7 Best Legal Steroid Alternatives for Natural Muscle Growth

If this is the look you're after, and your workout routine and diet aren't getting you there, consider adding legal steroid alternatives for the boost you need.
If this is the look you're after, and your workout routine and diet aren't getting you there, consider adding legal steroid alternatives for the boost you need. [ Stock ]
Published Nov. 29, 2021

If you’ve been pumping iron at the gym, you may eventually hit a plateau where you stop seeing the muscle gains you’d like. At that point, it’s tempting to look towards steroids and other performance enhancers to give you the boost you need.

Legal steroid alternatives have become increasingly popular as people have realized the dangers that illegal steroids pose. Natural steroid alternatives can work in several ways: either by imitating naturally-occurring steroid compounds or by boosting natural testosterone levels in the body.

Finding the right legal steroid alternative can be tricky. Many muscle-building supplements aren’t worth the bottle they come in, so it’s vital to do your research to decide on the best legal steroid brand to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

To help you decide, we’ve reviewed the best legal steroids on the market. We evaluated each anabolic supplement based on its ingredients, reviews, potency, and price.

Here are our top choices for the best natural steroids for sale.

The 7 Best Legal Steroid Alternatives of 2021

  • D-Bal Max: Best alternative to Dianabol
  • Sbulk: Best alternative to Sustanon
  • TBulk: Best alternative to Trenbolone
  • Mass Stack: Best bulking stack
  • ABulk: Best alternative to Anadrol
  • Clenbutrol: Best alternative to Clenbuterol
  • Wincut: Best alternative to Winstrol

#1. D-Bal Max: Best Alternative to Dianabol

D-Bal Max is one of the best-known legal steroid alternatives on the market today, with thousands of satisfied customers and an ever-growing reputation for delivering on its claims.

Advertised Benefits

D-Bal Max markets itself as an anabolic compound that helps users increase muscle mass and definition. It also reports increasing natural testosterone levels, which can get you the benefits of using illegal steroids without the same risks.

How it Works

According to the manufacturer, D-Bal Max works by producing three complementary effects. These include:

Increasing protein synthesis, which leads to better recovery and faster lean muscle mass growth.

Increasing ATP production and reducing serotonin for longer, more productive workouts. ATP is your cellular fuel, and increasing its production can lead to more energy during your workouts, which leads to better lean muscle growth. The manufacturers also claim that reducing serotonin limits your perception of fatigue, allowing you to train longer without feeling tired. The harder your workout, the better your gains.

Boosting natural testosterone and IGF-1 production. Instead of relying on illegal steroids to increase your testosterone levels, D-Bal Max claims to boost natural testosterone production as well as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1). Since your body can regulate its testosterone production better, you’ll get the muscle gains associated with using testosterone but with fewer side effects.

Formula Overview

D-Bal Max contains three key ingredients to imitate the effects of Dianabol. These are:

Branched-chain amino acids: BCAAs are well known for their muscle-building capabilities, and most gym-goers will use them before and after workouts for increasing muscle mass.

20 Hydroxyecdysterone: This plant-based steroid has some scientific backing in its ability to promote ATP production in muscles and increase protein synthesis.

Whey protein complex: A key to increasing muscle growth is to have enough amino acids in your bloodstream for your new cells to use. BCAAs and whey protein both ensure that your body has enough building blocks to build lean muscle tissue after a heavy workout.

Key Features

As a product that markets itself as a legal alternative to Dianabol, the key feature of D-Bal Max is increased lean mass and an effect similar to that of other anabolic steroids.

Most orders of D-Bal Max qualify for free shipping, and the more you buy, the more you save. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Who Is This Product Best For?

D-Bal Max is for anyone looking to build muscle mass and increase muscle size without resorting to illegal anabolic steroids.

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#2. SBulk: Natural Alternative to Sustanon

Sustanon is an anabolic medically legal steroid composed of testosterone esters that stay in the body for longer than traditional testosterone. Like most other steroids, long-term use of Sustanon leads to extremely harmful side effects that are difficult to recover from. Sbulk attempts to create the same benefits.

