Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics For Phone & Chat Readings

Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics For Phone & Chat Readings
Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics For Phone & Chat Readings [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 21, 2022

Life is chaotic, and it keeps getting more unpredictable. We lead lives filled with nervousness, and being unaware of what the future holds freaks us out even more. We are filled with distress due to the uncertainties that can emerge from nowhere. That is why most people will often seek psychic guidance or help.

Many believe a psychic reading to be a divination tool that can help fix most troubles and ease the anxiety and stresses of life. All this is an attempt to create a better future, gain clarity, and have peace. Psychic readers can predict future events and advise on past and present issues. Read along to see how considering such sessions can help improve your quality of life and the essential aspects you need to be aware of.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Websites With Free Minutes

Today, with the help of technological advancements, you can pick up your phone or computer to find psychic reading online. However, not all sites can be trusted since frauds are also on the rise. We recognize the value that a psychic session can offer, and that is why we have curated a list of dependable sites.

·   Mysticsense - trusted psychic advisors and affordable services, free first 5 minutes

·   Kasamba - great for tarot readings and fortune telling, free 3 minutes + 50% discount for the first session

·   Keen - best place for psychic advice on love and relationships, free first 3 minutes

·   Asknow - good choice for phone readings, 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 minutes for free

·   Purple Garden - good support and convenient app, $10 free credit with any purchase

Mysticsense – Best Psychics Site for Online Approach

Mysticsense is generally newer than the other sites on this list, but it is reliable. It has a wide variety of specialists to give you the best psychic predictions and readings.


At Mysticsense, you can get various services in almost every part of life. However, the psychic readers mainly specialize in love, career, intuition, and energy healing. You can select categories for grief counseling, astrology, and tarot readings. Those interested in object readings like angel cards, crystal orbs are also catered for in Mysticsense.


Once you are on their page, you see the current online experts. With that, it becomes easier for you to reach out to available online psychics and not have to go through the whole list and try to figure out who is available. They have a four-step registration process which will also require bits of your contact information. They offer a free 5-minute trial consultation for your first session. If you are not satisfied with the free psychic involved in your trial, you can look and try another.

You can trust Mysticsense for readings anytime as they offer a 24/7 service. They have had outstanding customer service. Many users have showered them with excellent reviews and feedback notes and showered them with lots of compliments. Their pricing is evident and specific to the kind of reading you are looking for. They have an educational section with materials that can help you learn about all their available psychic categories. These categories can be narrowed down to expression, contemplation, and straightforwardness.


To get in touch with a psychic, you can chat or communicate with available phone psychics. Mysticsense does not, however, have an app for its services.

Kasamba - Best With A Curated Selection Of The Best Experts

Kasamba has been around for a long time, and it was formed in 1999. It is home to some of the best online psychics.


Kasamba has a wide range of categories you can choose from, and they also have different topics that you can be helped with. Their most popular categories include love psychic readings, fortune telling, personal astrology, and tarot card readings. They also conduct free online psychic reading on career forecasts, palmistry, dream interpretation, graphology, past lives, and numerology.


They have a three-minute free trial ready for you the moment you try their site. The three minutes apply to both new and existing members. Suppose you wish to go on with reading, that’s only when you are required to pay. First-time users also get a discount during their initial consultation. You can get cheap psychics on Kasamba.

The homepage has a list of famous experts who have very positive reviews. This list also shows the psychic’s rate and has a button to get in touch with them if you are interested.

It is an excellent site when it comes to navigation and convenience. If you have trouble deciding on a Kasamba psychic, their customer support has a recommendation feature to help you out.

Account creation is free, and you are required to fill in payment details. You have the option to pay at the end of a session. You can browse their “Our Top Psychics” category or use the “Search bar” to select a subcategory. To help you out with any queries, they have a 24/7 support team, and they also have a reliable refund policy if you are not satisfied with reading.


They have an intuitive app that can run on iOS and Android. Once you have selected a psychic reader, you can contact the psychic through phone, email, or live chat.

Keen - Best for Love Readings

Keen offers a user-friendly experience with their well-arranged site. You can navigate the interface easily using the very convenient shortcut buttons provided. The lists of psychic categories are also well organized and detailed, and browsing Keen’s site is usually a breeze.


There are 24 categories you can choose from. You can receive a tarot card reading, a reading about love, relationships, aura cleansing, and you can also get Mayan astrology. You can get readings about spiritual readings, numerology, tarot readings, horoscopes, astrology, and mediums. Additionally, you can receive aura readings, crystal gazing, and more.


