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Best Emotional Support Animal Letters Services: Top 5 ESA Letters From Licensed Professionals

Best ESA Letter Services
Best ESA Letter Services [ Best ESA Letter Services ]
Published Jan. 4

Pets are adorable, aren’t they? They provide a wonderful sense of comfort when we need it most. Sometimes, it seems our dogs, cats, and other pets can read our minds. They know just when their human carer needs a little love and comfort.

That’s why pets are emotional support animals (ESA) to people with disabilities. ESAs can significantly improve the quality of life of many people. However, an ESA is not automatically provided for people. You must follow a process, including getting an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional.

Getting an ESA letter doesn’t have to be complicated. Fortunately, several ESA letter services ensure you have the proper paperwork that you need to get an emotional support animal. So, how can you choose the best service?

This article will review our top picks for the best ESA letter services. We’ll also provide info on what you need to know about getting an emotional support animal.

Best ESA Letter Services

When choosing the best ESA letter companies, we kept the following things in mind: turnaround time, price, customer service, and mental health consultation.

Site Best For

🐶 CertaPet - ESA

Fast turnarounds, usability, pre-screening process

🐶 CertaPet - PSA

Best PSA provider, excellent customer service


Transparent refund policy, quick evaluations


Easy online application, multiple delivery methods


Quickest ESA letters, excellent value

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is an animal that provides therapeutic benefit and companionship to people with physical and psychiatric disabilities. An ESA has been prescribed by a licensed mental health professional.

An emotional support animal assists their humans by encouraging a daily routine, providing emotional comfort, and reducing feelings of loneliness. While dogs are the most common emotional support animals (followed by cats), any animal can be considered an ESA if they provide a recognized benefit to their handler’s well-being.

ESAs are different from service dogs in that they aren’t required to undergo special training. Additionally, they aren’t allowed access to all public areas. However, they are usually approved on airplanes.

What is a Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA/PSD)?

A psychiatric service animal (PSA) is an animal that serves as a support animal for people with disabilities. PSAs must be trained to perform tasks related to the owner’s disability. An example of a PSA is a seeing-eye dog for the visually impaired. A psychiatric service dog also helps with disabilities such as anxiety and PTSD.

A PSA differs from an ESA in that there is training involved for the animal. An ESA is for support, while a PSA helps the disabled navigate the world safely.

PSA is also popularly referred to as Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)

Who can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?

In a nutshell, anyone diagnosed with a physical or emotional disability can qualify for an emotional support animal. If a licensed mental health professional confirms the diagnosis and feels an emotional support animal would help someone, they can get an ESA.

ESAs involve specific privileges that ensure their owner always has access to their support. In addition to being exempt from weight limit or breed restrictions, ESAs can live in apartments and other rentals that may otherwise have a no-pet policy.

Most Common Disabilities that Can Benefit from an ESA

Some of the most common disabilities include and are not limited to:

● Depression

● Anxiety

● Post-traumatic stress disorder

● Attention deficit disorder

● Chronic stress

● Autism

● Cognitive disorders

● Learning disabilities

The ESA Letter Process

Once you choose your ESA letter service provider, the process is mostly straightforward. The ESA letter process begins by submitting an online evaluation form. You’ll have to fill out the questionnaire and provide your medical details. Next, you’ll need to get evaluated online by a licensed professional. They will review your form and approve your request for an ESA based on your evaluation answers.

Once your recommendation is approved, you’ll receive your ESA letter either by regular mail or email. You can download and save your ESA letter for living with your pet on rental properties.

CertaPet - ESA

CertaPet is a legitimate third-party service provider of ESA letters. It connects licensed medical practitioners to individuals seeking ESA letters. Accredited in 2018, CertaPet is quick, easy, and complies with the Health Information Privacy requirements.


● Quick turnaround time

● Pre-screening process

● Excellent customer service

● Good reputation

● Will ensure that the ESA letter complies with all state and federal regulations.

● Good value for the money

● User-friendly platform


● A little pricey compared to other companies

● You have to pay the full fee before you complete your evaluation

● Offers unnecessary psychiatric service dog letter

What makes CertaPet different?

CertaPet is unique from other Emotional Support Letter services because they will prescreen you and offer an instant idea if you’re a strong candidate. Not only does this save time, but it is also a convenient and quick way to learn how likely you are to be approved for an ESA letter.

Once you pass the pre-screening process, you’ll get set up with a telehealth appointment, where a licensed mental health professional in your state will evaluate your situation.

Perhaps the common advantage of working with CertaPet is their turnaround time. It’s super quick, and the entire process is stress-free. They provide confidentiality and understand the urgent need for people seeking animal therapy.

CertaPet - PSA

CertaPet is an online telehealth platform that improves access to mental health care in the U.S. It focuses on providing services to individuals seeking animal-assisted interventions as part of their treatment plan. Other than the ESA letter, it also offers PSA services. The process is similar to the above, beginning with a pre-screening.

