The Best Ph.D. Dissertation & Thesis Writing Services Online in 2022

The Best Ph.D. Dissertation & Thesis Writing Services Online in 2022
The Best Ph.D. Dissertation & Thesis Writing Services Online in 2022 [ Photo ]
Published Mar. 3, 2022

Your dissertation is the key to securing your degree and your future, so it’s not something you want to leave up to chance. However, finding a trustworthy dissertation writing service isn’t easy. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most reliable and popular dissertation writing sites in the U.S. with plenty of positive reviews.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need for a polished, professional final product. Each of these sites is prepared to assist you at any stage of your dissertation writing process, from start to finish. You can order a complete dissertation, get help with a specific part, or simply have your work edited and proofread.

  • PaperHelp: Best Dissertation Writing Service Overall

Of all these dissertation writing services, PaperHelp provides the best balance between price and quality. The site offers comprehensive dissertation writing services for every academic level from high school through PhD degrees, everything from basic essay writing services to full thesis writing services.

An easy-to-use tool allows you to provide specific information regarding the type and quantity of writing you need. You can choose between a full dissertation or component parts, such as the abstract, individual chapters, hypothesis, methodology, or proposal. PaperHelp also offers customers help with researching dissertation topics, making it a good choice if you only need a thesis writer, too.

PaperHelp operates with a simple, 3-step process. First, you place your order based on the number of words or pages you need. Then, you can track the progress of your dissertation. Finally, you download a sample to review. The site includes round-the-clock dissertation assistance and advanced encryption to keep your documents secure.

Competitive pricing for this custom dissertation writing service comes with guaranteed deadline delivery, a free plagiarism check, and free revisions. You can get a 5% discount offer for your first order and bulk orders are available at a 20% discount. The site’s pricing is based on a combination of the type of writing requested, total page or word count, and deadline. A full 50-page dissertation due in 30 days, for example, costs around $1000.

Through PaperHelp, your dissertation comes with a money-back guarantee and is written by degreed writers. Because PaperHelp provides customized writing services, before ordering you can request a free estimate based on your precise needs. This site’s quality claims are backed by numerous testimonials and some of the best dissertation writing services reviews.

JustDoMyEssay boasts the best dissertation writers. If you are looking for quality and subject expertise, look no further. The JustDoMyEssay team of professional writers specialize in the greatest range of subjects and disciplines, helping ensure you get the best quality writing for your order.

Before placing an order, you can review dissertation writing samples that demonstrate the professional quality you can expect in your dissertation. The site’s writer selection process includes background checks, language tests, and trial assignments. Experienced and academically proven writers from JustDoMyEssay’s writer pool compete for each order.

To place your order, you must first create a unique account and provide detailed information about your dissertation that enables JustDoMyEssay to identify the best dissertation writer for you. Full encryption at every stage of the process ensures your order is kept secure. Your order includes a free plagiarism report and 24/7 live chat assistance, as well.

The site offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating their commitment to fulfilling your exact dissertation writing demands. In addition to guaranteed quality, the site maintains a 100% record of meeting deadlines.

With JustDoMyEssay, in a matter of minutes you are guaranteed to find a suitable professional for your dissertation. Order turnaround is available in as little as 3 hours. Though it does not offer the most cheap dissertation writing services, first orders come with a 15% discount, and you pay for quality results.

Of these three companies, SpeedyPaper offers the lowest price for its dissertation writing services. You can begin by requesting a quote for your project or simply placing your order. To place an order for a cheap dissertation, you can submit your phone number through the site and receive an immediate call to discuss your dissertation and thesis requirements.

Even though it’s the best dissertation service for those who are on a tight budget, SpeedyPaper relies on qualified professionals to produce a dissertation written to order that meets your specifications. This is a popular custom writing company and you’ve probably already heard about it if you read some dissertation writing service reviews. The site provides advanced encryption algorithms to maintain security and guarantees anonymity. Like the other sites, SpeedyPaper offers a money-back guarantee.