The first step you need to take on the site is to pick a specialty. Once you are on the site, you can see a psychic finder that enables you to choose a specialty based on your budget range. The budget bar lets you view and select a minimum amount payable for a service. This is a good measure, especially for those cautious about their budgets.

The online psychics on Keen are referred to as advisors, and you can browse for them manually or let the site match you up using their algorithm. Keen’s “Get Matched” feature asks a few questions, and then an ideal advisor will be recommended for you. This is a very interesting way to be paired with the best psychic readers on the platform. They pride themselves in having famous psychics who have mostly had positive reviews from their many readings.

From their “Deals and Promotions” section, you can view and access various offers. These include free minutes and value packs which are ways to obtain a cheap psychic reading online.


Connecting with the best psychics comes with several options. You can use online psychic chat services or receive reading via email or phone. They do not have an app yet.

Asknow - Best For A Question Service

AskNow began in 2005 and has remained top among the very best sites. It is known best for delivering personalized predictions and using a customer-centric approach to online psychics.


The experts on AskNow are experienced in tarot cards, dream analysis, numerology, astrology, and spiritual guidance. They can also offer advice about love, career, and finances.


They have a meticulous screening process that all chat psychics undergo. Every psychic is evaluated based on their skills, accuracy, and commitment to the practice. With that, as a client, you can get insightful revelations and the relevant advice you seek.

All the interactions are discreet, and you can be sure your exchanges will remain safe and protected. New users get free five minutes for all packages. You can easily choose a psychic medium, thanks to the filter option provided by AskNow. You can filter by category, availability, and preferred type of communication. With their Psychic Spotlight section, you can go through a quick bio about their best psychics.

They have a free question and free daily horoscope service that makes it convenient for a free consultation. The site’s free psychic question service offers advice once you fill a brief form. You fill in a few personal details and give your email to receive your reply. You can also get helpful insights from the AskNow video and article section. The advisors are categorized as Master, Top-Rated, or Elite, and their prices vary by ratings. This is an excellent way to decide on a reader.


The AskNow services are available 24/7; therefore, you can access them anytime. They have options suitable for all personalities. You can get a phone or a chat psychic reading, and they also have an effective mobile app.

Purple Garden - Best For Readings About The Navigation Of Tough Situations

Purple Garden began operation in 2006, and they boast of more than 3000 experts that can help you get out of difficult situations. They can help you out regarding your strengths, personality, and the things you most enjoy and have a drive for.


From Purple Garden, you can get readings about tarot cards, palmistry, horoscope readings, and astrology. You can also seek help regarding spiritual readings, dream analysis, and oracle guidance.


Their primary focus is to provide worldwide services. To offer diversity, Purple Garden offers services using different languages, which people worldwide appreciate. You can have sessions in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages. All the trusted psychics on the platform have a written bio. To even get a feel about them, they have introductory videos.

All the live psychics on this platform are certified with the very best skills needed to offer readings. The customized filters provided in the platform ease and fasten finding a psychic. It allows you to sort psychics based on their ratings, how many accurate psychic readings they have conducted, minimum reviews, and how you would like to communicate with them. Purple Garden understands that some people are very cautious about budgets, and that is why they have put up price ranges for their services. All the online psychic readings are done on a personal level and are all anonymous.


To make your experience convenient, they have an effective app for both Android and iOS. Depending on your preferred communication method, you can choose to engage via chat, video, or phone calls. The experts can also offer you readings using email support.

Forms of Psychic Readings

Psychic reading is a divine art that employs different ways to make predictions. The methods, tools, and techniques used are what make up different types of readings, and they include;

Tarot reading - With tarot reading, psychics use their intuition alongside tarot cards to make psychic predictions and tap into one’s energy. The cards relevant to a person are used to identify the possibility of certain outcomes. These cards are primarily used because they contain different images and symbols that a psychic uses for interpretation.

Palmistry - With palmistry, a psychic looks into and studies one’s palm to gather details about their life such as career, love life, health, character, and so on. The shape, color of the palm, its lines, and fingers are studied.

Numerology - With numerology, best psychics use numbers to answer and make psychic predictions. They go by the idea that certain numbers can affect someone’s life. Specific calculations are done to derive a number, and the psychic comes up with an interpretation.

Astrology - Astrology involves using stars to make predictions and provide answers. Stars are thought to be proof that there are other existent worlds. Psychics can also rely on planet positions and develop the ideal time to adjust one’s life.

Oracle card reading - Oracle cards are a set of 12-100 cards that real psychics use to derive answers, make predictions and interpret situations.

