Best Psychics Near Me for Love, Money, Career & Future Readings

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Psychic readings and clairvoyance concept / Crystal ball fortune teller hands and Tarot cards reading divination , Magic Spiritual and Horoscopes Occult [ Photo ]
Published March 2, 2022|Updated March 2, 2022

Getting older also presents us with all sorts of challenges. We want to be on top of our careers, love life, bills, mental sanity, and still live at the mercy of a future we can’t see into.

Maybe that’s what has got you searching psychics near me. But, you’re still not 100% convinced it’s the right answer. What if you get scammed? What if your psychic is wrong? Are psychic readings even real? All valid questions.

And while it’s true that there are some fake psychics online, not every psychic platform is out to scam clients. Just like local psychics, there are sites available offering online psychic readings that thoroughly vet their psychics and display client feedback on every advisor’s profile.

Those are the platforms that we’ve reviewed here today. Below you’ll find a list of the top psychic reading sites with gifted practitioners and great user reviews.

Let’s not waste any more time! (Skip to our recommendations if you already know why a reading can help)

Why A Psychic Reading Near Me (Online) Can Help

Privacy to Share Your Feelings

Most people hold back a lot when their identity is compromised. Thankfully, the anonymity that a reading gives can calm anyone with reservations when holding that same conversation with friends or family.

An online psychic isn’t here to judge you. We all know that one friend who always has to have the last word. But most psychics are experts at what they do (as long as you find a legitimate psychic website).

An online psychic reading allows you to share your feelings in a guarded space either via phone or webcam, helping you release anxiety, stress, and tension. Plus, if you’re sincere and open with your psychic, we’re confident you’ll find the session beneficial.

Various Mystic Advisors to Guide You

We’re all dealing with challenging life choices, where making one decision can completely change everything. If you’ve had an accurate psychic reading before, then you know how awe-inspiring the feeling can be. Psychics can take a sneak peek into your life and help in such times.

Most significantly, the diverse list of online psychics on the Internet has made it easier to find the one well-equipped to handle the specific challenge you’re undergoing.

If you want to communicate with a departed soul, a psychic medium will be your best bet. Or, if you’re concerned about money, your love life, or your career, there are plenty of psychic advisors experienced in different aspects of life ready to lend a hand.

Validate Your Life Choices

Oh yes, we’ve grown up constantly being reminded not to seek validation from others. But let’s be honest, maybe the real issue here is that we’ve been pursuing it from the wrong crowd.

The truth is, we all, at one point, need reaffirmation. Not the type that tells you “I told you so” when things go south. Genuine validation from a truly gifted psychic will help you appreciate what you did, how far you’ve come, and make peace with what you didn’t do.

A psychic reading could be the vital link that will propel you to take a leap of faith and stand with that decision unapologetically.

Find Closure

You should always purposely feed your brain an authentic narrative to help you make peace with difficult life events. Otherwise, yours will be a vicious circle of stagnation and repetition of the same old bad habits and patterns.

Without closure, you won’t have complete power over yourself, and breaking the circle will be way more complicated than you can imagine.

Also, we, more often than not, run out of time with events and loved ones. Don’t be the person who lives holding on to loose-ended situations. Imagine losing someone before fixing things. You never recover from such losses unless you somehow catch a glimpse of how they’re faring in the afterlife.

Psychic mediums will help you find closure in such cases and put your mind to rest once and for all.

Find Your Life’s Purpose

Did you know that this world wouldn’t be the same without you? Anytime you doubt, second-guess or give up, you’re taking a step back away from your true path.

However, in all honesty, it’s easier said than done. Very few people realize their purpose at a tender age. The rest of us have to figure things out one day at a time—and this is where the challenge lies.

So, when should you involve a psychic?

You don’t have to wait until the self-discovery journey gets murky. A psychic can help you discover yourself because only then will you find your purpose.

