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The Top 22 Best Pre Workouts Tested & Reviewed

Top 22 best pre-workouts available in 2022
Top 22 best pre-workouts available in 2022 [ Photo ]
Published Dec. 29, 2021|Updated Jan. 3

Pre-workout is used by both athletes and bodybuilders alike to enhance their performance in their daily workout regimen. When you are looking for a pre-workout product, you want something that has all the benefits without any of the side effects that can come with certain brands.

We are going to take a look at 22 of the best pre-workouts on the market today. We took a look at customer reviews and based our selection on quality, taste, price, and the ingredients used. These pre-workouts are guaranteed to give you the desired strength, endurance, and power you need when it matters the most in your performance.

Top 22 best pre-workouts available in 2022

What is going to matter when you are ready to get your swole on? A good pre-workout. But you need to know what you are looking for.

You want something that is going to help you achieve your workout goals without the normal wear and tear you are used to. You want to get pumped.

Finding a good product can be difficult in a market flooded with junk supplements and poor-quality ingredients.

Now let us get to it and take a look at what we have selected as the top 22 pre-workouts for your performance needs.

#1. Wrecked by Huge Supplements


Wrecked is one of the strongest supplements on the market by far. With over 18 active ingredients, it is designed to take your workout to a whole nother level. If you are looking for power and focus in your workout, this supplement clearly has what you need.

Reviewed by 1500 customers as one of the best pumps they have had by any supplement, this product ensures you will be satisfied with the results you get at the gym. After trying several brands, many have come to rely on Wrecked as their brand of choice.

Some of the ingredients with this brand are hard to find in other pre-workouts, giving it an exclusive top spot at #1 on our charts.

Click here to shop Wrecked directly from to official Huge Supplements website! Be quick because they sell out quickly.

#2. Pump Serum by Huge Supplements


This pre-workout is for folks that aren’t a fan of all those pre-workouts containing a bunch of stimulants. 13 ingredients formulate this mixture, giving the 31-gram dosage prime effect over the production of energy in your body.

Take Pump Serum about 30 minutes before you hit the gym, and not only will you not have to worry about a lack of energy during your workout. The brand prides itself on having a “lack of crash” effect to it, that doesn’t leave you down and out after a workout is over with.

All this is done with a mixture of Glycerpump, Betaine Anhydrous, Pomegranate Extract, and Beet Root Extract to go along with the no stimulant formula.

#3. Preseries Bulk by Transparent Labs


Back in 2014 Preseries Bulk wanted to be designed to be the leader in the industry.

This is the best “bulking” pre-workout we could find on the market. With 19 active ingredients in their 21-gram dose of L-citrulline, betaine anhydrous, beta-alanine, and AlphaSize, your gym workouts have never felt better.

This pre-workout contains fermented vegan BCAA’s and is vegan friendly to those who are looking for this in a product.

Through published scientific research and clinically established effective doses, Preseries Bulk assures its users of an energy full experience at the gym. No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or additives are included with this top-of-the-line brand.

#4. Beyond Raw LIT

If you are looking for focus and intensity, you have found the right brand, my friend. Taken on both training days and non-training days, this pre-workout is perfect for your dietary supplement regimen.

The mixture includes L-Citrulline which does a fantastic job at supporting nitric oxide production. Along with CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which increases carnosine levels, this product increases your performance like no other. The mix of creatine and caffeine gives you the physical and mental intensity you need for a great workout.

This pre-workout is gluten-free and sugar-free for those conscious of certain ingredients in their mixture.

Your workouts will be significantly and noticeably better according to customers that have purchased their product.

#5. Pre Kaged Kaged Muscle

With both premium and patented ingredients, Pre Kaged Kaged Muscle pre-workout comes in at #5 on our charts, giving you a blend of ingredients that ensures focus and the pumps you need when it comes time for it.

This mixture is also vegan and vegetarian friendly to those favoring a brand that implements these standards.

This product is a third-party tested and banned substance free so leave your worries behind you when thinking about purchasing this product.

Your endurance will be noticeably improved from the first time you use the Pre Kaged Kaged Muscle product.

