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Published Jan. 3, 2022

Need answers to life’s toughest questions? these best online psychic reading websites with professional psychics can help with getting clarity regarding your future, relationships, love, career and family life.

Do you think life is a series of dead ends? Is your love life non-existent? Maybe you need to find closure after the loss of a loved one? If any of these apply to you and a traditional therapist just isn’t cutting it, perhaps you should turn to online psychics and video psychic readings for help.

How a Psychic Reading Can Change Your Life

A good psychic reading service can change your life in more ways than one. From love and career, to children and your future travels, a reading can put your mind at ease. Here are some more reasons you should get reliable psychic predictions right away:

See The Positive Side Of Life With Help From Online Psychics

When we feel as if everything is going downhill and life has it in for us, that silver lining can be elusive. If you find yourself trapped in darkness, a reliable psychic online can help you see the light at the end of your tunnel with a reading. You attract what you feel. They will be able to distract you towards greener pastures that you may not even know are there. A good psychic can also help you see the hurdles you have placed in your own path and help you overcome them via an online psychic reading.

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Prepare You For The Future

Not even a psychic online can predict your future to the tee. But, they can sense signs that tell them what it may have in store for you via an online psychic reading. That is why no true psychic will ever tell you hard facts about your future. This way, online psychics can prepare you for what’s to come. They can also help you realize your true potential by reigniting the fire that has died down in your heart and change your life for the better. Your participation and willingness during readings with online psychics will have a huge impact on the results as well.

Get Closure

A number of people lost loved ones to a pandemic that no one saw coming. If you lost friends and family members suddenly because of the disease, like the others, you probably never got closure after the tragic loss - with a psychic online who can give you an online psychic reading.

They left so suddenly, leaving a hole in your heart and questions that will never be answered. Online psychics or a good psychic who can connect with angels and the spirits can connect you with the people you lost and finally get the answers to questions you wanted to ask them. So whether you lost someone who was extremely close to you or unforeseen issues have flipped your life upside down, a psychic reading from online psychics on the psychic platform can bring you the closure you need to move on. With time, you will restore your faith in love and hope once again.

Determine Your Purpose

The universe has something planned for you that you are not aware of but your psychic online can pick up on easily. It would be very different if you were never born. The right psychic reading or online psychic reading that tells you your fate can lead you to a path of self-discovery.

Get to know your real self through readings from a trained and compassionate right psychic or online psychics who only has your best interests at heart. You are here to fulfill a purpose through an online psychic reading. If that isn’t clear yet, top rated psychics can do wonders for your self-confidence by helping you realize it. With their deep connection with the spiritual realm and nature itself, famous psychics can help you tap into your future just enough to make your path clearer.

Here is our list on the best online psychic readings platform for love readings, tarot cards, online fortune telling, spiritual readings and much more.

Best Psychic Portals Online for Psychic Readings Online

Kasamba – Best psychics for love readings, free trial with any advisor

Psychic Source – Best psychics for guidance on big life decisions, free trial available

Purple Garden - Accurate psychic readings via phone, live chat and video

Keen Psychics - Perfect for psychic readings on career and financials

No two psychic portals are the same. One psychic portal may have better customer service and psychics than the other. The good news is that you can narrow down your choice by going through our breakdown of each of the aforementioned psychic portals.

#1. Kasamba – Your One True Destination for a Life-Changing Psychic Reading

If you think your future is dark and bleak, the experienced psychics at Kasamba may see a different and brighter future for you and without asking for an arm or a leg. Depending on the psychic you choose, you can get your daily dose of psychic readings well within your budget. Each one has their own rates so you can choose the psychic readings online accordingly.

Kasamba is quite easy to navigate. The site owners realize that most people they get will be quite dubious about getting psychic readings and psychic online. To ensure they have a smooth ride right to their psychic and a great psychic reading online, the people who made the site made sure users would be able to sign up easily. You can choose the psychic you want by visiting their profile and checking out their online psychic readings.

Once you have found the perfect psychic for your needs, you can register easily. Just click on the chat option and you will be guided through the whole process. Set up the payment method of your choice and you are good to go for an online psychic readings. Once you are registered as a member, you can chat with the psychic of your choice. Log out and in with your ID and password.

