5 Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit: Get Emergency Cash Immediately From Top Loan Companies

5 Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit: Get Emergency Cash Immediately From Top Loan Companies
5 Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit: Get Emergency Cash Immediately From Top Loan Companies [ photo ]
Published Aug. 23, 2022

Meta Description: Got yourself in a sticky situation? Need some cash but can’t find a loan? We’ve got your back! Take a look at our list of the best online payday loans.

It’s no secret that many Americans have bad credit scores and struggle to find a loan. If you’re looking for some cash but don’t know where to start, you should consider online payday loans. Payday loans are a great resource if you need some funds fast and can’t seem to get approved for a traditional loan.

A payday loan is a small loan amount that you repay when your next paycheck is due. Some people would advise you to stay away from these types of loans, but truth be told, a payday loan can be a lifesaver. You get access to funds fast, your credit score will most likely remain intact, and you can even improve it by repaying on time.

We’ve put together a list of the best payday loan services on the market right now. If you’re seriously considering taking a loan, we will teach you everything you need to know and where to find the best loans.

Top 5 Financial Services For Payday Loans Online In 2022

  • MoneyMutual: Overall Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit; Guaranteed Approval
  • BadCreditLoans: Top Mortgage Lenders Offering Bad Credit Loans
  • RadCred: Get Personal Loans For Fair Credit From Top Loan Company
  • CashUSA: Reliable For Emergency Cash Immediately For Bad Credit
  • PersonalLoans: Recommended For High Interest Loans With No Credit Check

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit; Guaranteed Approval

Brand overview

To kick off our list, we’ve got MoneyMutual. The company acts as a middleman between lenders and borrowers, essentially connecting qualified borrowers with the right lender. MoneyMutual is a reliable marketplace that has been operating since 2010. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the service offers various loan types from a network of over 60 lenders.

To get started with the service, you will need to fill out a quick and secure online form. Once completed, your portfolio is sent to the best matching lenders, and you can receive payday loans that range anywhere from $200 to $2000.

One of the things that make this company so reliable is efficiency. You have fantastic chances of getting approved for a loan, and you can receive offers within a few minutes of applying.

Another thing that makes MoneyMutual special is being a member of the OLA(Online Lenders Alliance), which is an organization dedicated to fair business practices in online lending. The company also claims to have served over two million customers, which is quite impressive in itself.


Quick and efficient

Thanks to partnerships with many lenders, MoneyMutual can net you a loan in a very short time. The turnaround from applying to receiving is incredibly fast and can be done within one to two business days.

The application form is very easy to understand and can be completed in mere minutes if you have your documents near you. The most important things you’ll need are your SSN, a valid bank account, details about your employment status and employer, as well as contact information like your email address. After filling out the short online form, you could receive offers almost instantly. You finalize the process with the lender of your choice on their website via e-signature.

Informational resources

One of the areas MoneyMutual excels in is providing accurate information. If you open the website’s menu and go to resources, you will be given an option to learn more about loans, the different types of credit loans, and the company itself.

For example, you can choose to learn about payday loans, how they are categorized, and what type of income can be used to acquire such a loan. We really appreciate sites that go out of their way and explain in great detail what you should expect from a particular loan and the upsides and downsides of taking out a loan.

Top-notch security

So far, we’ve highlighted education and efficiency, and to top it all off - great security features. MoneyMutual has the latest encryption technology in place, giving you encryption keys that provide 112-bits of security. It employs 2048-bit RSA encryption. This means that all of your data is secure, and it’s not an easy target for attacks and breaches.

Furthermore, the site is canned by TrustedSite, which conducts over 70 virus scans on a daily basis, checking for malware and potentially malicious software. You can check TrustedSite to perform a check on the security certificates and the latest scans that were performed. Security is very important when dealing with personal banking data, and MoneyMutual has been doing a stellar job.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • Served over two million customers
  • The service is free of charge
  • A network consisting of over 60 lenders
  • TrustedSite certified
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Member of the OLA and CFEF
  • Plenty of information and education offered
  • Get funded in 24 hours
  • Quick online form


  • Does not work in the states of NY and CT
  • Not part of the loan negotiation process

#2. BadCreditLoans: Top Mortgage Lenders Offering Bad Credit Loans

Brand overview

Next up, we’ve got another service that functions as a loan aggregator, BadCreditLoans. The company was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of providing installment and payday loans to people with bad credit.

The reason so many people can receive a loan offer through the service is that BadCreditLoans utilizes a large network of peer-to-peer lenders and tribal lenders. They also have many connections with banks and other loaning institutions. Because the service has access to so many lenders, you can receive a loan offer even if you have horrendous credit scores or bankruptcies.

