Best Tarot Card Reading: Learn About the Past, Present, and Future from Trusted Psychics

Best Tarot Card Reading: Learn About the Past, Present, and Future from Trusted Psychics
Best Tarot Card Reading: Learn About the Past, Present, and Future from Trusted Psychics [ Photo ]
Published Feb. 4, 2022

Not everyone can count on a local psychic near you, so online psychics are an ideal choice. In our guide, we look at the best tarot card reading websites.

Curious about your future? Will you find adventure, success, and love? A powerful, ancient psychic tool, tarot card reading is a great way to put your mind at ease about what’s to come. The cards have something to say.

In this guide today, we scoured the web to find all the reliable online tarot reading sites. There are several tarot platforms to choose from. Not every website is at the minimum quality you should expect, however.

Let’s look through the best online tarot reading sites to make your search as easy as possible. We’ll also touch on tips to make the most of your reading and answer some essential questions you might have.

The 7 Best Online Tarot Reading Sites for 2022

Kasamba - Best overall tarot reading website

Keen - Best for love tarot readings

AskNow - Best for future prediction psychic readings

Oranum - Best for video tarot card reading

MysticSense - Best for their variety of psychic reading services


First up is one of the most well-known and oldest tarot reading sites. Kasamba is home to thousands of tarot readers and certified psychics worldwide. Get expertise in a variety of psychic reading types.

Fortune-telling, clarity on relationships or love, career advice, astrology, dream analysis — you name it, Kasamba offers it. It’s why it landed number one on our list. There’s plenty to love and some downsides to each of the platforms in this review, though.


● Look through advisors’ detailed profile pages to find your favorite

● Get 70% off as a new user per their introductory offer

● The vast array of services means you can get guidance for anything

● Get a free tarot reading for the first three minutes

● There’s a section dedicated to tarot cards

● User-friendly app available for both iOS and Android devices

● Customer service is prompt and helpful


● Experts vary in price rates, so some you may find expensive

● So many options available can be overwhelming to a beginner

● No video readings are available


When you’re looking for love, the psychics at Keen know how to help. Even beyond love, the tarot reading site offers quite a variety of other psychic evaluations. They even have Mayan, Vedic, and Chinese astrology readings available, so they come versatilely prepared.

With decades of experience, the platform boasts an impressive database of talented, experienced psychics and advisors. There are over 1,700 advisors to choose from, each positively reviewed by their past customers.


● Readings start at $1.99 for a full ten minutes of readings, a reasonable introductory offer.

● New users also get a free tarot card reading of three minutes

● In the business for almost 20 years, making them a reliable reading platform

● Trustworthy and completely confidential

● Make your psychic selection process more manageable by narrowing the search through filters.

● Choose between phone or online chat readings


● Not much info about the company background

● Users may feel there’s no personal connection to their readers

● It can be pricier than some other platforms depending on reading lengths and frequency


Fortune-telling doesn’t have to be a lost art. Many reliable, genuine online psychics keep the practice alive and well. AskNow is home to a number of these reliable psychics.

It’s one of the most used tarot card reading platforms since its start in 2005. An interactive website, its unique features make it a worthy contender alone. The site also boasts top-rated masters in their fields. Get a qualified reading from professionals that know their stuff on AskNow.


● Introductory offer of $1 per minute and a five-minute free bonus

● Free daily horoscopes

● Chat and phone readings are both available options

● Readings are offered in both English and Spanish

● Psychic services are available 24/7

● Gain access to a user-friendly app


● The free online tarot reading only applies to the first session

● Some options can be costly, but it depends on the advisor’s rates


Offering something new to the field of tarot, Oranum works as a video-only platform. The video-only interface means you get to see the friendly face of your selected online psychic advisor. The video readings add a personal touch to the sessions, making it feel less like an online interview and more like a genuine reading.


● The first 10 minutes are free for new users in the form of $9.99 in free credits upon signup.

● Free blog content about psychic arts and other valuable info

● Hundreds of psychics to choose from with a wide range of specializations and filters

● The website has an interactive design which makes it easy to navigate

● Narrow in on options that fit your budget

● Video-only interface, so the readings are more accurate and feel more personal.


● No satisfaction guarantee

● Could have a more user-friendly interface

● No phone readings


MysticSense lands as the best tarot card reading site for its variety of services available. Furthermore, the ability to reach specialists by online chat, phone, and even video is incredibly appealing.


● Free daily horoscopes

● Get five minutes for free for a love or general tarot card reading

● Community forum allows you another route to find answers

● Find helpful articles on various spiritual topics

● Select psychics based on their specializations in various categories

● Impressively affordable considering the quality of services

● Experts are available through online chat, phone, and even video calls


● No mobile app

● Must subscribe to get the free daily horoscope

● One of the newer tarot card reading sites, not as old as many others in the market.