This pre-workout comes in flavors such as Pink Lemonade, Cherry Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade, which should appeal to any customer’s taste buds.

This pre-workout allows you to train longer at the gym while getting that clean energy you need without all the dirty feelings that come with other pre-workouts that are substandard in this category.

#6. Gold Standard Pre-workout

Including mixtures such as “Energy and Focus Complex” and “Muscle Matrix,” this pre-workout comes with everything you need to get a good pump at the gym.

With just a little less than two cups of coffee worth of caffeine in it, Gold Standard Pre-workout has just the right amount to set you straight for your workout goals.

Ensuring top performance, the blend comes also with a “Performance Composite” of beta-alanine and 750mg of L-Citrulline.

This pre-workout is jam-packed with vitamins including 5 of your B-vitamins, folic acid, and Vitamin D.

Users love the fact that it contains a stimulant but not an overabundance of it. With the low amount of caffeine included, it’s just enough so you get that prime effect of energy without the jitteriness involved with brands that put too much in their supplement.

Bringing with it the astragalus root/ginseng root extract gives you an extra boost of immunity that your body which you are trying to keep healthy can’t help but need to go along with its workout.

#7. Legion Pulse Legion Athletics

Legion Pulse’s pre-workout is an all-natural brand that ranks #7 on our list of best pre-workouts. This brand is best known for its smooth energy rush and no crash that it brings along to the workout and post-workout regimen.

This pre-workout will bring you more strength, stamina, and focus than you have ever expected with any other pre-workout in its class. With 8 grams of citrulline malate and 3.6 grams of beta-alanine, this brand gives you the endurance you need when it matters most.

Coming in with flavors of apple cider, frosted cranberry, an arctic blast, and blue raspberry, it surely has any flavor you will enjoy for your pre-workout routine.

Not only does this pre-workout provide energy for your workout, but it also provides post-workout recovery in its formula to ensure you are taken care of after you go home after your workout.

Every bottle is pre-tested for any toxins and banned substances and made in the USA to ensure a quality product is delivered to your door.

#8. Mr. Hyde

This product has all the Creatine, Beta-Alanine, TeaCrine, and caffeine you need for a substantial workout at the gym. Coming at you with rapid release energy to boost you to the next level of performance, this pre-workout doesn’t disappoint, coming in at #8 on our list.

With an increase in power output and recovery rate that so many users report, we couldn’t help but put this on our list as one of the top pre-workouts out there.

For improved muscle pumps and vascularity, this product contains Nitrosogine, which helps with that necessary blood flow you so desperately need when working out your body.

You can feel good with this blend also being that it is calorie-free and gluten-free at the same time. This ensures your body isn’t weighed down by extra calories or gluten that is unnecessary in part of a workout routine. If you want to reach your peak performance, go with Mr. Hyde Pre-workout blend today!

#9. Total War Redcon1

This brand has the firepower to put you where you need to get to within it. This blend ensures the focus and pumps you need to perform at the highest level you thought possible.

Coming at you with around a dozen different flavors, this blend will not disappoint you if you are serious about getting it in at the gym.

This brand doesn’t only come at you with caffeine anhydrous but also Di-Caffeine Malate, which is a slower form of caffeine that takes effect in the body at a slower rate than normal caffeine, giving you that long-lasting pump that you want.

There is one thing clear from the reviews we read, and that is that this pre-workout plain and simple works. No questions asked. Reach your individual goals with this blend!

#10. Nitrosurge Jacked Factory

No artificial fillers with this one. Nitrosurge Jacked Factory comes with nothing but premium ingredients in its blend of pre-workout. Designed to take you to the next level with nothing but clean energy that is non-habit forming, this pre-workout will have you reaching your goals during and after your workout.

This blend comes with cognition boosters and energy focus ingredients that are delivered to the body in just the right time to compliment the body’s need during the workout. With the ingredients this popular formula holds, it comes at you leading the list in cardiovascular benefits to its customers.

Containing Astragin, this enhances the bioavailability of the product, ensuring every ingredient gets in your bloodstream the way it was designed to work.

