The 6 Top Reverse Email Lookup Methods and Tools for 2022

The 6 Top Reverse Email Lookup Methods and Tools for 2022
The 6 Top Reverse Email Lookup Methods and Tools for 2022 [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 20, 2022|Updated Jan. 20, 2022

You just got a new email — but who is it really from? Maybe you’re expecting an important email. It could be a potential client, a future business partner, a beautiful opportunity. Or, it could just be a scammer ready to steal your personal information (and/or money!).

Fortunately, just like reverse phone lookup sites, with a reverse email lookup service, that worry can be a thing of the past.

Using one or maybe a handful of email lookup tools, you can confidently protect yourself from fraud and scams. Never be in the dark about who you’re receiving an email from ever again!

You may even be able to trace where the user got your email address in the first place.

Understandably, you can see why this would be helpful information to have available.

We combed the web to find the best reverse email lookup tools online. After testing, reviewing, and narrowing down, we want to share our top 6 reverse email lookup tool recommendations.

These are both free and paid, so you’ll have options. We’ll also explain how you use each of these 6 unique email lookup services in simple steps.

The power to use your email address as intended initially is here! With these reverse email search methods, you can control your email address. You can now retain your email address for decades instead of having to keep making new ones.

Each of these platforms has been vetted by our team for one or more reasons. Likewise, they’re each unique in their way, with different systems, payment structures, and more.

Let’s dive into our lookup tool suggestions.

Our 6 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tool Recommendations


Best For

Instant Checkmate

Best for accurate results


Best BBB accredited


Best free trial

Been Verified

Affordable background checks


Best for fast results


Valuable data records

But first, what is a reverse email lookup tool? And how exactly could you benefit from using such a service?

What is a Reverse Email Lookup Tool?

As an online tool, a reverse email search platform helps users figure out who’s behind the messages in their inbox. Suspicious or unknown email addresses are no match for these tools! Consider it a type of online service.

In addition, you can use it to learn more about the honest users that email you. Leads you want to convert, candidates you might be hiring, and many more opportunities could be abundant in your inbox. With a reverse email lookup tool, you’ll be able to discern who’s authentic.

You can find a plentiful amount of information on someone using one of these tools. Information uncovered can include (but isn’t limited to!):

● A user’s real full name

● Potential aliases, other email addresses, or other usernames the user may go by

● Photos

● Phone numbers, potentially both for landline and mobile

● Current full physical address and possibly previous addresses

● All social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Why Would You Need a Reverse Email Search Tool?

An often-overlooked reason is that a reverse email search service can ultimately help protect you from phishing attacks.

The ability to identify potential fraud and fake email addresses in real-time is invaluable in this digital age.

In Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report or ISTR, from 2018, the average user receives at least 16 malicious spam emails each month. 54.6% of all email correspondence was reported as spam. That means hundreds of dangerous emails to dodge throughout each year.

What’s worse is that between 2017 and 2018, according to research from Kaspersky.

Given that information, the amount of scam attempts per month has likely increased significantly.

In short, you can always benefit from a reverse email search tool. Every person with an email address can benefit from such a service!

Top 6 Reverse Email Services

And now, without further ado, let’s get into our 6 best reverse email lookup tool recommendations. We’ll touch on a summary of the tool, as well as how to use it.

Instant Checkmate

Essentially, Instant Checkmate works as a public record search service. However, they have a specific email search tool that you can use as a reverse email lookup tool.

On this platform, you can find out information on just about anyone. Whether potential future employees, business partners, customers, or even in-laws — find out more by using this tool.

The email search function can reveal quite a field of info, including the users:

● Name

● Possible physical address(es)

● Other known email addresses

● Previous jobs

● Photos

● Gravatar profile image

● Potential usernames on various websites

● Social media profiles, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more

● And so on

Other lookup options on the platform include location, phone number, and name.


● Good value for the cost of the service

● Authentic, accurate information you can count on, as it can be verified

● Comprehensive and versatile search tools

● A wide range of search and lookup opportunities is available


● No single-report option, as the service works on a subscription system.


One of the most authentic databases on the web is none other than TruthFinder. A versatile service, you can use it for more than just a reverse email lookup tool. However, the lookup tool in question is undoubtedly something to rave about in its own right.

It can spit out a massive host of data on potential matches with minimal information. The service is top-notch at finding people, plain and simple.

They search through public and private databases, which often helps give TruthFinder an upper hand compared to its competitors.

