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Best Testosterone Boosters 2022: Improve Men’s Energy, Vitality & Wellness

If you're thinking about starting a testosterone-boosting regimen, consider one of these supplements.
If you're thinking about starting a testosterone-boosting regimen, consider one of these supplements. [ Stock ]
Published Nov. 22, 2021

As men age, they naturally lose the ability to produce testosterone. Some estimates show that men will actually lose as much as 1% of their testosterone levels per year after the age of 30, meaning a man at about the age of 50 will have roughly 20% less testosterone production than they had years earlier. The loss of testosterone is vital because maintaining high testosterone levels is essential for men who want to keep up with an active lifestyle.

With all of that said, this strong desire for effective and natural testosterone boosters has led to an industry full of brands - some good and some bad. To help you find the best possible testosterone boosting supplements on the market today, we have put together this helpful guide.

Top 4 Sites for the Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

1. Testogen: Editor’s Top Choice

2. TestoPrime: Runner Up

3. TestoFuel: Honorable Mention

4. Prime Male: Enhancing Libido

How Did We Choose These 4 Sites?

As we have just gone over, hundreds of competing brands are trying to sell you testosterone boosters. However, most of these brands are not very effective, have lousy customer service, or are simply overpriced. Finding the right testosterone booster though, can be life-changing, and it is a shame that it has become so difficult for people to find the testosterone supplement brands that work. To help you out, we have done a deep dive into the sites that carry testosterone boosters and have found four of them that are absolutely worth your time and money.

But how did we find and rate these sites? We used a system for judging and rating each site that included:

Ingredients and Clinical Trials

The first thing we looked for in our top testosterone supplements is a comprehensive list of ingredients that have proven to be effective at boosting testosterone levels across various studies and trials. The best testosterone booster supplements on our list today give you a wide variety of options, while still remaining totally natural and effectively side-effect-free. These testosterone boosters have also been shown to be effective across a wide variety of users.

Excellent Customer Service and Risk-Free Offers

Not everyone reacts the same to different supplements and simply put, some brands are going to work better for you than others. At the same time, many of these products aren’t exactly inexpensive. Of the testosterone supplements on our list, almost all offer you a risk-free money-back guarantee, allowing you to try them and see if they really boost testosterone levels before you commit to a purchase.

Consumer Feedback

The last major factor we considered was the number and quality of the reviews given. The best brands have created hundreds and thousands of happy customers, and they are typically very quick to brag about their results.

Once we had considered these three major factors, we were able to narrow our list down to roughly a dozen great sites for testosterone booster supplements. From there, we took a personal approach and directly weighed each site against one another. In the end, we were able to select four sites that offered their customers the absolute best product and service.

Top 4 Testosterone Boosting Supplements: Reviews & Analysis

1. Testogen: Editor’s Top Choice


  • Transparent, natural ingredients list
  • Great results were reported by hundreds, perhaps thousands of happy customers
  • Clinical results are available to view on site
  • Good, competitive prices

Testogen is our top choice for the best testosterone booster on the market today, and their site makes it incredibly easy to learn about and order the exact amount of the product you need, whether it be a one, two, or three months’ supply. The Testogen site also has a lot of detail about the ingredients they use and the way they function within your body to raise testosterone levels. This is a great brand that allows you to learn about how and why you will want to use a testosterone booster, and they go into great detail about the formula they sell on the site. Stop by the Testogen website and see what all the fuss is about; you won’t be disappointed.

What are Customers Saying?

There are a lot of happy customers with Testogen, and their most typical comments seem to revolve around having much higher energy levels and experiencing a reduction in overall soreness after their workouts. Many of the men who write about it say they feel a lot like they are in their 20s again and that they once again have the energy to both work out and handle their household duties.

Why Does This Testosterone Booster Stand Out?

Testogen works by naturally stimulating your body’s internal mechanism for testosterone production, and while this is the common method to boost testosterone levels amongst such supplements, the way that Testogen goes about accomplishing this is a bit different. They have a totally transparent formula so you can be assured you are getting something that is safe and natural. The formula is made with 11 natural ingredients, and its efficacy is backed by over 25 clinical studies and research papers.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a testosterone booster, you will not find any better than Testogen. The product not only works, but they make it very easy to learn about and buy the items they offer. Since this review is technically looking at the product and site in tandem, we can safely say that this brand offers you the best of both worlds. When you go with Testogen, you are getting a complete breakdown of what you are putting into your body, why it works, what clinical studies have said, and the testosterone supplements themselves come at very competitive prices. Learn more at

2. TestoPrime: Runner Up


  • Tested and validated by groups like the Mayo Clinic
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Built to give you more energy and higher motivation levels
  • Proven to reduce stress by over 70%
  • Clinically studied ingredients with proven track records


  • While the ingredients are proven to work for some, not everyone’s body will respond strongly

TestoPrime is our runner-up for the best testosterone boosting supplement site that you can buy from today. TestoPrime also gives you a series of natural ingredients proven through clinical studies to offer you a natural, effective way to enhance your testosterone levels. This formula has been shown to enhance your natural testosterone production efforts, in turn improving your motivation for exercise, sexual activity, and improving your overall mood and personal confidence.