Those interested in receiving the benefit of fat loss will be delighted by this product since it has those benefits associated with its design.

#11. Bucked Up DAS Labs

This brand is so confident they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee on their product. Clinically proven to enhance workout performance, this pre-workout competes with the best of them on the market.

This pre-workout comes with Deer Antler Velvet Extract, found in red deer in New Zealand! This extract is from a deer who regrows its antlers at an enormous rate, surely adequate to grow your muscles just as fast. Long used in Chinese medicine, this pre-workout can be yours on the market today.

This pre-workout supports muscle recovery and repair which is essential before and after a crucial workout. Not only does it support that, but it supports your energy and the much-needed libido we all desire to have. It supports healthy joins and prides itself on being made in the USA.

This product contains Actigin which increases athletic performance in top professionals tested. It also contains Alphasize, which is known to sharpen mental focus which is pertinent in your workout scheme.

And of course, it contains beta-alanine which is important to muscle growth in the body and is essential in most top-of-the-line pre-workouts today.

#12. Vintage Blast Oldschool Labs

Delivering constant energy and hydration, this pre-workout is a two-step phase. This comes with a no-crash policy and ensures you don’t have any dependence on the pre-workout after you use it. They do this with a steady delivery weight of the product into your body.

No matter your fitness level, Vintage Blast Oldschool Labs pre-workout will work for you, giving you the energy you need no matter what class you are in. Whether you are doing cardio, lifting weights, or just working out in your home, this pre-workout is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

It improves hydration by reducing oxidation, giving you the sustained pump you need to achieve your workout goals.

With flavors such as smoked pineapple, blueberry lemonade, and peach lemonade, who could refuse a blend like this promising so much?

#13. No XPlode BSN

BSN, standing for Bio-Engineered Supplements, has released a new blend called No XPlode that simply takes you to the next zone. A credible name in the pre-workout business, BSN brought this pre-workout to you hoping to satisfy your energy needs when it came to gym time.

Focus and mental clarity are at the forefront with this product, giving you the boost you need to reach your goals when working out in your local gym.

If you have a high caffeine tolerance, this product is for you. No XPlode has a high caffeine content which some people are a fan of and gives you that extra boost right when you need it on the weights.

No XPlode comes with the essential beta-alanine, taurine, niacin, and creatine that are desired in the top pre-workouts on the market. Just under $30 for a tub of this pre-workout, it is also friendly to the pocketbooks of those looking to spend on a great product.

#14. Pre Jym

This pre-workout comes with a blend of Creatine HCI, beta-alanine, and Betaine for muscle growth and strength. Take this supplement 30 minutes before your workout for ultimate results in your workout. This product gives you the endurance you need for those long hours you are putting in at the gym.

Huperzine A and caffeine are added ingredients that bring with them a mental focus, unlike any other ingredients. This pre-workout is said to get you “in the zone” during workouts to perform at your best.

This blend is also a brand that doesn’t have all the added stimulants that you would see in some other blends. This results in fewer jitters and no crash when you get home from your workout.

Whether you are choosing to bulk up, get jacked, or work on cardio, this brand will help you reach your goals.

Typical bottles of this brand come with 30 servings included so you get a full month’s work of product.

#15. Nitraflex

This pre-workout definitely will get you the pumps you are looking for in the gym according to customer reviews. This pre-workout comes with a great selection of flavors to choose from, ranging from Blood Orange to Freedom Pop, to Blue Raspberry.

This brand gives you energy, focus, pumps, and strength. Everything you need in a pre-workout. This is a more affordable brand compared to its counterparts also, leaving your budget satisfied for the month also.

This high-intensity training formula helps you naturally increase testosterone to get the most out of your daily gym routine.

Powered by Nitrosigine, a bonded arginine silicate, this product ensures you get the effects you desire from a great pre-workout. Coming at you with zero artificial dyes or synthetic colors, this is a healthy option also.

Not only does it help your strength and focus in the gym, but it improves your stamina and decreases your estrogen levels.

#16. 5150 Rich Piana 5% Nutrition

This is a product high in stimulants, with over 400mg of caffeine to supercharge your workout. This product claims revolutionary energy with the help of nootropic Cocoabuterol.