Advertised Benefits

SBulk advertises itself as a legal steroid-like supplement that can replace Sustanon and enhance muscle mass. As a testosterone replacement, the manufacturers claim that it also promotes physical, mental, and sexual wellbeing.

How it Works

According to the manufacturer, SBulk works by boosting your body’s ability to produce testosterone. This natural boost means that you increase testosterone levels naturally, which leads to all the good things associated with testosterone. The biggest benefits include increased strength, better fat-burning potential, and increased energy levels.

Formula Overview

SBulk uses a mix of natural products to help your body boost muscle growth by increasing natural testosterone production.

These include:

D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid plays an important role in the endocrine system, including the release of testosterone and growth hormone.

Korean Red Ginseng: A natural supplement that the manufacturer claims raises dopamine levels, boosts testosterone production, and enhances libido.

Fenugreek: An energy booster that can increase the length and intensity of your workouts, leading to more muscle strength and growth.

The supplement also contains other ingredients that help with recovery and overall workout performance, such as Vitamins D3 and B6, magnesium, zinc, and boron citrate.

Key Features

The best feature of SBulk is that it’s one of the best natural alternatives to Sustanon on the market.

Brutal Force, the manufacturer, also provides a 100-day money-back guarantee, and you can return any unopened containers for a full refund. You can also get a “buy two, get one free” special that can dramatically reduce how much you pay for a three-month supply.

Who Is This Product Best For?

If you’re looking to build lean muscles while also feeling better physically, mentally, and sexually, SBulk may be the right product for you.

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#3. TBulk: Legal Steroid Substitute for Trenbolone

Trenbolone is one of the most potent anabolic steroids known to man. The U.S. DEA banned the drug for human use in the United States due to its many harmful side effects.

Advertised Benefits

TBulk aims to be the legal alternative to Tren by using natural ingredients to increase the body’s existing testosterone production.

The manufacturers claim that using TBulk will increase lean muscle mass, encourage nitrogen retention, boost blood oxygen levels, and improve fat burning for a more cut look.

How it Works

Like most illegal anabolic steroids, the outlawed Tren is a testosterone analog. When you use it, you flood your body with anabolic steroids that dramatically increase lean muscle mass while getting rid of unwanted body fat.

The alternative, TBulk, uses a combination of natural ingredients that increases the amount of testosterone in your body while also improving your ability to recover from a tough workout. Unlike anabolic steroids, your body can still control its hormone production, leading to far fewer side effects while retaining many of the performance-enhancing benefits.

Formula Overview

TBulk contains four major active ingredients, including:

Beta-Sitosterol: A plant-based steroid, beta-sitosterol prevents the conversion of existing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a more potent anabolic steroid, but it leads to many side effects such as increased cholesterol, hair loss, acne, and prostate disease. By keeping blood testosterone levels high and not converting testosterone to DHT, you get the benefits of a muscle-building supplement without the drawbacks.

Cat’s Claw: This herb that comes from a vine, Uncaria tomentosa, is a natural supplement that treats joint pain and reduces inflammation. Cat’s Claw assists with post-workout recovery, meaning that you can work harder for longer, which is essential for building lean muscle mass.

Nettle Leaf Extract: The active ingredient in nettle leaf extract is 3,3 diindolylmethane (DIM), which boosts both testosterone and estrogen for improved fat loss and lean muscle retention.

Pepsin: This natural ingredient boosts amino acid uptake, which means you get more muscle-building blocks from the protein you consume.

Key Features

TBulk is a steroid alternative that encourages your body to produce its own steroids.

It comes with free international shipping and a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can also take advantage of the “buy two, get one free” special to stock up on this U.S.-made product to help you with your fitness goals.

Who Is This Product Best For?

TBulk is a great product for anyone who wants to build muscle without resorting to illegal and unhealthy compounds.

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#4. Mass Stack: Best Bulking Stack

Muscle-building stacks use a combination of ingredients to build muscle fast. Since you’re focusing on increased muscle mass, most bulking stacks will contain a lot of calories, so you’ll need a fat-cutting cycle after the bulking stack.