Pendulum reading - A free psychic uses a pendulum to gather a yes or no answer with a pendulum reading. A pendulum typically amplifies a reader’s intuition or sense to come up with answers.

Crystal orb reading - It entails using crystal orbs for the amplification of a reader’s frequency and to also help them improve how they use their abilities.

Rune reading - With this kind of reading, you will see a psychic reading runic symbols etched on particular material to gather relevant information.

What to Consider Before Choosing an Online Psychic Reading Site

Having criteria for choosing online psychics is crucial to avoid getting overwhelmed or confused. You can use our tips below to help guide your decision.

Available Offers

Most psychic online services will offer free trials and sessions for a certain period, especially for first-time users. Such sessions can help you get a glimpse of what you might encounter during your free psychic reading if you decide to proceed. Standard timings will usually be at least three minutes.  Therefore, before you can settle on a particular site, seeing whether they offer free trials and sessions will be helpful. Renowned sites will also provide discounts to first-timers.

Communication Options

Popular sites will have various ways to get in touch with them for a psychic reading online. These include video calls, phone calls, SMS, email, and chat psychic readings. Having multiple options allows you to decide which one you are best comfortable with or prefer. If you want to remain anonymous, want to stay discrete, or engage actively and more personally with a reader, it is your decision. That way, you can get the most authentic experience and get the most out of it.

Professional Experience

It is always essential that you select a site, having gathered how long they have been in operation. A site that has been in operation for a longer time conveys that they can deliver as they have more experience than one that has recently started. You are most likely to get a good, better, and accurate free online psychic reading with the former site. Always look into a site’s bio to gauge its period of operation.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

You want to settle on a site that has a track of success. A site with excellent ratings and reviews indicates that they have served their customers efficiently. That should be an ideal choice. Somehow, it offers you a guarantee that it is safe to choose. Several online platforms also give incentives to customers like refunds for unsatisfied customers. That shows that they are confident in their service delivery and that you can trust them.

Types of Services Offered

Before you decide on a site for your reading, beware of the kind of services or readings offered. Always settle based on your needs. Choosing a site that does not provide the spirit reading you desire wouldn’t make sense.

Cost and Budget

You can find out how much reading on a particular site will cost you. Reliable sites are clear about their prices for specific readings. It is essential that you settle on a site depending on your budget. Sites that have hidden fees are not something you should choose. You should take care not to be lured into paying additional or hidden charges. That is a tactic used by many frauds.

What to Know Before a Psychic Reading

Before you can have free psychic chat session, you need to be aware of essential things and ways you can prepare for a session.

Think deeply of what you wish to attain from the reading

Best psychic readings are of different kinds and focus on various issues like love, past life, dream interpretation, and more. Some readers specialize in one key area, and some have gifts for all areas. You must decide what type of reading you want before going for a session. That way, you will search and search for the appropriate reader and maximize the reading.

Have some questions

To attain the best free online psychic reading, you can have a list of clear-cut questions to be answered. Otherwise, you may end up asking mixed-up questions and confuse the vibrations of the reader. It is better to ask open-ended questions and refrain from yes or no questions. The former will allow the reader to offer more details because, in a way, they cover more ground.

An open mind is crucial for a reading

Get into a session with a clear mind and avoid having predetermined ideas about the session or the reader. Understand that it is not uncommon to fail to get all the answers you seek; therefore, maintain a clear mind. Even if you receive unpleasant responses, focus on not blocking the vibrations by relaxing and keeping an open mind.

Having a point of reference

Feel free to take notes or record the session for further reference during your session. You may find some answers to appear senseless during your session, but the same answers may also be meaningful in the future.

Benefits of Free Psychic Reading Online

Decision validation

You can confirm a decision regarding a particular matter through a free psychic reading online. It may be an already made decision or one you are thinking of. This is especially helpful for those situations that always seem challenging to decide on. A psychic can help you decide on critical matters like career and relationships as they involve your energy.

Getting a life overview

Life is surprising, and many things are uncontrollable. A psychic can provide you with a spiritual look into life. They will typically provide you with a profound understanding of different situations and their outcomes.

It can help you rethink the course of your life

After a psychic session, you will have received valuable insights regarding different aspects of your life. With the information you gather, you can take the necessary actions to navigate life in the right direction. You can ditch some things or ways hindering your progress, or you can get set for a totally different start. Reading gives you purpose because it can lead you to self-discovery.

You can lead a more content life filled with satisfaction when you know your purpose.

