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Philippe Vasilescu shares 5 lessons that helped him achieve success

Philippe Vasilescu shares 5 lessons that helped him achieve success
Philippe Vasilescu shares 5 lessons that helped him achieve success [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 20

Educational institutions can give you degrees and vocational skills, but they rarely teach life lessons. To actually learn life’s most important lessons, we often need to reach out to those who have gone before and paved their own road to success. Behind every success story lies years of hard work, determination, and dedication. Industry leaders could write several books (and many have) about the many lessons they learned on their journey to success.

To gather some enlightening insights, we reached out to entrepreneur Philippe Vasilescu. His eleven years of experience in event management, experiential marketing, and fine wine and spirits makes him the perfect contributor of life’s most important lessons. Born and raised in France, Philippe Vasilescu’s success within the fine wine and spirits industry has seen him travel the world. Since 2013, he has hosted over seven hundred tasting events across the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He is now based in Miami, and in 2021 he co-founded FINEST + BOND, a bespoke, curated hospitality experience company. Here, Philippe Vasilescu shares five crucial lessons his journey to success taught him.

1. Take Risks

According to Philippe Vasilescu, staying in the same place can make it impossible to truly reach success. Having left his home country to build and develop his career, he understands the rewards of taking risks to realize your most ambitious dreams. You will never know if your ideas and plans could come to fruition unless you take a chance and try to make them a reality. Philippe Vasilescu believes that every great company, concept, and product only exists because someone was willing to take a risk.

2. Perfect your mindset

Philippe Vasilescu shares that his journey has taught him that of all the tools available to aspiring entrepreneurs, the most powerful tool is your own mindset. He describes your mindset as a steering wheel with the power to lead you towards your greatest successes. Your mindset affects how you perceive the achievements, setbacks, and struggles you will face as you strive for personal success. According to Philippe Vasilescu, the most effective mindset a hopeful entrepreneur can hold is the growth mindset, as it allows you to see every failure and setback as a learning opportunity.

3. Learn resilience

You can’t reach success if you give up halfway through your journey. For this reason, Philippe Vasilescu believes that learning how to be resilient is essential to success. He shares that there are an endless amount of potential industry leaders in the world who could have transformed the industry that they sought success within if they had pushed past failure and learned how to be resilient. Of all of the lessons that seeking success can teach you, Philippe Vasilescu shares that resilience can be the hardest to learn. Failure rarely feels inspiring, and it can be easy to give up when your plans fall apart. But he advises learning to overcome setbacks by holding a strong belief that every failure is simply leading you toward your ultimate success.

4. Invest in yourself

To reach success, we are often encouraged to invest our money in courses, books, and mentors, but Philippe Vasilescu believes that the greatest investment that you can make is in yourself and your skills. He explains that it has always been essential to him to keep his skills varied and diverse to help him succeed in any situation. He believes that learning has no age limit, and any money and time you invest into your development will pay itself back tenfold.

5. Define success

Philippe Vasilescu explains that you can find yourself on an endless search for success if you don’t take the time to define exactly what success means to you. He warns against chasing after an undefined pipedream that has been inspired by the wealth and achievements of others. You need to define the personal achievements that will signify true success for you, or you will remain unfulfilled and unsatisfied with anything you accomplish. He advises taking the time to establish clear goals and steps that you can take to reach them.

As a French native with a business empire that began in America and now stretches around the globe, Philippe Vasilescu’s journey to success has been a far-reaching and eventful one. From 2015 to 2020, he acted as the Brand Ambassador for LOUIS XIII Cognac de Remy Martin. In 2021, he started collaboration with CellArt in their business development across the U.S. and the Caribbean. Philippe Vasilescu shares that the greatest advice he can give to anyone striving for success is to learn from every experience and try to see each setback and unexpected hurdle as a chance to learn more on your journey.Text starts here.


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