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How Pasquale Diamond Celi Created the Successful Boost Trading Company

He believes that your reality is an accurate and clear reflection of your thoughts.
Pasquale Diamond Celi, entrepreneur and founder of Boost Trading.
Pasquale Diamond Celi, entrepreneur and founder of Boost Trading. [ Pasquale Diamond Celi ]
Published Oct. 29, 2021

At 26, Pasquale Diamond Celi is one of the most successful traders in the currency market. Pasquale helped to create Boost Coin, which is showing great potential for dominance in the crypto markets. He is the founder and owner of Boost Trading, an iOS and Android trading app, where Boost Coin stems from.

Pasquale’s journey as an entrepreneur started after years of working in a 9–5 job. He moved to Florida at 18 and spent two years working in a gym and car dealerships. Throughout this period, Pasquale struggled financially and could barely sustain himself. The experience bugged him, and he was constantly looking for a way out.

Fortune struck Pasquale at 21, when he started his own business, Diamond Auto, as an auto broker. He also started a massive social media business that he ran until he was 24. It was an eye-opening move for Pasquale as it helped him discover his potential as an entrepreneur. In addition, it made him realize that entrepreneurship was easier than he once thought. Pasquale immediately dove into the ventures, giving them his all.

His job as a social media marketer exposed him to a whole world of new investment opportunities, including the crypto business. It was a thrilling new concept with good potential returns, and Pasquale threw himself into the venture, establishing Boost Trading. Since its establishment, Boost Trading has been a success, gaining traction from various industry players.

Pasquale’s positive mindset has been essential in his success as an entrepreneur, helping him unlock many possibilities. He now firmly believes that his opportunistic and positive mindset has helped him achieve a financially free world.

The journey to success can sometimes be fraught with challenges, and Pasquale’s journey was no exception; he faced his fair share of challenges. Among them, learning to cope with the negative aspects of life was his biggest challenge, as he always seemed to not understand why things sometimes had to turn out the way they did. He admits to getting irritated by even the smallest things, like someone talking down to him or stocks going down. Yes, they were valid concerns but did not deserve the amount of attention he granted them.

Fortunately, he has since learned such things don’t always have to get the better of him. Pasquale now accepts that some things don’t have anything to do with him. To him, they are just meant to happen, and that’s how life is. He believes that the secret is to accept them, love, and learn from them to be better.

Growth for Boost Trading is undeniable, and Pasquale is sure to grow the company into a multibillion empire in the coming years. His target is to reach and impact millions of lives globally. It can be a challenging journey, but Pasquale is determined to make it happen. He is a firm believer in possibilities and does not see any obstacle big enough that he can’t overcome.

To Pasquale, life is hard only if you let your mind make it hard. He believes that your reality is an accurate and clear reflection of your thoughts. Success will always find its way to your direction, provided you dream and trust in your abilities. Pasquale advises that you endeavor to always think positively in all situations, no matter what, as that’s the only way to get life to work out in your favor.


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