This comes in flavors of Tropical Rage, Green Apple, Wildberry, and Blue Ice to compliment the outstanding workout you get from this brand.

The name 5150 was included in the brand name due to it being specifically for the stimulant junkies that love the product in the gyms.

This stimulant mix has 8 types of caffeine in it. Caffeine Anhydrous, Dicaffeine Malate, Theobromine, Green Tea, Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Gotu Kola Extract are all part of the high octane blend.

Don’t be fooled though. Just because this blend is high in caffeine doesn’t mean you’re going to have a crash. This special blend ensures that you don’t experience any of those common jitters you find with other products on the market.

#17. Animal Fury ANIMAL

Animal Fury is the complete pre-workout stack to take before heading to the gym. With ingredients including caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and more, this pre-workout is sure to take your workout to the next level of achievement.

It contains L-Tyrosine which helps keep you focused on those goals of yours in the gym without upsetting your stomach during your workout.

This product comes in six different flavors to help you push through the pain of your next challenge in the gym, so it tastes just as good as it works. Performance, focus, and energy are the main factors Animal Fury focuses on.

This pre-workout helps you lace up your boots and get ready to take your workout routine to the next level.

#18. Genius Pre-Genius Brand

This is an all-natural form of nootropic pre-workout that is hitting gym goers by storm. It is a caffeine-free nitrous oxide booster, guaranteed to get you jacked up and blood veins bulging. This product contains Alpha GPC which helps increase muscle memory and learning to get the most out of your reps.

The essential herbs found in this blend give you just what you need for absolute muscle growth and stamina. It is the first clinically dosed nootropic pre-workout on the market to hit the shelves.

With huperzine A, taurine, and L-Tyrosine, you get all the benefits of a stimulant pre-workout without all the added stimulants that give you the rough side effects.

Rapid nitrous oxide elevation can be found with the L-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and ATP mixture in this brand of pre-workout.

#19. Alani Nu Pre-workout

Alani Nu’s pre-workout contains no fillers and ingredients like L-Theanine to prevent any case of a post-workout crash. This pre-workout comes with multiple 5-star reviews by customers more than happy with Alani Nu pre-workout, giving them “great boosts of energy” for their workout needs.

This product also comes without some of those nasty side effects that products with poor ingredients can include in their mixtures. It ensures endurance, pumps, and the boost you need to power through your next crunch in the gym.

30 servings of this will last you all month, giving you plenty of the extra energy you need to last in the gym with your competition.

It has around 200mg of caffeine, 1.6G of beta-alanine, 6G of citrulline, and 500mg of L-Tyrosine to aid you in reaching your goals. It contains no propriety blends, so you know exactly what your getting. They have nothing to hide.

Manufactured by good manufacturing process standards, this product is also tested for banned substances.

#20. Insane Labs Psychotic Pre-workout

This pre-workout powder brought to you by Insane Labs comes in at #20 on our list of top pre-workouts due to its great reputation for providing the pumps an athlete needs when they count the most.

The mix of beta-alanine, DMAE bitartrate, citrulline, plus a nitric oxide booster gives your cardiovascular system just what it needs to reach new heights.

Blue punch, fruit punch, cherry bomb, gummy candy, orange, and pina colada can all be found to entice your taste buds in this blend of pre-workout. Mixed with agmatine, this product will have you reaching your goals in no time flat.

The nitric oxide boosters add to the blood vein pump you will see when rocking those weights at the gym, making your bulk noticeably improved.

This product comes with a Mad Chemist Guarantee, which states it provides the highest quality ingredients in a supplement that are available on the market. Their patented ingredients OXYgold and AMPiberry help absorb all those essential ingredients in the blend to get you started quickly.

#21. Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred

This thermogenic fuel helps you achieve those goals you have been wanting for so long. Burning fat and boosting metabolism, this brand adds to the intensity of your workout, giving you extra pumps right when you need them.

Zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories make this brand a healthy choice for athletes using it. You can “feel the sensation from the very first sip” one customer raves on their website.

