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Newbies, take to the skies with CROSSAIROCEAN’s introductory flight lesson

This aviation school in Zephyrhills can make your dreams take flight.
Soar the skies with an introductory flight lesson from CROSSAIROCEAN.
Soar the skies with an introductory flight lesson from CROSSAIROCEAN. [ Stock photo ]
Published Jul. 18

Get your head in the clouds and feet off the ground with local flight school CROSSAIROCEAN. This aviation school in Zephyrhills is all about making dreams a reality, even if you don’t think you have what it takes to fly a plane.

CROSSAIROCEAN makes it easy for newbies to make their first journey sky bound. The school’s focus is on newcomers who want to obtain their private pilot licenses or dip their toes in the proverbial waters (erm, skies) to see if aviation is a good fit for them. For less than the cost of a new gaming console, you can hurtle yourself towards the heavens with CROSSAIROCEAN’s introductory flight package. Aviation newbies learn about ground school, get trained on flying basics using a flight simulator and even adventure out on a 45-minute flight with an instructor.

CROSSAIROCEAN manager and flight instructor Ben Obasi walked us through the process:

“When I meet a client for the introductory flight, first we go on the simulator and I teach them how to manipulate the airplane controls and the basics of how to fly an airplane, so that they have some idea of what we would be doing on the airplane,” said Obasi.

After the client gets comfortable with the flight simulator, it’s time to get ready to fly. The client and Obasi run a quick preflight check to make sure the plane is fit to fly. When everything is ready, Obasi lines it up on the runway and helps the client take off the plane, then bam! They’re flying.

If this sounds daunting, Obasi’s advice is not to fear. In fact, he’s seen clients who were initially intimidated by navigating the wild blue yonder come to truly enjoy flying.

“For newbies who might be afraid to try, my advice is to bring a friend or family member who is not as afraid along,” said Obasi. “That makes them a lot more comfortable and confident to partake in this adventure. Also, placing them in a controlled and less stressful environment like the simulator also boosts their confidence further. I have seen other people overcome this fear and they often come to a realization that flying is not as hard or scary as they thought and love it even more. Sparking this passion is the joy of instruction.”

Anyone interested in flying with CROSSAIROCEAN is welcome to book an introductory flight. Parents of minors who want to fly are asked to sign a consent form before the lesson and are also allowed to fly with their child. Other than that, there aren’t any official requirements to sign up and take that first step.

Ready to soar? You might try flying and find that you’re hooked. At CROSSAIROCEAN, there’s always more to learn and explore. The flight school provides more options for aviation lovers beyond its introductory flight lesson and private pilot license – you can also go through training to earn your commercial pilot license and instructor pilot license. Visit CROSSAIROCEAN on the web at, or contact the school at (352) 737-0800 or


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