When you view the email owner’s background report, you will receive a handful of info, including

● Possible other email addresses the owner uses

● Potential phone numbers

● Physical addresses or potential locations of the user

● Social profiles of the user, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What we found convenient is that you can download this email report as a PDF. That way, you can take the report with you, read it later, or even print it out.


● TruthFinder has an impressive search function, which makes it especially easy to navigate and use

● Self-monitoring capability is just one aspect that makes the platform unique.

● The interface is user-friendly, making it more appealing than many other platforms.


● TruthFinder may be pricier than some of its competitors as reverse email lookup tools go.


A powerful email lookup tool in our suggestions is Intelius. With an aesthetic, albeit simple, interface, you can navigate quickly and get the info you need most.

This Intelius Premier Plus plan is an excellent option to keep in the back of your virtual pocket. There are also tiers of membership to sign up for. One offers unlimited searches every month, which can be invaluably helpful for some users.

Get the most out of one of the best reverse email lookup tools by using more than just email addresses. Go deeper!

Use the name they provide or any phone number you see. With unlimited searches at your disposal, you can find it all out in time.


● Single-report options are available aside from their subscription options.

● Data provided can be incredibly informative and even educational.

● Intelius’ interface is visually appealing, making it a suitable option for many.


● While it’s affordable, Intelius is still not the most affordable option. Single reports are a huge plus, however.

Been Verified

While this list is primarily for reverse email lookup tools, Been Verified is probably our strongest recommendation for background checks. More than the best reverse email lookup tool, they make sure to cover all their bases. It does it all.

For you, that ends up meaning a massive list of impressively valuable data.

In some cases, you can even get down to the person’s vehicle color and other details. It doesn’t get more specific than Been Verified.

There’s no single-report option, which is a downside. However, there are two different subscription plans. The 3-month plan is more affordable than the monthly plan, so it’s worth trying out for at least 3 months.


● Perfect for verifying employment history and other essential details

● Search results are incredibly detailed and comprehensive.

● The overall value for the cost makes the email reverse lookup tool worth it.


● There are only subscription options available — no single-report options.

People Finders

We rank People Finders as possibly the most comprehensive of the best reverse email lookup tools for its value.

You can guess by the name that the platform is in the business of helping you find people.

The platform has records on more than 250 million US Americans. They use an impressive database of over 43 billion public records to find information on, well, anyone.

Unlike many platforms, People Finders can even help you sort through criminal records databases. Pick through court records and search through any info you might be seeking. The platform is a jack of all as it trades more than a reverse email lookup service.

While the platform doesn’t provide social media profiles, the info they do provide is impressively detailed.


● Reports are always comprehensive and incredibly high-quality.

● All reports will include both personal and even some business data.

● PeopleFinders is easy to use with a simple interface to navigate quickly.


● The platform’s biggest downside is that searchers don’t cover any social media profiles.


There’s a lot to love about Spokeo. First of all, they’re one of the only reverse email lookup tools with a free trial. It’s also one of the most popular background check companies in the United States. They sort through 12 billion records for over 20 million monthly visitors.

The platform boasts countless features, not just reverse email search services. They offer regularly updated reports, crime and court records, identity protection, and much more.

Search through their public search directory, perform a reverse background check, or identify unknown emails, texts, and calls. You can do a bit of everything on Spokeo.


● Some basic features are available even for free.

● Information is updated consistently and regularly.

● The interface is incredibly user-friendly.

● You can remove your data if you wish to


● No unlimited search plans are available.

● While Spokeo is incredibly affordable, it may also have a high rate of inaccuracy depending on the person you’re searching for

How to Use Reverse Email Lookup Tools

While all of these platforms differed significantly, how to use each of the tools is quite similar. To not sound repetitive, we thought we’d include a step-by-step at the end for you.

  • To use most reverse email search services, you’ll need first to create an account.
  • You may or may not need to subscribe to or create an account.
  • Once it’s created, log in to the account and navigate the Email Search tool.
  • The tool will be in a tab at the top of the website alongside other tools and services on most platforms.
  • When you’ve navigated to the appropriate Email Search tab, type in the email address you want to look up.
  • Typically, it’s as easy as that! You’ll then be given a full report of the email address, with an abundance of other info.
  • Some platforms will let you download these reports, which you can use to read later or even print out.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s something to love about each of these reverse email lookup tools. Now, you’ve got a reliable list of methods and tools to sort through. You might find yourself using one or more to get the full details of the user you’re researching.

With free and paid options at your disposal, choose depending on your needs and/or your company’s needs. Each platform offers different functionality and features, so choose with confidence as you bolster your email against cyber-attacks!Text starts here.