Best Psychics Near Me - First Look


  • Best psychic readings for love & relationship queries
  • Free 3 minutes in every new reading
  • 15% off first reading
  • Mobile app for convenient connectivity (iOS and Android)
  • Free daily horoscope

AskNow 📞1-888-815-1999

  • “Ask a free question” feature in the introductory package
  • Five-minute free psychic reading online*
  • Free daily horoscope
  • Offers online psychic readings in various areas
  • 24/7 psychic advisors—best for phone psychic reading!

Psychic Source

  • Three-minute free psychic readings for new users
  • Popular for career and financial advice
  • Highly experienced psychics
  • Rates as low as $0.66 for newcomers
  • Free daily horoscope


  • Three-minute free psychic reading online for new users
  • Fair rates $1.99 for 10 minutes
  • Additional resources for new and returning users
  • Free daily horoscope readings


  • Free psychic chat rooms
  • Impressive list of specialties
  • Several special discounts
  • Psychics and customer support are available 24/7


  • Five free minutes
  • Satisfaction guarantee—cashback in case you aren’t satisfied
  • Free daily horoscope readings
  • Heavy filtering tools to help you find the perfect psychic


  • First call $0.19/min for the first 10 minutes
  • 50% off + four free chat minutes with every reader
  • Affordable package deals $60 for $30, $40 for $20
  • Free horoscope daily reading

A Closer Look at Our Favorite Psychic Networks

1. Kasamba - All-Round Best Online Psychics

There’s no doubt about it. If you search “psychic reading near me,” you’re bound to run into Kasamba.

Kasamba has been around for 20 years now and has continuously expanded its reading styles and practitioners. They’ve built an excellent reputation because of their accurate psychic readings and affordable rates.

Plus, they offer a large variety of online psychic readings, too.

Some of Kasamba’s best features include its satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your reading, you can contact customer support. This way, you can either get a refund or a new reading to suit your needs.

You can get insightful answers at any time since they offer 24/7 psychic readers at any time of day. On the downside, their search options are limited, and you have to look around for the type of reading you want.

But they sure do have a lot!

Users often rave about the accuracy of Kasamba’s love and relationships readings. These are the most popular on the site, as readers are gifted and experienced enough to offer insightful advice about your current, future, or past partnerships.

Kasamba’s aura readings are also very sought after. These provide information about what you’re feeling, what qualities you should work on, and any underlying emotional turmoil that needs to be addressed.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Kasamba

  • Best current deal: from $1.99/minute
  • Free psychic trial offer
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Psychics undergo background checks
  • 24/7 online psychics
  • Psychic’s profiles and reviews displayed for your vetting
  • Psychic services include: fortune telling, love and relationship reading, tarot reading, dream analysis, astrology, career forecast, free psychic reading (free minutes),, and more

Things to be Aware of

  • No live video readings
  • Search options are limited

Why We Recommend Kasamba

We liked that the psychics offer insightful readings, which is the centrality of the whole thing. Users can leave reviews on the psychic’s profiles, which is vital for transparency purposes. This will help you benchmark when scouting for one.

It’s also sincere, as only the best online psychics receive a 5-star rating.

Plus, for a psychic site well-known for love and relationship readings, wouldn’t you want to be sure you’re dealing with a trusted advisor who offers actionable relationship advice?

2. AskNow - Number One for Psychic Readings by Phone

AskNow primarily offers phone readings with various price ranges. They’ve been active since 2005 and offer a ton of other psychic readings to choose from. Psychic readers have ratings on their profiles, so you’re aware of how popular and accurate they are.

A popular feature from the AskNow reading site is its “ask a free question” function. This essentially lets you type in a burning question you may have and then wait to be connected with a psychic. The catch is that you’ll need to phone in to get an answer which some users found misleading.

However, you still get five free minutes for your question!

AskNow also offers 24/7 customer support for questions or issues you may have.

The AskNow online psychic reading service offers a ton of great psychic readings. They feature highly experienced love psychics who offer detailed compatibility reports and other helpful info. Plus, their numerology readings are also highly effective because of their accuracy.

