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10 Best Face Masks for Men for Replenished Skin

10 Best Face Masks for Men for Replenished Skin
10 Best Face Masks for Men for Replenished Skin [ Photo ]
Published Jan. 28

Once in a while, a face mask doesn’t hurt. When a face wash, a body wash or a cream won’t do, turn to a face mask to provide you with a deep and soothing cleanse. Whether you indulge in a sheet face mask or a wash-off face mask, your skin will be the winner.

Once you’re done and the face mask is off, you’ll look and feel like a whole new man. If you’ve never used a face mask before, then you don’t know what you’re missing. But with so many options out there, where do you even begin? We’ve tested dozens of face mask products on the market to provide men with a no-nonsense guide to the best ones out there. Have a read and consider making a move on whichever one you vibe with. You’re going to go nuts when you figure out precisely what we mean about feeling fresh to death because of a face mask.

Here are the 10 best face masks for men for replenished skin.

1. Blu Atlas | Purifying Face Mask

If you haven’t added regular masking to your skincare routine, then you’re not doing everything possible for the smoothest, youngest-looking skin possible. A face mask should be the cornerstone of your routine, and this Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask is the finest choice available. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it’s a potent exfoliate and hydrator that you should be using two to three times every week.

Giving your skin both a deep clean and hydration, this Blu Atlas face mask provides a one-two punch you won’t find in most other masks. The kaolin clay and charcoal powder are the keys to this mask’s exfoliating prowess. Together, they dive deep into your pores to soak up any oil and pollutants buried in your skin. The grape seed oil is also an excellent touch that is known for its holistic anti-acne properties. And to complement these cleansers, the goji berry extract and microalgae work to lock in moisture while removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Many face masks exfoliate but dry your skin in the process. Others leave your skin hydrated but also oily. The Blu Atlas Purifying Face Mask finely balances the two extremes, leaving behind ultra-clean skin that is also full of moisture. With Blu Atlas’ customer satisfaction guarantee to boot, we had to give their face mask our #1 spot.

2. Bulldog | Oil Control Face Mask

The Bulldog men’s skincare brand is growing in popularity by the day. As a result, their products are becoming more widely available. The company is committed to using all-natural ingredients and makes sure that their products don’t contain artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances or any ingredient sourced from an animal. Their Oil Control Face Mask is especially recommended for guys with a pesky oil control problem.

The face mask from Bulldog features three key and all-natural ingredients: witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. Additionally, it contains three different kinds of clay: kaolin, Cornish and volcanus.

Combined, these ingredients work to remove all excess oil, toxins, dirt and impurities from the skin and create a cleaner, smoother surface. To use the mask, apply a generous amount of the product to your face and leave it on for roughly 10 minutes. Use it once a week for control—more than that, and you risk drying out your skin.

Bulldog is a remarkable brand that we’re certain has a long, illustrious future ahead of it. Their products are solid quality and get the job done with no exceptions. This mask will leave your skin feeling fresher, with unclogged pores and rebalanced oil zones. We definitely recommend this brand for more than just this particular face mask. Explore all of their skincare products.

3. Oars + Alps | Oil Attacker Face Mask

Oily skin, are you ready for this? Highly unlikely. As one of the top men’s grooming product brands, Oars + Alps knows what they’re doing when it comes to quality skincare. Oars + Alps has grown into a highly successful business in recent years, thanks to products that are of excellent quality and design. Their face mask offering is called Oil Attacker, so it must be serious about getting your skin to a better place.

Made using natural ingredients, the Oars + Alps face mask features kaolin, bentonite and glacial oceanic sea silt. Each element is responsible for making this product highly efficient. The kaolin component improves blood circulation while removing waste and toxins from the skin. Bentonite lifts the dirt from the pores. The sea silt is a glacial oceanic clay that cleanses, nourishes and revives the skin while clearing up pores in your face. Together, these create a well-rounded and rather intensive face mask that you can wear for roughly five to 10 minutes once or twice a week.

This powerful face wash works to remove excess oil from your skin without removing the remaining oils that you need. It won’t dry up your skin at all, which is an added benefit. Once the face mask has worked its way through the pores and along the surface of your face to cleanse it, you’ll notice that this powerful mask actually tightens your pores to decrease further breakouts.