What are Customers Saying?

There are hundreds, likely thousands, of happy customers who are currently using TestoPrime. These customers love the fact that TestoPrime helps them to wake up better, get through a long day’s work, and still find the energy for the gym, to go out on dates, and really take back their active lifestyles. Most report feeling years younger and like they are back in their twenties or early thirties.

Why Does This Testosterone Booster Stand Out?

TestoPrime is specially designed to help you increase your physical and mental energy, allowing you to work in some exercise or romantic activities, even after long days at the office. TestoPrime is also built around supporting protein synthesis that is shown to help you burn stubborn fat and put on lean muscle mass.

The Bottom Line

TestoPrime is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market today. This product has been shown to not only work through clinical studies, but it also has legions of very satisfied customers happy to report solid results. You also benefit from a full money-back guarantee, making a purchase of this testosterone supplement absolutely risk-free. While not every person will respond strongly to testosterone boosters, this is a safe and easy way to see if you have an easy path to living a better, more active life. Learn more at

3. TestoFuel: Honorable Mention


  • Designed for effective and accelerated muscle growth
  • Helps to reduce body fat and increase energy levels
  • The site gives you a lot of material to look through, including studies and ingredient lists
  • A highly researched muscle-building supplement


  • It may not be the best choice for those who aren’t avid gym rats

TestoFuel is our third choice for the top testosterone boosting brand, mainly because it is good enough to be the first choice for a particular section of the population. Many men looking for a testosterone booster work out regularly, and one of the driving factors for looking into testosterone supplements comes with the wall you hit at a certain age; it just becomes more difficult to see positive results and maintain your physique. TestoFuel is designed to specifically address this issue and is carefully formulated around giving one more energy and drive to hit the gym, recover faster after a workout, and see more dramatic results from their time spent staying in shape.

What are Customers Saying?

TestoFuel has a legion of fans who love the way it makes them feel during and after their workouts. People report faster recovery times, better energy and motivation in the gym, and more extreme results from their workouts. Customers who have responded strongly to the ingredients in the TestoFuel testosterone booster love the way it helps them to build muscle mass, while simultaneously burning the stubborn fat that often comes along with aging.

Why Does This Testosterone Booster Stand Out?

TestoFuel was built from the ground up to be the ultimate solution for those who want to pack on muscle mass and enhance their energy levels for the gym without resorting to steroids or other products with harmful side effects. TestoFuel offers athletes and bodybuilders a natural, risk-free method of raising testosterone levels in order to look, feel, and perform better without needing to take harmful injections or break certain state laws.

The Bottom Line

TestoFuel is used by huge numbers of men who work out often, and have been looking for a way to get a leg up and breakthrough their current plateaus. This product gives you the ability to get more out of your workouts and achieve a younger-looking and healthier body without needing to resort to harmful steroids. TestoFuel even has a thorough list of ingredients in their testosterone booster, and why they work to increase testosterone levels, for you to read through on the site. Learn more at

4. Prime Male: Enhancing Libido


  • Reports of testosterone production increases of up to 42%
  • Great for enhancing sex drive
  • Helps to shed excess weight and feel mentally and physically better
  • Some studies show it can increase cognitive functioning
  • Can help you feel and look younger


  • Slightly more expensive and a bit less popular than the other top brands on this list

Prime Male takes a more comprehensive approach than some other testosterone boosters and attacks the issues from a number of different directions. Prime Male is made to help your body put on muscle mass and cut fat, but it is also designed to increase cognitive functioning, enhance your sex drive, improve your mood, enhance energy levels, and a number of other beneficial effects. While this testosterone supplement is able to accomplish all of these tasks for a huge number of happy customers, the less focused approach means that the results may not be as dramatic in certain areas. With that said, this is still an amazing testosterone booster and may just be the best at helping you shift your libido into a higher gear and reactivating your sex life.

What are Customers Saying?

Like the other best testosterone booster supplements on our list, Prime Male has a huge number of testimonials they are proud to show off. The positive responses to the supplement range from being able to see increased weight loss to having firmer muscles and a better, more fulfilling sex life. Some notable spokespeople for Prime Male include Hollywood legend Dolph Lundgren as well as Hall of Fame inductee Andre Reed. There are a large number of men reaching middle-age who absolutely love the comprehensive effects for wellness offered by Prime Male.

