15 Best Natural Face Moisturizers

15 Best Natural Face Moisturizers
15 Best Natural Face Moisturizers [ Photo ]
Published Feb. 27, 2022

The importance of moisturizing your facial skin cannot be understated. Moisture is the key ingredient for almost any skin problem, whether acne, oiliness, dryness, age spots, or sun damage.

Everything from the moisturizing ingredients you use to the massaging motion you use when rubbing it onto your face can stimulate cell growth and increase blood flow. The result is younger, healthier-looking skin.

There are hundreds of face moisturizers you could use for your face. But choosing an all-natural face moisturizer is the wisest choice. Let’s dive into this idea and identify 15 of our favorite best natural face moisturizers.

We love using the power of nature to get the best moisturizing results. It’s amazing what essential oils and plant-derived components can do to restore your skin’s protective barrier and add vitality to your epidermis.

We wanted to demonstrate what natural facial moisturizers can do for your skin. So here are the 15 best natural face moisturizers to do the job.

1. Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer

Blu Atlas’s face moisturizer offers rejuvenating properties, ultra-hydration, and clean ingredients. It uses the power of seaweed, a highly effective moisturizing ingredient that’s been used for centuries to restore vitality to the skin.

Seaweed extract has a dozen properties that are great for your skin. To begin with, it’s an antioxidant that chases away free radicals and pollutants that can easily cause skin damage and even put you at risk for cancer. It’s also an extremely gentle exfoliant that will remove dead skin cells and help unclog pores. Finally, it regulates oil production to brighten, hydrate, and balance out your skin tone.

The other key ingredient here is mango seed butter, which is loaded with vitamins E & C. These vitamins boost your skin’s protective barrier, offering added protection from sunlight and pollution. Some studies have even shown that mango seed extract can prevent damage to your skin from blue light.

The ingredients list is short and clean, so we’re confident in this cream’s ability to heal our skin issues without the extras we just don’t need in skincare.

2. Alpyn Beauty Triple C Brightening Bounce Cream

This moisturizer is more than 50% organic aloe, so you know it’ll do an excellent job of moisturizing your skin. It’s ideal for adding hydration and increasing elasticity to your skin. It also contains a high volume of vitamin C to brighten skin and give it a more youthful look.

It also contains wild chokecherry, rich in antioxidants to chase away environmental pollutants. The caffeic acid in the chokecherry extract also plumps, lifts, and brightens skin.

If you read the ingredients list, you can see that it’s loaded with all-natural ingredients. There are extracts from endless plants with skin-rejuvenating benefits. You get lasting hydration without chemicals, and you can use it morning or night for soft and supple skin.

3. Prima the Afterglow Vegan Collagen Cream

It’s easy to love this collagen cream that plumps and refines skin. While it’s a little pricier than others on our list, you’re paying for the research and cleaner, plant-derived ingredients that come with it.

Prima the Afterglow Vegan Collagen Cream uses whole-plant hemp extract, with many benefits for skin health. Along with the hemp oil, it contains hyaluronic acid, vegan collagen, an ayurvedic adaptogen that rebuilds the amino acids that your skin needs to create more collagen.

It’s hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and clinically tested to be an effective product. This company also uses certified natural plastic to reduce its environmental footprint further.

4. True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

You might recognize the brand True Botanicals, as it’s been around for a few years creating skincare products that rely on natural ingredients. This serum uses essential oils to help improve the appearance and health of your skin.

It’s formulated to target aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, algae extract, and 14 seed oils that help to absorb moisture into your skin.

It’s been clinically tested with overwhelmingly positive results. Every woman in the trial reported more luminous skin, fewer wrinkles and fine lines, and improved hydration.

This oil is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, but it does use jasmine, neroli, and rose oils to give the oil a pleasant fragrance. If you’re sensitive to that, it might not be the best product for you. It might not be great for oily skin, either.

5. OSEA Advanced Protection Cream

The brand OSEA uses sea-based ingredients to develop natural skincare products that can change your life for the better. Their lineup includes one of the best natural face moisturizers available today. It’s ideal for dry, sensitive, and aging skin, as it uses ultra-hydrating ingredients and essential oils to hydrate and eliminate signs of aging.

