Building a professional network can never be undermined, says Brandon Shiu-Nan See

Brandon See, co-founder and CEO of Digiceptual.
Brandon See, co-founder and CEO of Digiceptual. [ Brandon See ]
Published Nov. 10, 2021

There are many benefits of networking. Even knowing the importance of networking for business success, some people tend to overlook it. Brandon Shiu-Nan See explains that undermining networking can be a detriment to your professional career. This is why he highly recommends building professional networks at every stage of your journey.

Brandon Shiu-Nan See is an entrepreneur in fashion ad consultancy through Digiceptual. For years, his dedication has been to helping brands scale their annual sales by assisting them to implement unique strategies for their ads. In his entrepreneurial journey, Brandon has built an extensive network of professionals. Brandon says this has helped him explore other business and investment ventures and grow by learning from them.

Networking can seem challenging for most people; however, Brandon says the secret is to start with what you know. Growing up, Brandon was often in environments that required him to perform at his best, from swimming to music recitals and chess tournaments. This developed his drive to win, but it also helped him develop networking skills that have proved valuable in business.

Brandon explains that networking doesn’t need to be complicated. Start with those around you and build from there. The main reason Brandon Shiu-Nan See champions professional networks is because they open doors to opportunities and build your relationships. Brandon explains that good working relationships are crucial in the business world. He also points out that many people hear about jobs from their networks since most positions aren’t advertised.

With a good professional network, you also get to understand business better and have a sounding board for your ideas. Brandon says that your professional network is an ideal forum to learn and exchange ideas for innovation and growth. Brandon adds that you never know where your professional network might take you. This is why it is important to network even outside your sector. This opens doors for you to explore investment and business opportunities in new markets.

Though it seems to be just now picking up pace, networking is crucial for every industry professional. If you aren’t networking, you are doing a great disservice to your career.