This site also allows you to view writing samples at each of the various academic levels before ordering, demonstrating a range of available formatting options, so you know exactly what to expect from your order. The site offers live chat dissertation writing assistance 24/7 and numerous reviews commend its speed and affordability.

SpeedyPaper offers a range of writing services, with pricing based on academic level, the type of paper you need, your page count, and your deadline. Deadlines range from 6 hours to 20 days. A full 50-page dissertation in 20 days costs $950 through SpeedyPaper. As a bonus, you can get a 9% discount for your first order. Separate editing service is also available through SpeedyPaper.

FAQs About Best Dissertation Writing Services

Is it safe to use a dissertation writing service?

Using PhD dissertation writing services to write your dissertation is absolutely safe as long as you rely on a reputable site. Of course, this does not mean that all writing company sites provide the security you need. Reliable dissertation and dissertation proposal writing service sites offer complete confidentiality and advanced encryption from start to finish to protect your order information. Sites with a demonstrable history and consistently positive reviews are a great place to start.

Keep in mind that you are paying for more than a quality dissertation through a reliable online dissertation writing service. You are also paying for the systems that are in place to maintain confidentiality. Without encryption, your information and your written order would be accessible online. Different sites offer different levels of security, so consider how important this aspect of your academic career is to you when selecting a reputable site.

Naturally, it’s important to understand the guarantees offered by the specific site you choose. You should confirm that the site you are using guarantees originality using an advanced plagiarism checker. A reputable dissertation writing service will provide a free plagiarism check of its work before sending it to you, the client. Guaranteed refunds also incentivize PhD dissertation writing sites to provide safe, reliable services to keep themselves in business.

Are dissertation writing services online legal?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Dissertation writing services and thesis services are legal. While it may be unethical, paying for a dissertation service is completely legal. This does not mean that your individual school or program does not have their own codes of conduct or other signed agreements in place. As an adult, your moral and ethical conduct are your own responsibility. Dissertation writing sites make no claims about the ethics of using their services. They are, ultimately, companies that provide a service at an agreed cost to their customer or client. On the other hand, custom writing services will guarantee that the writing they provide is unique and free of plagiarism.

When you are considering using a thesis writing service, it’s important to fully consider the consequences, particularly if you choose to use a less reputable site and your use of the essay writing service does become publicly available information. Though using a reputable site lowers this risk, writing services are not involved with your university or program in any capacity and have no involvement with punitive proceedings if you break a code of ethics or other agreement with your school.

Your dissertation is, after all, meant to be a demonstration of your learning and skills and you may have signed an agreement with your program guaranteeing that the work you present as your own is written by you. This makes it all the more important to choose a reputable site to write your dissertation, if you choose to do so.

Who will be writing my dissertation?

Once you have decided, “I want to hire someone to write my dissertation,” the person who actually does the writing will depend on a few factors, including the reputability of the site you use and the quality you pay for in the final product, your dissertation. Reliable dissertation writing companies and writing services generally hire professional dissertation writers with advanced degrees who have demonstrated their ability to compose dissertations from scratch based on client specifications. Of course, degrees of experience and formal academic writing qualifications vary depending on the writing service and is often reflected in the cost to you, the client.

Since quality does vary between dissertation writing services, keep in mind what you want in your final written dissertation. Certain companies maintain more strict requirements for their writers, including everything from passing language tests, to trial assignments and probationary periods, to background checks of academic qualifications.

You should check with the site you intend to utilize about the qualifications of the person who will be writing your dissertation. While these companies maintain the anonymity of their clients and writers, for obvious reasons, the results they guarantee will give you a sense of the standards they maintain for their writers. Some companies provide additional incentives to their professional thesis writers for competitive, quality work.

How much does it cost to use dissertation services?

