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Top 6 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements You Should Use In 2022

Top 6 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements You Should Use In 2022
Top 6 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements You Should Use In 2022 [ photo ]
Published Apr. 14|Updated Apr. 29

If you want to consistently train harder, longer, or faster, your body is going to need a little outside help. Finding a good muscle recovery supplement is key to supporting your strength training and muscle gaining journey.

Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, professional athlete, or someone who is just serious about gains, you should add a muscle recovery supplement to your workout regimen.

We’re serious about the importance of these products, and that’s why we’ve created this article. Today, we’re reviewing our pick of the top six best muscle recovery supplements on the market.

Keep reading to learn more about how these powders and capsules work and which ones have the best benefits.

What Are Muscle Recovery Supplements?

The name pretty much says it all - these supplements are the kind that accelerate the exercise recovery process. They result in many benefits, from faster muscle recovery speeds to delaying the onset of muscle fatigue when working out.

You can also benefit from these supplements by supporting exercise performance in high-intensity workouts and boosting energy levels. As a result, they lead to long-term effects, such as lean muscle gains, fat burning, and improved overall strength as an athlete.

Muscle recovery supplements come in different forms, as some of them target the post-workout time frame, while others target your sleep cycle. You can actually stack these supplements to boost their overall effects on recovery and workout performance levels.

Some of the types of muscle recovery supplements we’ll be reviewing today include creatine, whey protein, branded-chain amino acid (BCAA), and sleep supplements.

Now, let’s get into our list of the best products and how we came to this conclusion.

The Top 6 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements That Actually Work

There are a lot of muscle recovery supplements available to buy online. This means that if you’re new to using workout supplements, it can be hard to make the right product choice.

Lucky for you, though, we’ve done a lot of research and have picked the six best muscle recovery products that really work. What’s more, is that most of them are also backed by science.

  1. Huge Creatine


The Huge Supplements Creatine Monohydrate supplement is the best creatine solution for muscle recovery. As a combination of water and the organic compound creatine, this supplement plays a crucial role in muscle cell energy and performance.

Each serving of tablets meets the scientifically suggested 5g dose of pure creatine monohydrate. It’s meant to improve recovery time and build muscle mass while you gain strength.

Features and Benefits of Huge Creatine

This supplement is designed to be taken with a full glass of water to support workout recovery. It’s a daily supplement that you can take either in the morning or the evening.

In addition to enhancing recovery speed, this formula is known to improve your lifting abilities when you’re doing high-intensity exercise. You’ll start to notice the benefits of this potent natural supplement after just a week of taking it.

Since creatine is already naturally found in your muscle cells, this supplement is the ideal natural source of energy for your muscles.

You don’t have to worry about harmful fillers or additives, it only contains the ingredient you’re looking for.

Why We Recommend

We recommend Huge Creatine because the creatine monohydrate in each serving is scientifically backed to support faster muscle recovery, muscle growth and exercise performance.

It’s a natural supplement that’s safe to take every day, and meets the recommended dose to see results.

2. Huge Whey


Huge Whey protein powder is our pick for the best protein supplement for muscle recovery. It’s a high-protein yet low-calorie formula in several delicious flavors with high-quality ingredients, including branded-chain amino acids.

With high ratings among Huge Supplements customers, this supplement is key to muscle recovery since it supports muscle protein synthesis.

Features and Benefits of Huge Whey

Protein is crucial for many things, including recovery and even muscle growth. Some of you may struggle with getting in enough protein; that’s why Huge whey is such an excellent product.

Each scoop packs roughly 25 grams of protein, which will have a massive positive impact. If you take two scoops right after your workout, you’re supplying your muscles with 50 grams of protein to speed up your muscle recovery.

On top of that, it also tastes delicious. You’ll find Huge whey in four flavors: Chocolate peanut butter, Cookies and cream, Strawberry cheesecake, and Vanilla milkshake.

Why We Recommend

We recommend this 4.8/5.0 star supplement from Huge Supplements because you need to meet daily protein macros to recover and gain muscle mass.

Although it isn’t vegan-friendly due to the dairy content, it boosts protein muscle synthesis efficiently. With high-quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and an affordable price, this formula is ideal.

3. Huge BCAA


Huge BCAA is the best supplement (and best BCAA supplement) for muscle recovery in our opinion. This multi-flavor product is budget-friendly and comes in a scoopable powder, packing in amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own. It also features coconut water powder and L-Glutamine.