A numerology reading is beneficial for understanding why you make certain decisions in your life. This relates to your career, relationships, and much more.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on AskNow

  • Current best deal: 15 minutes for only $10
  • Thoroughly screened psychics
  • Phone psychics bios publicly available
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed—you can switch psychics whenever
  • First 5 minutes free
  • Different categories to choose including love, career, money, and romance

Things to be Aware of

  • No video chat psychics
  • Clunky website design

Why We Recommend AskNow

AskNow offers some of the best rates for phone psychic reading. If you purchase the minutes, you don’t have to exhaust them in one session.

Also, whether using chats or calls, the system usually lets you know when you’re entering the per minute rate. If your desired psychic isn’t available, you can always schedule a callback.

3. Psychic Source - Best Psychics Near Me for Astrology Readings

One of the older reading sites that you’re bound to come across when searching “psychic near me”, Psychic Source, has been around since 1989. This psychic reading platform offers various psychic reading styles, including phone, chat, and video psychic readings—so users can pick their favorite one.

Psychic Source stands out with its satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’ll get a free psychic reading if you aren’t happy with your previous one. So even if there are a few negative reviews about inaccurate readings, you’re still able to turn that around.

Pretty handy, right?

Users can choose to get an astrology reading from Psychic Source, which goes into great detail about your personality traits and any important upcoming events on the horizon. You can also opt for Angel card readings, which connect with your spirit guides and similar entities for guidance.

Lastly, users have access to plenty of informative articles and guides on any topic relating to online psychic reading services and more.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Psychic Source

  • Current best deal: Online psychic readings from $1/minute
  • Video readings available
  • Guaranteed privacy and anonymity
  • Interactive “Find a Psychic” feature to simplify your search
  • Friendly user-interface
  • 100% professional and reliable psychic readings

Things to be Aware of

  • Some readers are pricey
  • Few negative reviews about inaccuracy

Why We Recommend Psychic Source

This site offers readings on diverse topics, but it stands out for accurate astrology readings.

If you want a psychic expert to speak on your personality, predict future events, and even economic success, an astrologer psychic will handle that.

It’s also known for giving career and financial-related advice to millions of people. So, if you’re struggling with issues like money and stability, Psychic Source should be your go-to site.

4. Keen - Best Online Psychic Readings for Beginners

Keen is one of the newer psychic reading sites but nonetheless is favorably reviewed when searching for any gifted “psychic near me”.

And they are just as popular as some of the older ones because of the abundance of experienced practitioners and highly accurate readings. Keen psychics specialize in plenty of areas so that you can find the best online psychic for you.

Users have access to various readings, such as phone readings, live chats, and even email readings. However, Keen lacks live video chats, so if that’s something you’re looking for, Psychic Source is your best bet.

All the Keen psychic readers provide detailed profiles with helpful information such as their star rating, how many psychic readings they’ve done, and previous experience.

What’s also great about Keen is that this online psychic platform provides a mobile-friendly app, so you can get your answers or valuable insight while on the go.

And it boasts a user-friendly interface, too!

Lastly, Keen’s online tarot readings are a highly popular option. Tarot readings are an effective way to uncover various underlying feelings you have relating to any aspect of your life, using ancient imagery and skillful reading styles.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Keen

  • Current best deal: $1.99/minute
  • Three free minutes for newcomers
  • Great for beginners—24/7 psychic readings
  • Easy-to-navigate site with modern features
  • Competent customer care on call 24/7
  • Various communication modes including chat, phone, email
  • Psychic services include: tarot readings, life questions, love & relationships, spiritual readings, and more

Things to be Aware of

  • No video readings
  • In demand gifted psychics are expensive

Why We Recommend Psychic Source

We like fast and efficient psychic websites. Keen Psychics works seamlessly and is well organized such that everything is within view.

Also, Keen Psychics has an ample supply of unique reading categories: dream interpretation, tarot card reading, aura cleansing, and numerology.