The cost of your dissertation depends on the reputation of the dissertation writing site and qualifications of their writers as well as the type of order you place. Specifically, you will pay a premium for shorter turnaround times and deadlines. Longer dissertations will also cost more, since pricing is generally also based on the word count or page count you request.

If you only order a part of your doctoral dissertation (such as the abstract, introduction or conclusion, or a single dissertation chapter), then you will be paying significantly less than you would for an entire document.

On average, dissertation writing costs begin around $20 per page. However, this standard price is offered for deadlines more than 20 days away, so planning ahead definitely pays off. After all, there is less pressure on the writer when they have more time to research and write your dissertation. The shorter your deadline, the higher the price. At a certain point, a project might simply become infeasible. Even the fastest typist in the world can only generate so many words per minute, after all.

Moreover, certain reliable dissertation writing services will charge more as their standard page rate if they can guarantee a higher quality based on the proven abilities of their experienced writers. Though all reputable sites will provide plagiarism checks, quality does vary, so be sure you know what you are paying for.

What if I’m not satisfied with my dissertation?

Each of the three companies we reviewed here offer free revisions and a money-back guarantee, which any reputable dissertation writing service should provide. Free revisions allow you to ask your professional dissertation writer to make any edits or content changes that do not meet your expectations, or else get your money back.

Quality formatting and plagiarism checks are standard through reputable dissertation writing companies. However, all thesis writers are individuals. There will likely be certain elements of your order that you are unhappy with or want changed, so it’s critical to allow yourself and your writer enough time to complete the dissertation to your satisfaction. This includes time for any revisions you deem necessary.

Once you have purchased and received your dissertation, it belongs to you. Keep in mind that, at this point, you can also make any alterations to it that you want. If you are considering using a more affordable writing service, for example, you might plan to perform your own revisions of the final product to ensure it meets your personal quality standards. However, reputable dissertation writing sites tend to be quite clear on exactly what you can expect from their services, which takes a lot of the risk and guesswork out of ordering your dissertation.

Benefits vs. Dangers of Buying a Dissertation Online

Buying a dissertation online comes with obvious benefits, including the time and effort saved on your part and the aid of a professional writer in producing a quality final product. Certain dissertation writing companies guarantee a level of quality based on the academic qualifications and experience of their dissertation writers, which may be much higher than your own. As a result, you may be more likely to present a satisfactory dissertation. Professional writers are also accustomed to working to a deadline, helping guarantee your dissertation is completed on schedule.

However, using a dissertation writing service also comes with a degree of risk. While not illegal, you may be risking your academic standing and future academic career by purchasing a dissertation. You may be making an unethical decision and compromising your own ethical standards, too. If you are unclear about how you want your thesis or dissertation written, you may also end up with a product that does not match your specifications, requiring additional time to correct or getting your money back and starting over.

Keep in mind that you will also need to defend your dissertation to earn your PhD. Whether or not you choose to use a master thesis writing service, you will need to fully familiarize yourself with the thesis and content of your dissertation before you can successfully defend it. There will, ultimately, be some effort required on your part.


Only you can decide whether to utilize a custom thesis writing service or not. You will need to weigh price, deadline, and quality, as well as ethical concerns. That said, if you do opt to get dissertation help, it is critical to select a professional dissertation writing company. This will increase your confidence that your dissertation will meet high standards of quality and originality, and your information will remain secure throughout the process.

Different dissertation writing companies offer different benefits, so the best dissertation writing service for you will depend on your situation. For instance, SpeedyPaper provides the most affordable option to keep your budget happy. On the other hand, JustDoMyEssay provides a higher academic quality based on the qualifications of their thesis writers. If you are looking for the best balance between affordability and quality, however, PaperHelp may make the most sense for you.

Another factor in your decision may be how much dissertation writing help you want. You might be able to afford higher quality if you are only ordering a few key sections well in advance of your deadline, for example. Whichever service you choose, you will be able to request necessary revisions and save the time and frustration involved in every aspect of dissertation writing, from the research to the final proofreading.