Best GPS Dog Fences: Wireless Dog Collar Fence

Best GPS Dog Fences
Best GPS Dog Fences [ photo ]
Published April 26, 2022|Updated April 29, 2022

GPS Dog Fence Review: Which Dog Fence Should You Get?

If you have a dog, you’ve probably thought of getting a GPS dog fence. If your pup is anything like mine, they could disappear chasing after a squirrel.

Without a physical fence, my Mr. Pepper is gone in the blink of an eye. And it is nerve-wracking calling for him to get him back into the house.

Technology has come a long way, even in the last few years. I can look up exactly where he is using a GPS dog fence.

There is real peace of mind knowing your dog is safe, even if they’re out of your immediate eyesight.

There are several GPS dog fences on the market. Since this is still a relatively new technology, some GPS dog fences are better than others.

So if you’re in the market for the best GPS dog fence, let’s take a look at some wireless dog fences, their features, and reviews from dog owners.

  1. Halo Dog Collar
GPS wireless dog fence
GPS wireless dog fence [ photo ]

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The Halo Dog Collar is a virtual containment system, dog fence, GPS tracking device, and activity tracker all in one.

It teaches your dog to remember the boundaries you establish for them.

A wifi connection isn’t necessary since the collar contains all of the data on boundaries along the wireless fence.

The Halo kit comes with a flexible collar with a pro case in one of two colors, a quick-release collar strap, contact blanks, an outdoor beacon, a wall charger, a USB-C cable for charging, and four contact tips.

World-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Milan designed this pet containment system. He teaches behavior correction through a succession of warning sounds.

The Halo Wireless Fence also uses static taps to reinforce learning with these GPS dog fences.


  • Halo keeps track of your pet’s location and whether they are moving or resting. You’ll be able to see how the warning/encouragement training is working by seeing how often the beacons are triggered.
  • It has GPS location tracking, so even if you’re in a location without wifi or cell phone service, you’ll still be connected to your dog. The GPS dog collar itself keeps track of where you’ve set boundaries, so it corrects behavior even without a wifi connection.
  • To create your smart fence, walk around the boundary of your property with the collar. Or set boundaries for your pet within the app. There are no wires to install like a traditional fence, so it’s easier and cleaner to set up.
  • After downloading the app, you can begin a 21-day training program created by Cesar Milan. Premium training lessons include live sessions with trainers. And gain access to dog training experts for personalized support.
  • If your dog leaves the safe zone and ignores the warning levels, you’ll receive escape notifications immediately. See within the app how many preventative warnings they received and where, so you can track your dog’s training progress.


  • The device and app cost $999 plus a yearly subscription of $32–$360, depending on the training plan selected.
  • The Halo has a plastic, quick-release closure and comes in two colors. It is not reinforced, so you may need to purchase a replacement at some point if your dog likes to chew.
  • If you have a gold plan, you can replace the collar for $399-$499, depending on the level of your plan.
  • Pet owners set corrective warnings like beeps, buzzes, and static feedback. The optional electrical static pulse is supposed to have a “tap on the shoulder” effect to refocus your dog away from the wireless fence. But he may not respond well to this type of training.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Halo GPS Dog Collar

If you’re interested in training rather than just being notified when they’ve fled, the Halo can be a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, even if you don’t have wifi in your yard, this collar will still correct your dog’s behavior.

The Halo is best for responsible pet owners who wish to offer their pets plenty of room to explore. But also want to train their furry friend.

If you like Cesar Melan’s approach to dog training, you’ll appreciate his training in the app.

The collar itself comes in three sizes for dogs’ neck sizes ranging from 11 inches to 30 inches. Dogs need to be older than 5 months and weigh more than 20 pounds for this device to be safe and effective.

Training is the most important part of this containment system. For those owners who don’t have time to work with their pets on understanding corrective feedback, another GPS technology like the Fi Smart Dog Collar might be a better option.

Advantages and Features

  • Hardware: The collar is water-resistant and has been tested for saltwater use as well. Users need to install interior and exterior beacons. The beacons are used to train and create portable safe zones.
  • Tracking and containment: This system requires beacon placement instead of underground wires. GPS location tracking and customizable geofence alerts are customizable.
  • Activity and behavior: Halo keeps track of your pet’s location and whether they are moving or resting. You’ll be able to see how the warning/encouragement training is working by seeing how often the beacons are triggered.

What Do Others Say?

After a search of real-life Halo GPS dog fence users, we found they generally enjoy using it.

