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IdentityIQ Free Trial: Theft Security System & Credit Checker

Identity IQ
Identity IQ [ Photo ]
Published Dec. 29, 2021
Updated Dec. 30, 2021

IdentityIQ Free Trial: Theft Security System & Credit Checker

Identityiq, is it the right identity theft protection service for you? looking for ID security and credit monitoring service? read our Identityiq review to make an informed decision and unlock a limited free trial offer today.

The internet is fraught with cybercriminals and scammers lying in wait for you to make the wrong move. The recent rise in identity thefts led to over 1100 security breaches reported to the authorities. It’s a massive jump from numbers recorded a year before IdentityIQ serves as a knight in shining armor that protects users against cybercriminals and scammers with a sophisticated identity theft protection system.

The American agency protects US citizens with in-house services that protect them from miscreant activities in the virtual and physical world.  A credit monitoring system facilitates these anti-hacking services to eliminate the misuse of credentials stolen off the net. The close-guarded surveillance system extends to dark web operations to eliminate external cyber threats.

You can evaluate the advantages of such services and their credibility by signing up for its 7-day IdentityIQ $1 trial. All it requires are one-dollar submissions for an encrypted account.

Through this introductory trial, you’re entitled to access all features and specs offered in the standard monthly plan. You can use these services unconditionally for the designated time.

If you’re sceptical about the legitimacy and effectiveness of this software, you should read our IdentityIQ guide. Each section illustrates specific aspects of this security service. We even do a quick comparative analysis to shed light on the market value offered by this company.

Want to save big bucks on ID theft protection services?  IdentityIQ is the perfect chance to explore advanced cyber security services without any costly strings attached.

Ready to take this top-rated ID theft security system and credit checker for a test drive?

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Without wasting any moment, let’s dive into the tools and advantages offered by IdentityIQ.

IdentityIQ Reviews: The Good, The Bad & Ugly Side of Cyber Security Theft Protection

IDIQ was listed amongst the top three high-authority organisations in the US News round-up of the Best Identity Theft Protection Services 2021. Accreditation like this validates this dedicated company’s work and serves as social proof that the team means business when protecting registered and prospective users from frequent fraudsters.

Our goal to review service providers like these requires us to make a careful assessment by using the services ourselves. That’s why we used our IdentityIQ free trial to confirm the claims made on social forums and other virtual spaces.

Here’s what we uncovered:

Introduction: Meet Your Trusted Identity Theft Protection Partner

IdentityIQ has been in business since 2009 and hopes to do so for many more decades. The US-based company designs security-efficient software and credit trackers in-house with a local team of IT experts. Having American operators enables them to create service options that align with target audience needs and comply with government regulations.

These details significantly impact performance as they minimise disruptions caused by legalities. Plus, these national connections allow IDIQ to collaborate with authorised credit advisories (i.e. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Due to this affiliation, you can maintain a healthy credit score while responding to scams.

In addition to this, these tech-savvy consultants address localised challenges and requirements better than multinational corporations. That’s because these competitors often enlist international workers to create software and adapt. Outsourced personnel can often overlook issues that local experts are aware of from the get-go.

Here’s a glance at the primary offerings:

●       Real-time credit assessment and tracking

●       Precise and timely credit reports shared from accredited bureaus

●       Foolproof identity theft protection service

●       Family benefits without additional charges (Only for Premium Customers)

●   $1 Million insurance support for financial security

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It’s the tip of the cyber iceberg because many other tech-focused advantages are available for users.

It Shields You from Cybercrimes

IdentityIQ provides every account holder with a high-functioning Bitdefender Total Security antivirus software program.

Furthermore, each customer can utilise several privacy tools to enhance virtual security.

These include:

●       A password manager to deter security breaches

●       Microphone guard to prevent hackers and scammers from intercepting your audio/video calls

●       Safe pay system to maximise security during financial transactions

●       Bitdefender Premium VPN to keep your identity and IP address locked.

●       An intelligent anti-data tracking tool that prevents hackers from using malware from tracing you when you surf online

●       Dark web surveillance and online monitoring services to identify misuse of your personally identifiable information

●       Parental controls to stop younger kids from accessing sites or getting targeted through specific virtual channels

In addition to this, the super-smart software deters cyberattacks and keeps a close eye on web activities linked to your IP address and user information. Additionally, it identifies and fights against bugs, malware, ransomware, and viruses that might infiltrate your system when you’re streaming, uploading, sharing, or downloading media files.