The secret ingredient is DPHP. It’s a plant-derived amino acid that can firm up skin and restore collagen and elasticity. The result is fewer wrinkles and signs of aging. Like Blu Atlas’s face moisturizer, this one also uses seaweed to lock in moisture, but unlike Blu Atlas’s cream, this one will deliver a massive blow to your wallet.

6. 100% Pure Rose Water Hydrating Milk

Rosewater has many healing and hydrating properties, and this hydrating serum is chock full of it, along with a host of other moisturizing and skin-firming ingredients.

100% Pure has various skincare and makeup products that use the purest and healthiest ingredients for the skin. Each component is plant-derived, all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

As for the moisturizing effect, it’s pretty potent. It’s a liquid moisturizer rather than a cream, and it uses rose hydrosol and hyaluronic acid to absorb into the skin and build healthier, brighter skin from the inside out. The hydrating milk soothes sensitive skin, reducing redness and irritation whether you use it at night or in the morning.

7. ROSEN Tropics Moisturizer

After naming off a few pricier moisturizer options, we wanted to give you a more budget-friendly option for one best natural face moisturizers. Rosen Skincare offers a tropical-plant-based moisturizer designed to minimize breakouts and scarring.

It uses pineapple extract to fade dark spots and calm oily skin. The pineapple extract acid helps balance out the oil production while hydrating the skin and tackling age. Hyaluronic acid and kojic acid also help to improve your skin’s texture and boost collagen production.

The company warns that users of this product should use sunscreen after using this product for extra sun protection.

8. Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30

There are dozens of essential oils making up the hydrating cream that is this daily moisturizer. There’s aloe vera, shea butter, zinc oxide, broccoli seed oil, avocado oil, chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, and so much more.

Zinc oxide is one of the most potent natural minerals in this cream that creates sunscreen to prevent further damage from UVA and UVB rays. It’s an all-natural sunscreen that the FDA and EU approved.

The essential oils and extracts riddled throughout this cream have unique jobs. Together, they repair, protect, and moisturize skin. Fatty acids, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other plant-derived elements enhance skin protection and combat the oiliest and most acne-prone skin. It’s great for sensitive skin, as it has calming and soothing properties and isn’t likely to irritate your skin.

9. Tata Harper Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

You’ll feel like royalty using this luxurious lightweight gel moisturizer from Tata Harper. This moisturizer is best for oily and combination skin. It helps absorb oils, balance skin tone, and even out your complexion.

It’s a weightless water-based gel that uses 37 botanical ingredients. Chia seed water, marsh samphire, and tremella mushroom are just a few of the plants whose extracts moisturize and produce anti-aging effects, chasing off free radicals and evening the skin tone. Antioxidants also help to protect the skin and rid it of dangerous pollutants. Naturally-derived hyaluronic acid also helps plump and firm up the skin.

This is an all-natural product with 100% of its ingredients being plant-based. It’s also 70% organic, so you can enjoy this moisturizer guilt-free.

10. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream

Ursa Major is a well-received natural skincare line offering this Golden Hour Recovery Cream to promote a healthy glow. It relies on the power of several natural ingredients to restore your skin. It also smells fantastic with neroli, rose, and sandalwood essential oils creating a natural fragrance. It’s not for everyone, but if you like a little perfume to wake you up in the morning, you might enjoy this natural scent.

Ingredients like sea buckthorn, black currant, calendula, and sunflower work together to add oils and hydration to the skin. Sea buckthorn has a remarkable concentration of antioxidants and omega fatty acids to increase your skin’s hydration and prevent water from escaping.

11. Cocokind Texture Smoothing Cream

Good things come in small packages with this certified organic moisturizer from Cocokind. It’s all plant-based, with a unique celery superseed complex offering excellent hydration and healing. The combination of celery seed, vitamins, and minerals in this complex fight signs of aging and repair damaged skin for a brighter complexion.