Why Does This Testosterone Booster Stand Out?

Prime Male takes a holistic approach to testosterone boosting and the reported results fall on a much wider spectrum. For those who don’t necessarily want only muscle growth, but also want to feel younger, think faster, have a higher sex drive, and all-around feel more confident, Prime Male is a top choice. The product is a bit more expensive and may not offer the same dramatic results in only one area, but it is by far one of the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market today.

The Bottom Line

Prime Male is the perfect answer for those men who want to all-around feel and think younger. This is a testosterone booster that approaches the testosterone loss issue from multiple angles and is able to help more men see results when compared to many other testosterone booster supplements. It is also worth noting that the libido enhancement provided by Prime Male is amongst the best of any related products. Learn more at

Understanding Testosterone Supplements

Now that we have gone through our selections for the best sites, we should spend some time breaking down how and why testosterone booster supplements are so popular. We are going to take a look at how they work, why many men need them, and what any possible side-effects may be.

What are Natural Testosterone Boosters?

Low testosterone levels is an issue that affects thousands of men each year, and many of them want to find a way to reverse these effects without resorting to harmful drugs or steroids. Natural testosterone boosters offer men a way to use their body’s natural mechanisms to enhance the levels of testosterone being produced each day. While there are a thousand different recipes, almost all natural testosterone boosters use a series of herbal ingredients that have been shown to help enhance your body’s ability to function.

Those who find testosterone boosters that respond well to the natural mechanisms in their body find that they can feel more energized and motivated for both exercise and sexual activity. People also report seeing greater increases in strength, muscle mass and muscle definition, as well as an enhanced ability to burn away stubborn fat.

Many of the natural changes men go through as they age have to do with the loss of the ability to produce testosterone. By being able to jump-start your body’s testosterone production, it is effectively like rewinding the clock years - this can even include hair growth.

While many opt for injections or doctor-prescribed supplements that are very powerful, but also come with a number of side effects that need to be carefully monitored, natural testosterone boosters require no prescription and can often be just as effective for those who use them.

What are the Benefits of Taking Testosterone Boosters?

While we just covered the basics, we should spend some time going through the most sought-after benefits of testosterone boosters. These benefits include:

Increased Muscle Mass

One of the major benefits of boosting your testosterone levels is the fact that you are giving your body the ability to increase the amount of muscle you can build and keep on. Testosterone stimulates muscle growth and the more you have, the easier it is to build upon past gains. However, this still requires exercise and commitment - testosterone boosters will just ensure that you are getting more out of your workouts.

A boost in testosterone production and an increase in muscle mass will also make it easier for you to burn off that stubborn fat that comes with age. The combination of these factors means you can get the physique of someone who is years younger, or perhaps even get into the best shape of your life.

Increased Bone Density

It has been found that by increasing the testosterone levels of men who are advancing in age, you can actually help to increase bone density and reduce their chances of being hurt or injured. We all know the cliché of the old guy breaking a hip, and much of that comes from our bodies stiffening up and our bones becoming brittle. By enhancing testosterone production and raising  testosterone levels, you can get the resilience and ability to recover found in those in their 20′s and 30′s.

More Hair Growth and Distribution

Testosterone plays an important role in one’s ability to grow and retain hair. Testosterone affects the follicle and how your body is able to produce different forms of hair (head hair, body hair, etc.). We all have different growth cycles of hair (typically around 5-7 years), and by changing the testosterone levels in our system, we can adjust or redirect these cycles. While researchers still don’t know exactly how all this occurs, we do know that different people have very different reactions to hormone levels changing and the way that hair reacts. With testosterone supplements, you may end up growing more body hair, or you may just see the hair on your head become thicker and fuller. It is believed this ultimately comes down to your needs.

Boosted Sex Drive

Another significant benefit of increasing your testosterone levels with one of the best testosterone booster supplements is that many will get a powerful boost to their sex drive, also known as their libido. While researchers are also not sure how exactly testosterone helps to enhance the libido, there is a large amount of documented evidence that shows that it does, as low testosterone levels has also been strongly linked to having a lower sex drive.

For all men, their libido will naturally slow down as they age, and it is likely that this decrease in sexual desire is linked to the natural decrease in testosterone levels all men experience over time. You can regain much of your lost sex drive by slowing down testosterone loss or even boosting your natural levels.

What are the Main Causes of Low Testosterone?

Roughly 40% of men ages 45 and older will experience a form of Low-T or medically low testosterone levels. There are a number of reasons for this. Levels of testosterone will naturally drop as one ages, but there are also a number of physical and environmental factors that can contribute to this loss.