The Oars + Alps Oil Attacker contains niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3. This vitamin removes blemishes, decreases redness and smooths uneven skin tones.

4. Disco | Rejuvenating Face Mask

If you’re looking to introduce a little party to your skincare routine, head to Disco! No, we’re not telling you to hit the club—we’re actually referring to one of the best face masks on the planet. Disco’s face mask works for pretty much every skin type. The company was founded on a science-based approach to skincare for men and produces natural and vegan-friendly products right here in the U.S.

This face mask relies on three key ingredients to promote healthier skin: bentonite clay, charcoal and willow bark extract. Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring mineral with powerful properties capable of treating oily skin and controlling acne breakouts. Charcoal is a face-mask mainstay that absorbs toxins and removes dirt and bacteria. Finally, the willow bark extract is the perfect rejuvenator to pump life back into your face while soothing the skin after intensive detoxing. It’s like a disco party for your face!

There are many ingredients that Disco avoided in carefully crafting their eucalyptus face mask. True to the company’s all-natural vision, you won’t find any parabens, gluten, artificial colors, propylene glycol or phthalates in this product. The scent left behind is a calming eucalyptus that soothes the skin and smells fantastic, which is a big bonus.

Disco goes the extra mile with this all-natural face mask. You might even catch yourself heading to the disco just to show off that fresh and radiant face.

5. Aztec Secret | Indian Healing Clay

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a 100% natural calcium bentonite face mask, and it is one powerful bad boy. In just five to 20 minutes, this clay will act like a vacuum to remove dirt from your pores. The calcium bentonite goes deep into the skin to draw the impurities out.

Bentonite clay typically forms from volcanic ash that is weathered in seawater. It contains numerous beneficial and skin-friendly substances that do the dirty work to leave you with a clean face. Aztec Secret gets the clay from California’s Death Valley, famous for being one of the hottest places on Earth.

Bentonite clay is not limited to being used on the face—it’s good for all skin. You can use it to remedy acne and prepare clay baths and clay foot soaks. Some people even use the paste to treat rashes or as a hair rejuvenator. But if you’ve got sensitive skin, we don’t recommend leaving this healing clay on for longer than 10 minutes as it may cause irritation and drying.

This unique product is surprisingly effective and loaded with benefits to ensure a deep and natural clean. Your skin will feel a whole lot different once the Aztecs get hold of it, and you’ll be left rejuvenated and full of life.

6. BARBER PRO | Face Putty

BARBER PRO is a U.K.-based brand that was established in 2015 to meet men’s skincare needs. The company’s product line is built around natural and effective ingredients that have been certified cruelty-free by PETA. We tested the brand’s signature Face Putty and immediately knew we had to add it to this list.

The Face Putty is suitable for all skin types and works to manage the even oiliest of skins. Its four key ingredients are activated charcoal, deep sea water, green tea and gingko biloba leaf extract.

First, activated charcoal removes any impurities on your skin and unclogs any pores. Deep sea water takes on oil while acting as an anti-inflammatory. Green tea combats any signs of aging and leaves the skin rejuvenated after application. Finally, the ginkgo biloba leaf extract stimulates healing and remedies sun damage. A single treatment takes roughly 10 minutes. You’ll be left with fresh skin and a light scent of lavender, strawberry, tea tree oil and citrus.

This mask works effectively to provide a clean, smooth finish. As a result, your skin will feel renewed and detoxified. However, it won’t be dried out (always a concern with skincare products), thanks to the moisturizing effect of the tea tree oil and various other ingredients. The product will rebalance your oily zones, and this can last a relatively long time. If you want the optimal outcome, you’ll likely have to commit to weekly or bi-weekly applications.

BARBER PRO’s Face Putty is free of mineral oils, petroleum, parabens and lanolin. In a single pack, you get three sachets, which are six applications. Once you’ve used this face mask a few times, you’ll start noticing a lasting brightness to your skin that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve. With consistent use, you’ll be improving the health of your skin and leaving your skin rebalanced and purified.

