5 Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval: Get Payday Loans & Installment Loans In 2022

5 Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval: Get Payday Loans & Installment Loans In 2022
5 Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval: Get Payday Loans & Installment Loans In 2022 [ photo ]
Published Aug. 24, 2022

Living during an economic decline is hard on everyone. On top of everyday living costs, emergencies arise and stretch our finances tight. Whether you need financial help for an unexpected car repair, leaky roof, or an urgent road trip, you can benefit from a reliable lender.

Sometimes your savings don’t cover these emergency costs, and time binds you to react quickly. Maybe your family and friends can’t help you, or you don’t want them involved.

Banks have a long, complicated process of approving emergency loans, and they are especially picky if you have bad credit. Any applicant with a FICO score of below 660 gets turned down quickly.

So, what’s the alternative? Get your smartphone and start looking for the best lenders online. We’ve pulled together a definitive list of bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals for you.

Seeing how there are endless online lending platforms nowadays, we decided to select the top five. So, to avoid getting cheated during your most vulnerable times, we selected experienced lending platforms that won’t charge tremendous APRs.

Your safety is always the priority, so don’t worry - these loans are trustworthy. You’ll get your loan quickly as a flash, despite having a bad credit score. Therefore, let’s discover more!

5 Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval $5000 In August

  1. MoneyMutual - Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market
  2. BadCreditLoans - Popular Loan Lenders Offering Loans For Bad Credit
  3. RadCred - Top Payday Lenders For Bad Credit Personal Loans
  4. CashUSA - Borrow Money Instantly From Top Financial Institutions
  5. Personal Loans - Get Personal Loans With No Credit Check; Easy Approval

#1. MoneyMutual - Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market

MoneyMutual has been a silver lining for thousands of people ever since 2010. The service is fast, you can browse lenders in seconds, and it’s also free of cost.

What’s so great about MoneyMutual? We can think of numerous things, but for starters, it does the dirty work for you - it introduces you to honest lenders with excellent rates and conditions. Imagine doing all the research yourself and getting turned down anyway.

While it isn’t a direct lender, it does a great job of connecting you with one. You use the platform to find a reliable lender instead of bumping into a loan shark and regretting it later.

MoneyMutual is a leading champion in the lending world. It’s a safe place that guides you to financial help despite your poor credit score. Returning clients’ testimonials applaud their professionalism, speed, and discretion. In case you’re still undecided, take a look at some of the features of this platform.


Multiple loan types

The platform is famous for approving applicants with bad credit scores. Depending on how much you need and the repayment terms that suit you, there are multiple types of loans. You can get an installment loan, payday loan, or short-term loans for bad credit.

We know that your financial needs vary, and the lenders give out loans beginning at $100 and up to $5,000. These sums are enough to cover your medical bills, weekend-away expenses, and whatever else you need.

At the same time, MoneyMutual has proven very professional in working with reliable lenders. The lenders are flexible and won’t charge astronomical interest rates. Depending on the final amount and repayment terms, interest rates may range between 5.99% to 24.99%.

Interest rate

As already mentioned, having a vast lender network allows MoneyMutual to introduce borrowers to numerous lenders. MoneyMutual is a member of OLA, and its partners are generous with their interest rates. What does this mean? Lenders working with this platform offer competitive interest rates and won’t charge an arm and a leg for their service.

Potential borrowers can browse lenders’ conditions and may skip them altogether if they disagree with the terms. The final APR amount depends on the current market, credit score, and loan amount.

Ultimate security

With discreet lenders and an encrypted website, MoneyMutual protects your privacy. Since we all know how usual third-party breaches are, the tech team has ensured ultimate privacy.

The website uses an AES25 encryption system, which protects it from viruses and hacking attacks. When you provide sensitive data in the application form, the website safeguards it using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

MoneyMutual also has a strict privacy policy which you can see on the homepage. This way, your online ‘’shopping’' for a loan goes smoothly, discreetly, and safely stored.


Again, we must accentuate how open and sincere this business is. When you give someone your most valuable information and put your trust in a loan company, you need it to be transparent and reliable.

