Blu Atlas Review: Luxury Skincare for Men Worth the Splurge

Blu Atlas Review: Luxury Skincare for Men Worth the Splurge
Blu Atlas Review: Luxury Skincare for Men Worth the Splurge [ Photo ]
Published Feb. 2, 2022

For a man in today’s world, the concept of “grooming” is constantly expanding and evolving.

With previous generations, to keep groomed usually meant a basic shower, shave and removal of unsightly bodily hairs. Maybe a little dab of cologne if you’re feeling fancy.

Now it’s an entirely different ballpark. To stay presentable, you need to get into the complexities of taking care of your skin and hair.

Don’t worry if it all still seems confusing to you. The normalization of men’s skincare has been gradual but steadily growing, and many men are still catching up. Thankfully there have been brands that make it all accessible and easier to understand.

Today we want to shine a spotlight on what we believe to be the finest of them all: Blu Atlas.

Premium Skincare for the Modern Man

Blu Atlas is a company passionate about making the best men’s grooming products possible. Every one of their products is formulated by an experienced team of scientists and health experts, and are made with 100% natural, premium-quality ingredients.

From shaving creams to deodorant, and fragrances to exfoliating scrubs, you’ll find the Blu Atlas shop packed with products made to help you look and feel your best.

So let’s dive into what they have to offer.

Skincare is Self-Care

Your skin does a very important job. As the largest organ, its role is to protect everything it covers from outside elements. It’s not an easy task, either. Over time it endures the wear and tear that comes with whatever environment you’re in.

That’s why it’s crucial to maintain its health like you would any other part of your body. With the product line-up from Blu Atlas, you can create a winning skincare routine.

So let’s start with the eyes. People often call our eyes the “windows” to our soul. Unfortunately even the cleanest windows can be marred by damaged framing. For this we suggest the restorative eye stick. It harnesses the anti-aging power of algae extracts, vitamin C and caffeine to clear up those dark, puffy circles around your eyes.

Do you have other dark spots that need to be taken care of? Their vitamin C serum should do the trick nicely. Its formula is bolstered by vitamin C, along with other ingredients like mulberry root extract, in order to evenly tone your skin and reduce any unwanted discolorations.

Next up is their volcanic ash face cleanser. This is a product meant to absorb any impurities and excess oils from your skin. It also has probiotic ingredients that fortify your skin’s natural microbiome and protect it against any environmental aggressors.

If you want an even deeper clean, then Blu Atlas’ exfoliating scrub is exactly what you’re looking for. It uses hibiscus flower extract, jojoba oil and bamboo extract to penetrate, nourish and defend your skin from impurities.

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking, “are you going to tell me to put on a face mask and a couple cucumbers too?” And the answer is yes, of course. Well, the cucumbers are optional.

Blu Atlas makes a truly exceptional face mask that will make believers out of even the biggest skeptics. Its secret is a combination of kaolin clay, goji berry and micro-algae extract. So while it’s removing contaminants from your skin, it’s also actively feeding it with a supply of nutritious vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other good stuff.

Finally, with all that cleaning out of the way, it’s time for the face moisturizer. This keeps your skin from drying out and becoming dull with hydrating ingredients like mango seed butter and seaweed extract. Now your skin can stay bright, healthy and attractive throughout the day.

Hit Those Showers

There are few activities more refreshing than a good shower. Whether you’re starting your day with a brisk rinse, or washing away the accumulated grime at the end of a busy day, showering is vital to the maintenance of your body.

So why not make it even better?

Toss out your old collection of shower gels (Goodbye, Axe! See ya later, Old Spice!) and replace them with Blu Atlas’ body wash. Their body wash is fortified with green tea, sugar cane, aloe vera and other ingredients. It’s a blend designed to cleanse your pores and make your skin softer and fully moisturized.

Next comes the hair, of course. Your mane deserves just as much love after all. You really can’t beat the shampoo offered by Blu Atlas in this case. Their use of jojoba oil and aloe leaf ensures that your scalp and hair follicles get nourished with a rich diet of vitamins and antioxidants. This is best followed by their conditioner to lock in the moisture, soothe your scalp, and keep your hair looking extra luxurious.

Shaving Time

For those who enjoy having a clean-shaven face, or at least one that’s somewhat tamed, then shaving supplies are a priority on your grooming list.

