Fortune Teller Online: 5 Best Platforms for Free Fortune Telling Services

Fortune Teller Online
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Published Dec. 21, 2021|Updated Dec. 30, 2021

Fortune Teller Online: 5 Best Platforms for Free Fortune Telling Services

Life is no fairytale, and we can’t have a genie in a bottle, but we have fortune tellers, and that’s kind of the same thing. Yes, fortune tellers and fortune telling services are nothing short of magic.

Do you remember being fascinated as a kid watching fortune teller crystal ball in movies? We all have been there. Thanks to the wonders of technology, your childhood dreams can now become a reality. You can now enjoy online fortune telling services from the comfort of your home.

The world is a scary place, and it is normal to feel anxious about the future and what it holds for you. While you cannot control the things happening to you in the present, you can get a better grip on your future with free online fortune teller readings.

And mind you, don’t be fooled by looks and stereotypes. These online fortune tellers are no gypsies in fancy suits; they know their deal. You will be amazed to find various reliable and authentic fortune telling platforms that will help you see the future in a new light.

Fortune teller services have been prevalent in the world for a very long time. With the advent of online mystic reading platforms, these fortune telling services have become easily accessible for everyone. This is why millions of people from every nook and corner globally rely on online fortune tellers for help and guidance.

Now people do not have to wonder, “How do I find a fortune teller near me?”. All they have to do now is their phone and a working internet connection to get in touch with a fortune teller online within a few seconds.

Keep reading this guide as we take you through the top five established platforms offering free fortune telling services that are worth your while!

Confused about which online fortune teller platform should you go for? We have laid out a summary table to help you make the right choice. Now you can quickly review the top features offered by the top five fortune teller online platforms and the free fortune telling offers for new customers. Here is what’s in store for you.

Best Fortune Teller Websites for Online Fortune Telling

Kasamba -  Best Fortune Teller Site Overall

Psychic Source - Best for Love Readings

California Psychics - Best for Guidance on Big Life Decisions

Keen Psychics - Best for Career and Money Questions

#1: Kasamba : Most Accurate Fortune Tellers Platform

If you have ever been cheated on in a relationship, you can understand how painful it can be. Dealing with the trauma of a toxic relationship is no easy task. It completely shatters your trust in the ideology of love, and it becomes very difficult to restore your faith in love when this happens.

This is why people rely on the expertise of a fortune teller from Kasamba to foresee what their love life would look like.

One bad experience is reason enough to lose your faith in love. But heartbreaks and failures are all just a part of life. The sooner we learn to accept our reality, the better it is for us. With that being said, it’s not that easy to get over the trauma of deception. When you trust someone with everything you have, and they end up betraying you, grief and denial overshadow all emotions.

Some people do not pay much attention to heartbreaks and failed relationships, thinking that they do not need to heal from anything. But that’s not true. A free online fortune teller reading is enough to show you how things truly affect you.

Your friends at Kasamba are well aware of the struggles and pain of people dealing with heartbreak. That’s why they have an extensive panel of expert fortune tellers and other professionals who can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A fortune teller reading from Kasamba will help you overcome your fear of commitment and relationships.

From personal experience, Andrew Stone, a young musician from Manhattan, has something to share about Kasamba. “So believe me, I’m never the kinda guy to have faith in something like fortune reading or mystic reading, but love makes us try new things. Ain’t that right, homies?

Long story short, I was in love with this girl for five years. I won’t take her name. But I loved her too damn much. Even wrote my first ever song for her only. Anyway, what happened was that after spending five beautiful years together, she left me for another man.

You won’t believe it. I still cannot. She was the one who made me try fortune telling reading from Kasamba once, and I thought, ok, this ain’t that bad after all.

The day she left me, I cried for three hours straight. Then I saw the Kasamba app on my phone, and I knew it was a sign from the Lord. I booked an hour-long session with a fortune reader who was experienced in dealing with love and relationships.

What can I say now? It was one of the best decisions of my life. It took me a while to accept the reality that the love of my life had actually betrayed me. But thanks to Kasamba and their amazing mates, I was back on track in just a few weeks. Can you imagine that!

My fortune teller was one of the kindest souls I ever met. That guy helped me deal with all the emotions that I keep hidden inside and make me channel my energy in the right direction. Not gonna lie; my music career has never been better.

So from my personal heartbreak, I came out stronger than before. All thanks to Kasamba. Keep that app handy on your phone, please. It’s a lifesaver!”

It is safe to say that Kasamba is one name that sits proudly in the hall of fame of the online fortune teller world. And that’s not all. Apart from their popular fortune teller services, Kasamba is renowned for other mystic services like tarot card readings, psychic readings, angel card readings, dream analysis, psychic mediums, astrology, spiritual healing, and the list goes on and on.

