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Top 5 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workouts For Pump, Focus & Power

Caffeine Free
Caffeine Free [ Photo ]
Published Nov. 19
Updated Nov. 19

Getting the most out of each training session is crucial, as it impacts your progress.

That’s why many people turn to pre workouts, which usually contain a massive amount of caffeine to get you going.

But caffeine isn’t for all of us; that’s why we’re going to introduce you to caffeine free pre workouts.

Continue reading as we take you through our list of the most effective options.

Top 5 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’re not just going to want to get any pre workout without caffeine - you want the best of the best.

You’ve come to the right place, as our team has thoroughly researched the many popular options on the market.

It wasn’t an easy task, but after months of research, we’ve managed to put together a list of the best caffeine free pre workouts.

The products we’re about to show you came out on top after looking at factors such as ingredients, reviews, dosages, flavor, and overall value.

Let’s check out the best caffeine free pre workouts in 2021.

1st Place - Pump Serum

Serum [ Photo ]


The supplement that came out on top is Pump Serum by Huge Supplements, taking the best caffeine pre workout title.

We found it to be far ahead of the alternatives we’ve tried. It is by far the best way of taking your training sessions to the next level without consuming stimulants.

Looking at the products’ supplement facts, you’re going to find that one serving holds 31 grams, consisting of 13 science-backed ingredients.

That means that taking a single scoop of Pump Serum is going to enhance your workouts from every angle. You’ll experience skin-tearing pumps, laser focus, more stamina, and extra power.


· Clinically formulated with potent ingredients and doses

· It enhances training capacity and performance

· Delivers skin-tearing muscle pumps and increased vascularity

· Boosts cognitive functions and gets you in the zone to train

· It’s completely free of caffeine and other stimulants

· It tastes incredible - Strawberry mojito is our favorite!


· It’s priced above average

Looking at the above, you’ll find that there’s plenty of reasons to get your hands on this product.

We will say this, though; Pump Serum is extremely stacked with high-quality and even patented ingredients, meaning it’s priced slightly above other competitor products.

But, we’re confident that it’s worth every single penny if you’re looking for the best of the best.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the hundreds of positive reviews Pump Serum has collected - find them by clicking here.

2nd Place - Preseries Stim Free

The runner-up on our list is Preseries Stim Free by Transparent Labs, another excellent pre workout that doesn’t contain caffeine.

We concluded that Preseries Stim Free ticks all the boxes. It will help improve your workout quality and intensity, allowing you to turn it up a notch.

After roughly 30 minutes of taking it, one will notice the effects. It’s going to emphasize muscle pumps, focus, strength, and even recovery.


· Well-put together formula with quality ingredients

· It includes branched-chain amino acids for muscle recovery

· It helps improve focus and alertness

· Shuttles more blood to your muscles when training

· You can get it in multiple flavors


· It’s a high-priced pre workout

· Only available on Transparent Labs site

There’s a lot of good things to say about Preseries stim free, and it’s definitely a caffeine free pre workout that won’t let you down.

This product isn’t the cheapest either but don’t forget the many things you’re getting in return.

In our opinion, Transparent Labs’ Stim Free is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to purchase Pump Serum.

3rd Place - Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse is a natural caffeine free pre workout formulated to help carry you through long, intensive workouts.

Even though there’s only a total of four different ingredients in Legion Pulse, it still delivered beyond our expectations.

That’s because those four ingredients are all backed by science, meaning their effectiveness has been proven.


· Long-lasting effects (several hours)

· Boosts focus, strength, and endurance

· Available in several delicious flavors

· 100% naturally sweetened and flavored

· Suitable for both men and women


· Mixed opinions on taste

· Causes tingling sensation because of Beta-Alanine

Legion Pulse falls in the same price category as the other products we’ve shown you - you get what you pay for!

Please note that Legion Pulse does contain a significant amount of Beta-Alanine (3.6 grams), which causes a tingling sensation.

If you aren’t a fan of that ingredient, make sure to check out the other alternatives. If you don’t mind, this is a well-balanced option that works effectively.

4th Place - Pre-Kaged Stim Free

Another well-known and effective caffeine free pre workout is Pre-Kaged stim free by Kaged Muscle.

Pre-Kaged stands out because it combines proper science-backed ingredients, which will help you get in a good workout.

The most noticeable effects are the pumps and strength you’ll get when training.


· Clean and controlled workout experience

· Provides massive long-lasting muscle pumps

· Helps with boosting muscle growth and recovery

· Formulated with premium, patented ingredients

· No artificial flavors or colors


· Only contains 20 servings per container

· It may taste too sweet for some

There are many things that Pre-Kaged’s stimulant free pre workout has to offer, which is why it has made it to this list.

Plenty of users can vouch for the effectiveness of this caffeine free pre workout, including our team. If it suits your goals, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

5th Place - Nutricost SF

Nutricost SF is the final product on our list of best caffeine free pre workouts.

It has earned a spot on our list due to it being an effective and reliable option. It provides all the effects one should look for in a product like this.


· Combines powerful ingredients

· Significantly enhances cognitive functions

· Boosts blood flow for intense pumps

· An excellent option for beginners

· Non-GMO & Gluten-Free


· Some ingredients could’ve been dosed higher

· Only available in 3 different flavors

This stimulant-free option did everything we expected it to do, and we consider it an effective option mainly for beginners.

