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Best Background Check Sites: Background Check Companies (2022)

Best Background Check Sites
Best Background Check Sites [ Best Background Check Sites ]
Published Jan. 4

Whether you’re looking for a long-lost relative, searching for the perfect tenant for an apartment rental, or checking up on a potential date - it’s essential to verify that the person is who they claim to be.

Not only will this provide you with peace of mind, but it also helps you mitigate some critical risks. To save yourself from a headache down the road, take the guesswork out of the equation and conduct a background check.

Background checks typically include criminal history, credit history, education history, employment verification, previous addresses, and existing social media accounts. Using one of the best background check services can help you uncover these details and learn more about the subject in question.

We have reviewed several background check sites to find the best 5 options available online today.

Best background check services

Each service listed below provides fast, accurate, and reliable results. They also have a good reputation with previous customers that left testimonials reviewing the background check service.

Site Best For

Instant Checkmate

Best background check service overall


Best background check service for unlimited searches


Best background check service for instant results

Been Verified

Best background check service for court runner services


Best for one-time reports with no monthly membership

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is one of the best background check services overall, thanks to its access to various public records databases and resources, providing the customer with a quality identity verification service.

This platform can perform various background checks - including criminal background checks, personal background checks, international background checks, universal background checks, and more.

If you run a background check on this site, Instant CheckMate will look for the following information on the searched individual:

● Court records, including civil records

● Criminal records

● Arrest records

● Social media profiles

● Location history

● Contact details, including phone number and email address

● Financial and professional data

● Residential, public records

● Links to relatives

● Date (and place) of birth

● A list of previous states, cities, and zip codes

● Other personal details


● Affordable 5-day trial period

● Updated background screening with accurate information

● iOS and Android apps available

● Honest about legal uses of data

● Membership provides unlimited searches and reports.


● It is an expensive background screening company


The Instant Checkmate subscription plan is more expensive than other background check sites. Memberships start at $34.78 per month. However, if you want to get a 3-month plan, you can save and pay $27.82 each month for this quarterly-based membership.

Instant Checkmate has a separate fee for reverse phone lookups, costing $4.99.


TruthFinder is another excellent background check service that provides quality background screenings and criminal reports.

Their background checks tend to have accurate, updated information, and the company is always transparent about how that data can be used.

Unfortunately, TruthFinder is a little slower when compiling reports. It can take upwards of 10 minutes, significantly longer than Intelius and other background check services.

This long waiting period is compounded with various warnings about the subject of your

search, which can increase the level of suspense. However, unlike other background check sites, this service allows you to search by someone’s name and nothing else. You don’t need their email address, phone number, zip code, etc.

However, Truthfinder is one of the best background check services available. Their background checks include valuable details - such as:

● Age

● Date of birth

● Known aliases

● Education and employment history

● Possible relatives, relationships, and associates

● Criminal records

● Court records

● Social media profiles

● Phone number and email address

● Address history

● Sex offender information

● Owned properties and other financial records


● Detailed background checks with location history

● Reverse phone lookup feature with up-to-date contact information

● The TruthFinder app is compatible with iOS and Android devices

● Transparent about legal uses and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance

● Multiple ways to search and get a background check

● Unlimited criminal background checks


● Mandatory membership with no trial option

● Separate subscription plan needed for phone and address lookups

● Gimmicky ads when getting a report


TruthFinder costs $28.78 a month. It also offers a fantastic $23.89 a month for a two-month subscription.

If you want to search for someone by their phone number, you will have to pay for a separate plan, costing around $4.99, which is affordable compared to other popular alternatives.


If you’re looking for fast, accurate background check reports, look no further than Intelius. This platform provides extensive reports in mere minutes. Compared to other background check services available, this is the fastest by far.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Intelius for employment, insurance, tenancy, or credit purposes because it is not Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant.

But the site can give you detailed insights into someone’s criminal history. Because of this, most people use Intelius to find out more information on a potential love interest or long-lost family member.

An Intelius background check includes:

● State and local criminal records

● Arrest records

● Court records

● Social media profiles

● Email addresses and phone numbers

● Date of birth

● Education history

● Employment history

● Address history

● Relatives

● Nearby sex offenders


● Instant access to unlimited background reports

● Background checks include an education history

● Multiple membership packages are available


● You will be automatically enrolled in a subscription when you purchase a report or sign up for the trial offer.

● This background check service is not compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)


Monthly subscription packages start at $24.86 per month for unlimited searches. However, you cannot purchase a one-time background check.

There is a $1.99 trial offer followed by an automatic charge of $29.63 per month after that. Once the trial has ended, you can cancel either online or by calling the customer service team.