One’s level of body fat (BMI), overall nutrition, alcohol consumption, stress, medication usage, and possible illness or injury can all play a role in your testosterone levels. In particular, stress and poor nutrition can affect the levels of luteinizing hormone that is produced by your pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone is responsible for messaging the testicles to produce testosterone, and low levels of luteinizing hormone generally translate to low testosterone levels.

What are Testosterone Boosting Foods and Activities?

For most people, living an unhealthy lifestyle, having poor nutrition, and not exercising enough will be the biggest contributing factors to low testosterone levels. By taking a testosterone booster, having a healthier diet, and getting regular exercise, you can begin to turn back the clock and feel years younger again.

· Strength training and HIIT cardio are great options that have been shown to give your testosterone production capabilities a kick in the pants - just be careful not to overtrain.

· Get better sleep and allow your body to recover. Try and take time to relax and reduce your stress levels to help boost testosterone levels naturally.

· Having more sex can help with testosterone boosting, which in turn will help you to have a stronger sex drive. This cycle can work for or against you, so be aware of it and try to manage it so it can enhance your T-levels.

· Eat a balanced diet, and ensure you are getting enough foods with healthy fats; things like coconut oil, eggs and avocados can help with that. Fish oil may be a big help to raise testosterone levels as well.

Here are some more in-depth tips for a high-T friendly diet:

· Add magnesium to your diet. Eating foods like spinach will increase your magnesium levels, which in turn, blocks a protein from binding with testosterone. This means you will have more of the hormone available for when your body needs to increase muscle mass, grow hair, or help you perform in bed.

· Drink more pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice has been shown to help lower your levels of stress hormones, which will help raise the levels of your sex hormones, including testosterone.

· Drink less beer. It only takes about five days of regular alcohol consumption for you to see your testosterone levels drop. Regular drinking will throw off your hormones even more and can lead to a number of health issues, it will also lower your motivation to get regular exercise.

· Eat more ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng. While this herb is not incredibly common in US diets, it has been shown that eating this plant regularly may increase your testosterone levels by as much as 10%. Since men will lose roughly 1% of their testosterone a year, this plant alone can rewind your biological time clock by a decade!

What are Possible Side-Effects of Testosterone Boosters?

This is a big subject, but suffice to say, if you use natural testosterone enhancing supplements that use only safe, natural ingredients, there are virtually no harmful side-effects. However, there are many ways to boost your testosterone levels that don’t come from safe natural sources that can cause many adverse side effects.

For example, many men take anabolic steroids in order to fight back against low-T, and in some cases these may be legally prescribed by a doctor, but these steroids are associated with a number of serious risks including heart, brain, and liver damage. One’s mental health and ability to regulate anger and other emotions may also become compromised. This is why we strongly suggest you stick to natural and safe testosterone boosters.

Heart attack, strokes, depression, aggression and infertility are only a few of the harmful side-effects that come from products like anabolic steroids.

How Do I Choose the Right Testosterone Booster?

There are a ton of options on the market, and even our short list here gives you more options for a testosterone supplement than you will likely ever need. At some point, you will need to make the ultimate purchasing decision for yourself. But just how do you do that?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your goals are. Some supplements to boost testosterone levels are designed around increasing your sex drive; others are designed around helping you feel and think younger, while still more are focused on helping you build muscle mass and a lean physique. Some testosterone boosters aim to help you in all of those areas. By figuring out early on what your goals are you can begin to narrow down your options.

The next thing you will want to do is look at the ingredients in the products you are considering. A good company will break down what their product contains and why they’ll help boost testosterone levels. Many will also back up these claims with scientific studies and data. Do your research and see which brands are purpose-built for your needs.

From there, you can begin to look at the overall cost, and the reviews each product is getting. While you don’t want to base your entire decision on other people’s experiences, or the difference in a few dollars, these can help you decide between two brands that are very similar.

Lastly, you will want to start with brands that give you a risk-free purchasing option. Everyone reacts to various ingredients differently, and you want to be sure that you are using a booster that your body is responding well too. By choosing a brand that gives you a money-back guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase isn’t being wasted.

Get a Testosterone Booster Today!

Now that you have seen the many options you have for great testosterone boosters available on the market today, it may just be time to try some for yourself. Every product on our list is highly recommended, upfront about their ingredients, and has legions of loyal fans. You can also use our guide to help you ultimately make the right buying decision. So, is it time to feel, think, and perform like you used to?

Your ability to produce muscle, shed fat, think clearly, and have an active sex life all depend on one’s ability to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Since men naturally lose testosterone as they age, many feel their quality of life slipping a little more each year. This is where natural testosterone boosters come into play. Testosterone boosting supplements help your body naturally rewind the clock and maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to by helping your body produce testosterone at the same levels as one who is years younger.


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