Advertised Benefits

Finding a legal steroids bulking stack can be tricky since traditional bodybuilding stacks use a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and anabolic steroids to work.

Brutal Force’s Mass Stack Bulking Stack contains several bulking supplements in one convenient package that massively accelerates your muscle gains. It’s one of the most potent “legal steroid” stacks on the market, with many satisfied customers.

How it Works

Brutal Force’s Mass Stack uses five different Brutal Force products for maximum results. These products work together to attack bulking from every angle: building muscle, workout recovery, fat burning, and strength gains to increase your workout intensity.

Formula Overview

The Mass Stack contains:

SBulk: Boosts testosterone levels for accelerated muscle growth and better results from every workout.

HBulk: Speeds up your metabolism, which helps burn body fat, accelerate recovery time, and fire up your muscle cells for peak workout performance.

ABulk: A workout booster that improves red blood cell production and blood flow, meaning that your muscles get the oxygen they need to perform optimally. Increased energy means better workouts, which translates into bigger muscles.

DekaBulk: A pre-workout supplement that improves nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. This boost helps you push harder during your workout and maximize the number of muscle cells you gain.

DBulk: A combination of natural ingredients that reduces muscle soreness and increases protein metabolism. Faster recovery means you can train harder for longer while burning fat and packing on bulk.

Key Features

Brutal Force is a U.S.-based company that offers a generous money-back guarantee, free worldwide shipping, and access to health experts to help you choose the ideal legal steroid supplements for your needs.

Who Is This Product Best For?

This product is best for people who want maximum mass and faster recovery times.

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#5. ABulk: Natural Anabolic Supplement for Bodybuilding

Brutal Force markets ABulk as a natural and legal steroid alternative to Androl, one of the top illegal anabolic steroids on the market.

Advertised Benefits

The company claims that ABulk is one of the most powerful legal steroids on the market, with many of the advantages of Anadrol without the drawbacks.

The manufacturer claims that ABulk will provide huge stamina and strength gains and exceptionally fast lean muscle gain. What makes it interesting is the accelerated recovery time that means that you can fit more workouts and start building lean muscles faster than ever.

How it Works

ABulk improves oxygen flow to muscles, which results in more intense workouts and faster recovery times. Since you can push past fatigue and make the most out of every workout, you’ll reap the benefits of burning fat, improved muscle mass, and exceptional strength gains.

ABulk also has a mild testosterone boosting effect common in natural steroids, adding extra dimension to muscle gains.

Formula Overview

ABulk contains several natural ingredients that work synergistically for the best results. These ingredients include:

Tribulus terrestris Extract: One of the most common testosterone boosters found in natural supplements, Tribulus is scientifically proven to increase testosterone production, which improves your ability to build muscle.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: A very important amino acid involved in neurological function and preventing fatigue. It’s also an important component in converting adipose tissue into energy, which can help reduce body fat while building up lean muscle.

Longjack Powder: Longjack extract can help accelerate fat loss and boost energy levels.

Bulbine natalensis Extract: Well-known for boosting sexual stamina, B. natalensis works by promoting testosterone formation. When combined with Tribulus, you can expect one of the best natural steroid alternatives on the market.

Key Features

Brutal Force is a famous manufacturer of legal alternatives to common bodybuilding supplements. If you’re looking to buy legal steroids, their products are a great place to start. ABulk comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee and free international shipping - plus, if you buy two packs, you’ll get the third one free.

Who Is This Product Best For?

It’s best for people who want an energy boost to help with their workout recovery. Having hard workouts will build muscle, so the faster you recover, the better your gains.

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#6. Clenbutrol: Legal Steroid Alternative to Clenbuterol

Most bodybuilders follow a cycle of bulking and cutting. Since building muscle requires lots of calories, it also leads to a lot of extra fat in addition to tons of muscle. Clenbuterol is a steroid compound that helps you burn fat rapidly but comes with many unwelcome side effects.