This high-quality BCAA supplement is well-reviewed with lots of 5-star ratings at Huge Supplements. It costs $39.99 for a 25-serving tub of powder.

Features and Benefits of Huge BCAA

This powder mixes easily into cold water so that you can drink it before, during, or even after a high-intensity workout. It comes in bomb popsicle, kiwi blueberry, and watermelon lemonade flavors. Some people stack this supplement with a pre-workout supplement for optimal results.

Because of its strong BCAA content, muscle synthesis is at the forefront, which boosts recovery time. It also contains some calcium and coconut water powder, as well as potassium to support proper muscle hydration and contractions when exercising.

And the L-glutamine content benefits muscle recovery by limiting muscle soreness, repairing muscles, and producing glycogen.

Why We Recommend

This supplement makes our top six list for muscle recovery because branded-chain amino acids are essential to muscle repair.

If you want to boost and speed up muscle protein synthesis, this mega-dose of BCAAs will help you get there on a daily basis. It’s also budget-friendly and works well in combination with other Huge supplements.

4. Formula XII


Next up, we want to highlight the Huge Supplements Formula XII supplement. It’s the best post-workout choice for muscle recovery benefits.

Although it’s expensive when compared to other muscle recovery supplements ($64.99 for a 30-serving bottle), it’s one of the most well-reviewed. Formula XII comes in a few delicious flavors, including high-quality and fast-acting nutrients.

Features and Benefits of Formula XII

You only need a one-scoop serving per day to get maximum benefits from Formula XII. You can blend it into water and drink it as an intra-workout supplement or take it pre-/post-workout. The supplement comes in both tropical blast and candy apple flavor options.

What’s unique about Formula XII is that it has natural extracts like grape seed, which has anti-inflammatory properties. The cluster dextrin content promotes improved energy levels and athletic performance. The creatine monohydrate, betaine, and beta alanine improve your performance significantly.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ingredient benefits. And don’t forget the Bioperine, which boosts your ability to absorb the included nutrients.

Why We Recommend

We recommend this recovery supplement if you’re looking for a more nutrient-rich profile. Aside from boosting recovery speed and strengthening muscles, you also get added health benefits from the natural ingredients.

5. Huge Multi


The Huge Multi supplement is exactly what its name suggests - a multi-vitamin supplement. We believe that it’s a combo of the best vitamins for muscle recovery benefits. The 120-capsule bottle costs an affordable $34.95, with a 30-day supply included.

It’s our top pick if you want to boost your immune health, support hormonal health, and supplement vitamins and minerals alongside healthy workouts. Learn about the Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, and other nutrient benefits of this supplement.

Features and Benefits of Huge Multi

This supplement stands out from other muscle recovery supplements because it is densely packed with nutrients. The valuable vitamin blend, mineral blend, and use of natural extracts is extremely beneficial to heart, eye, skin, hair, bone, muscle, and immune health. Customers specifically note in reviews that this multivitamin supplement supports energized workouts.

Although it doesn’t quite have the same muscle recovery effects that creatine does, for example, the essential nutrients support healthy bodily recovery after hard workouts.

It’s designed for high performance, and you get the added benefit of special ingredients like pine bark extract and ginger root. The Bioperine also helps your body to better absorb the included nutrients.

Why We Recommend

We recommend Huge Multi to be stacked with other workout supplements because your body needs to recover to endure high-intensity workouts on a regular basis. This blend of nutrients is extremely beneficial amidst the stress you put your body under when strength training. It’s an ideal choice to pair with whey protein and creatine.

6. Hibernate


Hibernate by Huge Supplements is the one recovery supplement on our list that is intended for sleep and rest.

We think it’s the best sleep supplement for muscle recovery on the market right now. With natural ingredients, including melatonin, this formula helps you to get deeper sleep so that your muscles can rejuvenate and grow overnight.

A 25-serving bottle of this powder mix costs $44.95 and has garnered more than 200 positive reviews among Huge Supplements customers.

Features and Benefits of Hibernate

The leading ingredients in this formula that help you sleep well are melatonin, 5-HTP, and GABA. GABA is known as a stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing supplement when taken orally.

Melatonin is naturally produced by your body to promote deep sleep. And 5-HTP works to promote better melatonin production to aid your sleep cycle.

