plans and a resident-directed lifestyle, Unisen is a Tampa-area favorite for older adults and their families. Following the July 2020 acquisition of the community by the not-for-profit Tampa Life Plan Village, Unisen announced a $25 million expansion. The renovation plans will include 445 apartments, 46 villas, and indoor and outdoor spaces and amenities. Also planned are brand-new assisted living residences. This level of care is ideal for seniors whose comfort and safety might be compromised if they continue to live independently.

Unisen’s assisted living will provide them with individualized help for the tasks of daily living – and, in the community’s customary and beloved style, ensure each resident can freely embrace all the opportunities the campus provides. Taking care of each other ensures enriched, rewarding daily living. Today, with big renovations underway, Unisen continues to serve each resident with a safe and fulfilling lifestyle.

While following all CDC protocols for safety, the full array of programs and activities is in place, and residents remain in command of their lives. Plus, as Executive Director Brown says, “Now we’ve all had our boosters!” You can find the Unisen Senior Living community at 12401 N 22nd St. in Tampa.

For more information about the expansion or residency opportunities, visit or call (813) 946-9677.