This pre-workout includes the caffeine content of about 3 cups of coffee, so it gets you ready and going super quick.

The ENGN Shred Matrix blend contains Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) (500mg), l-carnitine l-tartrate (500mg), coleus forskohlii extract (100mg), red pepper and cayenne extract (a.k.a. Capsimax®, 25mg), and yohimbine (40mg). It also contains over 100% of your popular vitamins found in most pre-workouts such as B6, B12, niacin, and folic acid.

This blend also can help aid the fat loss process if you are going to the gym in search of losing some extra pounds.

#22. Superhuman Pre Alpha Lion

If you are desiring to get your physique in check, this is the pre-workout for you. This blend primes your muscles for the growth they need to look your best. This product comes with ingredients that give you clean energy, and also without the crash as well as the other products we have reviewed.

It has a new 2020 formula, including two patented nutrient absorption matrices. All these ingredients in this pre-workout have been clinically studied to ensure their efficacy.

This product will give you the boost you need with 2 forms of caffeine plus L-Theanine to aid in getting focused on your workout. With 3200mg of beta-alanine, this pre-workout enhances carnosine levels, which results in greater muscle building and endurance.

The nitric oxide booster in this blend gives you the vasodilation you want to get your blood flowing to all the necessary body parts.

BioPerine and AstraGin are two patented ingredients that are included that allow for maximum ingredient absorption of the product.

How we ranked the best pre-workouts

We chose the best pre-workouts based on quite a few factors, including best bang for the buck, optimum dosage levels, and prime-time ingredients. We took the trouble of going through the customer reviews, finding out what customers loved the most in a pre-workout blend, and giving you the results.

These pre-workouts come at a price-friendly point that is easy on the pocketbook also. We chose pre-workouts that give you quality at a price you can afford.

You want something that gets your heart rate going and gets you pumped up to lift more and perform better than you normally would without it. You need that blood pumping.

Some products are banned in certain sports due to the substances they contain. However, most worthwhile supplements contain some of the ingredients we will go over before we look at the top pre-workouts on the market.

  • Caffeine - Caffeine is a substance we are all used to found in coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine brings with it performance benefits and energy boosters right along with it.
  • Creatine Monohydrate - Taking 3 grams of this substance beforehand will help boost your workouts significantly. It is considered safe and effective and has been heavily researched in pre-workout formulas.
  • Beta-Alanine - Increases muscle size and endurance by preventing a buildup of lactic acid in the body.
  • Vitamin D - Positively affecting cardiovascular components of the body, this Vitamin is essential to other aspects such as recovery too.
  • Magnesium - Magnesium plays a critical role in muscle endurance, growth, and contractions. Highly useful when working out.
  • Beetroot extract - Increases muscle pumps and improves endurance while working out.

There are some ingredients we watched out for that are not so great when it comes to working out also, that we made sure to steer clear of when selecting the top pre-workouts for you. These ingredients include:

  • Glutamine
  • Branch chained amino acids
  • Arginine
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Agmatine Sulfate

Another common substance banned in pre-workouts is something called DMAA. We made sure none of these pre-workouts included this, which causes chest tightening and shortness of breath to its users.

What does pre-workout do for you?

Pre-workout gives you the extra energy you need pre-workout to ensure you are at optimum ability to perform in order to reach your fitness goals. It enhances the focus both physically and mentally of your body and gives your blood flow an additional boost to ensure you are performing to the best of your ability.

Pre-workout provides the additional resources your body needs in crunch time when it matters the most.

Do pre-workouts have side effects?

Some people who are sensitive to caffeine can have side effects to certain pre-workouts high in caffeine content. This is why some brands make stimulant-free choices that don’t give you unwanted side effects such as being jittery and losing focus.

Some pre-workouts have side effects such as stomach aches or gastrointestinal problems, so we took the time to go through the reviews to see if any concerns were had by any customers.

Pre-workout frequently asked questions

So if you are thinking of taking a pre-workout you may have some questions before you start adding it to your workout regimen. Understood. There are many questions people have before using a pre-workout that need to be looked at. Let’s go over a few of those areas of interest.

How long does pre-workout last?