It comes in passion fruit and peach mango flavor options, and it doesn’t utilize any useless or harmful filler ingredients. By promoting deep sleep, and using it in combo with high-intensity workouts and strength training, you can accomplish faster recovery and muscle growth.

Why We Recommend

We recommend a quality sleep supplement like Hibernate to any athlete who is serious about muscle growth. Hibernate blends natural and effective ingredients to promote deep and full sleep cycles so your muscles can recharge and grow.

Picking the Best Muscle Recovery Supplements

Keep in mind that it took us quite some time to find the best supplements for muscle recovery. During this process, we’ve taken a look at the following criteria, which we believe to be essential to a quality supplement.

Consider below why product ingredients, effectiveness, customer reviews, and pricing/value are so important.

Product Formulation

The first factor we look at is arguably the most important. What ingredients and dosages does the supplement formula contain? Does it include the right stuff that’ll help speed up your muscle recovery process? Or is the supplement merely ripe with useless fillers that don’t actually target muscle repair and growth?

We try to weed out the products that don’t have key ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, branded-chain amino acids, whey protein, and others that are so important to recovery. And once we find the ones that feature these ingredients at the forefront, we also look to see that the amount per serving is sufficient.

Certain ingredients, such as creatine monohydrate, for example, have scientifically-backed recommended doses (5g daily). The same goes for ingredients like amino acids for benefiting protein synthesis. If you want them to be effective, then you want to make sure the supplement has a complete acid profile.

So, overall, we consider the ingredients, ensure that they are accurate and high-quality, and make sure not to choose products filled with artificial additives.


Next, part of the selection process involves assessing the effectiveness of supplements. Since we test these products firsthand, we get a feel for how they enhanced (or didn’t enhance) our muscle recovery speed.

We take note of whether or not it made a noticeable difference or not, and we compare these results.

We should be able to tell when we’re using an effective muscle recovery supplement. It should be apparent in how sore muscles are following high-intensity exercise, energy levels, and muscle gains after consistent use.

In order to get the best possible understanding of product effectiveness, we make sure to follow the intended doses. We also keep to a strict schedule and take them consistently to see exactly how the effects show up over time.


Next, it’s important to us that we are recommending products to you that other consumers would also recommend. If we notice that a supplement is highly promoted on a website but has horrible customer ratings for taste or effectiveness, we won’t recommend it.

It’s a red flag if a supplement has led to negative customer experiences, bad side effects, or worse. That’s why the products we show you are all top-rated by lots of users online.

We like to look specifically at whether or not customers noticed that the product flavors tasted good and how easy the powders are to mix. We vet out the grainy powders and go for smooth formulas that you’ll actually want to drink.

It’s also important that customers are satisfied with the results long-term. For example, do the reviews reveal that the recovery supplement leads to muscle mass gains down the line? This is just as important to us as it is to you.


Last but not least, part of the reviewing process is assessing the relative cost and value of supplements. We aren’t just aiming to find you the cheapest possible muscle recovery supplements. If we only looked at low prices, you’d end up with some low-quality product suggestions. And that’s just not what we’re about.

So instead, we aim to find products that have a balance of affordability and quality ingredients. We ask ourselves whether or not the product is priced reasonably for what you’re getting. So that means we also watch out for highly expensive products that don’t seem to have that great of reviews.

Overall, we think that the above six supplements meet that criteria. They won’t break the bank, but they also don’t compromise key ingredients for the sake of being a bargain.

What to Expect From a Muscle Recovery Supplement

When it comes to recovery supplements, the name says it all - you’ll recover faster and better. This is key because our bodies only produce limited amounts of compounds and amino acids to support muscle protein synthesis.

Unfortunately, when we start taking on high-intensity workouts and strength training exercises on a regular basis, it’s hard for our bodies to keep up.

They have to adjust to the influx of stress that you put on your muscles. And that’s why muscle recovery supplements exist - they give you that added boost so you can adapt and rest up for the next workout.

But that’s not all that these products do. You’ll also experience reduced soreness and fatigue, faster muscle growth, improved energy levels, and better performance when it comes to exercise.

In some cases, you may even notice that you have better endurance as you consistently take these supplements over time.

Combined, these results are coveted among athletes looking to gain lean muscle mass. And in our opinion, they’re a staple product in every athlete’s stack of workout supplements.

The Best Ingredients For Muscle Recovery Supplements

The ingredients that go into muscle recovery supplements are of utmost importance, as they determine the effectiveness of the product. That’s why, during our search for the best muscle recovery supps, we’ve made sure to look for specific highly-effective ingredients.