Advertised Benefits

Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol is a legal alternative to Clenbuterol (Be sure to note the one-letter difference in their spellings, which can become confusing!). The steroid alternative can help you lose weight while keeping your hard-earned muscle. Crazy Bulk claims that Clenbutrol increases metabolism with natural ingredients, making it easier to burn fat without losing strength or muscle in the gym.

How it Works

Clenbutrol uses a blend of natural ingredients to boost your body’s interior temperature. This forces your body to burn more energy to keep you cool, increasing your basal metabolic rate. This increased rate, in turn, causes your body to burn fat.

The supplement also increases oxygen flow, which ensures that you can keep the same intensity while training. Many athletes tend to lose energy during a cut due to restricted calories. By adding a bit of extra oxygen, you’ll be losing weight without losing strength.

Formula Overview

Crazy Bulk only uses natural ingredients to reduce the chance of unwanted side effects. Each ingredient works well on its own, but the real magic happens when you combine them together.

Vitamin B3: Having enough Vitamin B3, or niacin, is essential for metabolism and energy synthesis.

Bitter Orange Extract: This extract is another important compound that increases your core body temperature, which leads to weight loss and enhanced muscle gain.

Guarana Extract: A large part of weight loss is restricting calories. Guarana is an appetite suppressant that also burns fat. At the same time, the extract contains caffeine, which increases energy and overcomes mental fatigue.

Garcinia cambogia: The active ingredient in Garcinia, hydroxycitric acid, promotes weight loss and helps burn fat without affecting muscle mass.

Key Features

Crazy Bulk is a reputable supplier of some of the best legal steroids on the market. The U.S.-based company offers free shipping to U.S. customers, as well as regular flash sales and promotions.

Who Is This Product Best For?

If you want to lose weight without affecting your hard-earned muscle mass, using a supplement like Clenbutrol is essential. It helps burn adipose fat while keeping your lean muscle ratio intact.

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#7. Wincut: Best for Cutting Cycles

Winstrol is a very popular compound that improves athletic performance and burns fat. Unfortunately, these benefits have a heavy price, and Winstrol has a lot of dangerous side effects that can do lasting harm.

Advertised Benefits

Wincut from Brutal Force is one of the natural supplements that acts similarly to Winstrol, without the drawbacks. It uses natural ingredients to promote cutting and strong muscle growth without excessive bulk.

How it Works

Wincut combines several functions into one convenient supplement. It increases stamina, preserves muscle mass, and burns fat by increasing your basal metabolic rate.

People with higher metabolic rates tend to lose weight more quickly, eat more without gaining weight, and have more stamina, resulting in better performance in the gym, even while on a cut.

Formula Overview

The three key ingredients in Wincut work synergistically to make cutting easier and less draining. The ingredients include:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: A natural modified amino acid that boosts your metabolism, increasing energy levels and upping your BMR.

DMAE Bitartrate: DMAE promotes the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter improves athletic performance and boosts mental focus and mood.

Choline Bitartrate: Choline is an essential component of many cellular processes, including fat burning and muscle cell recovery. Choline levels drop during exercise, and replenishing them can help boost recovery times and improve overall workout performance.

Key Features

Wincut comes from Brutal Force, a reputable supplier of natural supplements for bodybuilders and athletes.

Not only is the product 100% natural and vegan, but it’s also significantly safer than Winstrol. The company stands by its products with a generous money-back guarantee and free international shipping.

Who Is This Product Best For?

Wincut is best for people looking to reduce their body fat without losing strength or muscle mass and without the side effects of illegal options.

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What are Legal Steroids, and How Do They Work?

As more and more people find out about the dangers of anabolic steroid use, many have turned to the best testosterone booster supplements as a safer alternative. Not only are anabolic steroids dangerous, but they’re also illegal in most countries, and buying them online can be a crime.

The main difference between legal steroids and illegal steroids is how they work. Traditional anabolic steroids flood the body with testosterone or its derivatives, which boost energy and result in amazing muscle growth. Unfortunately, overwhelming the body with too much testosterone can have serious side effects, including hair loss, gynecomastia, increased risk of heart disease, and a reduced ability for the body to produce its own testosterone.