Users get access to most of these features without exceeding any budget limits. More importantly, parents can opt for multi-users packages to ensure that cyber-safety services protect underaged children.

Best of all, the application process for membership takes no time at all. That means you become a fully-protected user within minutes.

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The Good: Why We Think IDIQ Deserves Your Attention?

The company accommodates your cyber-safety and credit-checking needs with a reasonably rated range of services. You receive a relatively better amount of protection from IDIQ than competitors who offer next to nothing to non-elite users. The transparent conduct and budget-conscious pricing demonstrate that the company truly serves the general public and isn’t focused on monetary gain like some counterparts.

Here’s a closer look at the beneficial security plan:

●       An exceptional range of digital-safe resources and anti-virus tools to prevent stalking, snooping, and another maliciously-intended cyber tracking

●       Excellent credit score monitoring to reduce risk of financial loss

●       Tracking support for stolen./lost wallets (with money, credit cards, and ID cards)

●       Timely alerts for transactions conducted through checking accounts

●       Intelligent tracking software that keeps your social security details safe

●       Surveillance of the dark web for personally identifiable information leaked through unauthorised portals

●       A cooperative American-based customer support personnel ready to assist during business hours

●       Each plan comes with a foolproof $1 million insurance in case of identity theft

●       Secure Max increases coverage by $25000 to financially support family members targeted by hackers

●       Blocklisting services to stop anonymous callers and email accounts from contacting you

●       A spam mail opt-out service to keep phishing emails, sweepstakes, scams, and malware-containing viruses out away from your inbox

●       SMS and in-app alerts notifying you about media files and documents shared (from your device or virtual accounts)

●       Accessible and affordable security for multi-users through a Secure Max Family pack

●       They run an IdentityIQ free trial to give you a self-exploratory tour of the system

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What’s More?

Clients can access some amazing privileges when they upgrade accounts, depending on the package they choose.

These premium perks include:

●       Yearly credit reports from three notable credit advisory agencies

●       Bi-annual assessment and regular credit tracking to identify alterations

●       Retrieval of criminal records under your name

●       Limited power of attorney and partial legal fee paid after a security violation that grants users the right to pursue perpetrators legally

●       An intuitive credit score simulator that measures your current (or prospective) credit score according to debt-related variables

●       Immediate updates on billing and address changes made using your name or social security details

In short, IDIQ provides commendable service against everything that can go wrong when you work and socialise online. Moreover, it’s a digitally-smart way to safeguard your credit-related activities online and offline. As a collective package, the company goes the extra mile in restricting fraudulent crimes committed against you (and under your name) by hackers, impersonators, scammers, etc.

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The Dark Side: What Can IdentityIQ Do Better?

Many IdentityIQ reviews (like ours) point out that the service provider needs a few upgrades to reach perfection.  Most of these comments come from millennials who appreciate always-on customer hotlines that quickly respond to queries at all hours. The restrictive business hours of IDIQ respondents can be an inconvenience during emergencies.

Aside from this, the lack of a social networking security detail can also be considered a setback.

Here’s an upgrade they need to make to fill these digital gaps:

●       A 24/7 hotline to cater to urgent complaints and emergencies

●       Social media surveillance to reduce contact with hackers and scammers on social media sites

●       A mobile-friendly app for immediate contact and better user privacy on smaller devices too

These tech-first modifications can appease disgruntled clients who prefer smartphone-based services over website logins.

Nevertheless, these disadvantages are minor compared to the benefits of IdentityIQ users. That’s why we suggest that you ignore them if those are the only factors keeping you from signing up with this incredible security software.

Switch to the secure side of the virtual world with a high-functioning security system in place.

IdentityIQ Reviews for Pricing: Does It Match Your Budget?

IdentityIQ offers economical security packages for users (and families) with a scalable payment structure to match your budget. You can take the cybersecurity system for a test drive with an IdentityIQ $1 trial that lasts a week. Use it to get acquainted with the user dashboard, web interface and chatting features. After exploring the specifications and understanding how the system works, you can upgrade to paid services.

We can guarantee that the online protection and user control these services offer will convince you to become a permanent user.

There are four different routes to take with paid membership accounts. You can select the basic service plan that costs $8.99 and become a premium member. Alternatively, you may start with Plus, Pro, or Max service plans. These can cost between $11.99 to 32.99 monthly, and they have extra security features for added value. You have the choice to pay each month or a lump sum annually if that’s more feasible.