6. Psychic Source

Psychic Source works with a smaller but still reliable network of qualified tarot readers and psychics. While the pool is smaller than other platforms on this list, hundreds of certified professionals are still available to choose from. Get an insightful, honest reading no matter what subject you’re after.


● A tempting introductory offer for new customers at just $0.66 a minute, plus three free minutes.

● After the introductory prices, rates are still reasonably affordable here

● Plenty of tools available to match you with the right tarot reader for your situation

● There’s even an interactive Find a Psychic tool to guide you, with questions, toward your psychic match

● Listen to readers’ recordings to get their feel before you schedule a reading with the right one


● Their introductory offer can clog readers’ schedules, making it difficult to find a time for your reading.

● No video reading options are available.

7. California Psychics

Last but certainly not least on our list is California Psychics. Professionalism is at its peak on this platform. It’s the best tarot card reading site for its ease of use, friendly interface, and quality.

You get pure, premium-level tarot readings when you work with a psychic from California Psychics.


● Get tarot readings for as little as $1 a minute as a new customer

● Hundreds of positive reviews for the site are available

● See how many people are waiting for readings ahead of you (or skip the wait when you schedule an appointment)

● The site makes it easy to schedule a reading in advance

● Launched in 1995, the platform’s psychics have performed thousands of readings

● Each tarot reader’s profile is detailed, easy to understand, and even shows their live, current availability


● The estimated wait time for a reading can be over 2 hours, which is why it’s good to schedule a meeting.

● The platform doesn’t frequently offer free minutes or free readings

Advantages to Tarot Readings Online

There are many benefits to getting a tarot reading from an online psychic. Let us count the ways!

● Convenient — experts are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

● Wide range of choices and readings at your disposal

● No need to travel — do it all nestled in bed or on the couch if you want!

● Online tarot readings may offer discounts and special offers you wouldn’t get from a local reader.

● Confidentiality — the online world is far more anonymous, and your info is secure.

● And more! What’s your favorite reason for favoring online tarot card readers?

5 Tips for Working with a Professional Tarot Card Reader

If you’re new to tarot, it never hurts to come prepared with some tips. Here’s some friendly advice to help you make the most of your reading.

1. Decide on a type of reading

General tarot card readers are also an option. However, you can get more out of your time with a psychic by utilizing a specific type. Whether for love, career advice, or something else entirely, narrow in on what type of reading you’re after.

2. Determine your preferred type of reader

Just as diverse as the types of readings are the types of readers in the online space. Do you want someone straightforward and to the point? Perhaps someone inspirational and a bit more gentle? Maybe you want someone with years of experience to ease you into things.

3. Read through psychic reviews

Get a better idea of which reader is the best match for you with their past reviews.

4. Set a budget

Rates can vary wildly in the tarot card world. Decide on what budget you’re comfortable with before you dive too far in.

5. State your question clearly

Finally, go in prepared with the exact question you want to ask. Then, state it clearly to ensure you receive the most accurate guidance.

FAQs About Online Tarot Card Readings & Tarot Reading Sites

What is the best type of tarot card reading?

The best type of online tarot reading will depend on the individual. You might need a reading for love, career advice, money, or something else entirely.

There are dozens of types of tarot card readings out there, so find what feels right to you. Different types of tarot may come in and out of your rotation depending on your life. Each life we lead weaves a pattern that tarot can pick up on!

Are tarot cards accurate?

The short answer — yes, tarot readings are accurate. Online, genuine psychics provide truthful, reliable messages. It’s why we spent so much time sorting through all the online tarot card platforms. Our goal was to ensure you’ve got a healthy list of reputable websites to turn to.

What can I ask a tarot card reader? Can I ask a tarot reader any questions?

There are no restrictions as to what you can ask your reader. Ask any question you want on virtually any subject.

However, if you go in for a love reading, keep it within the subject of love. It’s ideal to see a reader specializing in one of these categories to get a detailed reading.

How often should I do online tarot readings?

If you do tarot card readings too regularly, especially for the same question, the results may start to lose meaning. However, every user is different, so frequency is subjective. We recommend seeing an online tarot card reader once monthly for the majority.

You may notice your inner growth and development between each session. Some time between sessions may even lead to substantial changes, sometimes exceptionally if you follow your reading.

Bottom Line

You’ve got a complete list of the best tarot card reading websites on the web. Now, you can try out their introductory offers and see which one appeals to you the most. We hope this info helps you feel better prepared for finding your ideal online tarot reader.

Best of all, you never have to leave the house to experience any of it! Once you’ve found a website that fits your needs, you can get the solutions and guidance you were seeking.