5. Oranum - Best Psychic Readers Near Me for Video Readings

Oranum is one of the best online psychic reading sites for video consultations. While the site’s overall design is a little old-school, Oranum has been offering accurate video readings for a while now and has attracted an enormous amount of clients since.

The site features various psychic reading services, ranging from tarot readings, cartomancy, sound healing, and much more. While the site doesn’t have phone psychics available, plenty of users enjoy seeing their online psychic readers via video and feeling their presence.

Not to mention their extensive list of psychics!

Oranum is very popular for its palm readings. Since it’s a video-based psychic reading site, experienced psychics can offer palm reading services, which is impossible for chat-based online psychic reading platforms. Palm readings can help you figure out your life purpose and much more.

Other popular psychic readings include sound healing, astrology readings, and even dream interpretation to help you apply your dream lessons into your waking life.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Oranum

  • Current best deal: $9.99 free credit for newcomers
  • Offers free psychic chat
  • Live video readings for a more personal connection
  • Multilingual options—extensive filter options
  • Top ranking psychic readers listed on the homepage

Things to be Aware of

  • No psychic readings by phone
  • Chat room freezes sometimes

Why We Recommend Oranum

Oranum is widely known for its top-quality virtual connection with clients. You can see your psychic reader in real-time, which goes a long way when handling areas like palm reading.

The live conferencing option is available even before you create an account. Simply click on the psychic profiles marked “live” and join their live psychic reading sessions. It’s a fantastic feature to gauge the psychics and settle for your perfect match.

6. Mysticsense - Specialized Psychic Profiles

Mysticsense has gained considerable mileage in the psychic reading space. For starters, it has a satisfactory list of readings, neither too many nor too scarce. It’s a balance that most psychic sites, even the best ones, fail to get right.

Then, the straightforward user interface is a plus because we all want an easily navigable site.

However, there’s more to the best online psychic reading sites than a decent website layout. Mysticsense only works with the best and professional psychics. You can connect to them via chat, video, and calls.

The site is tailored to meet every client’s individual needs. Plus, there’s a good list of tarot card readings, energy healing, angel cards, astrology, career advisors, and many more.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Mysticsense

  • Current best deal: $0.99 - $10.00
  • 500+ qualified online psychics
  • Psychics full information available according to specialty
  • Video streaming available
  • Additional educational material to guide you

Things to be Aware of

  • No mobile app

Why We Recommend Oranum

Mysticsense takes pride in offering the best psychics in various fields. The psychics’ profiles capture their main specialties, which is fabulous because most sites will have you confused, with one psychic reader offering an amalgamation of everything.

We also commend the site for dedicating space to educate consumers against being scammed. The Internet is awash with all sorts of fake psychics and psychic sites.

7. LifeReader - Reliable Spiritual Mediums Near Me

LifeReader, in our opinion, is among the reasonably priced online psychic sites we’ve reviewed. Take advantage of the massive discounts for both the beginner package and the preloading deals that will follow.

That said, if you’re not satisfied with a reading, LifeReader doesn’t refund cash but instead offers credits. You can use them on your next reading. Even so, you’ll, of course, get the four free minutes with each new reading.

To purchase a reading, browse the psychics’ profiles and connect with one via call or chat. The profiles include the number of online readings they’ve completed, number of reviews, positive ratings, and definitely a profile photo.

Why are the psychic readers at LifeReader different?

Since its inception in 2011, this site commands an international audience, readers, and clients equally.

Indeed, with that much diversity, you must find one reader to vibe with.

Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading on Lifereader

  • Current best deal: $3.00 - $6.50
  • Affordable rates even after the first offer deplete
  • Internationally recognized
  • Compassionate psychics with different unique skills

Things to be Aware of

  • Having too many online psychics to choose from can overwhelm users
  • No phone app

Why We Recommend Lifereader

The psychics, at least, according to their profiles, pride themselves in their top-tier abilities. Choosing one will depend on your questions, budget, personality, and preference.