If you’re searching for a low-cost option that still can improve your workout quality without stimulants, Nutricosts’ SF is perfect.

The Benefits Of Caffeine Free Pre Workouts

Caffeine free pre workouts work differently from regular pre workouts, that’s because they contain other ingredients.

That means you can expect them to give various benefits. Let’s go over each benefit individually, so you know what to expect!

Helps You Get A Pump

If there’s one thing caffeine free pre workouts are effective at, it’s the pumps. That’s because instead of stimulants, they’re filled with many potent ingredients that increase nitric oxide.

Increasing nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels, thus allowing a lot more blood to reach your muscle cells.

So if you love the feeling of getting pumps when working out, you’re definitely going to want to look into these supplements.

Boost Cognitive Functions

Besides the undeniable increase in pumps, you’re also going to feel an improvement in cognitive functions.

In other words, you’ll notice an increase in focus, attention, and alertness. You’ll feel more ‘’in the zone’' allowing you to go all out.

As some of you might already know, being mentally ready to hit the weights can hugely impact training sessions.

Improves Exercise Performance

A good caffeine free pre workout with the right ingredients can also impact your exercise performance.

You could be able to squeeze out extra repetitions on your favorite exercises. You may even be able to increase the weights on some.

Getting the most out of each workout is essential for the progression of your physique. You can also look at various muscle building supplements to speed up results.

Doesn’t Interfere With Sleep

Another massive benefit from taking a caffeine free pre workout is that it doesn’t interfere with sleep.

Caffeine free pre workouts don’t contain stimulants, which allows you to take them at any time of the day.

That means you can give your workouts a boost without having to worry about tossing and turning at night.

What’s In Your Caffeine Free Pre Workout

Having a combination of good ingredients at the correct dosages is important for the effectiveness of a supplement.

If scientific data doesn’t support an ingredient or if it’s underdosed, you’re not going to feel the effects you’re after.

That’s why we recommend our readers educate themselves to understand what each ingredient has to offer.

Below you will find some of the best and most popular ingredients found in caffeine free pre workouts.


One staple ingredient found in pretty much every single pre workout is Citrulline.

Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid that gets converted to Arginine once ingested.

Arginine is responsible for increasing nitric oxide, which helps increase blood flow and nutrient delivery.

This means that Citrulline is one of the major pump ingredients, and in our opinion, it’s an absolute must-have.

Recommended dosage: 6000mg - 7500mg

Glycerol Powder

Another key ingredient you’ll find in a lot of caffeine free pre workouts is Glycerol powder.

The reason why Glycerol is such a beneficial ingredient is that it’s capable of accumulating body fluids. In other words, it hydrates your muscles to help them get through intense workouts.

The most commonly used forms are HydroMax and GlycerPump, two patented ingredients that yield a high percentage of glycerol.

Recommended dosage: 1500mg - 3000mg


Many of you will be familiar with Creatine; it’s an ingredient that helps your body rapidly produce energy.

That’s going to lead to multiple benefits, including faster recovery, more strength, and muscle mass gains.

What’s impressive about Creatine is that its effectiveness is backed by plenty of scientific data and user experiences.

There are different types of Creatine in your pre workout; a few examples are monohydrate and hydrochloride (HCL).

Recommended dosage: 3000mg - 5000mg


Nitrosigine is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate that works by boosting nitric oxide levels.

Having more nitric oxide will vasodilate the blood vessels, allowing for greater blood flow.

More blood reaches your muscles, giving you long-lasting, intense pumps throughout your workouts.

Nitrosigine may also help with increasing exercise performance and cognitive functions, making it an excellent addition to any pre workout.

Recommended dosage: 750mg - 1500mg


Last but not least, we have Tyrosine, a nonessential amino acid that may increase neurotransmitters.

Increasing neurotransmitters could lead to enhanced cognitive functions, especially during stressful situations.

When taken before a workout, you may experience more alertness, attention, and focus.

Recommended dosage: 1000mg - 1500mg

Are Pre Workouts Without Caffeine Bad For You?

A question we often get asked is - are pre workouts without caffeine bad for you?

No, they’re not.

We consider them to be better than pre workouts with caffeine and other stimulants.

We’re not saying caffeine is bad, but it can definitely cause adverse effects in some people. Restlessness, headaches, and anxiety can all be side effects of caffeine.

That’s why you should limit your use and occasionally go with one of the products we’ve shown you in this article.

Of course, you must use them responsibly. That means you shouldn’t exceed the dosage instructions.

Final Thoughts

Taking a caffeine free pre workout will help you get the most out of each training without stimulants.

They’re highly effective at boosting muscle pumps, focus, power, and performance.

But, the product you’re looking to get must contain the right ingredients.

We’ve tested various popular pre workouts and have concluded that Pump Serum by Huge Supplements is the best option out on the market.

It’s got the most ingredients in combination with massive dosages - it just can’t be beaten.

We highly recommend giving Pump Serum a shot if you’re looking to get the best of the best.

If you don’t like consuming caffeine, or if you’re cycling off caffeine, consider taking a stimulant-free pre workout.