Numerous favorable reviews testify to MoneyMutual’s honesty, and you can also visit the FAQs section on the homepage. Browse how they deal with complaints and suggestions, how they use information, and what they offer. You can contact customer service by phone or email anytime.

The website is also very resourceful, containing educational advice on borrowing, types of loans, and repayment terms. We find it easy to navigate for novices and internet skeptics.

Application process and requirements

With over two million clients, it has steadily built its name as the best online lender. Wondering how to start? Fill in a form, get offers from lenders and start negotiating with them. Funds are safely transferred to you the next day.

Another highlight of using MoneyMutual’s service is the connection to a network of more than a hundred lenders. The vast number of lenders increases the chances of your approval, and you can also find offers that suit you best.

This is where you start your direct contact with the lender, and any terms and conditions you sign is between the two of you. Until then, you aren’t obliged to accept offers if you don’t like them. Remember, MoneyMutual doesn’t approve or deny loan requests, and only a lender can do that. Furthermore, to qualify for a loan with the platform, you have to meet some criteria:

  1. Be over 18
  2. Be a permanent citizen of the US
  3. Possess a checking account
  4. Have a monthly income of a minimum of $800.


  • Trusted throughout the US
  • Flexible platform
  • Free of charge
  • Fast approval
  • Poor credit applicant friendly
  • Lending network of over 100 individuals
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Not available in NY and Connecticut

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans - Popular Loan Lenders Offering Loans For Bad Credit

A perfect solution when you don’t want your credit score checked, BadCreditLoans lives up to its name and lends to borrowers with all kinds of credit scores. It’s the second on our list due to its high-quality service and accessibility.

BadCreditLoans is top-rated for guaranteed approvals. Providing favorable conditions, reliable lenders, and an informative website, it has been a helping hand for people since 1999.

As are the other four platforms on our list, BadCreditLoans is also just the missing link between yourself and a local or tribal lender. It doesn’t approve or provide loans - that’s up to the lender.

Let’s talk numbers - the loan amounts go from $500 to $5,000; the loan repayment schedule is usually between three to 36 months and APRs range from 5.99% - 35.99%.

Once you fire up its website, you can find minimally-designed sections, easy-to-find information, and numerous articles to peruse. These will kindly guide you into safe borrowing and avoiding online scams.



BadCreditLoans is a free service with a functional website and seamless online application process. Enter the data into the form and see if you’re eligible for a loan. Before your final decision you can compare offers and fees, so find the best one. You don’t have to settle for the first offer you get.

The funds can be deposited into your account quickly and hassle-free. Long gone are the days of waiting in banks and filling in endless papers. You can even supply your signature electronically, which speeds up the process and saves you time. The tech team has developed a BadCreditLoans app, so you can finish the process from your phone, wherever you are.

Interest rate

Only the lender determines the APR and interest rate you have to pay, but BadCreditLoans limits its lending partners - so they don’t overcharge borrowers. The APR restriction is from 5.99% to 35.99%. These rates are better than whatever in-person banks would charge you for a bad credit loan.


Some money-lending platforms keep the rates close to themselves - they aren’t very open with potential clients. Contrary to this, BadCreditLoans is transparent and loud about this important info - you can see right on the homepage how the interest rates range.

It also warns users that tribal lenders may charge more since state laws do not regulate their loans. Consider that BCL can’t predict a lender’s terms; check the agreement before you sign the deal with a lender.

Moreover, unplanned costs can disrupt your monthly expenses, and the opportunity BadCreditLoans gives you is beneficial in those hard times. You only need to provide the online application with the necessary data, wait for approval, and get the funds the next day.

Don’t stress over your current credit score - you’ll probably get approved despite it. New and returning clients reach out to BadCreditLoans because it doesn’t discriminate. If you don’t get any offers, BadCreditLoans has other options - it may advise improving your score, exploring debt relief, or suggesting third-party lenders.


Excellent reviews surround this brand - mainly thanks to its customer care. It has a five-star rank on TrustPilot, and clients and finance experts love its efficiency. The team is always available for any issues, questions, or guidance.