You’ll find clairaudients, clairsentients, empaths, psychic mediums, pet psychics, and more.

All these psychics will help connect you to your inner soul. If you feel the need to get spiritually aware, LifeReader is an excellent place to consider.

How to Find the “Right” Psychics or Psychic Mediums Near Me

Deciding on one or two psychic platforms that you’re confident you can trust is all well and good.

But the next step is arguably the most crucial to ensuring your psychic session goes smoothly. Knowing how to sift through all of the skilled psychics any one platform has to offer can be a challenge in itself.

But don’t worry.

We know of some great tips to make finding the best online psychics for you that much simpler.

Read Client Testimonials

The best psychics will proudly display client feedback on their profiles for future customers to see. And you can be sure that any past clientele that either wasn’t happy with their reading or the psychic themselves will want to let the world know by leaving a review.

So pay attention to online reviews both on the psychic platform itself and other sites like Reddit or Quora. But don’t make the mistake of reading one or two negative reviews and assuming the worst. It’s understandable that not every client is going to have a one-in-a-million perfect reading with every psychic they try. If a psychic’s overall feedback is positive, then that’s a good sign.

Consider Your Goals

What are you hoping to achieve by enlisting the help of a professional psychic reader? Gifted online psychic advisors near you and online tend to specialize in one or two reading types (with only a few exceptions).

That’s why it’s best to choose a psychic reader whose abilities are in line with your main goal. For instance, if you like to connect with someone who has passed away, then psychic mediums should be your first choice.

Research Psychic Abilities

What if you’re not sure about what your goals are? Don’t fret.

The best way to tackle this situation is to familiarize yourself with the online psychic reading industry. (This is a good decision even if you know what you want). It can never hurt to have a good understanding of the different types of online psychic readings, psychic abilities and questions you can ask a psychic.

Knowing at least even a little about tarot cards, fortune telling, aura readings, clairvoyance, and so on will help you navigate the above psychic networks. This is especially true when using the filter tools and evaluating psychic profiles.

Have Realistic Expectations

Anyone new to getting a reading may set high expectations not just for their psychic but also themselves. Hoping to suddenly turn your life around after just one psychic reading online is similar to assuming anxiety will vanish after one conversation with a therapist.

Don’t expect immediate results. Once you find a reader you “click” with, you might want to schedule a couple of sessions each week or month. Doing so will help your psychic gain a far deeper understanding into the issues you’re dealing with.

Avoid Wild Claims (Trust Yourself)

Of course hearing that you’re going to win the lottery or marry a millionaire could be a dream come true for many—I know I could do with the cash!

But wild, over-the-top claims or unrealistically harsh “truths” are a clear indication that this particular psychic could be trying to scam you.

There’s a difference between a genuine psychic claiming that your unhealthy habits are harming your life’s path and a fake psychic stating you’re cursed.

Trust yourself. If something about the reading or psychic feels off somehow, end your online psychic reading session, especially if a psychic you’ve only had one or two online readings with predicts your death or makes a similar claim.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites - FAQ

Where Can I Get Free Psychic Readings?

Luckily, there are many platforms where you can get a free psychic reading online. So don’t let skeptics tell you that free online psychic readings are fake. As long as you know where to look, there are deals, offers, and even AI sites that allow users to get free psychic readings.

For example, platforms like Astrology Answers use intelligent software you can use to get free tarot card readings, which are eerily accurate! Especially when you take time to focus on your intention.

Plus, there are many more online psychic reading platforms where you can get insightful horoscope readings, check your astrological chart, or even study numerology—all for free!

However, if it’s expert psychic advice you’re looking for, sites like Keen offer free psychic readings as introductory minutes to get you started. Additionally, Oranum provides the best deal with its $9.99 worth of free credits for newcomers. Know that expert psychics work hard on their craft, and many rely on their abilities for a living.

