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Meet Shane Perry The Mogul, the Prank Call Master Bringing Joy to Millions

Shane Perry The Mogul, rising comic and performer.
Shane Perry The Mogul, rising comic and performer. [ Shane P. The Mogul ]
Published Nov. 12
Updated Nov. 16

A sense of humor can be part of the secret to a happy life and healthy living. It goes a long way to relieve stress and help bring back that smile. Different people have different senses of humor, but whatever the case, everyone loves being happy.

Comedians are by far one of the largest sources of that daily dose of laughter. They possess unique talents and abilities to turn an ordinary situation into something hilarious.

Shane P. The Mogul is one of the top comedians in the country taking over the entertainment industry. Shane P. The Mogul is a Tacoma-based artist, thrilling millions of fans with his authentic and original comedy content. Shane is widely known as the prank call master, with some of the most viral videos. He has mastered and perfected the art of prank calls, emerging as one of the best talents in the category.

His innate talent has got him featured on big platforms such as LAD Bible, All Def Digital, Worldstar Hip-hop, among many others. Shane has also worked with a couple of other top talents in the entertainment industry, including Danrue, Barry Brewer, Noel G, BiggJah, with many other talents.

Shane also possesses a wide skill set that is unmatched, particularly in his acting skills. He is also musically inclined and very convincing when portraying a role. Shane proves to be the perfect comedian who effortlessly switches through different genres of comedy. His passion for what he does is also unquestionable. Highly motivated and ambitious, he dedicates many hours to researching, practicing, and perfecting his craft, constantly innovating himself for the better.

Shane’s love for entertaining people began at a young age. At 10, Shane was already acting, making people’s day and filling it with laughter. He loved the experience, and since then, he has never looked back. He has held on to his dream, to date overcoming any obstacle in his path. Being homeless could not deter Shane from pursuing his dream either. He spent numerous nights in his car while still making viral videos that took over the internet. He kept pressing on until he got out of the situation.

Shane advises other aspiring comedians to continue working hard and never give up. To him, the path to greatness is never guaranteed to be smooth. He says there are many obstacles and challenges that you will have to face and overcome. According to Shane, rejection is one setback that has killed many dreams in the entertainment world. But this should not be a reason for you to give up. To him, rejection is redirection; in life, you must focus on what’s needed, not on what’s not wanted, and that things happen for a reason, so stay positive. Endeavor to stay committed and be consistent, which are two things that will equal success.

Shane wants to grow and scale his comedy brand to an international level. He is also optimistic about landing a major TV or radio deal that will see him reach a wider audience.