Online Tarot Reading: Free Tarot Card Reading Sites For 2022

Online Tarot Reading: Free Tarot Card Reading Sites For 2022
Online Tarot Reading: Free Tarot Card Reading Sites For 2022 [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 27, 2022

Have you ever tried to ponder about the future? What was the experience? Tarot reading is a form of psychic reading that helps you predict the future. It also enables one to understand the past and how a sequence of events led to current happenings. The whole point of tarot reading is to help you make better decisions in the future. Additionally, the reader gets to understand the present and live a better life. Although tarot reading may not give accurate information, it gives a clue of what will happen.

The success of tarot reading comes from a solid, genuine, and meaningful read. Unfortunately, some people don’t enjoy the fruits of tarot reading because they don’t do it adequately. In this article, we are going to show you how to do tarot reading and get its immense benefits. Most importantly, keep your expectations at the minimum as you begin reading. That is because you may not get the one thing you’re looking for but you will surely come out with something.

Unlike in the past, where you had to do tarot reading physically, you now only need a computer or smartphone and internet connection. However, the biggest challenge with tarot reading online is that you may not get a genuine site that meets all your needs. Furthermore, the Covid pandemic has confined most of us to home, making online tarot reading the only option we’ve got. We have highlighted three popular portals online where you can do tarot reading and get the benefits.

Top 4 Tarot Reading Sites

·       Mysticsense - great tarot readers and cheap services, 5 free minutes

·   Kasamaba - best for love tarot readings and fortune-telling, free 3 minutes + 50% discount for the first session

·       Keen - best for life path and spiritual readings, 3 free minutes

·       AskNow - for life path and spiritual readings, 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 minutes for free

Mystsicsense: Expect A Free Trial, User-Friendly Website, and Expert Readers

Mysticsense is the ultimate place to do tarot reading if you want video-based sessions. Although the site is relatively new, it comes with amazing features that are not seen anywhere else. Most importantly, this site allows you to do reading at any time of your choice. All you need to do is choose the time for your session and you’re booked in. Additionally, the site offers 24-hour customer support in case you have queries about their services.

Various reviews show that the site is not only user-friendly but is also modernized to suit client needs. There are tutorials and other useful links on the site to enable you to have a feel of the services before deciding on one. Most importantly, Mysticsense uses local time zones so you don’t have to worry about the time of session. All you need to do is register and pay a small fee before you can start reading. Most importantly, the site uses the services of experienced experts who will give you a helpful tarot read.

What they Offer

Mysticsense offers a variety of tarot online reading services to choose from. However, most of the readings are based on the budget so you have to consider your needs first. You will come across these types of reading on the site:

·       Energy healing

·       Astrology

·       Crystal healing

·       Love reading

The best thing about these sites is that different types of reading are put in sub-categories. This helps the reader to locate the kind of reading they want easily. Furthermore, you can search the reading on the search bar. The major categories include grief, love, and sex-oriented reading.

How it Works

Mysticsense is very easy to use. If you’re joining the platform for the first time, all you need to do is create a profile. The site requires you to deposit a registration fee before you start using it. New users are also given a free trial for five minutes. Thereafter, you will be charged according to the type of reading you want and the duration of the session.

The Psychics at Mysticsense

Mysticsense uses the services of experienced tarot readers. The psychics are selected based on their skills and experience. Additionally, the psychics have their skills tested and are only approved upon successful completion of the test. Users are given a chance to choose their preferred readers by looking up their profiles. On the profile, you will find the reader’s photo, name, what they charge, and their skills.

What Its Best For

The site’s flexibility is on another level. From convenient sessions to reasonable charges, Mysticsense is one of the best free tarot reading online sites you can find. Most importantly, the website has several features that make it user-friendly. For instance, all the readings are put in categories to make it easy for users to find what they need. Finally, this site has flexible communication options such as video calls and chat.