Preworkout lasts around a couple of hours. It lasts just long enough that you can get a good workout in before the effects start to wear off.

Most premium brands include ingredients that ensure that this come-down period isn’t filled with a crash that some brands have after the ingredients start to wear off. It lasts just long enough for your workout so you aren’t jittery afterward or jacked up for no reason.

When should I take my pre-workout?

Out of all the pre-workouts we looked at, the main time frame that we saw was around 30-45 minutes before working out that you needed to take the pre-workout for it to be most effective. This allows the pre-workout to enter your system completely ensuring you get the most benefit from the ingredients.

Why does my pre-workout make me itchy?

Beta-alanine is normally the cause for the itchiness in pre-workout products. In products that have a dosage of higher than 2g per serving, this often can happen.

This is a common sensory side effect of beta-alanine and is nothing to be concerned about. However, if you have a problem with the itchiness you make want to find a product lower in beta-alanine strength.

How many times a week should I take my pre-workout?

This depends on the type of pre-workout you take. Every pre-workout is different. Some pre-workouts require you to take their supplement every day for the most beneficial effects.

Some pre-workouts insist you only take them right before you are actually working out, which could be anywhere to 2 times a week to every day, so it is really up to you.

How many scoops of pre-workout should you take?

Every dosage is different based on the pre-workout supplement brand. Most supplements include 30 servings in their blends so you get a full month of supplement with your purchase.

Usually, you can start at one serving, and then if you find that it isn’t enough for you, you can increase the dosage to 2 or 3 servings. This all depends on your tolerance and if you are susceptible to side effects or not.

How much caffeine do pre-workouts have in them?

We have found pre-workouts to contain anywhere from 0 to 400mg per serving of caffeine. Keep in mind, there are several different forms of caffeine that pre-workout ingredients can include. We found a pre-workout that had 8 different types of caffeine in it, all with different milligrams.

Most pre-workouts are designed with ingredients in the mixture that ensures that the level of caffeine in the product doesn’t make you uneasy or have terrible side effects. They want their consumers to have a pleasant experience while working out.

What to look for in a pre-workout?

There are some key components to look for in a pre-workout that you need to be aware of before picking a quality product. The first one most obviously would be quality ingredients. Many pre-workouts have clinically studied ingredients to go along with their claims of being high quality.

Customer reviews are the next best thing to look at when it comes down to selecting a great pre-workout. Customer reviews won’t let you down and let you know what to expect from your experience with the product.

You also need to ensure that the dosage is adequate for how much you are going to use the product. You don’t want a product that has 30 servings, but you have to use more than 1 serving to get the desired effect.

Most pre-workouts are evaluated by trial and error. Some work for some people, some don’t work for others. Try a few pre-workouts and see how they work for you and you can make your decision from there.

All in all, you want a pre-workout that makes you last longer in the gym at your workout and gives you an extra boost so you can lift more, giving you greater results.

What is dry scooping pre-workout?

Dry scooping pre-workout is taking pre-workout and swallowing it dry instead of mixing it with a normal liquid such as water. This is unfortunately a quick way to consume too much caffeine, resulting in possible heart attacks and unwanted side effects from the pre-workout.

This can also be quite detrimental to your teeth, considering the level of citric acid involved with most pre-workouts on the market.

Final thoughts on pre-workout

Pre-workout is a popular product used by gym enthusiasts of all ages. It gives you the additional energy you need to reach the goals you desire to achieve in the gym. If you want to get bigger or faster quicker, pre-workout will help you get there.

Ingredients in pre-workout nowadays have been clinically studied, so most products on the market are backed by quality guarantees. Each pre-workout brand is coming out with their own blend of ingredients that they tout is the latest and greatest. All you can do is try for yourself and see how well they live up to their claim.

We chose some of the best pre-workouts we found on the market to help guide you in your decision in choosing a great pre-workout for your next go at the gym.

We wanted to let you know what the consumers were saying, and give you a list of pre-workouts that give you results without all the negative side effects that can so commonly be found in some products.

We hope this has helped aid you in selecting a great pre-workout for your next gym experience. Get your pump on!


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