Best Sites To Buy TikTok Followers and Likes

Best Sites To Buy TikTok Followers and Likes
Best Sites To Buy TikTok Followers and Likes [ photo ]
Published Apr. 5, 2022|Updated Apr. 29, 2022

Looking for the best sites to buy TikTok followers and likes to double the viewers and engagement? Here is a comprehensive list of sites influencers swear by. starts here.

TikTok has gained massive popularity in recent years, and it has no signs of slowing down. This platform allows users to make and share a wide range of short, interactive videos across countless niches.

Unlike before, getting followers and likes are not easily obtained today because of the number of popular content creators who constantly produce viral videos. For this reason, many influencers and brands are not hesitant to buy TikTok followers to boost their profiles. Online growth companies can enhance the viewers and engagement, which are vital to increasing popularity.

The Importance of Followers and Views on TikTok

Before we jump into the best websites to buy Tik Tok followers and views, let’s discuss why these two are important in building your profile. To have a successful career on social media, following and engagements are two essential factors you have to focus on. They define your reach and influence, which translates to the effectiveness and authenticity of your content.

Building a network of loyal followers who constantly interact with your content is what all successful influencers do. Top influencers make a lot of money because of their followers and their ability to persuade them to support the company that sponsored them.

For example, Charli D’Amelio has over 100 million followers. Yahoo reported she has a net of about $12 million in 2021. She is the most popular influencer on TikTok, and companies are fighting for the chance to get her to endorse their products. It’s fair to conclude that her following and reach make her a significantly effective marketing asset.

Big publications like Fox13now, Peninsula daily news, Wheon, Qrius, Editorialge,, Thehypemagazine, and ABC15 also recommend as the best service provide for TikTok.

You have a massive chance of getting an enormous payday when you have a sizable following. Views are also important because they indicate how effective your videos are in capturing your audience’s attention. You won’t have success if your videos don’t get views. This disparity translates to your content not being interesting enough to catch attention.

Best Sites To Buy TikTok Followers and Likes

Companies and brands won’t consider hiring you if they see that you’re not producing videos that can captivate an audience. That’s why followers and views go hand in hand when it comes to success in TikTok. Here’s where you can get TikTok followers, likes, and views to boost engagement:


Social-Viral has become one of the most reputable social media growth services used for TikTok and other platforms. This company has managed to satisfy its customers by providing high-quality growth rates that other websites that offer similar services couldn’t match.

Getting viral will no longer be very challenging with the help of the website. Currently, you may avail as little as 50 followers for less than $2 or 5,000 followers for about a hundred bucks. For views, you can have 5,000 views for $3 or 50,000 views for $50.

Genuine engagement is guaranteed because it doesn’t use bots for increasing views and followers. You could easily find lower prices than what Social-Viral offers, but the service quality and guarantees are different. The company also provides similar growth services for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Build the foundation of your TikTok influencer career with the help of The website promises to boost your account to enhance visibility and double the number of viewers and engagement. Its rates are competitive, and sales are frequent, which means more savings.

You can choose an instant or gradual flow of purchased followers and views added to your account and videos. Customizing the pricing plans is also possible, so you can have a personalized package that caters to your preferences.

The website features a couple of tools you can use to your advantage, like Instagram Downloader and Follower Stats. While it’s not related to TikTok, it’s worth mentioning that takes an extra mile in providing an excellent customer experience.

3. PlaysWiz

If you’re wondering how to buy followers on TikTok, PlaysWiz has got you covered. In fact, they also offer packages to help boost engagement on other social media platforms. On top of that, their website design has an appealing setup with easy-to-read content.

The company promises you’ll gain quality followers and views without the need to register or download an app. Followers will stay permanent in ideal conditions, as an account’s independent actions could result in losing some of it.

Buying TikTok views is within the app’s terms of service. Your account will be safe since the website attests that it doesn’t do anything outside what TikTok allows. PlaysWiz accepts Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards. You may also use Google or Apple Pay systems if you’re worried about using cards when buying online.

4. SMM Laboratory

SMM Laboratory delivers a straightforward approach on how to buy followers on TikTok and other major social media accounts. Besides followers and views, you may also purchase live stream views categorized by minutes.

Its setup is not like the others, as the packages are arranged differently. Another noticeable difference is that some offers have interesting labels. For example, a couple of packages are labeled by country, while others have a “guarantee” indicator below them.