  • Unsecured loans
  • Trusted lender network
  • Resourceful website
  • It is safe to use
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Affordable APRs
  • There are many impressive reviews


  • Poor credit score applicants may get only $1,000 in loans

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred - Top Payday Lenders For Bad Credit Personal Loans

The third best money company on our list is RadCred. It’s a wise solution for poor credit applicants with guaranteed approval. It has a spotless reputation, with being in the industry for more than twenty years and servicing about two million clients.

Our favorite trait? They find solutions for everyone, poor scores notwithstanding. To get a loan through RadCred, you go through a three-step process: fill out a form, get verified, and grab your cash.

The good news is that RadCred doesn’t charge you as a borrower - they only charge the lenders for connecting them with you. So, you’ve got a free, sound service at your grasp.

The website is easy-on-the-eye and protected by industry-strength encryption. At first glance, you can find helpful advice, how the procedure works, and see the certificates the brand owns.

On top of that, you can find mortgage and interest rate calculators on the website, which is convenient for clueless borrowers before committing to a loan.


Available for bad credit applicants

The whole point of RadCred is to aid those with the worst kinds of credit. Life happens, crises arise, and it takes a long time to repair a poor credit score.

The platform clearly understands these unfortunate circumstances and does its best to find you a suitable lender. Although bad credit loans get higher interest rates, the partners of RadCred are flexible and open to negotiation.

Some lenders may provide a sizable loan of about $35,000, but these are extreme circumstances. The lenders also calculate your repayment schedule, which usually takes 90 days to 72 since the contract was signed.

Outstanding reputation

The US online market is bursting with money-lending platforms. However, not all of them are licensed. Trusted Site has endorsed RadCred as a trustworthy site for various loans.

RadCred is also a member of OLA and owns a license. All of these facts testify to its professional conduct and reliability.

We’ve chosen a safe, transparent platform that gets the job done. Thousands of happy clients confirm the swift lending process and lenders’ transparency.

Furthermore, RadCred operates throughout the US, providing a convenient service for almost anyone over 18. The brand also partners with tribal lenders, but they may charge you more since they fall under tribal laws and don’t undergo the same APR restrictions.

It comes as no surprise that RadCred is a favorite among clients. The loan amounts their partners provide vary from $250 to $10,000. Of course, these numbers are determined and defined by the lender, not RadCred.

So, you need to pay attention before signing a contract since RadCred won’t be involved further. The loan amount also depends upon your credit score and financial responsibility.

Streamlined application process

Using RadCred as an intermediary between yourself and a lender, you shorten the lending process by days or weeks. Banks require proper documents, have endless inquiries, perform ‘’hard pull’' checks on your credit, and let you await their response. Getting an online loan through RadCred is simple.

The form must contain your name, address, date of birth, state, ZIP code, bank account number, and employer’s contact. After submitting it, you can get approved and paid by the end of the day.

All this information is sensitive, so the website is protected from breaches. Its 2048-bit RSA encryption ensures safe borrowing and intact privacy.

Client satisfaction

The website is user-friendly and offers multiple contact methods for potential clients. Its customer care service works tirelessly to answer inquiries and clear out doubts.

These attributes have pleased clients and economic specialists, and we’ve discovered returning clients writing only good stuff about the brand. With years of experience, flexible terms, and reliable lenders, RadCred has built a steady reputation.


  • No credit check loans
  • There are reputable lenders
  • Up to 72 months repayment schedule
  • Simple application process
  • Protected website
  • Swift cash transfer


  • Lender offers may take some time in some cases

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA - Borrow Money Instantly From Top Financial Institutions

If you want to find a reliable service that will connect you to a lender, CashUSA is the right place to be. This bad credit loan platform vouches to find a suitable moneylender despite your less-than-perfect credit.

Since its beginning in 2015, it has helped numerous people in their desperate or happy times. No matter the purpose of the loan, CashUSA can find you a loan that goes up to $10,000. You can, however, request $500 for starters, so you won’t be tied into paying more interest than you can.

