Blu Atlas Atlantis: What Makes This Parfum Special

Blu Atlas Atlantis: What Makes This Parfum Special
Blu Atlas Atlantis: What Makes This Parfum Special [ photo ]
Published Sept. 19, 2022

Newcomer Blu Atlas has created an invigorating eau de parfum that is currently all the rage. In this Blu Atlas Atlantis parfum review, we discuss why this product deserves its place at the top of the cologne scene.


The packaging for Atlantis is clean and fresh. The embossed logo on the matte bottle makes for a classy look that catches your attention without coming across as flashy. The best way to describe its presentation is pure, straightforward class – just what you’d want from a unisex scent whose formula speaks for itself.

Fragrance Notes

On paper, Atlantis is zippy and somewhat sweet, with bright top notes of bergamot and black currant layered over an alluring heart of fresh lavender, clary sage, peach and apricot. The base is made up of smokier, more sensual notes like musk and ambrette seed, which help to tie the experience together. Let’s see how it fares in real life.

First Impression

At first spray, Blu Atlas feels young and thrilling, embodying that feeling of touching down in a foreign land or stepping out into an unknown city. The bergamot offers its zesty input without being overpowering, while black currant promises adventure with a dynamic combination of sweetness, earthiness and acidity.

This scent is anything but one dimensional, and that is confirmed once the top notes fade and you get into the heart of Atlantis. The idea of exploring the coastal jungle of Bali feels spot on at this point – there’s a freshness to the heart, accompanied by an expert blend of floral and herbaceous notes that encourage you to take your first steps into unexplored territory.

Apply Atlantis to your pulse points for the best results, allowing your body to naturally do the work of diffusing the fragrance.

Later On

Hours later and the scent is still going strong, though it has tempered to a sweet aroma that nevertheless retains its depth. Lavender and clary sage smolder away with their herbaceous and earthy character, but the star of the show here is the combination of peach and apricot, which provides an unexpected tartness.

It is here in the heart that confidence arises, thanks to this scent’s ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself. While the mystery behind this feeling is difficult to pinpoint, it could be attributed to the polished and multifaceted blend of scents that simultaneously makes you feel more alive and more at home in your skin. This push and pull from the lavender and clary sage alongside peach and apricot makes for a unique experience.

But the best is yet to come…

Finishing Scents

Over time, Atlantis reveals more of its primal core while retaining some of the brighter notes that bolster a desire for adventure and discovery. Orris provides a dense floral note, adding to the tropical sensation. Oakmoss and ambrette seed bring a smoky, earthy, and grounding element to Atlantis, and musk and violet combine into an irresistible sweetness you can’t get enough of.

At this point in your day or night, you’re reaching the phase where it’s time to clinch your work victory or seduce your date – bringing whatever it is you were striving for within your reach. The musky and smoky base notes have just this effect, and bring out the very best in you before it’s time to retire for the day.

This cologne lies on the outer edges of eau de parfum staying power, with the potential to get you through a busy day and a relaxed evening. Count on Atlantis to stick around anywhere from four to seven hours, depending on how much you use and how you apply it.

What It’s Best For

While this refreshing and sweet scent is so welcoming that you can wear it to work, it really shines in a recreational atmosphere when you’re trying to make a good impression. Turn to Atlantis on date nights when you want a little help in the confidence department, during important events when you want to affirm your charisma, or in high-pressure networking moments when you need to put your best foot forward.

What makes this parfum so special is how it makes you feel. When deciding on the right occasion to bring out Atlantis, think about how the cologne shores up your confidence. Blu Atlas designed this fragrance to encapsulate wanderlust, and it certainly follows through on that promise. There’s an element of exploration to it, but in a way that makes you feel prepared for the unpredictability of life. You’re wandering but with focus, sure of the adventure to come and ready for the lessons it may bring. When you need an extra dash of daring, when you need to follow your gut…those are the moments when you want Atlantis on your side.

What Blu Atlas’ Atlantis Is All About

Blu Atlas has become famous for being a clean grooming brand with an eye for detail. All of their products, including this cologne, evoke strength and self-assurance. Atlantis is a thrill-seeker’s scent to bring out your inner adventurer. With bright notes that both excite and put you at ease, who knows where Atlantis will take you?

Yes, Blu Atlas Atlantis is a special parfum. We can’t decide whether the exhilarating scent or the paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free formula is the best part of this cologne. On the one hand, the invigorating blend of tropical notes has the potential to turn any day around; on the other hand, the formula really blows us away, along with the dedication Blu Atlas shows to delivering the best to its loyal fanbase.

Atlantis is one of the finest colognes on the market, and may just become your signature scent or your go-to when you want to give your daily life a sense of adventure. starts here.