Kasamba: Expect Reasonable Fees, Video and Call-Based Readings, and Different Types of Readings

Kasamba is another leading tarot reading site with thousands of visitors every month. Like Mysticsense, Kasamba has amazing features such as free trials and reasonable fees. Most importantly, its psychics are highly skilled in various fields including love and grief. New users are given a free trial of 3 minutes to have a taste of the site’s services. There is no limitation as to the kind of reading you want to have in the 3 minutes. Also, you can discontinue the session anytime if you don’t find it to be helpful. Similarly, you can request a session if you find the trial to be good for you.

How It Works

If you’re new to the site, all that is required of you is to sign up and pay a registration fee. The fee is refunded if you don’t like the session during the three-minute trial. Users are also allowed to choose a psychic of their liking. All they need to do is go through several profiles and pick the one whose skills match your needs.

What they Offer

Kasamba offers many free online tarot reading services to its visitors. The site has been ranked high when it comes to giving the following services:

·       Fortune telling

·       Tarot reading

·       Career insight

·       Dream interpretation

·       Astrology reading

·       Psychic reading

However, Kasamba is best known for tarot reading, where the most experienced psychics serve clients. To arrive at a solution, Kasamba uses 78 cards and two card-reading strategies. The two reading strategies are cartomancy and angel card reading. Cartomancy deals with emotional issues such as love and grief while angel card reading addresses spiritual matters.

Their Psychics

Psychics at Kasamba undergo a thorough selection process to make sure they’re the best. Apart from the level of experience, the readers are evaluated based on previous performances with clients. Best-performing psychics are ranked high and you shouldn’t be surprised that they charge more. Most importantly, each psychic has an area they specialize in, thus putting them in a better position to offer quality reading services.

What It’s Best For

Kasamba comes with a range of cool features that make visitors flock to the site every day. For instance, the site gives notifications whenever you receive a message from a psychic when offline. Additionally, customer reviews indicate the site has good communication. Users can choose to chat, video call, or use phone calls for their sessions. Most importantly, one can search for tarot reading near me and get help from the local psychic.

AskNow: Enjoy A Free Question, Experienced Psychics, Confidentiality, and Good Pricing

Last on our list of best tarot reading sites is this fast-growing psychic site. AskNow is known for a genuine psychic reading with the best prices. Most importantly, the site has had more than 15 years of experience in offering professional psychic reading. That means it has skillful readers who have had the chance to help people with different needs.

AskNow gives some of the most accurate readings on the past, present, and future that are unseen on any other site. Additionally, the site is easy to navigate, thanks to various user-friendly features. Psychic reading experts are ranked according to their level of experience and skill. All you have to do is scroll through various profiles and choose your preferred psychic. You also get a chance to talk to their customer support staff directly using a toll-free number on the homepage.

How It Works

AskNow is not very different from other psychic reading sites we’ve already discussed. First, you’re required to create an account with the site. The next thing is to look for a psychic with the skills you prefer. But if you have a question, you can proceed to ask it for free. To do this, you’re required to include your full name, email, and phone number. You will then be required to provide a code sent to your phone and use it to get an answer to your query.

What it Offers

The site offers a range of psychic reading services, all put in categories. If you’re looking for spiritual or love tarot reading, then AskNow is the place for you. They offer the following services:

·       Money solutions

·       Spiritual healing

·       Love

·       Grief

·       Dream analysis

·       Astrology

·       Career forecast

AskNow has great communication options for all its clients. Depending on the most convenient method for you, you can hold sessions through, calls, video, and chat.

Their Psychics

Psychics at AskNow have earned a reputation for quality reading services. The site sources expert psychics from various time zones to ensure 24-hour service delivery. AskNow typically selects psychics based on their skill and previous performances. That means you will have your reading done by the best and the results never disappoint.

Why AskNow?

There are many reasons you should make AskNow your preferred online tarot reading site. The site boasts of unmatched transparency and confidentiality when handling client matters. Additionally, it is a genuine site but you must be careful not to fall victim to fraud. The prices at AskNow are quite reasonable, although various reading services charge different rates. Also, individual psychics offer their services at different rates. However, one can always negotiate the price with their psychics to get a good deal.