Shaving is an area that can be a bit of a pain, though. Who among us hasn’t even gotten a nick that stung throughout the day, or irritating razor burn that made you regret shaving in the first place?

The solution to this problem is upping your shaving game. The more you invest in better products, the less of a chance of things going wrong.

For instance, consider Blu Atlas’ shave cream. All you need is a thin layer for a smooth and easy shave, as its ingredients are specifically formulated to prevent cuts and reduce inflammation.

Then after a rinse with warm water, you can apply some of their aftershave. With its mixture of shea butter, aloe leaf and rose water, not only will it provide instant relief to any nicks or burns, but also nourish and heal your skin in the process.

Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. With Blu Atlas, you can make it a treat for yourself.

Smelling Great All Day

Grooming doesn’t only involve improving your visual appearance. There’s another important sense that affects how others perceive you: smell.

Let’s be honest here, there’s some particularly sweaty and smelly guys out there. That’s just a fact. Whether it’s from physical labor, exercise, or genetics, some of us can really work up a formidable body odor.

That is where Blu Atlas’ deodorant comes in to save the day. Their aluminum-free formula features natural ingredients such as volcanic ash and coco-caprylate. Together they work together to soothe your skin, remove impurities and eliminate offensive odors.

Neutralizing the odor is only the first step, though. Sometimes there’s situations where you want to smell great.

Atlantis by Blu Atlas is their signature fragrance that adds that final touch of perfection to your grooming routine. It is an aromatic eau de parfum that combines pleasing notes of bergamot, clary sage and patchouli. This woody and citrusy medley of scents will give others an excuse to stand a bit closer to you.

The Blu Atlas Experience

Blu Atlas is not just a line-up of amazing, high-quality products. They are an experience.

You can tell that Blu Atlas is a company that puts care and attention into everything that they do. From the classy packaging to their customer support, they make certain that you walk away satisfied with every purchase.

Read on to learn more about what makes Blu Atlas stand out from other men’s grooming product brands.

Subscribe and Save

If you’re looking for a real steal, then you should consider signing up for a subscription. You won’t regret it.

With Blu Atlas’ monthly subscription plan, you get a generous 20% off every order. This is a great option for those who plan to use skincare products regularly and need a steady supply delivered to their door.

You don’t have to stress about getting roped into a binding contract when you sign up either. Their subscriptions can be paused, canceled and modified at any time. There’s no obligations attached and you won’t get punished for stopping early. You can even manage your subscription directly from their website whenever you want.

Shipping Options

When you’re placing an order over the internet, shipping is always an important factor to consider. It’s a huge positive when a company provides a variety of options.

That’s exactly what you get with Blu Atlas. Not only do they offer free shipping with orders over $75, but also expedited shipping in most cases. So if you need your order within a certain time frame—for instance if you bought it as a gift for a friend or loved one’s birthday that is soon approaching—you can choose to upgrade the shipping to ensure that it arrives sooner.

World-Class Customer Service

Sometimes things go wrong. Anybody who regularly makes online purchases can attest to that.

For instance, maybe you placed an order for the wrong product, and didn’t realize it until after you opened the package. This type of situation might fill you with dread just thinking about having to deal with customer service in order to correct the mistake.

No need to worry about that with Blu Atlas, though. Their customer service is exceptional in every way. They’re not just quick to respond, but they’re also friendly and knowledgeable. So you can feel free to ask them any questions or seek recommendations if you’re feeling lost.

Whether you have an urgent issue that needs resolving, or don’t know what product is right for you, Blu Atlas has you covered.

Absolute Satisfaction

Everybody is different, and sometimes even the best skincare products just don’t work for your individual needs. That’s why every order with Blu Atlas comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, what does that guarantee actually include?

It means that whether your order is partially used or yet to be opened, you can return it for a full refund if you’re not happy with the product or no longer want it.

This is a policy that everybody should be able to get behind. It speaks of a brand that is certain about its quality, and has empathy and flexibility towards its customers.

Where to Start

Some men are entirely new to the world of skincare, and might not be sure where to even begin. There’s no need to feel ashamed about that. We all have to start somewhere.

This is why Blu Atlas has created their Starter Set. It is a single handy package that contains their body wash, face moisturizer, face cleanser and deodorant.

Using these products together will set you off on the right foot to creating a better grooming routine and having a happier, healthier appearance.


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