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Don’t just hope and cross your fingers; BE PREPARED for hurricane season

... with a new solar panel system with battery-backup
With properly installed solar panels and battery backup system, Florida homeowners are protected from power outages during extreme weather.
With properly installed solar panels and battery backup system, Florida homeowners are protected from power outages during extreme weather. [ Stock ]
Published May 13

It’s that headache we all live with in these parts: hurricane season. How prepared you are is directly related to how much stress you feel during six months of every year.

Maybe you’ve thought of installing a generator. That’s one option, and it’s comparatively inexpensive, but it has its drawbacks — like the noise of operation, the smell of fuel, fuel cost and delivery charges, and possible conflicts with your HOA about set backs and noise levels. Plus, there are yearly maintenance costs, no savings on electricity, and maintenance is required on a generator after 72 hours of operation (equivalent to three days’ use, which could easily happen after a direct hit or even a graze) to preserve the warranty. When you factor all that in, the standard generator starts to sound like a headache in its own right.

Now compare the noisy, smelly, bulky gas-powered generator to a solar panel-powered generator with a battery backup system. The advantages speak for themselves: silent operation; no fuel smells, rising fuel costs or delivery fees to worry about; no emissions; no HOA restrictions to deal with; remote monitoring and tech support; and no moving parts to wear out or break. Plus, yearly maintenance (and maintenance after 72 hours’ use) is not required, it reduces your electric bill, and the purchase price qualifies for a Solar Investment Tax Credit of 26%.

If you sell your home, this system adds real and perceived value. If you stay in your home, the benefits of a solar-powered generator pay for themselves every hurricane season, because you don’t have to worry about loss of hot water, lights, refrigeration and air conditioning, regardless of what happens to the power grid. And these benefits don’t just bring comfort and peace of mind during hurricane season. They are there for you whenever the power goes out — like during a strong thunderstorm — and throughout the year, in the form of reduced electric bills.

If the price worries you, it needn’t. Financing is available at May Electric Solar, along with that 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit. In business for 16 years and installing solar for 12, May Electric Solar specializes in this type of backup power system. They don’t use subcontractors. When they install your system, you deal with one company and one warranty — which makes the process so much easier.

Hurricane shutters? Check! Insurance coverage? Check! Solar-powered energy? Check that off, too. Call solar energy experts May Electric Solar at (727) 819-2862 to lower your electric bill all year long, and preserve your quality of life during every storm season. Make the winning decision that will benefit you now, this hurricane season, and in all the years to come.


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