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Now that we’ve covered the essential aspects of this service, we shall review each security plan individually.

Here’s what is in store for every IdenityIQ member:

The Budget Value Plan:  Secure Plan ($8.99 per month)

The Secure Plan users pay $8.99 each month (or $ 107.88/year). Collective services feature all essentials to safeguard your online and credit-related activities on registered accounts. In this way, it provides exceptional coverage despite the low cost.

The Main Service Offerings Include:

●       Daily credit monitoring reports shared through one FICIO-approved credit bureau

●       ID restoration service and support for US-based clients in real-time

●       Timely alerts and notifications for the social security number

●       A well-connected virtual ID theft protection network

●       A deep network search to prevent the transfer of viruses and malware during file-sharing

●       Extensive monitoring of internet activities and discreet dark web operations

●       Monetary insurance support for stolen asset recovery that goes up to $1 million

●       Pays partial attorney fee if the ID theft incident or any other unauthorised activity requires legal consultation

●       Blocklisting services and blocking features to stop receiving Spam emails and anonymous calls

●       Comprehensive reports sent upon financial transactions made through a checking account

●   Lost wallet support through blocking and illegal activities performed under your name with missing credentials and credit cards

In addition to this, the service provider installs the Bitdefender Total Security antivirus toolkit. It includes VPN, anti-tracking services, and intelligent surveillance software you can use whenever required. These resources act as barriers to prevent sinister-minded cybercriminals from infiltrating your devices and accounts.

Overall, these specs enable you to experience maximum online protection without exceeding your budget.

Looking for maximum online protection? Try the seven-day IdentityIQ trial before time runs out and experience the power of a well-integrated cybersecurity system.

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The Upgraded Plan:  Secure Plus ($11.99 per month)

The Secure Plus plan safeguards users against scammers online and those working offline through insidious means. With this upgrade, you receive not one, but three credit reports from different FTC sanctioned credit agencies.

It includes other services offered in the Secure Plan, including the invincible Bitdefender Total Defence system for online surveillance. Like the previous plan, the toolkit features advanced antivirus programs and intelligent monitoring features that extend to the dark web. In this way,  your browsing, file-sharing, and downloading activities receive proper scrutiny. It reduces the risk of third-party infiltration and manipulation of your accounts and digital devices.

Extra Services Include:

●       Receive 3 Bureau credit reports and scores each year to detect anomalies

●       A real-time update about a change of address for subscriptions or deliveries

It can cost an estimated $ 143.88 yearly with no extra charges.

Get Ultimate Security with Secure Pro Plan

IdentityIQ amps credit tracking features with the Security Pro Plan. For only $263.88, you get access to a wide range of surveillance services that detect false registrations under your name. In addition, you get real-time notifications of criminal records against you created due to fake identities created by con artists.

Your timely response ensures that the law enforcement agents fix the mistake before the charges become part of your permanent record. Such discrepancies can hamper your academic and career growth as many faculties reject applications when they check criminal records. With Secure Pro Plan, you’re less likely to experience such a situation.

The package comes with all perks offered in previous plans with the addition of services listed below,

Perks of Upgrade:

●       Yearly credit reports and scores shared by three accredited credit advisories

●       Bi-annual assessments of your credit history to identify abnormal activities

●       Real-time detection of unwarranted alterations made through your credit card or registered accounts

●       You get notified about criminal reports filed under your name

It’s easy to see why people switch to this plan. It provides them more security within a budgeted price. avail the services of dark web and internet monitoring and protect yourself against identity theft.

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Get Ultimate Protection for Your Family with Secure Max

If you’ve got digitally active children, you’re bound to worry about targeted security breaches and illicit activities they might become exposed to when they surf online.

The Secure Max Plan gives you the coverage you need to counter the worst-case scenarios. You can access advanced credit score tracking, cyber protection, and fraud restoration support through it. The latter comes with the assistance of IdentityIQ to facilitate restoration operations required to retrieve lost credentials and credit cards.

Extra Features:

●       You receive credit score reports and assessments from three accredited bureaus each month

●       Maximum credit management solutions with an intelligent credit score tracker and simulator

●       Up to $25000 insurance coverage and limited power of attorney for ID theft restoration to protect your family

In addition, you receive a comprehensive set of anti-hacking and antivirus resources. According to most identityiq reviews, this security plan is perfect for modern digitally-inclined families who can benefit from active surveillance.