How To Select The Best Free Tarot Reading Online Services

If you’re new to free online tarot reading, you might find it hard deciding on the best site. Most importantly, you need to know a few things to ensure you don’t end up wasting time and money. We have prepared a guide that should help you have the best experience in tarot reading online.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews are very important when it comes to choosing the best tarot reading near me. It is important to note that a website with many reviews, whether positive or negative, is an indication that the sentiments are genuine. For instance, it is difficult to doubt more than a dozen people with the same line of reasoning. However, the whole point of going through reviews is to understand that tarot reading works. Most importantly, the quality of service is rated by those who have used it. Most free tarot reading websites online have 4+ star reviews. That is an indication that psychic reading is doing a lot to change people’s lives.

However, be advised that a 5-star rating is not an indication that the site is all good. Similarly, relatively new sites are not necessarily inexperienced in a psychic reading. All that matters is finding a psychic who understands you and can connect with emotionally. If you’re new to an online tarot reading, we suggest visiting reputed sites such as the ones discussed above.

Level of Experience

As mentioned earlier, the experience of any online tarot reading comes in handy when as far as your psychic needs are concerned. Most importantly, the person providing the service must have a good history of conducting a psychic reading. This is relatively easy to determine since all you need to do is go through their profile. However, you need to be careful when searching a tarot reading platform online because fraudsters are everywhere. Again, the experience of the service provider and the service itself is captured on the site’s homepage.

Things to look for while checking the experience and legitimacy of a psychic reading platform include official addresses, customer reviews, among others. Certification of the site and individual readers can also give a clue on the level of experience, although the information might prove hard to verify.

Offers and Discounts for Online Tarot Reading

Clients are usually attracted by offers and discounts attached to the goods or services they want to buy. This is not any different when it comes to free tarot reading online. The pandemic has ruined most economies of the world and it only makes sense if you take advantage of such offers. Look for a site that gives free trials, among other benefits, to appreciate their customers.

Most importantly, look for free online tarot sites that appreciate those customers who book long sessions. This gives you a chance to get as much help as you need in one session and pay less. If such offers are not indicated on the homepage, you can always call the toll-free number and inquire about them from the support team.

As you will come to notice, individual tarot readers have their offers even if the site doesn’t provide them. However, you need to practice caution because suspicious offers could mask inexperience and incompetence. Always think twice if you notice the offer is too good to be true because that is how people get conned.

Choosing the Best Mode of Communication

The success of any psychic reading session is fully dependent on the efficiency of communication. Most free tarot card reading sites provide users with a range of communication methods to choose from.

Any of the modes of communication is chosen based on convenience, availability of resources, and efficiency. It is completely up to the client to choose their preferred method based on the factors mentioned. Additionally, the reader himself may recommend using a certain mode of communication, although this is quite rare. However, you should always insist on using a communication method that sits well with you.

People who want to have a strong connection with the reader often opt for a video call. Otherwise, a phone call or chat is enough to help you get what you want for an online tarot. Also, a face-to-face meeting is very effective if you find a reader who is in the same geographical location as you. However, most people don’t find the technique to be comfortable because many would want to maintain a certain level of confidentiality or anonymity. Either way, make sure to choose a communication mode that will get you the desired results.

Additional Services Offered

Some sites offer more than ordinary free tarot reading services online. Such sites usually consider their customers’ unique needs and modify their services to accommodate them. These include offering a variety of services in several fields such as career development, spiritual nourishment, and future forecast. However, you need to minimize what information you consume for your well-being. Most psychic reading sites don’t know how much information you can handle, so it is purely up to you to set limits.

Site Transparency

The site you choose to do tarot reading should provide complete and accurate information about their service. For instance, you should be able to find as much information about every tarot reader from their profiles. A good tarot reading site should display virtually every aspect of the service such as charges, sessions, and types of reading on the homepage. Most importantly, the expert’s profiles should indicate their skills and rating to help users decide on who to pick for their free tarot reading.