Below we’ll go over a list of what we believe to be the most important ingredients you can include in these supplements and why we chose them.

Whey Protein

First of all, we couldn’t highlight muscle support supplements without talking about whey protein. Whey protein often comes in the form of a powder supplement that you mix into shakes for pre-workout, post-workout, or meal-time ingestion.

Ideally, women should have around 45g of protein per day, and men should have around 55g of protein per day. These use whey protein isolates and concentrates from cow’s milk to help you meet your daily protein macros.

Protein powder also helps you to preserve lean muscle mass, recover faster, and re-energize quickly to get back to your workouts. If you don’t eat animal based products or have an intolerance, check out vegan protein powders instead of whey.

Amino Acids

Next up, we have amino acids. Certain amino acids are naturally occurring in our bodies, and certain ones come from the foods we eat.

And then there are some amino acids that we need to get from supplements, such as branded-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These acids (particularly Leucine) help to promote better muscle protein synthesis.

As a result, the micro-tears in your muscles from high-intensity workouts can repair quickly so you avoid soreness. They also prevent the loss of muscle mass you already have and energize your muscles.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is a key ingredient in these supplements because it energizes your muscles during recovery. It also boosts the production of ATP for proper muscle contraction and functioning.

It’s naturally occurring in our bodies, but as a supplement solution (creatine monohydrate), it’s more effective at giving your muscles that energy boost.

Betaine Anhydrous

Finally, we look specifically for betaine anhydrous in the supplements we select because it keeps your cells hydrated. In return, your body is able to perform with more endurance during high-intensity workouts. That’s also why it’s often found in some of the best pre workouts.

When you can accomplish this, you’ll be able to gain muscle mass, improve your strength, and recover faster than you did before.

Do Muscle Recovery Supplements Have Side Effects?

In short, no, muscle recovery supplements don’t typically have side effects. They’re usually made out of natural and completely safe to consume ingredients like plant extracts, amino acids, and protein.

Therefore, they won’t harm your health like, say, a drug or medicine might.

In fact, you can even stack different recovery supplements together for optimum results without having to worry about adverse effects.

Creatine monohydrate, whey protein powder, sleep recovery supplements, and vitamins all work well together to support your body during strength training.

The only real safety measures you should take when using these supplements is to watch out for allergens and read the labels carefully. Each supplement should be taken exactly as the label suggests, including the proper time and dosage.

For example, if a supplement is only intended to be taken for 4-6 weeks, don’t prolong its use.

And if you’re really concerned about potential side effects because you’re currently taking medicine or having health issues, consult your doctor. They’ll be able to determine which supps are best for you.

Should You Take Supplements to Boost Muscle Recovery?

Many athletes wonder whether it’s advisable to take supplements to help with the muscle recovery period following intense workouts. And we wholeheartedly believe that, yes, they’re effective and worth your time and money.

And on top of that, they’re safe to use. These supplements are a must-have for every serious gym-goer.

All bodies have physical limitations, and even the most confident bodybuilder or athlete will need a boost when it comes to strength training.

As you increase the stress that you put on your muscles, and you increase the fibrous tears, you need effective ways to heal them quickly so that you can work out on a daily basis without fatigue.

Putting your body under too much stress without these supplements supporting you could lead to poor immune health, sickness, or worse.

That’s why we always recommend using a muscle recovery supplement as you up your workout regimen. Even if you just venture into trying one, such as a protein powder or multivitamin, it will make a huge difference in your performance.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’re aware of what muscle recovery supplements are and how they benefit your body during exercise, we hope you can make an informed decision about which ones to try out.

These supplements, including creatine monohydrate, whey protein, multivitamins, sleep supplements, and amino acids, energize your muscles and help them to repair quickly after workouts.

If you want to see serious results, you should always take them as the label directs you to and be consistent. It can also be beneficial to your workout regimen to stack different recovery supplements to see results in growth, energy, and recovery.

The above six supplements that we’ve recommended from Huge Supplements are safe to take and rarely have side effects to worry about. They are all well-reviewed by Huge Supplements customers for their taste and effectiveness.

And we’ve made sure to extensively test and review them for their value, relative prices, and quality ingredients. We care about recommending the best possible supplements to athletes of all skill levels so that you can meet your strength goals.

Try out some of the above muscle recovery supplements to see great results! starts here.


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