If you visit Kasamba for your first-ever free online fortune teller reading, you can enjoy the first three minutes without paying a single penny.

Love can break your heart but a free online fortune teller reading from Kasamba can help fix it. Turn your love life around and heal yourself the right way with the help of a professional fortune telling reader from Kasamba.

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#2: Psychic Source : Authentic Fortune Telling Predictions by Experts

If you wish to take a sneak peek into the future, then free fortune telling services from Psychic Source are the right fit for you. When it seems like your life is stuck at one point, fear and anxiety start to get the better of you. It is not unusual for people to turn to a fortune teller in this case.

Free fortune telling services from Psychic Source has helped millions of people to overcome their fear of the future. The platform boasts a wide panel of expert fortune tellers that have the skills and expertise to provide you with accurate and reliable predictions.

Keep in mind that a fortune teller cannot change your world overnight, but they can help give you a sense of hope in times of distress and uncertainty. There is a reason why people have been searching for a ‘fortune teller near me’, be it in person or on the web. Free online fortune teller services from established platforms like Psychic Source gives a sense of security to all these people who cannot seem to find a safety net in life otherwise.

If your love life is not going smoothly, then free fortune telling reading online from Psychic Source is all you need to turn things around. When it comes to matters of the heart, a lot of people struggle with it. Whether it is about finding new love or getting over an old one, not everyone can cope with their emotional turmoil. But it is equally important to pay attention to such matters.

Leaving things incomplete or not getting closure over a lost love eventually starts taking a toll on your mental and physical health at one point. It becomes very unhealthy for people to bottle up their emotions and not deal with how they are feeling. That’s where online fortune teller services from Psychic Source can help them sail through this difficult course of life.

An old Psychic Source customer talks about their experience with the platform, “It was the year 2018. I was through the worst breakup of my life. It completely shattered me, and I lost hope in everything. It was when my work life started getting affected that it hit me. I had to seek help. My friends suggested therapy, but I was looking for something more concrete, so I did a quick web search and discovered Psychic Source.

A free online fortune teller reading? The thought intrigued me. Safe to say that I haven’t looked back ever since. Fortune telling readings from Psychic Source really helped me make it through that rough patch in life. Not just that, they also helped me make crucial life decisions. Things seem to work out for me ever since I started seeing a fortune teller from this platform. Speaking solely from my personal experience, I would say Yes to Psychic Source anytime. Give it a shot, and you would see the difference yourself.”

With pricing as low as $1 per minute, a fortune telling reading from Psychic Source seems only like a good bargain. You can also enjoy free online fortune teller reading for the first three minutes when you sign up at Psychic Source. Good Luck!

Put your fate to the real test and get your mind blown away with accurate predictions from Psychic Source. become a part of the Psychic Source family and enjoy the perks of free fortune telling as a new user.

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# 3: California Psychics : Trusted Fortune Telling Services Without Paying a Fortune

If you wish to explore the world of fortune telling online but are worried about emptying your pockets, we have good news for you. California Psychics offers you an exclusive pass to explore a plethora of experienced and reliable fortune tellers online without breaking the bank.

People say time is money, and money is time. At California Psychics, you make the most of both your time as well as the money you invest in it. If you are scratching your head over whether you should try a fortune teller online or search the web for a ‘fortune teller near me,’ then stop right away and visit California Psychics to see for yourself.

Seeing a fortune teller online from California Psychics will not just help you gain valuable insights about the future. It will further help you in critical decision making, life goals management, prioritising your love and relationships, controlling your emotions, and so much more. It is more than just a fortune teller experience; like the ones you see in movies. There is so much depth involved in a fortune teller online session.

A fortune telling fanatic wants to share their side of the story, “As a child, I was always fascinated by seeing those fortune tellers sitting in their whimsical rooms watching the future in their crystal ball. I always wanted to see one, but I had tough luck finding a fortune teller near me. I live in a scarcely populated area, and we barely have anyone here. Let alone a fortune teller. Sigh

When I first saw the name California Psychics on the web, I was definitely intrigued. And just in a matter of a few minutes, I had booked my first session with them. The process was pretty straightforward. Plus, they had great reviews, so I was convinced that this was my true calling.

And indeed, it was. I was finally able to fulfil my childhood dream of seeing a fortune teller and talk to them one on one. Ahhh, the experience was surreal!

Ever since then, every time I have something important coming up or I’m having a general existential crisis, I have a video session with a fortune teller online from California Psychics. I think by now, I have tried almost 16 different fortune tellers from the platform. It is safe to say that all of them have surpassed my expectations. Cannot wait to talk to a new fortune teller online again. The excitement is real, and so is the hype. Do try it out yourself, and you will believe me then. Good luck!”