BeenVerified is easy to use and provides quick results. Additionally, it offers a court runner, excellent customer support, and unlimited background checks for a monthly subscription.

A BeenVerified background check includes:

● Contact details

● Ages

● Criminal records

● Court records

● Motor vehicle records

● Property records

● Jobs and education history

● Relatives and associates

● Photos

Its unique court runner service gives access to certain public records only available at local courthouses.

For instance, BeenVerified will send someone to the courthouse to retrieve any documents that aren’t accessible online, a service that no other background check sites offer.


● Apps available for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices

● Impressive court runner service

● Extensive information on associates and family members

● Transparent about the legal uses of information

● Unlimited access to background checks with a membership


● You need a membership to do anything on this background check site


BeenVerified costs around $26.89 per month.

You can choose to get a 3-month subscription plan for a total of $52.45, or $17.48 per month.

This background check site also offers a 5-day trial period for $1.


PeopleFinders is a background check site with a hassle-free people search engine and comprehensive public records database.

We recommend using PeopleFinders if you want to get a one-time background check without enrolling in an ongoing membership plan.

For instance, if you’re meeting someone new for a date and want to get a single online background check beforehand, PeopleFinders is the site to go with.

While PeopleFinders offers essential information in their reports, it notably lacks social media profiles. Still, this online background check company provides premium checks.

A PeopleFinders background check includes:

● Full name

● Date of birth

● City and state

● Contact information

● Criminal records and/or criminal history details

● Phone number and email address

● Civil court records

● Marriage, divorce & property records.

● Neighbors, friends, and significant others


● No membership required to run a background check

● Inexpensive 3-day trial offer


● The app is only available for Android devices but not iOS users

● The website lacks transparency regarding legal uses

● There is a cancellation fee applied to your account

● No social media search is available


A regular membership with PeopleFinders costs around $24.95 a month. The premium membership costs about $29.95 per month.

A single report costs $1.95, while a premium single report costs much more at $39.95. And reverse phone lookups cost $3.95 each.

There is a trial membership option, which charges $0.95 for a total of three days. However, if you want criminal records included, you will have to pay an extra $3 for the premium service.

Finally, if you decide to cancel the trial to prevent it from automatically charging you for a whole monthly membership plan, you must pay an additional $2.95.

Best background check services FAQs

What is a background check?

A background check is a process that confirms that an individual is who they claim to be. It generally relies on public records and other online resources to paint a picture of the person’s background.

Some subjects may have no criminal record to speak of, while others may have a laundry list of serious convictions. Background check websites can help you verify details like that.

What are the best background check services?

It’s essential to choose reputable background check providers to ensure the information received is accurate, up-to-date, and ultimately trustworthy.

We highly recommended the professional background screeners - Instant Checkmate, TruthFinder, Intelius, Been Verified, and PeopleFinders (as mentioned above).

What is included in a background check?

Depending on the service used, background checks can include a wide variety of information. What shows up in the report will also vary based on the individual searched and their background.

Most background check companies will look for criminal records, social media profiles, previous employers, known aliases, credit checks, and other details found on public records databases.

Hypersensitive information - like Social Security Numbers and Driver’s License details -generally are not available to the public, which helps avoid a case of stolen identity. But, it also means it won’t turn up during the background check process.

What can I use a background check company for?

Some regulations limit the purpose of using background checks. The most common types of background checks are criminal checks, identity verification, social media checks, etc. These reports can be used by anyone and conducted by various background check companies.

However, anything regarding employment background checks, tenant screenings, credit checks, professional license verification, etc., must be carried out by a background check company that is FCRA-compliant.

Why isn’t a criminal record showing up?

If you’re interested in criminal background checks for a person that you know has a record, there are a few reasons why it may not show up in the criminal records check.

  • The criminal reports have not been digitized yet.
  • The charges could be sealed or expunged.
  • They don’t have a criminal record from a legal perspective.

Can I do a Google search instead of background checks?

You can start by doing a Google search or looking on social media, but background checks will provide more information.

Professional background screeners and sites can sort through millions of public databases and records in mere minutes. This level of thoroughness could wind up taking you months or even years to complete.

Plus, background check sites have access to information that may be hard to find - such as proof of property ownership, medical records, etc. Their background checks will condense all of those details in one convenient report.

It’s much easier (and faster) to use an online service for your background checks.

Key takeaways - best background check site

After looking through multiple background check services, we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best options based on various considerations - including features, price-points, customer support, the accuracy of reporting, and more.

We recommend Instant Checkmate as the best background check site overall, though all services provide trustworthy, straightforward, and reliable results. You will be in good hands no matter which service you choose.

Good luck! We hope this article has helped you!


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