You can borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000 and repay within 3 to 36 months. Although, payday loans usually have a maximum amount of $1,000. Another great thing about this service is that your information is protected and kept secure with the latest encryption technology. Moreover, if you scroll down on the homepage, you will see a disclaimer and explanation about APR, so you can get a rough idea of what sort of repayment terms you should expect.


Mobile application

We’re talking quite a lot about accessibility and convenience when applying, but BadCreditLoans takes this a step further. You can find and download the company’s mobile application on both Apple and Android devices.

This allows you to apply and see offers from anywhere without using your computer. Most lending services have optimized their websites to mobile standards but do not have an application. So, BadCreditLoans gets a big plus from us for having a well-functioning mobile app.

Spotting scams and education

The purpose of this article is to better inform and guide you on your lending journey. BadCreditLoans does exactly that by having one of the richest educational sections about loans out there. You can inform yourself about all the types of loans, how they are repaid, and what they are used for. You can also learn what the strengths and downsides of the different types of loans are.

Furthermore, if you got the scam alert section, you can teach yourself how to spot a lending scam and how most lending scams are conducted. You’d be surprised how many ways a scammer will try to get access to your data and money. This is especially relevant when it comes to lending online.

Customer support

If you read through customer reviews on the site and from other various sources, you will quickly notice that many people praise BadCreditLoans for their customer service team. The customer support reps are quick to respond, professional, and willing to answer all your questions.

If you’re unsure which lender to choose or how exactly the service works, you can write them an email or call via phone to get guidance from a support agent. Just keep in mind that after you strike a deal with a lender, BadCreditLoans is out of the picture and you will need to contact the lender directly with any questions.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoan


  • Reputable service that’s been around since 1998
  • Unsecured loans for individuals with bad credit
  • A network consisting of hundreds of lenders
  • Free of charge and without obligations
  • Many loan types and loan amounts
  • Great privacy policy and security features
  • Fantastic educational resources
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Fast financing, once approved


  • Mixed reviews around the internet
  • Low standing with the BBB

#3. RadCred: Get Personal Loans For Fair Credit From Top Loan Company

Brand overview

Coming up, we’ve got an intermediary between potential borrowers and lenders, RadCred. Even though the company is relatively new to the industry, it has quickly become one of Americans’ most trusted sources of cash. The service is simple: you fill out a short request form, and your information is analyzed and sent out to a large network of lenders.

The platform is completely free, and you can use your funds for anything you need. Most people use them for holidays, vacations, medical expenditures, car repairs, home improvement, etc. If you worry about your credit score, RadCred discloses that most lenders will only perform a soft pull credit check, ensuring your credit score is not harmed.

A couple of things separate RadCred from other companies offering personal loans. First, RadCred has very simple and basic eligibility requirements, the platform is secure and employs the latest encryption technology, and the whole process from applying to getting funded is super fast.

The service recently became a member of the Online Members Alliance, expressing its dedication to providing fair loans and financial education as part of the CFEF(Community Financial Education Foundation).


Sleek website

A truly underrated feature is having a well-designed website. When you enter RadCred’s website, you can see each menu clearly, and the main service is thoroughly explained. The website employs a simple and polished design and interface.

The first thing you see is the application form which you can fill out with just a few basic details like zip code, email, and 4 SSN digits. It makes the whole process more convenient, and you can instantly find information about how the service works or contact details.

A convenient loan request process

RadCred has one of the easiest loan application processes on the market. You can submit the simple form online without any hassles. You’ll need to have your personal data, contact information, and employment information on hand. Your information will be sent to a large network of lenders and third-party partners. If you like an offer and agree to the loan, you will get funded within 24 hours.

Moreover, RadCred usually connects you to lenders that will not perform hard credit checks, especially for online payday loans. This is great because you apply fast, get funded quickly, and your credit score remains unharmed.

Security features

One more area where RadCred shines is security. The site is regularly scanned with many antivirus and security tools provided by TrustedSite. The site is certified secure and employs one of the best encryption technologies in the industry. Your data is protected by 2048-BIT RSA technology, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands. If you head to the platform’s privacy policy page, you can learn how your info is collected and utilized.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • A new company quickly rising to the top
  • A convenient and well-designed website
  • Part of the Online Lenders Alliance
  • CFEF partner
  • Great security features and data encryption
  • A quick and efficient application process
  • Get funded within one business day
  • Many loan types depend on your financial profile
  • A well-defined privacy policy
  • Customer support is ready to answer all questions via email


  • No precise information about requirements and loan amounts
  • Some lenders might perform hard credit pulls

#4. CashUSA: Reliable For Emergency Cash Immediately For Bad Credit

Brand overview

Moving on, we’ve got a lending service that has been providing financial support to people since 1997. CashUSA tailors to almost all credit types and offers a variety of personal and installment loans, including payday loans. Because the company has been operating for so long, it has accrued one of the biggest networks of lenders, consisting of both peer-to-peer and tribal lenders.