Clients usually use this intermediary service to find funds for taxes, rent, student debt, home improvement, wedding expenses, or debt consolidation. While CashUSA can’t determine the interest rates - they depend on the lender; the rates go up to 35.99%, which is standard in this industry.

Lenders partnered with CashUSA are licensed, trustworthy professionals who may make you a customized offer depending on your current financial status and loan purpose. These lenders work with all applicants, and since they may not perform a credit check, they need to evaluate you based on other data.


Online repayment option

Besides being fast and efficient, CashUSA is also time-saving and helps you stay on top of repayments with its AutoPay option. Instead of forgetting monthly repayments, you have the option of AutoPay - automatic withdrawal of the correct amount from your bank account. This method allows you to stop worrying about late payments.

You can similarly make a repayment manually through your online accounts, which is also very speedy and convenient. Either way, CashUSA is flexible and client-oriented, so you can choose how to repay the loan on time.

Effortless application process

The application form on the website asks for the necessary information, but you may need to provide the chosen lender with further information before signing the contract. There are also several tribal lenders partnered with CashUSA, so you can consider taking a loan from one of them too.

They may charge high-interest rates, so beware of that before deciding. Nevertheless, CashUSA has a sufficient lender network, which increases the chance of bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. Banks and other online money-lending platforms may take a while to review your loan request. That is not the case with CashUSA.

On the website, you can get started by applying in no time. You provide the online form with your essential information and means of contact, income, and employment data. Then, you write down your SSN, bank account number, and when your next payday is.

Finally, you get an SMS alert on your cell phone, guaranteeing your privacy. You should carefully review the offers and conclude. You get paid in the next 24 hours.

Financial tips section

CashUSA is one of the rare brands that offer educational articles. The Education Center is full of financial tips and tricks, such as how to open a bank account, improve your score, improve your chances of getting a loan, and stay safe while borrowing money online. These articles make for good reading, and we think you’ll benefit after reading them.

Secure platform

We all get a little nervous before buying something online or entering our info in an online form. CashUSA is a secure platform with industry-strength encryption, so the data you provide when you apply is safe. If you’re interested to find out more, you can always contact the customer support team at the telephone number listed.

So, long story short, CashUSA is suitable for bad credit and no credit check loans and works with transparent lenders with reasonable repayment terms. It’s easy to apply and await a response. The funds are yours to take the next business day. Clients from all 50 states have put their trust in this unique service, and you can try it out too.


  • Free service connecting borrowers with lenders
  • Trusted across the US
  • You can compare offers before deciding
  • User information is protected
  • No credit check loans
  • Fast funds transfer


  • Bad credit clients may get heftier interest rates

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans - Get Personal Loans With No Credit Check; Easy Approval

The final contender in our best bad credit loans list is Personal Loans. When life gets you in a big mess and the emergency asks for a heftier loan, feel free to choose Personal Loans.

This reliable platform will connect you to some serious lenders - people prepared to loan you from $1,000 to $35,000. Of course, you should select the amount carefully and not go overboard with spending since you’ll have a higher interest rate.

In any case, this platform is one of the fastest out there, and people admire how easy it is to send out a single application form to several lenders and get various offers. You can first compare their offers and proposed terms, then pick one or refuse all of them. There isn’t any obligation to accept either.



Personal Loans has chosen its partners well; the lenders are client-oriented and flexible regarding repayment terms. You can choose to repay your debt in as little as 90 days or 72 months.

What we want to emphasize is that most of these lenders are lenient and may prolong your repayment schedule if you aren’t able to make a payment on time.

It’s always a good idea to keep track of due dates and be on time with repayments, but if you contact your lender in good time and ask for an extension, they may allow one.

Personal Loans is focused on you making a wise, responsible decision. It uses its website to advise you on getting the perfect deal.

While it’s true that Personal Loans is just a mediator between a lender and a borrower, it works with accountable lenders that must oblige the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA).

This law states that the lender must inform you of each detail regarding the loan before you sign a contract. Carefully review all the terms, and see if the offer you get is the right one for you after all.

