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Australia’s Biggest Auto Events Company, Motor Culture, Goes International

Australia's Biggest Auto Events Company, Motor Culture, Goes International
Australia's Biggest Auto Events Company, Motor Culture, Goes International [ Photo ]
Published Dec. 1, 2021

Motor Culture is the biggest auto events company and one of the biggest automotive businesses in all of Australia. It has held regular events each year since its founding and are joined by more than 2000 attendees. Motor Culture Australia has over 150,000 active members, which has made it possible for the company to become a leader in the industry.

A variety of VIP membership options are provided by Motor Culture Australia for car enthusiasts to have optimum chances of having a winning ticket for their promos. One month of membership is equal to one entry, so longer VIP memberships mean a higher chance for every member to win. Currently, Motor Culture Australia offers a premium VIP pass that grants members up to five entries every month.

Some luxury cars Motor Culture Australia regularly gives away include the Maloo R8 LSA, which features a Supercharged LSA engine. A 79 Series Landcruiser known for its toughness and longevity is also up for grabs for the auto events company’s VIP members. In addition, the Supra A90, which is one of Liberty Walk’s most anticipated models of 2021, can become a lucky VIP member’s prize.

Before becoming the premier company that it is today, Motor Culture Australia was first known as Car Culture. It was founded by Tom McPherson and Tom Fu in 2017. They conceived the idea of creating a friendly automotive community. The two Tom’s knew that what they built would have a significant role in bringing car enthusiasts together from all over Australia and beyond.

Motor Culture Australia has been spearheading growth in terms of technology in automobile events by providing a safe and highly engaged community through social media. Their social media pages have accumulated over five million followers, which made it easier for their members to see the latest offerings. Motor Culture engages most actively with its clients through Facebook and Instagram.

Tom McPherson and Tom Fu were recipients of the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur awards and the International Business Awards’ Entrepreneur of the year. Both men are just over 20 years old, and they have made heads turn in the industry since dominating the Australian automobile industry. Most of their counterparts didn’t take them seriously at first, but it only took a few years for them to exceed everyone’s expectations.

McPherson and Fu did not rely on investors but carved their own path to build a successful endeavor. The success of the company speaks for itself and it has quietly dominated the industry and has surprised every doubter. Through intelligent strategic decisions and constant reinvestment of profits, they were able to employ the right people to elevate the company’s success higher.

For Tom McPherson and Tom Fu, coupling a passion with a vision is key for anyone to become successful starting any type of business. They encourage their fellow business owners to give back to the community as they have regularly helped charities. The two believe that success will taste better if it’s shared with others, especially with those who need support.


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