No one deserves to live paycheck to paycheck - Seth Nizami

No one deserves to live paycheck to paycheck - Seth Nizami
No one deserves to live paycheck to paycheck - Seth Nizami [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 26, 2022

Seth Nizami is a crypto millionaire who is determined to give back to the world. Having created his wealth through promotions, marketing and more recently crypto, Seth is now switching gears to start teaching others what he knows.

At the beginning of 2020, Nizami started to study the universe of cryptocurrency. He learned everything he could. The vetting process for new tokens, tokenomics, and the driving force behind a token community. He quickly put his research to practice and made ridiculous returns very quickly. “My initial investment was $40 and by 6 months, I had turned that into $1,000,000.” His strategy is simple, but very detailed. Bet on multiple horses. “I find a group of tokens that have potential and invest a small amount in all of them. Either all of them go up or even only one. Either way, I make money.” As simple as it seems, this strategy has certainly proved to be a strong one. Nizami still makes amazing money using this strategy today.

The second piece of Nizami’s strategy is the details. Most of us have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or the infamous Dogecoin (to the moon!). There are actually 11,000 tokens in the crypto-universe and the largest crypto trading app in America only has about fifty of them. Most of the investments that Nizami has made are in tokens that aren’t even known or are yet to be known. “I spent a lot of time finding how to access lesser known tokens.” That, according to Nizami, is the key to crypto. Knowing these other options and when to enter a position. For him, by the time an article is talking about a token, it’s too late.

Despite his continued success, Nizami still is not satisfied, he wants to share his knowledge with the world. “I don’t believe money is everything, but no one deserves to live paycheck to paycheck.” That is why he is committed to sharing his knowledge with a freemium price. In other words, for free. While all may not achieve the same ridiculous success that Nizami did, you will definitely be able to earn financial freedom if you learn and use his strategies for investing in cryptocurrency.

Whether you are a novice trader, experienced or just curious, he believes that everyone should have an opportunity to earn wealth and crypto is an amazing way to accomplish it.

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