Checking the Effectiveness of a Reading Site

It is easy to know whether a certain site offers genuine help to users through several ways. For instance, accurate tarot card reading will reveal itself during the trial. If you feel like the experience didn’t do much to impact your life, then the service is not worth your time and money. Additionally, customer reviews always give accurate information about the quality of service. As long as the reviews are not biased, which is also easy to notice, then you will get a clue about the site’s accuracy and effectiveness.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Every customer goes for the best free tarot reading online with a certain goal in mind. If the goal is not achieved by the time the session ends, then the reading is considered ineffective. The fact that there are many mushrooming psychic reading sites makes it hard to gauge their satisfaction level for sure. However, there are some clues as to whether a certain site will satisfy your needs or not. For instance, sites that have survived for many years in the industry must have been ensuring client satisfaction. So, the first sign that a site may or may not meet all your needs is how long it has been around.

Established free tarot card reading sites have many positive reviews from their customers and this can only mean client satisfaction. However, if you happen to use a certain reading site and don’t get the help you require, then you’re eligible for a refund or be given another unpaid session. Otherwise, you should not continue using a site that does not satisfy your needs and is not ready to compensate for it.

Online Free Tarot Card Reading Near Me

Most tarot reading sites online organize their sessions and psychics according to geographical locations. For instance, if you live in Asia and the site is US-based, you will be connected to a psychic who resides in Asia. In some cases, you’re able to meet your preferred ready physically and have a face-to-face tarot reading session. However, online tarot card reading has taken root, thanks to its convenience and flexibility. One can still connect emotionally and spiritually with a psychic through an online session, thanks to technological advancements such as video calls and chatting apps.

Online tarot card reading near me cuts costs in many ways. For instance, one can hold sessions in the comfort of their homes without having to travel to meet the reader. Unlike face-to-face reading, there is no preparation required before you hold a tarot reading session online. The only thing you need to do is to prepare your mind and soul for what to expect after the reading. It is important to note that free tarot card reading is not a physical experience so you don’t have to worry about proximity to the reader.

Preparing for Online Tarot Card Reading Near Me

Many people prefer online psychic reading because it hides your identity hence eliminates the possibility of being judged. And this technique of online card reading has never been helpful given the current confinement brought about by the pandemic. Additionally, finding free love tarot reading services is easier as it doesn’t come with the hassle of knocking on doors. All you need is a phone or computer and an effective mode of communication to hold a successful session.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether the tarot card reader near me will deliver. However, the first session will inform you accordingly about the reader’s competency. Most importantly, consider practicing some flexibility because it may take some time to connect with one. While at it, ensure to lay down some things so that they can understand you better. For instance, you shouldn’t shy away from letting them know if a certain reading technique does not work for you.

For a free online tarot session to be successful, everybody needs to play their part. You, specifically, must keep time because the reader may have scheduled sessions with other clients. In fact, the reader should find you ready and waiting, not the other way around. Also, ensure the device you’re using for the session is in good shape. For instance, free tarot reading may be affected by unstable internet or a device that keeps failing. If you’re going to do a video call, ensure the camera is clear and the environment is quiet. The same applies to phone calls; you must have a stable network to make communication as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that an online tarot reading is accurate?

First, there are frees trial sessions that should inform you whether the service will meet your needs. The first impression matters and online tarot card reading is no different. Secondly, check the reader’s profile and see what previous clients say about their service.

How do I know important tarot cards?

Every tarot card is unique in that it carries its energy and meaning. However, the most important card is one that addresses your specific need and gives a genuine solution.

Is tarot reading a form of magic?

On the contrary, tarot card reading has positive energy on the user. That is because its sole purpose is to make you a better person who has a better understanding of things that are otherwise difficult to comprehend.

Can one problem have two solutions in a tarot reading?

Unless you’re using different readers, every issue should have one answer. However, two readers may give different interpretations of the same thing because their skills could be different. That is why it is advisable to use one reader at a go to avoid unnecessary confusion.


Online tarot reading has never been any easier, thanks to sites such as Mysticsense, Kasamba, and Asknow. Most importantly, the advent of technology has made the practice convenient and flexible. All you need to do is to make use of features and tools provided by various reading sites to get the best experience out of it. Find the free tarot reading online near me by today and cure your soul and mind. Also, take advantage of the many offers given to new users by various online reading sites.