This psychic portal also stands out because of the sheer number of services it offers. Rather than just a simple palm or tarot card reading, you can find psychics who also offer online psychic readings, angel readings, intuitive psychic reading online, astrology readings, aura readings, rune castings among other exotic offerings. It is little wonder why this portal is so popular with people today. Here is a deeper look at some of the psychic services on offer at Kasamba from experienced psychics:

Love Readings

If you are nursing a broken heart and just want to know if you could have done something differently to prevent it, a love psychic from psychic reading website Kasamba can help you get closure and clarity. The psychics offer custom online psychic readings and psychic reading online for different relationship issues. These include relationships between parents and children, divorce, marital life, dating couples, and more.

Tarot Card Readings

Do you want to do a deep dive into your future? A tarot card reading or a psychic reading online from a professional psychic at Kasamba can tell you what the cards have in store for you with a tarot reading. Two types of readings are available on the psychic reading website – cartomancy and angel card reading.

Astrology Readings

Stars are not just balls of gas burning billions of miles away. A psychic reading online can also show you your future provided you know how to read them. Astrology experienced psychics can read your fate in this twinkling heavenly bodies and let you know what you can expect from the future. You can get both Chinese and Vedic astrology readings from the psychic online portal or via a psychic reading online.

Career Readings

Hit a dead end career wise? Psychic sites such as Kasamba have psychics who have your back. While they cannot predict what job will make you financially independent and happy, they can take a peek into the future by reading the signs around you and your aura. Some of the psychic reading online services that can help you do that include palm and angel readings from such psychic sites.

Use Kasamba’s introductory offer to narrow down the psychic that suits your needs and save money in the bargain. Get the first three minutes for free along with 70% discount on your first reading session. Use them for free chat online psychic readings or a psychic phone reading. The choice of a psychic reading online is yours. All you need to do to avail this offer is to sign up to the service using your email address or through the ‘sign up with Kasamba’ option. Once you have done that, find the psychic you want to chat with start your free session.

Once the phone psychic reading is up you can continue by adding funds into your account. Choose a payment method first and you can start soon after.

Take your life in your hands with help from some of the best kasamba psychics. sign up for a free trial reading session to see what fate has in store for you.

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#2. Psychic Source - Experienced Psychics for Love, Life, and Career Predictions

Psychic source was founded in 1989 and has fans across the US and even abroad because of the best psychic readings online and best psychics it offers. New members can choose from their introductory offer which is a mere $0.66 per minute plus first three minutes free of charge. Once you avail this offer and become a regular, you choose from expert psychics and cheap psychics who offer readings for prices ranging from $1.19 to $3.99 per minute depending on their popularity.

Some of the services the best psychics offer include the following:

Dream Interpretation

Expert psychics from Psychic Source who are proficient in dream analysis can help you determine what those images you see in your dreams mean. A single dream reading or dream psychics predictions from the best psychics can be emotionally exacting since it can bring up memories and emotions you have not faced for years or have suppressed. They can also answer queries about your current life using your dreams via a free psychic reading in the beginning.

Numerology Readings

Numerologists and live psychics from the web portal can use the numbers in your date of birth and the number of letters in your name to make calculations. The results a psychic medium or best psychics comes up with will have significant implications on your future. They can also explain your weaknesses, strengths and potential as a human being with psychic predictions.

Tarot Readings

Psychic Source psychics use a 78 card deck to give their tarot card readings. These are used to interpret the energy surrounding their clients. Some cheap psychics give love tarot readings as a separate service or a free psychic reading in the beginning. Some also offer love forecasts as an additional service. Narrow down your choice as per the type of readings you need.

Astrology Readings

Astrology or horoscope readings from live psychics can reveal the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth and in the future via psychics predictions. Using this information, astrology readers and best psychics can answer life questions and specific queries you may have regarding your love life, career, finances and other areas as well.

Some of the other psychic predictions that the psychic website offers include spiritual readings, angel readings among other services that will not blow your budget. When you are choosing from the cheap psychics who are available on the website, you can sort through them and narrow down the ones you prefer.

If you are not sure if the website is for you or not, you can avail their free introductory offer or search psychic reading near me. You get three free minutes of readings if you opt for their introductory package. You don’t have commit to buy more minutes than you will use for the best psychic reading from the best psychics. During these free minutes, you can present your questions to the psychic of your choice and see if the service meets your needs or not.

Psychic Source is one of the oldest and the most established psychic websites out there so it has customers that have been with it for years. Most of their popularity is due to the wide range of psychic services offered by the best psychics they have. Their customer service and cheap psychic reading also sets them apart. Unlike most platforms, they offer a loyalty program that rewards returning customers so they can save money on daily readings from the best psychics.

Get better at making sense of your situations, challenges, and opportunities with the support and guidance of the best psychics at psychic source.