Our Take

Once you’ve established safe zones, it’s up to you to work with your dog on understanding behavior correction from the collar.

Without training, your dog might become frustrated with trial and error trying to assess where they can and can’t go. However, it’s a great tool if you’re willing to invest the time and patience.

Click here to check the product if it interests you.

2. GPS Dog Fence SpotOn


The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is a virtual containment system. Train your dog using sounds, vibrations, and static corrections so they recognize where the invisible dog fences are.

This GPS dog fence comes with a collar, two static contact points, a static contact point tester, a charging base, and a wall charger.

If you live out in the country, in a wooded area, or on a farm, you may have difficulty connecting a smart collar to a cell phone tower or wifi. This GPS technology, used by the US military, recognizes your dog’s location within about a 3-mile radius.


  • SpotOn is very easy to set up and doesn’t require any hardware installation. Download the app and walk with your phone and the collar wherever you’d like the boundaries of your safe zone to be.
  • GPS technology controls and maintains the integrity of the fence. So even without cellular service, the GPS fence will continue to work.
  • Receive immediate notifications if your pup leaves your safe zones. Use the app to see exactly where he’s headed and get pinged every 6 seconds with his location. The dog will continue to receive corrective warnings until he turns toward home again.
  • For better reception and more accurate boundary reading, the antenna inside the device is located at the back of the dog’s neck. The collar also features long battery life.
  • SpotOn connects to 25–30 satellites all at once for the best tracking available.


  • The SpotOn GPS wireless dog fence costs $1495, plus an $83 annual subscription. This system may be cost-prohibitive.
  • GPS location tracking and customizable geofence alerts are customizable, but walking the perimeter is required.
  • Walking with the collar and your phone might not be ideal for all users, especially with large areas to cover.

Things to Consider Before Buying the SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

Similar to the Halo, dogs learn boundaries through behavior corrections like tones, vibrations, and static feedback.

It’s important to work with your dog to learn about feedback. Otherwise, they might become confused and take even longer to recognize their safe borders.

SpotOn is best for rural dogs who enjoy running in vast, open spaces where there might not be such good connectivity.

Set up a wireless dog fence ranging in size from 12 acres to 1,000 acres or more. And create safe zones around obstacles like water or buildings.

The collar’s size is adjustable and fits dogs with neck sizes of 10 inches to 26 inches. So this system won’t work for smaller dogs.

This GPS wireless dog fence does not count steps or rest, so if you want to keep track of your dog’s fitness, another solution is preferable.

If your dog likes to run for most of the day, this is one of the best GPS dog fences for battery life.

Advantages and features

  • Hardware: water-resistant, portable, and no installation is required. The software corrects for GPS drift to make sure your dog’s location is more accurate. It is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters underwater for up to thirty minutes, so your pup can get it as wet as he likes.
  • Tracking and containment: Because SpotOn depends on GPS, it’s much less of a hassle to set up. You don’t have to search for good wifi connectivity out in the yard. Nor do you need to place beacons to establish boundaries. Where Halo sets up to 20 fence posts, SpotOn handles up to 1,500 posts.
  • Activity and behavior: SpotOn trainers are available, for no additional fee, to assist with teaching your dog. After training your pet to recognize behavioral cues around the invisible dog fence, the dog can intuitively figure out which direction is home.

What Do Others Say?

After a search of real-life SpotOn invisible fence users, we found they generally enjoy using it.

‘Before the SpotOn collar, we had major trouble keeping Willie home. Our son lives across the field and has one of Willie’s litter mates. Charlie and Willie soon discovered one another and how to get together and there was no stopping them! I had a findster which could track him but not contain him and they could get away in the blink of an eye. We frequently found them two miles away at the creek or in the neighboring grasslands and pastures.’ - Belinda J., Owner

Our Take

In terms of location accuracy, especially in rural locations, SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is our choice of the best on the market. This collar works well for farm dogs with lots of space to roam.

But the GPS invisible fence cost may be prohibitive. For city dogs with better connection services and wifi always available, there are better options like the Fi Smart Dog Collar.

Click here to check the product if it interests you.

3. Fi Smart Dog Collar


The Fi Smart GPS Dog Collar is a health and location tracker. When your pup runs outside of established safe zones, you receive notice that he’s left your location.

The app allows you to watch where your dog is, whether they’re on a walk or have escaped to a neighbor’s yard.

Collars are available in four different colors: blue, red, yellow, and green. You also receive the tracker, batteries, and a wall charger.