When it comes to affordable fortune telling online, California Psychics takes the cake. They are known for offering experienced and qualified fortune teller online readings that are easy-on-the-pocket and excellent in quality otherwise. Now, who wouldn’t want to settle for that great a bargain! It’s a win-win situation for all California Psychics customers. It’s about time you should become one.

If you wish to experience world-class free fortune telling online without paying an arm and a leg for it, then California Psychics is the right platform for you and enjoy a free fortune telling reading for the first five minutes using promo code “ADD5″!

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#4: Keen Psychics: Accurate Fortune Tellers By Phone or Chat

Money is the greatest motivating factor for most people, and there is no denying that. People somehow find a way to deal with their mental health, but when it comes to financial struggles, even the strongest people start crumbling up when things get tough.

Financial stability is the greatest privilege in today’s time. In a time and age when inflation is at its peak, and more than half of the world’s population is struggling to make ends meet, financial stability is the one thing everyone is running after.

Keen Psychics is the perfect starting point when seeking help on financial matters through a fortune teller. The platform has made a name in the online fortune teller reading industry for several years and provided relief to millions of troubled customers.

When the going gets tough, people seek the expertise of fortune tellers for assistance and guidance on financial matters. A fortune teller reader from Keen Psychics holds years of experience in the field and has the knowledge and power to provide you with accurate and authentic future predictions.

If you don’t believe us, hear it from Claire Francis, a recent Keen Psychics user. Here is what Claire has to say, “I recently faced a huge loss in stocks. I was new to the stock market and made a decision in haste. Sadly, it didn’t work in my favour.

Being someone who does not like sitting and crying over things, I decided to try something new this time. While there are plenty of financial advisors out there, I wanted to get a clearer picture of what the future had in store. I found out about Keen Psychics from a friend.

I went through my first fortune teller session with an empty mind, not expecting a lot in return, but it completely took me by surprise. My fortune teller was experienced and learned, and they gave me just the right advice that I was looking for. Just last week only, I cracked a kickass deal at the stock market, thanks to that fortune teller and thanks to Keen Psychics.

If you are looking for a way to gain control of your future, then there is no better way than reaching out to a fortune teller online at Keen Psychics.”

The platform has established a remarkable rapport in the online fortune telling industry. With exclusive free online fortune teller sessions starting at $1.99 for the first 10 minutes for all new users, there is no reason for you not to give a shot to a fortune teller online.

If you are looking for financial stability, but the stars are not working in your favour, then reach out to an experienced fortune teller online at Keen Psychics. Financial advice, career advice, reliable predictions and so much more.

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What to expect before going for your first session with a fortune teller online?

It is always a good idea to read up on what to expect before you book a session with a fortune teller online. Much like going through a menu before visiting a new restaurant, it will help you understand what you need to do and what you should expect when searching for a ‘fortune teller near me.’

All of the platforms that we have reviewed above have the capability of giving you top class fortune teller crystal ball services. With their online fortune teller crystal ball services, you can explore what your future holds for you.

Once you book an appointment with a psychic reader online or a fortune teller platform, you can expect several fortune tellers available in your area to help you with your problems. From your love life, financial issues, to any family quarrels, fortune teller online services are always available whenever you need them regardless of time zone.

So, what will your first session with a fortune teller online look like? Well, if you choose a fortune teller crystal ball service, you can expect to know some interesting things about your future. It is very important to understand that even with their clairvoyant abilities and powerful minds, they cannot show you everything that you need to know about your future.

The messages that they receive or the signs that they get to read about your future can be cryptic or symbolic. Therefore, you cannot expect their readings to be as clear as an open book. What they can provide you is with their own understanding of what your future might hold. Some symbols are readings can points to certain actions or elements that are part of your life which will help you decide what you need to do in order to thrive in the future.

Other than this, you can expect them to show you the right path when it comes to the problems that you are facing. Everyone needs clarity and guidance whenever they are going through a rough patch. This is where fortune teller crystal balls come in because hold the power in their readings to give you insight about what you need to do. This also paves the way for a better future and helps you take control of your life.

You can completely expect fortune tellers to help you get back on track if your personal problems start to mess with your daily life activities and mental health.

Can a fortune teller online help you with your love life?

Yes, a fortune teller online service can most certainly help you with your love life. If you opt for fortune teller services, you can easily gain some insight into what the future holds when it comes to romance and love. If you are in a current relationship that no longer makes you happy or are looking to get into one, online fortune teller services can help you either way.

Love, or rather the lack thereof is a very common problem that fortune tellers help people with. Online fortune teller services have helped several people around the globe find love for themselves even when they feel they have no hope. If you are someone who is currently lonely or is sick of attracting the wrong people in your life, you can definitely give online fortune teller services a try.