SMM Laboratory is a good website to buy TikTok followers cheaply. However, it appears that you are required to create an account if you were to avail of its services.

5. Boost Your Presence

As the name suggests, Boost Your Presence provides a solution on how to get TikTok followers. It labels itself as one of America’s most trusted when it comes to social media boost sites. The website indicates it is entirely U.S.-based, implying reliability.

After placing an order, Boost Your Presence will put it in its system, and you’ll get results within one hour. If ordered during office hours, the processing time will probably take even less.

Promos are a common sight when you browse the page, so you might save some if you choose to consider its services. Moreover, multiple payment options are available, from credit/debit cards to Amazon Payments.

6. Grambulk

Grambulk assures you can get ahead of your competitors by making the process of how to get TikTok followers easier. The company claims it has a 10/10 satisfaction score given by satisfied customers.

Its tech experts have managed to create an effective, in-demand solution for online growth. The company uses organic-looking accounts to provide a more natural impression of increased followers.

Grambulk doesn’t require your personal information to ensure that everyone’s privacy is well-preserved. This practice allows you to be more protected against any penalties from TikTok. It also promises to have live, round-the-clock customer support for any questions or issues.

7. Famoid

The online growth provider, Famoid, promises it can buy TikTok followers and likes with high-quality results. With over five years of experience in the industry, it can deliver reputable services to clients who need an extra boost in their accounts.

The company uses advanced software to help customers buying TikTok followers and views have an easier time. It uses an automatic compensation system for its services to ensure retention.

This system will recognize if your account has lost followers and send additional followers to compensate. Famoid claims its system will provide extra transmissions every 24 hours.

8. BuzzVoice

BuzzVoice can assist you if you want to save precious time, effort, and resources required to build your online profile. Whether you’re buying TikTok followers to kickstart your career or need a positive reception to your content, this site promises to deliver.

Make your videos more popular by increasing views by 1,000 or 250,000. You can buy TikTok followers cheaply and watch them show up in your account in just a matter of hours.

It accepts PayPal, so there’s less risk that you won’t get a refund if there is an issue with your order. Bitcoin is also an accepted payment method. Hence, if you’re into cryptocurrency, you can use coins to buy TikTok followers and views.

9. Goorapid

The growth service Goorapid markets its website as the “best place to purchase email accounts.” However, it does a whole lot of online services, like boosting social media followers, video views, and many others. Goorapid also sells reviews to some of the most popular platforms on the internet.

Its prices are slightly higher than others, but the company promises that its followers are non-drop. This implies that it’s less likely that the accounts used will not unfollow after some time. Goorapid claims that the followers provided are real and active and will come from genuine profiles.

10. BuyFame

This website claims it is the “leading provider in TikTok services.” BuyFame states that within two years, it was able to deliver successful orders for over 50,000 clients. It appears that the company is focused on video-sharing sites because, currently, it offers growth services for TikTok and YouTube only.

The company has packages if you want to buy TikTok likes and followers. Its Auto Engagement Packages can cover both services in one. Note that they are more expensive and listed as Monthly Packages, implying you have to pay BuyFame continuously.

11. PlentyGram

This growth provider is currently limited to TikTok and Instagram accounts. You may purchase to boost your account’s Tiktok or Instagram followers and increase the views. Once you order a package, the company states it will reflect on your account within 12 hours or less.

PlentyGram claims it uses real accounts, but it doesn’t offer follower targeting. This means that you won’t get to select the country or gender.

The website features easy-to-follow instructions on how to boost the views of your videos. An account is automatically created after you check out. Its prices are a tad higher than other online growth companies. Even so, since you may pay via PayPal, you can refund the payment easily.

12. Tik-Boost

Tik-boost provides some of the most cost-effective promotion packages for those who want to buy TikTok views, likes, followers, comments, and shares. The company promises to help your profile and content to be more prominent.

Expect lightning-fast deliveries and transparency when you choose to purchase its services. Its years in the digital market helped them improve order processing in all aspects.

Tik-Boot’s system is programmed to provide updates for each step of the process until the delivery is completed. This feature is partnered with a dedicated customer service team trained to assist with any inquiry about the company’s growth services. All transactions come with a full warranty.

13. Winterplay Studios

Winterplay Studios is an online marketing firm that provides marketing services to agency clients, retailers, and companies. It specializes in graphic design, ad campaigns, and SEO solutions, in addition to growth services.