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#3. Purple Garden – Get a Wide Range of Psychic Reading Online from the Best in the Business

Purple Garden is a psychics site that boasts vetted psychics who have experience providing a large range of readings. Their readings are accurate enough to convince skeptics and naysayers who think they are nothing more than scammers. The psychic website covers a number of options from fortune telling to relationship and career forecasts.

While its competitors offer the same phone psychic reading services, the psychics site Purple Garden stands out because each psychic goes into a lot of details for each one. This includes their palm readings. While you may think it is ridiculous to believe these can be done via video, the psychics on the web portal beg to differ. Satisfied members have reported accurate psychic reading online services from palmists at Purple Garden.

Some of the other readings their psychics are known for include the following:

Relationship Forecasts

These best psychic readings online are not only accurate, customers report that they were also very therapeutic. The psychics who can do these forecasts are experts in their fields as you can clearly see from their ratings and reviews. Each psychic on the psychic website is also trained and can tell you what you should do to attract love in your life besides providing a psychic reading online. They can also coach you through the relationship you currently have and advise you on how you can take it forward.

Dream Analysis

If your sleep is plagued by nightmares or strange dreams you cannot understand, a dream psychic and real psychics from this portal can help you decipher them and get closure. The symbols and images you see during your slumber may be signs that you are overlooking. A dream analyst from psychic websites can help you figure out what they mean and what you can do to mitigate risks with a phone psychic reading.

Oracle Readings

Unlike tarot cards which have a traditional structure as well as specific meanings, oracle cards can give broad readings and can be interpreted in several ways by real psychics who can give a psychic reading online. A best psychic readings online from a trained and experienced psychic from Purple Garden may be just what you need to turn your life around.

Palm Readings

The lines on your hands do more than you realize. Besides adding flexibility to your hands, these can also reveal hidden truths about your life and future you are not aware of. Palm readers and the best psychics and real psychics from Purple Garden can read the meaning hidden behind those lines and let you know what fate has in store for you.

You can sign up to the best psychic readings online via the website or through the app for cheap psychics. The latter will save you a lot of time since you can get readings on the go from it. Plus, all of the psychics you choose to give you readings are added to a favorite list which you can access whenever you want a new reading from the psychic websites. You can also message them directly if say you want an emergency reading or a phone psychic reading.

The bottom line is that Purple Garden is perfect for anyone who wants quick and easy access to authentic and best psychics. They make the whole experience fun and exciting as well so when you sign up, chances are you will do so for life.

Get the clarity you need to live a fulfilling life with help from trained and experienced purple garden psychics!

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#4. Keen - Best Psychic Readings Regarding Your Professional and Financial Life

No need to search for a ‘psychic reading near me.’ Keen is an online psychic platform for people who want access to authentic psychic medium with real reviews that they can trust. The platform features professional psychics who come from different backgrounds and each offers their own brand of guidance. In other words, no two psychic mediums are the same on Keen so the psychic medium you opt for will be unique.

The website offers best psychic reading and a cheap psychic reading for people across the globe, but most of their psychics give readings in English only. But with the sheer number of psychics on the portal, you are sure to find someone who can speak your language for great psychic readings.

Some of the services on offer on Keen include the following:

Love And Relationships

Most of the chat psychics on Keen can answer questions you may have regarding your love life and even about the person you are destined to marry. From soul mates to divorce, get psychic readings for emotional questions you are too afraid to ask your significant other. A trained and experienced psychic from Keen can also connect the queries you have with your life as a whole for a cheap psychic reading.

Tarot Readings

For specific readings, opt for psychic mediums on Keen who can read tarot cards. There should be 78 cards in a single pack so make sure they have all of them before starting the reading. Since they are vetted before they are allowed to use the portal, chances are slim they won’t have all off the cards with them during a session. A single best psychic reading or psychic readings can give you clarity over your future, love life and questions that have been nagging you for years.


During an astrology reading or best psychic reading, the chat psychics will take a look at your birth chart to determine your natural tendencies and what the future has in store for you. The cheap psychic reading will also include an evaluation of your birth chart along with the existing and future planet alignments that will affect your future. Some of the astrologists on Keen are also proficient in Vedic, Chinese and Mayan astrology and also offer chat psychic readings.

Like Psychic Source, Keen also offers the first three minutes free of first psychic readings with chat psychics. All you need to do is register on the website and confirm a payment method for a cheap psychic reading. However, you don’t have to pay upfront for them. You can also choose to get 10 minutes for less than $2 for a chat psychic reading. You can get a longer reading with the psychic of your choice or split the minutes among different advisors to determine the best one.