One of the things that makes CashUSA so reliable is how fast and convenient the whole loan request process is. If you have your banking and personal details ready on hand, you can fill out the application in just a few minutes. You’ll receive offers almost immediately, and if you negotiate a loan that works for you, you will get funded in 24 hours during business days.

With CashUSA, you have the chance to borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000 and repay over a time ranging from 90 days to 72 months, all with reasonable APRs that depend on your credit score. Payday loans are one of the easiest to get approved for, although you can’t get a large sum of money. Having so much loan variety and a convenient, streamlined online process is why CashUSA has over a million monthly users.


Education center

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably trying to learn more about online loans and find out if they are the right choice for your situation. By now, you should have some understanding of online borrowing. But, if you really want to educate yourself about taking out loans and personal finances, you should visit CashUSA’s education center.

There are tons of articles and educational resources centered around the topics of credit, finances, debt, banking, etc. And the best thing about it is that all that information is compiled into easily-digestible small articles. You can learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to borrowing money and how you can improve your situation to avoid the need to borrow in the future.

Pay online and on time

You’d be surprised how many lenders require you to mail checks and depend on postal service for your monthly repayments. When you take out a payday loan from CashUSA, all your payments can be done online, and you can give the lender permission to retrieve money automatically once your paycheck comes in. This will save you time, keep you out of repayment troubles, and improve your credit score.

Appropriate for all credit scores

Even though plenty of companies claim that they offer guaranteed loan approvals, that is simply not true. It’s mostly dependent on the lenders in the network to express willingness to work with you.

So, with CashUSA having an enormous lender network that consists of different types of lenders, your chances of getting a loan are increased. If your credit standing is on the low side, you should know that the interest rates might be much higher, but if you have no other alternative, why not?

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Get offers tailored to your financial profile
  • One of the most extensive lender networks
  • A well-established service operating since 1997
  • Get funded in one business day
  • Excellent education center
  • Over a million monthly users
  • An easy and convenient loan request process
  • Good security features in place
  • The service is available 24/7


  • Users with low credit might get high APRs
  • Some personal data is collected and might be shared

#5. PersonalLoans: Recommended For High Interest Loans With No Credit Check

Brand overview

For our fifth and final spot, we’ve got a platform that provides an easy and convenient avenue for borrowers to connect with lenders. PersonalLoans has been in business for over two decades and has established itself as a reputable and trusted source for your loan needs. The service offers much flexibility regarding loan terms, types, and repayment times.

You can apply for bank loans, peer-to-peer loans, and personal installment loans, with amounts that could be as high as $35 000. The loans require a credit score of 580 and up and a regular monthly income of at least $2000, but people with all credit types are welcome to apply. You can use the loan money for many reasons, including home improvements, starting a business, repaying student loans, unexpected bills, vacations, etc.

With PersonalLoans, you will get competitive rates from multiple lenders in a few minutes, and if you reach an agreement, you could receive the funds in the next business day. If you decide to apply through PersonalLoans and are worried about security, rest assured because the service employs the most advanced data encryption technology. Furthermore, PersonalLoans is a member of OLA, striving to improve the online lending industry.


Transparent practices and privacy

When it comes to giving away sensitive personal data on the internet, the least a company could do is protect it. PesonalLoans has the latest security features in place, keeping your private info safe. Moreover, the company explains in great detail how they use your information, how they share it, and for what purpose. Furthermore, the company clarifies how much you can borrow, what kind of credit score you need, and what APRs to expect.

PersonalLoans is transparent about how it makes a profit from the free service, and everything on the website is easily accessible and explained in great detail. Many of these loan aggregator sites are confusing, and we have to praise PersonalLoans for being transparent.

Loan guidelines

Chances are, this is the first time you’re reading about the different types of loans. One of the best features of PersonalLoans is the loan guide section. You can find all the information you need about what constitutes a type of loan and what loans can be used for.

Everything you should know about payday loans is explained, and you can educate yourself about other things like debt consolidation. The guides are filled with valuable tips you can apply to your finances and learn what kind of loan is a good fit for your situation.

Customer support

Finally, we appreciate the customer service offered by PersonalLoans. You can get in touch with a support agent via email or make a call from Monday to Saturday during business hours pacific time.