7. BEAST | Facial Balancing Mask

Are you looking to show your skin who’s boss? If your skin is oily, then it’s time to bring out the beast! BEAST’s face mask leverages kaolin clay to rebalance oily skin, clear out pores, get rid of grime and leave behind a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face.

BEAST’s facial mask is made with various high-profile ingredients designed to get the job done effectively. In addition to the kaolin clay, the face mask’s formula includes lactic acid, activated charcoal, bakuchiol, green tea, willow bark, apple, sugarcane, orange, vitamin C and lemon. When you use this product, you get a powerful exfoliant that, while gentle, does a fantastic job of unlocking and clearing out all that dirt hidden in trapped pores. In addition, this face mask works effortlessly to rebalance oily zones.

You can use the product two to three times a week for at least 10 minutes each time. Make sure you clean your skin beforehand to let the face wash focus on the problematic aspects of your skin and not just the elements on the surface. You can also use the mask as an overnight spot treatment. This product excludes harmful chemicals like parabens and synthetic coloring agents. It is designed with a natural health approach that won’t have you using more artificial ingredients than you need.

8. Jaxon Lane | BRO MASK

First off, we love this product’s name. After all, let’s be realistic: Most of us guys don’t start our mornings with the immediate thought of putting on a face mask.

The Bro Mask is the flagship product of Jaxon Lane, a California-based brand. Husband and wife duo Alex and Jen started Jaxon Lane after Alex struggled to find any skincare products that he liked. In fact, he found himself using Jen’s products! In keeping with the great American spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the pair set out to design their own solution to their household problem. The result was a fully fledged men’s skincare brand that has been featured everywhere from Men’s Health to GQ.

The Bro Mask comes in a pack of four single-use masks. These masks are made of a hydrogel sheet and are designed for all skin types. The masks are actually made in two pieces—bearded bros will use only the top piece. Fun fact: Nick Jonas raves about this award-winning product, though we’re not sure if that’s a selling point.

Getting into the nitty gritty—the mask is loaded with 3% niacinamide, collagen, peptides, licorice, ginger, green tea and hyaluronic acid. Simply translated, that’s a ton of great ingredients that are highly beneficial for your skin. Collagen alone improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow, reducing redness and puffiness. The Bro Mask also promotes an even skin tone and youthful glow, resulting in one heck of an addition to your skincare routine.

9. Brickell Men’s Products | Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

A good mask should contain more natural ingredients than chemicals, considering it’s going to be on your face for longer than a few seconds. Brickell is a great brand when it comes to embracing the natural way of crafting skincare products. Their purifying face mask contains one of the best natural ingredients for skincare products, and that’s charcoal.

The product is for any skin type; there’s no need to concern yourself about whether your skin can or cannot handle the treatment. Apart from charcoal, the product relies on kaolin clay and MSMs to do away with impurities and pores. Additionally, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera repair damaged skin and enhance its appearance by making it tighter and cleaner. To use the product, apply an even layer to your face after cleaning and drying it. Spread the mask throughout and allow it to dry for 10-20 minutes. The product is designed to be used one or two times per week.

All of the ingredients in this face mask are natural, in line with Brickell’s vision. As a result, the brand has created a well-balanced and effective face mask that produces some outstanding results and feels fantastic on your skin.

10. WOLF PROJECT | Hydrating Face Mask Sheet

Inspired by timeless beauty rituals he discovered in Asia, former Procter & Gamble brand director Francesco Urso decided to craft his own line of premium men’s skincare products. This led to the birth of the Wolf Project. The brand started with sheet masks and has been expanded to include eye creams and facial cleansers. Leveraging the latest technology, the Wolf Project’s signature sheet mask is designed in Switzerland and made in South Korea.

A single pack of the sheet mask contains five sheets. The key ingredient is bamboo charcoal, which is known to help erase fine lines and diminish wrinkles while hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

Additional ingredients of the sheet mask are vitamin B3, tea tree extracts, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, which all work to replenish and purify the skin. Like all products on this list, this mask sheet is easy to apply: simply cleanse your face, place and adjust the mask, and leave for 10-15 minutes before removing. You can enjoy this product once per week and watch as your face gets better after every use. Your skin tone will even out, your face will clear up and everything will tighten considerably.