Pricing Done Right for All Types of Users

If you want an affordable ID security system with perks, look no further. Its systematic pricing system ensures that all members get their money’s worth with the services they receive. Plus, it doesn’t discriminate and save the Bitdefender Total Security system or $1 million insurance coverage for premium members only.

These practises prove that IdentityIQ has your best interest at heart.

Moreover, everyone gets access to an exemplary customer service support system in America. You can ask for their advice on technical issues and registration queries or when you want to discuss the pros and cons of each price plan.

They can also help you upgrade plans without any difficulty.

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Meet the Rivals: What Makes IdentityIQ the Superior Choice?

Emerging technological advancements have resulted in a saturated market space for Identity Theft Protection agencies. That means IDIQ competes with many rivalling companies for customer attention. Each service provider has innovative user-interface designs, customizable features, pricing structure, and software sophistication. These distinguishing factors become the deciding point for users.

When it comes to cybersecurity and credit monitoring services,  IdentityIQ surpasses the competition.

Here’s a comparative assessment to explain how:

Contender #1: Identity Force

Identity Force scores many brownie points for safeguarding multiple users (i.e., children under 18) from the same account, including deceased family members. When you consider the high risk involving the stolen identity of dearly departed members of society, such anti-ID theft systems are truly a blessing.

It can help grieving friends and family take strict action against con artists who misuse personally identifiable information of lost loved ones. The only setback you might face comes from the inadequate credit monitoring system. Identity Force hasn’t introduced a tracker or simulator yet.  Due to this, users have to go through other channels to verify unauthorised usage of credit cards that belong to them (or a family member).

In comparison, we have our feature company with its FamilyPlus model. Not only does it offer credit surveillance, but it does so at a lower price.

Contender #2: Identity Guard

Social networking platforms have become a hub for online misdeeds and identity theft.  If you’re concerned about private information retrieved from your social media accounts, Identity Guard can come to your rescue. The agency providers a social media surveillance system for registered users. You can use it to detect fake accounts, spam campaigns, and other abnormal activity done under your name. Aside from name and contact information, it uses other biometrics to run a safe sweep.

However, it’s the only advantageous feature of Identity Guard plans. Other than this, the pricing isn’t different from IDIQ. Plus, it doesn’t cover families, credit monitoring, or insurance packages in the standard plan. That means you’ll have to select its priciest packages to access complete services. You won’t experience these limitations with the basic cybersecurity program offered by our feature company.  You can even decide what’s right for you by signing up for IdentityIQ free trial.

Therefore, Identity Guard might turn out to be more expensive than our reviewed service. It especially applies to parents who want to supervise the online activity of younger family members.

Contender #3: LifeLock

LifeLock might be the biggest competitor for IdentityIQ. There are multiple factors in its favour, including an investment monitoring system. It tracks investments like bonds and stocks applied under your name, social security digits, or other personally identifiable information. You can use this detecting service to notify the authorities of illegal investments and freeze relevant accounts if required.

Aside from this, you might find the refund policy tempting since the company promises a full money-back guarantee for disgruntled clients.

Other than that, the pricing plan is equivalent to our reviewed ID theft protection company. Comparatively, you enjoy superior credit supervision with scheduled reporting and family protection without additional charges. These features aren’t available for LifeLock users. In addition to these perks, you can try IdentityIQ $1 trial to self-test the security system. It’s a low-risk chance that isn’t accessible on most competing platforms.

Winner: IdentityIQ  and You Against the World

In comparison to industry offerings, IdentityIQ offers great value without exceeding budgets. Its got adaptable service plans that align with your growing needs. Due to this, its advanced anti-fraud and ID theft protection, credit surveillance services are no match for competing parties.

These variables make it a must-have choice for families interested in securing their web-based activities and credit card details. In this way, this program safeguards your identifiable information and keeps prying eyes away. Consequently, offering premium-grade protection for years to come.

Ready for a demo with zero obligations?

⇒ Try IdentityIQ free trial and receive complete ID theft protection services

People Also Ask: Is IdentityIQ a Legit Business?

Like any other prospective buyer, you probably want to ensure that the services you’re registering to work according to the law. IDIQ matches compliance policies and ensures that clients receive utmost cooperation when somebody acquires their PII through illicit means.

These are some other queries you may have about the service:

Does IdentityIQ Work for Android Users?