Secure platform

Like the other platforms we reviewed and loved, Personal Loans cares greatly about clients’ safety. Rest assured that an advanced security system protects the website and its database. All information concerning your loan is safe. The privacy policy section clearly explains how it uses client data.

Client satisfaction

The customer care team at Personal Loans is a breath of fresh air. Contrary to other platforms that don’t like being disturbed, PL’s customer service works 24/7, allowing you to get answers anytime. The employees are kind, informative, and ready to help.

Personal Loans has been a leader in this industry since 2001, and its vast experience has turned it into a lending VIP platform.

Various loan options

We’ve already established Personal Loans is a great choice for bad credit loans, but what does it offer? It allows you to choose from:

  1. Peer-to-peer loans
  2. Fast cash
  3. Debt consolidation
  4. Payday loans
  5. Tax loans
  6. Home improvement loans
  7. Emergency loans


  • There are competitive rates
  • There are numerous reliable lenders
  • It is simple and fast
  • Useful website
  • Various types of loans


  • Only excellent credit score applicants get a high amount

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

How Did We Create This List Of Online Payday Lenders Offering Emergency Cash Immediately?

Assuming each online lending platform is reliable can lead you to trouble. Don’t carelessly pick up the first company you see online. We know how tiring it is to search for a lender when panicking.

With one goal in mind - to find the best loans for bad credit for you, we consulted a team of financial experts and dredged up strict criteria. Then, we started the selection process. While this took some time, it helped filter out the rotten apples.

You can feel safer knowing we picked the most honest companies in 2022. Let’s see which of the factors were essential in the process; thus, here are the factors that we considered:

Honorable companies

The company’s reputation was non-negotiable. As is with anything else you’d buy online, getting a safe loan from a stable company was a must.

We checked thousands of reviews, history, and background, tested their services, and consulted with experts. We can now freely say that these five businesses are reliable and have your interests at heart.

Feedback from genuine clients appears to be positive; they praise how safe they felt leaving sensitive information with these companies and how quickly they got the cash.

Since applicants disclose private data to these lending companies, it’s of utmost importance for them to be protected. The ones we recommend have efficient security systems to keep data in safe hands.

Moreover, these companies have years of experience under their belt, and their reputation is a direct result of satisfied clients.

Sensible APRs and interest rates

Not only is the online lending market overcrowded, but it’s also full of greedy lenders who’ll use this dire situation to make a higher profit. During our research, we tried to avoid such platforms; we only picked those that charge a reasonable Annual Percentage Rate.

Understandably, a poor credit score will result in a higher APR, but that’s still not reason enough for some lenders to ‘’rip you off’'. The platforms on this list connect you with safe lenders. These lenders charge a minimum of 5.99%, which isn’t so bad. The maximum they may charge depending on your financial history is 35.99%.

Rapid funding

The point of a quick loan is to get the money deposited into your account as quickly as possible. Going to a bank requires numerous papers, documents, financial reports, waiting in line, and interviews. As opposed to this tedious process, online money-lending platforms allow you a fast loan, so you get the money in as little as one day.

Skip the waiting and contact one of these five platforms, the application form is ready in minutes, and after your approval - the lenders send the money in about 24 hours.

Who would turn down such an opportunity?! Instead of endlessly waiting in the halls, get your smartphone and choose the best lender. Get paid in no time.

Easy access

Online borrowing is so much easier than turning to a bank. It’s the perfect method of borrowing for those with no access to banks, no time to spare, and timid borrowers who like their privacy.

For these reasons, the platforms we chose are simple and fast. Time is money, so let’s not waste it on dreary application forms.

With some clicks, you can fill in a form, provide your name and date of birth, account number, address, and other data, and wait a few minutes to get approved. Hundreds of lenders review your application, and you may get several offers. Once you’ve sealed the deal with a lender, the money is yours to spend.

Simplicity is imperative when you require urgent help. These platforms include FAQs sections and contact methods so you can find help if you need it.


Because there are always online scammers ready to trick you during your most vulnerable, we added customer reviews to our criteria. People do extensive research for the simplest things they buy online.