The Wolf Project’s sheet mask is composed of 95% natural ingredients and doesn’t include any artificial fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. Instead, what you’re getting is a clean face mask to produce an even cleaner face.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do face masks work?

We get this question a lot from guys. For whatever reason, face masks have come to be seen as women’s items, garnering little interest from men. While that outdated notion is thankfully changing, we know a lot of guys still have questions.

Face masks offer a relatively fast yet highly potent treatment to your facial skin. Upon removing your mask, you’ll likely notice instant results. Your skin will be significantly smoother, and it should shine brighter and clearer than before.

Masks are powerful because they combine the best aspects of a facial care routine into one treatment. A good face mask will hydrate your skin at the deepest levels, draw out impurities hidden deep in your pores, and even out your skin tone.

If you want to look your absolute best for a big date or job interview, absolutely consider masking up to bring your appearance to the next level.

A word of caution, however: masks should only be used once or twice a week. Use them too often and you run the risk of making your skin too oily and vulnerable to breakouts. And if your skin is on the sensitive side, the nutrients and exfoliating powers of a mask can cause irritation.

Can a face mask replace my facial care routine?

Nope. That’s not really the point of a mask. Masks indeed deliver a blast of nutrients and rejuvenation to your face, but nothing beats routine maintenance. Your face encounters dirt, dust, and pollutants that should be eradicated on a daily basis with a cleanser. And to prevent your skin from drying out, you also need to moisturize daily. Masks are something of a luxury that should be used sparingly (or as directed on the packaging). They’re intended to supplement, not replace a regular skincare routine.

What are the various types of face masks?

Not all face masks are created equally, and different masks may be better for different skin types. While our list of mask types is not exhaustive, here are the main kinds of masks you’re likely to see.

Sheet masks are designed for single use. They’re face-shaped and come in a sealed package because they’re soaked in potent serums, that are meant to stay on your skin. By using a sheet mask, you can expect a bright, healthy glow from the moment you take it off. You may look like the main character from Texas Chainsaw Massacre while it’s on, but you’ll be ready for the red carpet once you take it off.

Clay masks are perfect for drawing out impurities from the deepest crevices of your skin. If your skin is normal to oily, this is a great option for you. Clay is highly absorbent and will soak up any excess oils. Be sure to wait until the mask is fully dried before taking it off.

Peel-off masks are designed for our dry-skinned brethren. Once dry, they tighten up to increase blood flow to your face. They remove blemishes and toxins from your skin, as well as those hard to reach blackheads. When removing, try to peel the mask off in a single motion.

Like clay masks, mud masks are intense skin purifiers. Mud, however, has properties that allow it to speed up your skin’s healing and repair processes. So if you have any blemishes you want to get rid of quickly, try out a mud mask.

What are some best practices for using a face mask?

We’ve hinted at some guidelines to follow for using a face mask, but here are three specific tips from our skincare team.

1. Patience is a virtue: With masks, patience is crucial. Masks are extremely effective because their robust formulas penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to withdraw impurities and provide hydration. Like all great things, this takes time. Far too often, people will put their mask on and let it sit for only a minute or two. That’s a waste of product and money. You may as well just use a facial scrub and moisturizer instead. Each mask is a little different, so be sure to read the product’s use instructions. You’re likely going to have to wait a bit while the mask does its work. Put on a podcast, meditate, or otherwise occupy yourself—and don’t take your mask off too early.

2. Skip your nighttime routine on face mask days: Again, masks are not skincare routine replacements. However, when you use a mask, you can forget your routine for that night. Face masks are loaded with nutrients and hydrators, and they’ll continue to work after you’ve taken the mask off. Don’t interrupt the mask’s progress by using some kind of exfoliator. Additionally, you don’t want to overload your face with product because that can cause it to get oily and thereby cause breakouts. If you use a face mask on a given day, we would avoid applying other skincare products later that evening.

3. Consistency is Key: If you use a face mask once or twice a week, every week, you’ll see better results. This part may seem obvious, but some people only mask sporadically because it’s time-consuming. While we’ve warned you of the dangers of over-masking, we’re not suggesting you only mask rarely. Use your products as instructed, and your results will only improve over time.


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