The chat psychic reading offer is for new members only and you can only pick one out of the two on offer. Once you avail it, you can add more money into your account and have an extended cheap psychic reading with the psychic of your choice.

Keen has been active for 20 years so it is doing something right. During that time, it has amassed an impressive number of followers and a network of free psychics that keeps on growing giving the best psychic reading or psychic readings. You can also find it using psychics near me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know about the four main psychic portals you can try out, you are ready for a psychic reading or opt for psychics near me. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about the practice and a psychic near me:

How Do I Prepare For My Psychic Readings?

It is perfectly natural to feel nervous during your first psychic reading. Here are some tips that can help you have a great reading and settle your nerves at the same time:

Keep An Open Mind

Whether you are a sceptic or a believer, you have to be open to the psychic experience if you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Expectations will ruin it for you. The psychic near me or online psychic may discuss things you have never thought of and it is unfair to assume they don’t know what they are talking about. Free psychics will scam you.

So you should have some questions in your mind for a psychic love reading before the reading, but curb your expectations. Depending on the psychic you choose, you can connect with the spirit of a loved one, find out what type of person you are meant to connect with and even if the job you are eyeing suits your needs or not via a free psychic reading online or psychic readings.

The online psychic will find answers to your queries through a range of mediums. These include dream interpretations, spiritual readings, tarot readings, past life analysis and love readings. However, before you book a session, make sure that the psychic is proficient in the area. Check out their reviews to be sure so you don’t waste time and money on a free psychic reading online or bogus psychic readings. Don’t hesitate to call a time psychic near me if you are unsure about their specialties.

Prepare Some Questions

To maximise the time you spend with your chosen psychic and to get the best psychic readings, or free psychic readings, compile a list of specific questions you want to ask them. Vague questions will have vague answers. While the psychic will answer your questions even if you don’t ask them, they may miss crucial ones you need answers to right away.

Some of the popular questions that most people ask psychics for a psychic love reading or psychic readings include the following:

● What does the universe want me to know about my love life?

● Is my breakup a good thing for me?

● Will my heart heal with the next person I fall in love with?

● How can I get the job of my dreams?

● Should I follow my heart or follow my parent’s instructions on how I should live my life?

● Should I stand up to my boss for all the times he has bullied me?

● I think my mother is trying to tell me something from the beyond. Can you tell me what she is saying?

● What do the angels see in my future?

Among others. If you go with a list of questions for love psychics or an online psychic you will come out of the free psychic readings with an open mind and a clear heart because you will know what changes you need to make in your life.

Why Do Love Psychics Ask Personal Questions?

Phone psychics are not there to judge you. They don’t know you. To get an accurate psychic love reading or psychic readings, they need to decipher your aura and energy as well as ambitions. The answers they get from you will help them connect with you on a personal level and make sense of your psyche as well.

Even the best phone psychics or online psychics will never say they will read your mind to determine the type of person you are to give the best psychic readings. That’s not possible at all. The personal questions an online psychic ask will help them understand the readings they are getting. If a reading confuses you, you can always ask the psychic to explain. Best online psychics will be only too happy to answer all of your concerns and queries. The more comfortable you are, the clearer your vibes will be.

If you still don’t feel a connection with the phone psychic or online psychics, no worries. You can just end the session and pick other phone psychics from the website. Don’t get discouraged. Just because you didn’t click with one doesn’t mean there isn’t a psychic out there for you. Even someone that a number of people recommend may not be the right psychic for you for a psychic love reading.

Can I Get The Spirit Of A Loved One To Talk To Me During A Session Through Online Psychics?

Best online psychics don’t talk to spirits per se to give the best psychic readings. They connect with them and act as mediums. However, sometimes the spirit may not be want to inhabit a psychic to talk to you. When a psychic opens up, they don’t know who will come through so you may not get the person you want to talk to.

Bottom Line

The best online psychics or online psychics are the ones who fit your criteria and personality. If you do not click with the one you have chosen, never hesitate to jump to the next one. Your hard earned money should be spent on professional and phone psychic readings you are comfortable with, whether they are best online psychics or not. Just because a psychic doesn’t have many reviews doesn’t mean they are duds. It just means they have not given many readings yet.

Check out the aforementioned psychic portals and choose an online psychic or online psychics from all of them if you want to. No one is stopping you from splurging on yourself. Make informed decisions by checking out the reviews and after availing the free minutes. Phone psychic readings can change your life for the better.