These gifted individuals can read your aura as well as perform fortune teller crystal ball services to help you attract true love into your life. It is important to believe that everyone deserves love and there is someone out there for each one of us. No doubt, it may take time for people to find their soulmate, but with a fortune teller online service, this can be done pretty quickly.

At the same time it is important to understand that fortune teller online services do not point in the direction of a particular person right away. Sometimes the insight provided by fortune teller crystal ball services highlight a certain activity, decision, or choice that you may have to pursue in order to find love. For example, it could be saying yes to a job, or considering moving to a place where you’ve always wanted to live or even getting out of an abusive marriage.

Finding love goes hand-in-hand with how your life is moving on. You cannot remain stagnant in a place and expect true love to find you. You always have to work hard for what you want to achieve and fortune teller online services can help you realize exactly that.

So, do not hesitate in booking a fortune teller online service right away so that they can help you with your love life and so much more.

Can fortune tellers see the future?

It is common for many people to not have the basic understanding of what fortune tellers and psychics can do. Let’s just say, psychic reading and fortune teller abilities as described at are a bit complicated because they date back thousands and thousands of years ago. These gifted individuals have powerful minds that can stretch beyond the existing realm to provide answers and insights for those in need.

People from all across the world book sessions with psychics and fortune tellers to know about the future. A great example could be knowing about whether they would get married anytime soon, if they could become wealthy considering they choose the path they are on right now, or if they would get pregnant with the partner that they are with currently. These are just some of the questions that people bring forward to online fortune tellers so that they can provide them with personalised insights about their future.

These fortune tellers have an extraordinary perception that allows them to assess and provide insights about complicated life situation and dilemmas. When you communicate with a fortune teller, you are not performing a modern task. Instead, you are making use of old fortune telling processes that people have successfully used to their benefit since many years.

You may also be familiar with astrology and astrological signs. Fortune telling is very similar to astrology as these people also believe in the positioning of celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, planets, and the stars. The positioning and placement can predict a person’s future as well as provide a little bit of information about what their future days hold for them. Astrological signs can also provide insight about a person’s personality and how they can be successful in different departments of life such as love, success, parenthood, and even familial relationships.

A fortune teller simply uses their clairvoyant abilities, crystal balls, and astrological reasoning’s to provide predictions about the future for their clients. They play an important role in our society because they can help you build a future and take control of your own life. If you have fallen off the waggon due to any issues, fortune tellers can see the future and help you get back on track.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand here is that fortune tellers do not provide you with a set of instructions. The readings and predictions they make can be symbolic and cryptic. Thus, you can expect them to give you guidance and clarity but not a step-by-step manual on what to do next. Their readings are more about encouragement, support, and comfort rather than anything else. They will help you understand what you need to do in order to achieve what you want, but they only facilitate what you already know inside you deep down. They cannot make a decision for you because you are in charge of your own life. Their readings and predictions will only create a path that you can take in order to succeed – but your choices are entirely your own.

What is the cost of seeing a fortune teller online?

There are some very highly unreliable fortune teller online services available on the Internet today. Not only do they charge of a high price for offering a simple fortune teller online service, but they also mess with fortune teller crystal ball predictions and insights. Most of these unreliable platforms do not consider their clients well-being to be their top priority which is why most of the individuals performing fortune teller online services on these platforms are unskilled and unreliable.

Platforms such as Kasamba, Keen, California Psychics, and Psychic Source are reliable online fortune teller, you can use to gain clarity and guidance. Not only do they have a variety of skilled individuals available, but they also offer licensed and trained expert fortune tellers to help you with any problem that may be bothering you.

We understand the importance of the fact that not everybody has enough money to spend on such services especially when they are booking them online. Trusting an online service, even if it is fortune telling can be a pretty challenging task. Which is why, the platforms we review offer special discounted rates for their clients so that they can easily sample their services. When you get discounts on such personalised and special fortune telling online services, it is to help the clients build a rapport with their expert individuals.

Promo codes, discounts, and lowered rates for new clients are great incentives that you can make use of once you join these platforms. Not only will this provide you with an option of cheaper services, but it will also help you sample more of what these websites offer. This way you can find out what aligns best with the problems you are facing so that fortune telling can bring you peace and satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

If you are worried about spending a fortune on online fortune telling services, then you can take a sigh of relief. After reading this guide, you should be aware of the world of free online fortune telling. Fortunately, there are plenty of free online psychic readings and free fortune telling service providers, the top five ones being listed in this guide.

These top leading fortune teller online platforms offer exclusive free online fortune telling introductory offers that are too good to be true. If you haven’t already taken advantage of these free offers, hurry up and do it now! No point in wasting time and wondering where to find a ‘fortune teller near me.’ The right one is just a few clicks away.