The customer support is quite helpful, answering all your questions about how the service works and what types of offers to expect. If you can’t reach customer support, you should try reading through the FAQ page to find an answer to a question you might have.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • In business for over two decades
  • Different types of loans to choose from
  • Loan amounts ranging from $1000 to $35 000
  • Member of the Online Lenders Alliance
  • Latest security features in place
  • Excellent loan guides and education
  • A modern and sleek website
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Transparent through all the steps in the process


  • A lot of personal information needed
  • You can only get small amounts from a payday loan

How We Chose These Loan Companies For Same Day Payday Loans?

If you search for a loan online, you will find that there is an abundance of companies and services claiming they have the best offers. You might be confused about what these terms mean, which companies are legit, and how to choose a loan provider properly.

Because of this, we spent countless hours researching and scouring the internet to find truly reliable and legitimate loan companies.

Many companies out there wish to scam you, be it with atrocious interest rates or just by collecting your data and using it for marketing purposes. In order to help you make an informed financial decision and help you choose the right loan, we ranked credit loan services based on a few criteria:

Company reputation

The first factor we considered is how reputable a company is. If a lending service had previous problems with lawmakers or many customer complaints, we chose to exclude it from our list.

Most of the services on our list have been around for 10+ years and have managed to keep good standing with their customers. This shows trustworthiness and a dedication to providing quality service. We also consulted with the three credit bureaus and checked BBB ratings to confirm.

Transparent and fair business practices

Continuing to build on our last point, we highly value brands that respect and uphold fair business practices. Because the lending industry is so volatile, the last thing you need is companies that will take advantage of you and abuse the fact you’re strapped for some money. Many of the companies on our list are members of organizations like OLA, CFEF and follow the truth in lending act.

We also placed high importance on honesty. Transparency about how your personal data is collected and used, as well as what types of offers you should expect, is very important. Companies with shady and unclear privacy policies were excluded from our list.

Customer reviews

We can’t make a list without reading what the people have to say. We read through countless reviews about how people felt while using the service and how convenient the whole process was. There were many lending services that had horrendous reviews, and most customers were not satisfied.

This is regarding the service itself, not the interest rates. Interest rates will be on the higher end if you have a bad credit standing regardless. We noticed that people appreciated good customer service. So, companies with a slew of bad reviews all over the internet did not get a spot on our guide.

Qualification requirements

We also looked at the mandatory requirements in order to apply for a loan. There are many services that only work with people who have good credit scores. Most services on our list have very simple requirements.

Your score can be on the low end, but you will most likely receive an offer as long as you have a regular and steady income. Since we’re talking about payday loans, lenders will be more interested in your income rather than your FICO score.

Speed and efficiency

Usually, time is essential for people looking for these types of loans online. That’s why we looked at things like the application process and funding times. The companies on our list offer an easy, convenient, and streamlined application process for most loans. Moreover, if you agree upon a loan and finalize the deal, you will get the cash in your checking account within one day.

Loan amounts and APR

Finally, we looked at how much you can expect to borrow and what that means in terms of repaying. The companies on our list provide various loan amounts, however, online payday loans usually range between $250 and $1000. As for APRs, same day payday loans are known to come with double-digit interest rates, which can greatly increase the amounts you pay back.

This is the unfortunate reality of borrowing on quick notice and having a bad credit score. Please note that we do not suggest or discourage you from taking out a loan, it’s your personal financial responsibility, and we can only provide you with accurate information.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Taking Out Online Loans & Quick Loans

That concludes our list of the best online lending platforms on the market. This article is informative, but it’s in no way or form financial advice. You are responsible for your personal finances, and if you choose to take out a loan, you should consider the following factors:

Do your research

If you’re reading our guide, you’re already on the right path. The best thing you can do before taking out a loan is to educate yourself and assess your options. Make use of the fact that all these lending platforms offer educational resources, and read them thoroughly. The knowledge will help you determine the best loan for yourself and help you understand loan agreements better.

Compare multiple options

The second thing you should do is try to get as many offers as possible. What’s great about these online lending services is that they won’t cost you anything to apply for a loan. Some services will even let you compare different offers from various lenders.

Make sure to use this to your advantage. By getting as many loan offers as possible, you will get a rough idea of what to expect, and you can choose the most favorable loan terms.

Carefully read the fine print of the loan agreement

Once you receive an offer and decide to pursue it, you will be given the final form of the loan agreement in the form of a fine print. This document contains all the details regarding loan amounts, interest rate, additional fees, charges, and repayment terms. The devil is in the details, so make sure you fully understand your commitment by signing this document.