Customers who prefer a more organic solution to increase their followers and views can sign up for a monthly plan, which gradually adds followers every month. Any changes to the subscription are readily available via the account you have on Winterplay Studios.

You can expect one-time and monthly orders completed within two to three days. During that period, you may see an increase in followers and views immediately.

14. Flatfitty

Flatfitty allows you to buy TikTok likes, views, and followers at a low cost. Increasing your account stats can help your posts gain visibility and popularity among a larger audience. You’d be surprised at how many popular content creators used growth services before gaining views and followers from genuine accounts.

It is not illegal to seek assistance in increasing your numbers, so no one can stop you from resorting to this type of service. FlatFitty can be the key to reaching your full potential on TikTok. It guarantees 24-hour customer service for service and order-related inquiries.

15. Woorke

Woorke is one of the best companies you will come across when looking for a dynamic growth provider. Its services cover a wide range of digital products, from social media to web designing tools.

You may choose between three primary account plans for TikTok, categorized by the number of followers and speed of delivery. These plans promise you’ll receive genuine followers that will help increase your popularity as an influencer.

The organic engagement will reflect shortly after the order is completed. This company also offers 24/7 customer support to ensure its customers receive the best possible service.

16. InstBlast

Earning and career opportunities are more available if you get a sizable number of followers and engagement. InstBlast employs TikTok Followers and Views Generator tools to get your account in the spotlight as quickly as possible.

Jumpstarting your social media popularity with the help of InstBlast or other growth providers will only help fulfill your aspirations faster. While the packages are similar to other growth providers, this company offers a free trial period. You can use this time to determine whether or not purchasing its services is a good investment. The intention would be to grow traffic.

17. Venium

Venium has a more convenient approach for its services because it has a web and Android app for hassle-free browsing. It offers easy access, whether you need to buy Tik Tok followers or help with SEO-related issues.

The company is confident in being an advanced promotion solution available on all digital devices. When it comes to web design and the range of services, it would be hard to challenge Venium. Its website indicates that the company began in 2001 and has provided solutions for more than 265,000 customers.

Buying TikTok Followers and Likes FAQs

1. Is it risky to buy Tik Tok followers?

Purchasing followers from reputable websites is generally safe. However, it would be too optimistic to assume that there is no risk involved with it.

If you buy TikTok followers cheap from less reputable sites, you may receive a bunch of fake followers. This may trigger your account to get flagged by TikTok, which results in suspension or ban. Less-reviewed or unknown growth providers can also be dangerous because they could steal your private information and use it for their benefit.

2. Is purchasing a large number of followers in one order safe?

While there’s no limit on how many followers you can have, it is more advisable to do it in small batches. Even if your purchased followers are recognized as legitimate, some real users will doubt your growth.

If you suddenly increase your social media stats in a short time but haven’t produced any viral content, your credibility will suffer. For instance, suppose your account pre-growth only has 90 followers, and you gain a thousand after completing the order. Your friends who followed your TikTok account for a long time might ask you about the sudden increase.

3. Can you get free followers on TikTok?

Some growth providers, like Tikfuel and The Royal Key, offer a free service trial. You can test its effectiveness for free before you get TikTok followers from them. They would probably ask for personal details, like your username and email address.

You won’t get hacked easily with those two pieces of information alone, so it’s relatively safe to share those. That said, in exchange for the free service, your email could receive constant promotional messages that could be annoying after a while.

4. What’s next after you buy TikTok Followers?

Having thousands of followers and many views is what any aspiring influencer wants. However, the most challenging part is yet to come because the boost you paid for won’t be enough to catapult you into popularity.

You need to produce excellent content because the end goal should be earning real followers and engagements. Buying followers and views can only do so much if you want to become a successful influencer. At some point, you’ll have to come up with content that can get real viewers regularly, and buying them won’t cut it.

5. How to detect fake followers on TikTok?

A number of websites, like HypeAuditor and Social Auditor, can analyze an account to see if it’s using bots. You may also figure it out manually by reviewing the followers.

Check the name and profile photo if it’s made artificially or used by a real person. More often than not, fake accounts use blank photos or generic pictures grabbed from the internet.

Buying TikTok Followers and Likes

A growth provider can get TikTok followers and views instantly, which could help launch your career as an influencer. It’s easy and relatively affordable, but you should never rely on it too much. Treat growth services as crutches until you can walk by yourself without their assistance. Remember that the goal is to gain real and active fans who will support you and your content.


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