The Fi is a great option if you’re concerned about maintaining your pet’s fitness goals. You can see exactly how many steps your dog takes in a day, how long they play, and when they rest.

You can also compare your dog’s stats with those of other Fi dogs around the US.


  • The Fi GPS dog fence costs $149 plus a $99 annual subscription (more if you want a custom collar). The basic closure is metal and is a quick release. If you prefer a different style, you have the option to purchase it.
  • Circular Safe Zones have a minimum of 60 feet in diameter. Polygon Save Zones have a minimum of 11,309 square feet.
  • Look at the map in the app and touch to set safe zones. You also have the option to plug in your pet’s profile information, like breed, weight, and age.
  • You can compare statistics with other owners, but it isn’t crucial to functionality.
  • It uses GPS and the LTE-M cellular network, so your dog’s location is always covered. They use three satellites to triangulate where your dog is within a 7-foot radius. LTE-M is supposed to reach 30% farther than the 5G/LTE on your phone.


  • There are no enforcement or behavior features on this collar. Using this device, your pet won’t learn where the boundaries are. It is primarily used for counting steps and tracking the dog’s location if they’re on a walk or lost.
  • The Fi works best within the range of a cellular network or wifi coverage.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi is best for dog owners who like to take their dogs on hikes and off-leash. They want to give their dogs freedom to run and can see where they’re located if they leave your immediate line of vision.

It is also best for dogs known to escape or active dogs who like to run and chase.

Certain collar sellers donate a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters.

Some collars are rated by strength (up to 300 lb force) and have a variety of buckle types, including magnetic quick-snap buckles, stainless steel hardware, and quick-release Weinerlock Buckles.

The multi-owner option is a fantastic addition because it allows for the addition of as many pets and dog-walkers as you like. Then, everyone you provide access to may see where the dog is in real-time.

Advantages and Features

  • Hardware: The tracker is made of reinforced, bite-resistant metal. It is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes. It also has a light that you can change the color of on your app for added nighttime safety.
  • Tracking and containment: GPS location tracking and circular geofence alerts. If your dog gets lost, you can switch the LED device light to flash red. Find them more easily in the dark or wooded areas. There are no containment features, but you will be alerted when your dog leaves the area.
  • Activity and behavior: Monitor your dog’s fitness goals by setting goals for daily steps. See how many steps they take each day, week, and month and how many miles they walk. Monitor their naps and sleep to make sure they’re balancing play with rest.

What Do Others Say?

After a search for real-life Fi GPS dog fence users, we found they considered it to be the best GPS dog fence.

‘Great GPS tracking as well as steps and walk mileage. Had a gps tracker before, which proved to be far less ‘waterproof’ than this one. Super happy with it and it’s incredibly durable (my dog wrestles, boxes, and generally roughhouses with other big dogs). It’s also his own social media, lol.’ - nmbr1favoritedogaccesory

Our Take

If you know your dog is an escape artist, the Fi may be a good option for your peace of mind. It doesn’t prevent or train your dog from leaving the safe zone, but he’ll be easier to locate with this collar on.

It’s nice that the collar is wifi enabled, so it automatically connects to any wifi signals. And with the addition of GPS, you’re much more likely to find him sooner.

Click here to check the product if it interests you.

4. Wagz

The Wagz Freedom Smart GPS Dog Collar is currently out of stock till June. Wagz is making changes to its products during its downtime, including enhanced battery life and cellular coverage.

Wagz employs vibration, auditory, and ultrasonic signals to correct behavior and keep your dog inside the boundaries of your geofence.

The app includes a step tracker to monitor your dog’s health and ensure he gets enough exercise.

Wagz monitors your pet’s and fence borders via cellular service. If you intend to use this gadget, make sure you’re constantly within range of a cell tower; otherwise, it will cease to operate.

Wagz is recommended for dogs weighing 15 lbs or more.

Wrapping it up

Whether you want to teach your dog not to cross the invisible fence, or just get a good handle on where he’s run off to after escaping the yard, there are lots of viable GPS dog fences available.

If budget isn’t an option, then choose a GPS dog fence system where the function is most important to you. If you want to train your dog, the Halo is probably the best device.

See the Halo collar work here! Get 6 months of Free Halo Gold plan with purchase

If you want to quickly locate your lost dog in town, go with Fi. If you want to train your dog and locate him over acres of land with little connectivity, then the SpotOn is your best bet. starts here.


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