Therefore, if you wish to get an insightful psychic reading online to help you connect with a lost loved one or recover from heartbreak, it’s best to opt for a skilled reader with experience.

What Are the Different Psychic Abilities?

Psychic readers come with many abilities, and every psychic specializes in something specific. Whether it’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, or crystal gazing—each ability is unique in its way.

Let’s look at some of them:

  • Tarot readers: Tarot cards are part of an ancient craft that has seeped its way into more common practices. We have changed Tarot decks over the years, resulting in beautifully illustrated decks with insightful messages. This type of online psychic reading requires excellent concentration and plenty of practice.
  • Clairvoyance: This relates to the ability to see into the future. Online psychics with this gift are in great demand since everyone wants to know what the future holds.
  • Reiki healing: A form of Japanese energy healing, Reiki is used for healing purposes. The psychic or practitioner can feel your aura by casting your hands around your body without actual physical contact. Online psychics can do this since you don’t need to be physically present.
  • Clairaudience: Some psychics can actually hear messages or sounds from beyond the spiritual realms. Clairaudience refers to this phenomenon, and it’s a powerful gift that can bring messages from departed loved ones or other spiritual entities.
  • Angel readings: Some online psychics can get in touch with spiritual entities such as angels. They may use angel card readings to tap into these methods or through other forms of practice.

Do Accurate Readings Really Exist?

As with anything, there are plenty of online scammers and psychic frauds who take advantage of others. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to ensure that you don’t fall for their tricks.

Online psychic reading sites that don’t have many user reviews or have little online presence aren’t the best place for a reading. It’s always best to choose a reputable online psychic reading platform with plenty of user reviews and a sizable psychic member base—such as Kasamba.

Or any other site from our guide!

If, during a reading, the psychic claims you have a spell or curse cast on you, end the psychic reading right away. A fraud will claim you’re cursed to offer you added psychic reading services to lift the spell. This is a common tactic used by fake psychics.

Lastly, take everything with a grain of salt, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable. Instead, use psychic healing to improve yourself or gain insight into something on your mind, but don’t rely on it too heavily.

How Do I Recognize a Legitimate Online Psychic Reading Site?

The easiest way to recognize if a psychic site is reputable is by looking through users’ reviews and experiences.

Additionally, plenty of legitimate online psychic reading websites like Keen offer great incentives for newcomers. This allows the platform to prove that their online psychics are skilled and truthful, which motivates the user to opt for a longer reading, according to

How Can Psychic Reading Online Benefit Me?

We did already go into detail about this at the beginning of our article. But it’s always helpful to know exactly how a psychic reading online can benefit you. So here are some additional benefits to online readings:

  • Peace: If something is on your mind, an experienced online psychic reader will offer you valuable insight into what you’re feeling. Whether you’re anxiously waiting to hear about a job promotion or you don’t know the answer to a tough decision—a psychic may help.
  • Closure: If you’ve recently broken up with someone or you were let go from a job, a psychic reading online may offer a sense of closure for you. Maybe the reader will open you up to other paths the universe has in store for you or explain why you had to let something go.
  • Offer motivation: Sometimes, all we need is a push in the right direction. This could apply to a big move that you’re uncertain of or a business idea that’s brewing in your mind. A skilled psychic can pick up on those energies and give you the motivation to embark on that new journey.

Where to Find the Best Psychic Reading Sites - The Takeaway

There are plenty of psychic websites and apps cropping up all the time, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

It’s possible to receive an authentic psychic reading from legitimate online psychics and avoid scammers by researching the different platforms out there, such as the sites featured on this guide.

At the end of the day, psychic readers can bring a lot of insight into your life and even help with some questions you have. So hopefully, you can experience that from one of the psychic reading websites we talked about today.

We feel Kasamba offers the best online psychic readings, thanks to their convenient app for on-the-go readings, a free psychic reading offered with every new psychic, and variety of psychic readings online. But that may not be the case for everyone.

Let us know what you think, and thanks for reading.


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