Tsubaki seed oil, cucumber, and sunflower oil also play roles in firming up the skin and preventing water loss. Cucumber has been used for centuries to help water absorb back into the skin and fight wrinkles and fine lines.

We love that Cocokind is offering a certified organic moisturizer in recyclable packaging. It’s cruelty-free, made in the US, and an effective hydrator.

12. Juice Beauty Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

Dermatological researchers have discovered the benefits of using plant stem cells to essentially turn back the clock for your facial skin. Juice Beauty’s Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer uses the power of these youth-promoting cells to fight wrinkles and fine lines while repairing damage.

It also uses organic apple and grape juices plus jojoba oil to brighten and firm the complexion. The unique juice formula adds antioxidants to the skin, including vitamins C and E, to brighten and smooth out the complexion.

We also like that it’s certified organic, uses sustainable packaging, and is vegan and cruelty-free. The company also tries to give back when possible.

13. One Love Organics’ Skin Savior Balm

There’s a lot to love about One Love Organics’ Skin Savior Balm, including the fact that it uses organic and natural ingredients. It’s also from a company that gives back as it’s ECOCERT certified, cruelty-free, and without synthetic ingredients.

Organic coconut oil is a universal skin improver that targets dark spots, scars, and other irritants on the skin. Reviewers say that it healed their scabs overnight, improving the appearance of scars. Jojoba oil and orange peel wax help soften skin, and chia seeds absorb moisture and keep it close to your skin.

It also has a pleasant orange scent to wake you up in the morning. However, some said that the citrus caused a burning sensation on their skin, so beware if you’re sensitive to fragrances.

14. Weleda Sensitive Care Facial Lotion

Beeswax, almond oil, and prunus seed take the stage in this natural facial lotion designed for sensitive skin. They help soften and hydrate skin while soothing irritants.

Weleda is a sustainable company that’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan. It uses responsible practices to source its products and uses recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. You also don’t have to worry about fragrances, synthetic preservatives, or irritants bothering your sensitive skin.

15. Noto Botanics Moisture Riser Cream

Coming at at #15 on our list of the best natural face moisturizers, enjoy the anti-inflammatory, ultra-hydrating ingredients of Noto Botanics Moisture Riser Cream. It’s ideal for those seeking all-natural skincare to rejuvenate and restore damaged, dry skin. You can use it morning or night and enjoy its lightweight feel.

It’s organic with a host of sustainably farmed and sourced ingredients. Things like grapeseed oil, coconut oil, fatty alcohols, glycerin, xanthan gum, rose essential oils, and more help to nourish and brighten skin.

Essential vitamins and minerals help with inflammation and irritants while restoring elasticity to the skin. There’s also hyaluronic acid, blue tansy, marula oil, clary sage, carrot seed oil, and blue-green algae. They tackle bacteria and impurities and help clarify skin so it can be its best self.

At $50 for a tiny bottle, it’s certainly not a budget option, but you can use it on your hands, face, and neck for restorative effects.

Why Are Natural Face Moisturizers Better for You?

All-natural skincare has raised quite a commotion over the last few years as people research different chemical ingredients and want to choose more earth-friendly products to use. Some will only use natural products. But is a natural face moisturizer better for your skin?

It can be, but it’s not always. Many all-natural, organic ingredients can be highly soothing and beneficial for your skin. In fact, some with skin conditions can only use certified organic ingredients because their skin is so sensitive they can’t handle anything authentic.

But not all face moisturizers that use natural ingredients are better for you. Some actually contain ingredients that are bad for your skin.

The Federal Drug & Cosmetics (FD&C) organization regulates the sale and production of moisturizers, and they only recommend products that have been well-researched and clinically proven to be effective. However, they don’t always recommend natural products because there’s not enough research to support them.

It’s wise to consider the kinds of ingredients the FD&C approved before buying a natural moisturizer. The organization might not have gotten around to approving a moisturizer. Still, if it has a list of well-known ingredients that have proven effects in improving skin, it’s likely an excellent option for you.

However, some natural ingredients can be burning and damaging to the skin. Additionally, some components might not have been well-preserved, so they don’t maintain their natural properties and can be harmful to the skin.