Legal steroids work by helping the body produce more testosterone itself without an additional outside source. This method results in much less testosterone flooding the body, leading to fewer side effects.

It’s important to note that even the best legal steroids won’t have as strong an effect as anabolic steroids due to how they work. However, they can still be effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals without the catastrophic consequences of traditional steroid use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Natural Steroid Supplement

When purchasing so-called “legal steroids,” keep in mind that the FDA classifies them as dietary supplements, which means that manufacturers have very little oversight. There are plenty of products marketing themselves as the most effective legal steroids for sale, but you’ll need to do your research on which ones are actually worth your money.

Safe and Natural Ingredients

Your first step when buying “legal steroids” is to check out the ingredient list. You want to see natural extracts or confirmed safe ingredients such as:

  • Creatine
  • DHEA
  • MMP

Many legal alternatives have started using plant-based steroids, usually from the ecdysterone family of compounds. While most plant-based steroids or hormones don’t affect humans - we’re looking at you, soy estrogen - there may be some evidence that ecdysterone and similar substances can aid in muscle growth.

If you’re not sure about an ingredient, check the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe database.

Brand Reputation

Since dietary supplements and so-called legal steroids are unregulated, anyone can sell anything as a “legal steroid.” The health and fitness industry has many stories of people spending hundreds of dollars on products that don’t even contain any active ingredients!

Stick to reputable brands like Crazy Bulk or Brutal Force when choosing your “legal steroids.” In most cases, these companies have an established track record of reputable, effective, and consistent products.

Many of these companies also provide lab certification for their legal steroid alternatives, which shows that they contain the active ingredients in the percentages specified on the label. While lab certifications aren’t a guarantee of effectiveness, they show a commitment to quality and consistency.

It’s also a good idea to go with slightly older companies. They’ve had time to establish their reputations. You’ll get more honest customer feedback from established companies, as well as the knowledge that they’ve spent their time tweaking their formulas to make them as effective as possible.

Money-Back Guarantee

Many manufacturers make big claims about the effectiveness of their “legal steroids.” Having a money-back guarantee shows that the company believes its claims and is willing to prove them.

Not only are money-back guarantees an indicator of confidence, but they also give you some peace of mind. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, you can simply return the products for a full refund.

Be sure to check the timing of the money-back guarantee. Most legal steroid substitutes take several weeks to work, which means that having a 14-day money-back guarantee doesn’t mean anything worthwhile.

The best legal steroid substitutes often have 60- or 100-day returns policies, giving you enough time to make your mind up on the products and whether they’re the right option for you.

Discounts for Multiple Bottles

Most legal steroid substitutes require regular dosing to reach their maximum potential. Most companies sell a month’s supply in one bottle, which may not be enough time to decide whether a product’s working for you or not.

Manufacturers like Crazy Bulk and Max Gains will often give discounts on multiple bottle purchases, or have a “buy 2, get one free” promo. These promos show a commitment to their product and make it more affordable to stay on the so-called legal steroids for several months at a time.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can give you a good overview of whether a product is worth your time or not. It’s important to view these reviews as trends instead of only focusing on the best or worst.

Everyone reacts differently to supplements, but if the reviews are mostly negative, you know to move on to the next potential product. If they say mostly positive things, however, it may be something worth checking out.

What Is “Legal Steroid” Stacking?

Stacking is combining several compounds for optimal results.  You can find several different types of stacks that work best for different goals. The most common include:

  • Bulking stacks
  • Cutting stacks
  • Strength stacks

Bulking stacks focus on putting on as much muscle as possible in as little time as possible. They usually contain testosterone promoters to maximize muscle gain while also providing some recovery benefits to increase workout intensity.

Most people will use a cutting stack after achieving their desired bulk. These stacks remove fat, in combination with calorie restriction, to help show off your newly-gained mass. These stacks aid in workout energy and muscle retention, as well as the all-important fat burning and appetite suppressing aspects.