Yes, the antivirus software and anti-hacking system work for android operating systems. According to the official website, it’s compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions.  Older OS might slow down due to its advanced specifications.

Otherwise, you might not experience difficulties if your device stays connected to a stable internet network.

Aside from Android,  it works with:

●       Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 ( with Service Pack 1)

●       iOS 11.2 or upgraded versions

●       macOS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer versions

In short, it’s compatible with several PC systems and OS. Due to this factor, its services are accessible on multiple devices without any issues. You’ve just got to ensure that the hard disk has adequate space for the system to run uninterrupted.

When Can You Upgrade Your IdentityIQ Package?

Once your IdentityIQ free trial ends, you can enjoy a scalable and adjustable service package.  You can switch them up whenever you like to meet your unique cyber security and credit tracking requirements. We recommend upgrading to the premium account after your free trial. That will allow you to access a holistic range of online safety features at a budget-oriented price.

However, if you want to explore its offerings gradually, you can begin with the starter pack before upgrading to its elite services. All updates will take a few days to process and must go through official customer representatives before activation. Therefore, you should contact the helpdesk for available services before placing your request.

How Does It Track Your Credit Score?

It collaborates with FICO-regulated agencies to monitor your credit history and cash flow. Your financial account details and information gets retrieved through proper channels. Three credit-related companies assist IdentityIQ during this stage.

They are:

●       Equifax

●       TransUnion

●       Experian

Once it receives your credit score reports, it creates a collective assessment report to ensure nothing looks amiss. Every alteration and notable cash withdrawal/payment goes under scrutiny to determine whether or not it occurred in legitimate circumstances. The detailed analysis allows them to detect discrepancies before other service providers.

As a result, you can immediately limit unauthorised credit card usage and receive maximum identity theft protection before somebody depletes your bank account.

How Does IdentityIQ Insurance Protect You from ID Theft?

It strives to counter cybercriminal activities and shield your personally identifiable information from miscreants. Yet, there are times when someone with malicious intent dupes the advanced security system or acquires your identity with other means (in the real world). If you fall prey to such notorious acts, you need financial support to restrict criminal activity.

The insurance policy offered by IdentityIQ proves beneficial under these circumstances. You can cash in the $1 million to recover lost identity, freeze assets, and cover half of the attorney fee. Having money at hand allows you to act quickly without facing any delays. In turn, the recovery operations run smoothly, and you can reduce the costly consequences of identity theft.

Does IdentityIQ Have an Emergency Hotline?

Unfortunately, the customer support team doesn’t work around the clock. They only operate during business hours (7 am to 7 pm) on weekdays and run a shorter shift on Saturdays (8:30 am to 5 pm). You can’t ask for assistance on Sundays or designated holidays (like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

Nevertheless, you can send a query through your dashboard to start a live chat. The instant messaging system leads to quick responses during work hours. This system allows you to receive real-time alerts and notifications associated with security violations linked with your account.

Alternatively, you can seek help through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Following them on public forums will allow you to stay updated on the latest discounts and IdentityIQ reviews.

For further details, you should give 1-877-875-4347 a ring. All company operators are cordial and helpful. You can ask them for advice on package upgrades, technical difficulties, registration troubles, and other queries. They will do their best to respond and resolve issues whenever possible or direct you to a system expert.

Is There a Way to Cancel Your IdentityIQ Subscription?

Note that it doesn’t have a refund policy at the moment. That means the company will not return your money if you apply for a cancellation at the end of the month. The same rule applies to cancellations processed midway through your monthly subscription.

Apart from that, there are no additional costs or penalty charges for cancellation. That means you can unsubscribe to the security services with ease. All it requires are a few simple steps once you send your request via email. You can call the hotline for extra support if you want more clarity about the procedure.

Closing Statements: Is IdentityIQ Worth the Price?

If you’re looking for an effective Identity Theft Protection service with credit monitoring tools, IDIQ shall suffice. It’s got an amazing range of packages at affordable rates with a reimbursement offer to guarantee complete support during emergencies. You’ll also get equipped with privacy tools that make online surfing safe for you (and your family).  Adding to these facilities is the always-on assistance provided by diligent customer representatives.

For these reasons, all IdentityIQ reviews dub it as an all-reliable defence system against sinister-minded web users.  That means this dedicated service provider shall not disappoint and has proven to be worth every penny you invest in it.