Interest rate

Arguably the most important factor is the interest rate. We already mentioned that payday loans with no credit check are notorious for high-interest rates, but that doesn’t mean you should get ripped off. Plenty of states have put laws in place to control unreasonably high APRs. Tribal lenders can bypass these laws, so ensure you know who your lender is and if the APR offered is within reasonable limits.

Additional fees

Extra charges along with the interest rate are what make up the APR. Going back to our point on reading the fine print, extra fees should be included in the contract. If you sign the agreement without paying attention to these fees, you can end up paying way more than you need to.

Examples of additional fees are origination, administrative, and late repayment fees. Origination fees are paid upfront from pocket or the loan amount itself. Late repayment fees are self-explanatory, and you should avoid them at all costs. They will both damage your credit score and accrue additional debt for no gain whatsoever.

Make a repayment plan

Finally, if you decide to go through with a loan, you should already have a plan in place for paying it back. A loan can save you from your current financial troubles, but it can put you further into debt in the long run. So, the best thing you can do is create a monthly budget and allocate a certain sum of cash for repaying the loan.

By doing this, you avoid paying late repayment fees and improve your credit score. If you’re not sure you can pay the loan back, it’s best to refrain from taking it. Taking out a loan without having the means to pay for it will hurt you way more in the long run.

FAQs On $255 Payday Loans Online Same Day Approval

Q1. How does a payday loan work?

A payday loan is essentially a short-term loan that you pay back within a few weeks or months when you receive your next paycheck. Payday loans are typically repaid within 14 days, including the loan amount, interest rate, and additional fees. Because they are so volatile, some states have restrictions or bans on them.

An example would be borrowing $100 within two weeks to repay the loan at a 15% interest rate. That would amount to an APR of nearly 400% because the repayment time is short. You will essentially repay 115$, paying 1.07$ each day for the loan. And to top it all off, many lenders will include a finance charge when taking out the loan.

Q2. Will a payday loan influence my credit score?

This depends mostly on the lender, but a payday loan will most likely not impact your credit score. The reason for this is soft credit checks. Payday loans are usually given out based on your employment status and not credit scores.

So, lenders won’t perform a hard credit check when giving you the loan, and your score will remain intact. With that being said, failing to repay the loan could negatively impact your credit score. Furthermore, some lenders will perform a hard credit pull regardless of the loan type, so you can never be too sure.

Q3. What can I do if I fail to repay the payday loan?

This is a tough situation to be in. If you can’t make your payments, there are a couple of options to consider. You can take out a collateral loan or pawn off a valuable item in a pawn shop to get the money.

You can also consider debt consolidation loans, which is essentially a loan that will help you repay your debt and offer you more favorable and flexible terms to repay it. Finally, you can try borrowing some money from family and friends. This should be an absolute last resort because you don’t want to jeopardize your personal relationships by getting money involved.

Q4. What’s the main difference between personal loans and payday loans?

The two types of loans are similar in many ways. For example, they are both considered short-term loans. But, the biggest difference is interest rates. Personal loans usually come with much lower interest rates, often in the single digits.

On the other hand, payday loans almost always come with a much heftier interest rate. Another big difference is the loan term. Payday loans are rarely longer than one month, while personal loans can be repaid longer. Longer personal loans can have terms ranging from 24 to 72 months.

Q5. How much can I borrow on a payday loan?

This heavily depends on your local state laws because most states have set minimum and maximum amounts you can borrow in the form of a payday loan. There are states that allow unlimited borrowing, while others like New York, Arizona, and many more have completely banned payday loans. Most payday loans range somewhere between $300 and $1,000.

Q6. Is a cash advance the same as a payday loan?

Although the concept is similar, the two loans are not the same. A cash advance is a loan taken out of your credit card, and it’s a percentage of your credit limit. It has nothing to do with your employment status as payday loans do. Cash advances are typically a much better option with lower APR than payday loans. Cash advances, on average, have a 24% interest rate.

Final Thoughts: Borrow Money Instantly From Top Online Lenders

That concludes our list of the best payday loans for bad credit . We hope our guide has helped educate you on payday loans and where to find the best options. The decision is ultimately on you to choose whether or not you take out a loan. Payday loans for bad credit can be a blessing and a curse, depending on your situation and how you utilize them.

The loan services on our list are transparent, reputable, and reliable. You can’t go wrong by choosing either of them. Remember to consult our guide on what to do when picking out a loan, and don’t forget to read the fine print.

Make sure to assess every option before committing to a loan and getting into more debt, and we hope some of this information will prove valuable to your future. Borrow responsibly, and pay back responsibly to avoid getting into a cycle of debt. starts here.