So, it’s perfectly natural to base your opinion on helpful comments. Clients’ opinion is a great way to discover whether a business delivers on its promises. Most reviewers online will be loud in their claims, pointing fingers at fraudulent services, so we read up on these comments.

After a careful investigation, we’ve concluded which platforms have the most pleased clients. Their reviews were based on service, speed, interest rates, and repayment terms.

Guide: What to Consider When Looking for Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Interest rates

Always compare interest rates and find a lender with a fixed interest rate condition - this means the amount won’t change in time. Interest rates depend on the amount you want, your credit score, your income, and more. The worse the credit score, the higher the interest rate. Be prepared to double-check each offer.

Brand reputation

Don’t get involved with just about anyone. Use guides like our list, or go on a reviews investigation to discover which brands are the most reliable. Read up on scam alerts and avoid shady businesses that seem unfamiliar and don’t have customer reviews.

Loan terms and penalties

Loan amounts and terms are hugely important factors that you shouldn’t overlook. We know an emergency can be costly, be careful not to overborrow. Think about which terms suit you best based on your income.

Always look for transparent lenders that reveal their terms beforehand. The same goes with penalties; fund a flexible lender that allows an extension and won’t charge additional costs if you miss or prolong payment.


Another relevant factor to look out for is whether the platform is secured from third-party breaches. You don’t want your personal and financial information falling into the wrong hands. Always look for lending companies that use advanced encryption.

Customer opinions

You don’t want to miss out on this step. While it can be tiring to research each brand, you should at least rely on articles like ours and see what clients say. Even new brands get feedback, so ensure you find out if they are worthwhile.

FAQs On Online Loans

Q1. What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are the loans for people with bad credit or no credit score used when they have a financial emergency. Because bad credit means you’ve been financially irresponsible, lenders approve these loans, but they charge a high-interest rate.

Q2. How can I get a bad credit loan?

Before applying for a bad credit loan, you want to enhance your chances of getting one. First, check your credit score to see what types of loans are available. Reduce your credit card debts and try to improve your credit.

Research money-lending platforms; the ones we recommend are a good start. Compare interest rates, and choose the offer you’re able to repay. Get the loan, and make timely payments to keep your credit score intact.

Q3. Which company is the best for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals?

According to our team of experts, the research we conducted, and customer reviews, the best bad credit loan company is MoneyMutual. It allows loans for unstable borrowers, and its partners set interest rates from 5.99% to 24.99%. The other reviewed platforms on our list are reliable and efficient as well, so you won’t go wrong whichever you choose.

Q4. What do I need to apply for a bad credit loan?

The answer depends on each money-lending company, but online lenders usually have similar requests when you apply. You have to be a permanent US citizen and of legal age. You should also own a bank account, have an address, and make a steady income.

Some lenders may need you to have a working email address, and some may not accept your application if you already have an existing loan.

Q5. What is a bad credit score?

According to the FICO scale, a credit score of 300 to 649 is considered bad. The credit score determines the amount you’re eligible to borrow, and the general rule of thumb is the lower your score, the higher the interest rate.

Q6. What interest rates will I get for a bad credit loan?

Unfortunately, bad credit loans cost more in terms of interest rates. The lender needs assurance that you’re able to repay your debt. The interest rates lenders set in this case can be as low as 5.99% and as high as 35.99%.

Concluding On The Best Loans For Bad Credit No Credit Check

No one likes begging for a loan, and we get it. Save your friendships, and don’t ask people in your close circle for a loan. When financial help is unavoidable, don’t hesitate to contact a professional money-lending platform for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval.

Bad credit and circumstances shouldn’t hinder your borrowing process. There are dependable platforms online that work with and for people such as yourself. Bad credit loans online are specifically tailored to help even the most hopeless borrowers.

Theislansnow highly recommend using the services of MoneyMutual, which is perfect for no credit check loans and offers competitive interest rates. The other platforms are equally efficient.

With proper research and the knowledge and tips in this article, you can have an effortless, safe borrowing process. Finally, get the help you need and enjoy! starts here.