For inspiration and positivity

Significant life adjustments need a push for inspiration, and they also need a motivational drive. A free online psychic reading can be a driving force in making a bold change. The sessions can uplift your spirits and assist you in navigating impossible situations. You can see what is causing your life hurdles or keeping you from the hope you wish for through a psychic session. This is primarily during those moments when you feel like your life is going downhill. Becoming aware of situations is fundamental to creating positive thinking and outcomes.

Preparation for what’s about to come

A reading can give you a glimpse of what the future contains. It may not be an entire map of what is forthcoming, but the details you get, however minor, can go a great way into improving how you prepare. Or help you make a difference in approaching what’s ahead.

Attaining closure and peace of mind

We often need closure after events that cause us distress, like losing a loved one or after a broken relationship. Through a psychic medium, you can get closure from the loss of a loved one. A psychic can also help you attain peace of mind following disturbing life situations with their answers.

Getting free psychic reading

Today, you can easily get yourself a free psychic reading online. Most sites offer free psychic readings as part of a different or their primary service. Mainly they are provided as trials, and they typically have limited timing. You can receive a free psychic question-answer from a free psychic reading. What most sites do is give a free reading for the first few minutes. The moment you choose to keep going, you incur charges.

Free readings help people overcome the fear of not knowing what to expect during a session. They help you see what you can expect during a reading. Those looking for free psychic reading must always beware that there are no sites out there that will do complete readings freely. The readers may be doing it as a part of a calling, but they are also there to make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are psychics and mediums the same?

These two are different, mainly based on the help they can give you. Psychics have the power to tap into your energy and give you details about your past, present, and future. On the other hand, mediums are channels through which the dead pass information to the living. Psychics cannot help you hear from the dead.

Who are clairs?

Clairs are experts that receive messages more assertively. They are categorized as clairvoyants, clairsentients, and clairaudients. They equal a clearer or more robust way of seeing, feeling, and hearing, respectively.

What are the available forms of online psychic readings?

Psychics have revolutionized the way they offer readings. Nowadays, you can get an online reading, and you can choose to do a phone psychic reading, video, or chat. If you are more of a typing person, you can opt for a chat session, and if you are more into verbal communication, you can opt for a phone or video session.

What should I expect from an online reading session?

Once you settle for an online session, most best psychics will begin by getting to know you, helping you relax, and will typically ask for your reason of contact. They will focus on your energy and vibrations using their powers and gift, and the session will start. Depending on your psychic, they can use different tools to gather and make out information. They can use various tools like tarot cards, runic symbols, or anything that feels suitable.

You get an opportunity to ask follow-up questions, and the psychic will give you answers. After the session ends, you are provided with a chance to provide feedback or rate your reader.

Do psychics read minds every time?

Psychics do not randomly read minds. The truth is that they need to connect with someone’s energy, which can be overwhelming and exhausting. What they have is the ability or power to translate a person’s energy. If they are not conducting a live psychic reading, they will switch their channels to avoid mental and energetic overload.

How do I ensure I receive the best reading?

During the session, you need to be as relaxed as possible and be ready and open to receive information about what you desire and what you don’t desire. Don’t do anything that can block or stop the expert from reading. Instead, do everything you can to ensure a complete energy flow. You may contact your spiritual guides before a session.

Psychic near me or free online psychic?

The meaning of psychics near me has changed over time. Initially, it meant psychics that were locally available and close to you. Today, it is mainly attributed to online psychics. If you go online and search for the same, you will be presented with several website options.

Today’s best online psychics are the nearest, thanks to technology and, to some extent, the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not to say that you cannot visit that psychic within your area to obtain a reading. It is all about what you find more convenient. Both kinds are experienced, and they also possess excellent skills. They are authentic, reliable, efficient, and can offer a variety of readings.

Who are psychic mediums?

A psychic medium is typically a communication channel between the deceased and the living. Through them, spirits communicate with the living. Most people tend to think that they directly speak to the dead, but that is not the case. Free psychic mediums near me are sensitive and have the intuition to hear and make out information coming from the deceased.

They will typically read your energy and vibrations, listen to the divine, and use the same gifts to reach those who have passed on. They do not all interact with spirits similarly. Some can act as vessels of communication for the dead, and some share the experiences of involved parties to help you “hear from” a deceased person.

Final Thoughts

Engaging in a psychic session can be very beneficial in helping you gain clarity and understand some of the life uncertainties. Due to technological advancements, it is not a thing of the past, and you can get yourself a session very quickly today. Many online platforms can get you accurate psychic readings. With an internet connection, it is all elementary and convenient.

We hope that our guide has offered you great insights into most of the issues related to the best psychic reading. If you are looking to make sense of your life, consider getting a reading today.Text starts here.