CertaPet PSA coordinates with dog trainers who specialize in the service animal space and who will soon work in tandem with our network of licensed mental health professionals to make the process of getting and training a psychiatric service dog affordable, convenient, and hassle-free.


● Customer service is beneficial if you have questions

● Convenient pre-screening

● Quick and easy process


● Service is a little expensive

● You have to pay the full fee before you complete your evaluation

How CertaPet PSA services work

CertaPet offers PSA services and follows a similar process to obtaining an ESA letter. The process is fast and begins with free pre-screening. From there, you are then required to have a therapy session with a licensed mental health professional in your state who will determine whether or not you’re eligible for a PSA.

CertaPet support team will guide you through the entire process. The team must adhere to all state and federal regulations to get you a valid PSA. A psychiatric service dog letter, for example, will state that you are suffering from a mental or emotional disability. It will also say that the animal is necessary for your mental and emotional health. Other things in the letter include licensing information of the independent mental health professional and other relevant details.

ESA Doctors

ESA Doctors is an ESA letter company that strives to help the millions suffering from a mental or emotional disability who do not have the resources to see a therapist in person. ESA doctors understand how important ESAs are for a person’s well-being. ESA Doctors also issue PSD letters to allow individuals with mental illnesses to fly with their furry companions.

ESA Doctors make it easy to see if you qualify for an ESA letter. Their platform connects you with a licensed healthcare professional who can write an effective ESA letter. The entire process is handled remotely from the comfort and privacy of your home.

You’ll work directly with a licensed healthcare professional to qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. In most cases, your ESA documentation is sent within 1-5 business days if you qualify for an ESA letter.

While it’s possible to get a legitimate ESA letter from ESA Doctors, their services have received questionable reviews online.


● Simple application process

● They have a refund policy

● The evaluation is quick

● BBB-accredited business

● The company consists of animal rights supporters

● No hidden fees


● Approvals are only by mail

● ESA letters take more time to get approved

● The company has some questionable reviews online


RealESAletter is an ideal site to get a legitimate, professionally-endorsed ESA Letter. The company has written 15000+ ESA letters and counting.

RealESAletter’s staff is composed of all state-licensed diagnostic experts. The company’s letters carry its license numbers and contact information, and your mental health practitioner personally signs each one.

Their documents are 100% compliant with local, state, and federal law. You do not need to be currently under the care of a physician or mental health professional, as they will put you in direct contact with one of their friendly clinicians.


● 100% money-back guarantee

● 100% satisfaction guarantee

● Great customer service

● You only have to pay 50% upfront

● Easy online application

● 50+ state-licensed healthcare professionals

● Multiple delivery methods


● They get sporadic reviews online

● A little pricey

100% Guaranteed Effective ESA Letters

Each ESA letter is 100% guaranteed effective. RealESAletter has medical and administrative professionals available 24/7. They also provide follow-up consultation on rules and procedures for boarding aircraft with your emotional support animal.

The online application takes a few minutes. Review by a licensed professional and issuance of the ESA Letter requires a minimum of 24 hours, and standard delivery time is approximately 48 hours.

RealESAletter offers multiple delivery options. Standard delivery is by PDF attachment via email, with the option to have a hard-copy document mailed to your address at a small additional fee. Priority Mail service is available as well.

Pettable is a reliable and legitimate ESA letter service that is the quickest available option. You can get a letter in 24 hours for an upcharge.

Pettable connects individuals with qualified mental health professionals in their state who can prescribe ESA Letters for housing and travel.

The entire process is straightforward, timely, and thorough. You’ll also speak with a licensed mental health provider in your state. Their service is compliant with federal and state laws, and everyone at Pettable is a pet owner themself, which speaks a lot about the service’s legitimacy.

You can confidently rely on their legal team if you need any support. You can be sure your letter will adhere to any legal requirements.

Pettable offers a money-back guarantee because they believe keeping your pet with you should be stress-free. This service is quite admirable for an ESA letter company. If your letter does not work for some reason, they will refund 100% of your money.


● Excellent value (when you don’t pay the extra charge for a 24-hour turnaround)

● A reliable customer service team

● Wonderful legal team

● The fastest option for ESA letters


● They still advertise nonexistent ESA travel letters

● $50 charge for a 24-hour turnaround time

Fast Turnaround Time

A feature that makes Pettable stand out is its quick turnaround time. If you’re in a hurry to get your ESA letter, you can receive your letter within 24 hours. However, the fee for this fast turnaround is reasonably excessive at $50 extra. If budget isn’t a factor for you, the fee is worth it. But if you don’t have the extra fee, you’ll be stuck waiting a few days at least.


An emotional support animal can be a companion for life for those with a disability. ESAs can help someone live a more independent and happier life. The ESA letter service providers can help you find the comfort you need and make the letter process easy and stress-free.


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