Strength stacks are for people who don’t necessarily want to become extra bulky but still want to see improvements in their lifts and overall condition. These stacks often focus on workout intensity and energy levels, allowing you to lift more for longer and with higher intensity.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Illegal Anabolic Steroids

Apart from the fact that they’re illegal, traditional steroids do a lot of damage to your body. Your body has a delicate balance of hormones that have a wide range of functions.

Common side effects of anabolic steroid use include:

  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Gynecomastia - excess breast tissue in men
  • Liver damage
  • Stunted growth in teenagers
  • Infertility
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Higher risk of heart disease
  • Lowered testosterone formation, leading to increased anabolic steroid use.

Traditionally, bodybuilders used cycles to try and limit the effects of anabolic steroids, but the truth is that these cycles aren’t enough to ensure your good health.

Since these side effects are due to excess testosterone, they are part and parcel of anabolic steroid use, and it’s impossible to avoid them while using these compounds.

The best legal steroids may not have nearly as much of an effect as illegal steroids, but the health benefits alone make them a much more appealing option for most gym-goers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best “Legal Steroid” for Muscle Growth?

We really like D-Bal Max. It has a great mix of natural ingredients that work together to create incredible muscle growth. In addition to increasing testosterone creation, the supplement also increases protein synthesis and ATP production, meaning you get more benefit from each workout, and you get to train for longer.

It’s one of the best legal steroids for muscle growth and well worth a try.

Is it Illegal to Buy Testosterone Online?

Yes. Testosterone and products like Dianabol, Trenbolone, Sustanon, Anadrol, and Clenbuterol are classed as Schedule 3 drugs by the DEA and are illegal for purchase and use in the United States.

In good news, you can buy natural alternatives like D-Bal Max, TBulk, and Clenbutrol online legally.

Does GNC Sell D-Bal Max?

No. D-Bal Max is an online-only product. Luckily, the site has free and fast shipping, making it as easy to buy from there as from GNC or other supplement stores.

Is Legit?

Yes. Crazy Bulk is one of the most reputable legal steroid manufacturers. It’s a U.S.-based company that’s formulated some of the best legal steroids on the market, including Clenbutrol and D-Bal Max.

If you’re not convinced, the site also offers free worldwide shipping and has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the results you expected, you can return your unused bottles and Crazy Bulk will give you a full refund.

Can Natural Steroids Help Me Lose Fat?

While not technically legal steroids, products like Clenbutrol and Wincut offer thermogenic benefits that can help cut fat. These products contain many ingredients to help with cutting, such as increasing energy and mental focus while burning fat, and retaining muscle mass.

How Much Do Anabolic Supplements Cost?

Traditional steroids prescribed by doctors can cost between $30 to $170 per month, though black market prices are often much higher.

When it comes to the best “legal steroids,” they tend to cost between $40 and $70 per month, but with promos and discounts, it’s possible to get a three-month supply for around $150.

Final Thoughts on Legal Steroids

Everyone who takes their gym time seriously wants to get visible results for their work. At some point, even the most healthy and balanced diet, regular sleep schedule, and comprehensive workout routine will fail to give you the results you want.

If you’ve hit a plateau, or you want to see results faster, it can be incredibly tempting to turn to supplements and performance enhancers to help. The problem is that most compounds that give you great results also come with big drawbacks that can massively affect your health.

Legal steroid substitutes are an excellent compromise between going completely natural and using steroids and other illegal performance enhancers.

While so-called legal steroids don’t have the same intense, high-quality effect as traditional steroids, they also don’t have the massive pitfalls either. They offer a safe and effective alternative that will still produce your desired results, even if it takes a bit longer.

If you’ve stalled on your lifts or just need a bit more energy towards the end of your workout, “legal steroids” offer a safe option to push past your barriers.

They’re much more forgiving than traditional steroids - overdoing them won’t do as much harm, and can still give you the boost you need to succeed. They’re also much more accessible and come with the benefits of being legal products such as money-back guarantees and lab certifications to confirm their contents and ingredients.


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