Carefully research any natural skincare product before you become a customer. Natural ingredients have many benefits, but you should always understand what’s going onto your skin, especially if it hasn’t been clinically tested first.

What Ingredients Are Best for Moisturizers?

Every good moisturizer will have a list of ingredients that fall under the categories humectant, emollient, or occlusive. These are the elements you want to see restoring moisture to your skin. Let’s take a quick peek at each.


A humectant is any ingredient that attracts and absorbs moisture. When used in skincare, it rests on or near your skin’s top layer and keeps that hydration against your skin. It also helps prevent water from leaving your skin, offering long-lasting hydration.

Hyaluronic acid is one humectant you’ll find in many skincare products, particularly facial cleansers. It can hold up to 40 times its weight in moisture, so it’s a powerful ingredient in combatting dry or imbalanced skin.

Seaweed is another humectant that has super hydrating properties. As a marine botanical, it’s very adept at pulling moisture from the air and holding it against your skin. It also features vitamins and amino acids that help to improve collagen production, providing longer-lasting hydration than many humectants out there.

All-natural humectants include aloe vera, honey, naturally-derived glycerin, and cucumber.


When moisturizing your skin, you want ingredients that will soften and heal. An emollient soothes and softens rough skin, helping to heal chapped and cracked skin or dry patches like eczema.

These ingredients also help hold moisture in the skin by sealing cracks or weak spots in your epidermis and preventing water from escaping. They usually contain vitamins that help to boost the skin’s protective layer.

Mango butter is an excellent natural emollient brimming with vitamins E&C to help soften skin. It’s particularly adept at preventing damage from sunlight, aging, pollution, and blue light from screens.

Other all-natural emollients include almond oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and fatty acids.


An occlusive is any ingredient that protects your skin from the outside elements. It forms a protective barrier on top of your skin’s natural barrier to lock in moisture and prevent stressors from damaging it. Occlusives are especially important for those with eczema and other skin conditions susceptible to environmental stressors.

The most common occlusive is petroleum jelly, which is found in Vaseline or Aquaphor. It’s a non-comedogenic product that sits on top of the skin and delivers moisture while preventing water from escaping.

Another example of an occlusive is beeswax, which can form a protective layer on the skin. It doesn’t absorb as well into the skin as other ingredients, which can benefit those with super dry, sensitive skin.

If you have super oily skin, be careful when using an occlusive. You want one that still allows your skin to breathe. While an occlusive’s hydrating properties will help balance out your skin’s natural oil production, it won’t stop it completely. Wearing an all-day, heavy occlusive can trap oil against your skin, causing it to clog pores and eventually lead to breakouts.

Natural Ingredients We Love

To name all the ingredients of natural origin that are good for your skin could take pages and pages. But we can name a few for you and some of their properties for improving skin health and vitality.

  • Seaweed
  • Mango Butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Shea Butter

Because we couldn’t possibly cover every ingredient out there that can improve skin, we simply recommend doing your research first. If the FD&C has not approved a product, but you want to give it a try, find information about each ingredient from well-reputed sources.

Ingredients from Your Kitchen

You might be surprised what you can find for natural skincare without even leaving the house. Several ingredients can promote healthy, glowing skin right from your pantry. Here’s a quick list to get you started.

  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Rosewater
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Cucumber
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Oats
  • Avocado
  • Buttermilk
  • Castor oil
  • Yogurt
  • Almond oil
  • Aloe

Again, research each ingredient to learn its benefits and potential reactions with your skin. As you study, look for ingredients that are good or bad for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, slathering olive oil all over it will likely cause more problems for acne-prone skin.

Our Natural Moisturizer of Choice: Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer 

You can never be too careful when choosing an all-natural facial moisturizer, so we wanted to review our top pick: Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer.

Blu Atlas’s moisturizer is excellent for all skin types, and it uses key ingredients seaweed and mango butter to do most of the heavy lifting. Both of these ingredients are well-researched and contain excellent humectant and emollient properties to help you get the skin you love.

So, do your research on the product, but if you want to take our word for it, Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer is worth a try.


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